Jackal: The Complete Story of the Legendary Terrorist, Carlos the Jackal

Simon and Schuster, 1 2011 - 344
On an August night in 1994, French counterespionage officers seized the worlds most wanted terrorist from a villa in Sudan. After more than two decades on the run, Carlos the Jackal had finally been caged. For years he had murdered and bombed his way to notoriety. Jackal is the definitive biography of this self- proclaimed professional revolutionary, ladies man, and cold-blooded killer. Setting his story against the larger political picture of the time, it exposes how the Soviet bloc and some Arab regimes sponsored terrorist actions for their own ends during the cold war.

Jackal reveals the web of intrigue, blackmail, and fear that guaranteed Carloss survival, the helping hand of Colonel Qadhafi, and the true nature of the Kremlin Connections. John Follain shows how the CIA and French intelligence compromised their own statutes by giving agents progressively freer license with murder and collateral damage in order to capture him. A cautionary tale of governments that fostered the image of an invincible criminal mastermindin reality a pawn in the chilling cold war chess game between East and WestJackal also provides fascinating insight into the making and mind of the worlds most wanted terrorist.


JACKAL: The Complete Story of the Legendary Terrorist, Carlos the Jackal

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Reuters journalist Follain relates the life, crimes, and capture of the world's best-known terrorist. Yet the Jackal eludes him, refusing to open his mind and motivation to the author. Carlos the ...

Jackal: the complete story of the legendary terrorist, Carlos the Jackal

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For over two decades beginning in the early 1970s, Carlos the Jackal (a.k.a. Illich Ramirez Sanchez) terrorized the Western world. No one really knew who he was or when he would strike, and with every ...