תמונות בעמוד

Souls, if God make you suffer for Sins, pur in. If we Mhould have Cities desolate, it will be another Matter ; tho' now your and our Land consumed ; if we lould Punishment be above your Strength and take up Jeremiab's Lamentation, and Patience, yet it is below your Sin: As Sin our Cale be made paralel to theirs, we hath all Evil in it, so must Hell have all have then been punished lels than our IniPunishment in it: The Torment of a quities deserved. Gravel, racking with the Stone, and such There are some godless People lo like, are bur play to Hell

, these are but black-mouthed, as to speak against Heaven Drops of that Ocean, that you must drink when God correctech them, they follow out, and you fhall go out of one Hell the Counsel of Fob's Wife, Curse God into a worfe ; Eternity is the Measure of and' die, if God but touch them a little iis Continuance, and the Degrees of itself in that which is dearest unto them, they are answerable to its Duration. There kick against the Pricks, and run Hardis much Impatience even among God's heads with God. As we have known Children under the Rod: You vex and some foolish Women when their only torment yourselves, and doth well to be Child hath been removed, blafpheine, angry. Any Piece of thwarting Dispensa-laying, What can God do more to me, tion, that goes cross to your Humour and let him do what he can? O Madness Inclination, embitters your Spirit against and Wickedness of Men! Cannot God do God, and maketh you go cross to his Pro more, when he cafteth them in Hell? vidence : How often do your Hearts say, Thou shalt acknowledge that it is more. Why am I thus? What ailech the Lord Some have left off to seek God and turned at me? But .Christians, learn to study profane, because of the Lord's Correcti. your own Deservings, and stop your on : But you would know that all that is Mouth with that, that you may not speak here is but Arles. If God had done his against Heaven. If you knew Sin well, worst, you might think, yourselves out of you would not worder at Judgments, you his Common ; nay, but he hath yet more would rather wonder that you are out of to do, the full Sum is to be payed. It Hell; know what Right God hath over were therefore Wisdom yet to make Sup. you, and how little Use he maketh of it plication to thy Judge. . against you; when you repine at a little, But Thirdly, Sins and Iniquities have Thall it not be Righteousness with God to a great Influence in the Decay of Nations exact more, and let you know your De and Persons, and Change of their outward serving better. He that thinketh it Rigor Condition, when it is joined with the in God to exact fifty, it is Justice that God Wind of God's Displeasure. The Calacrave an hundred. If the Law require mity of this people is fet down in excel forty Stripes, and he give but one, will lent Terms, alluding to a Tree in the you not rather commend and proclaim Fall of the Leaf: We (faith he) were his Clemency, than speak of his Cruelty ? once in our Land as a green Tree busked Wonder that God hath spared us so long. round about with Leaves and Fruit : Sin is come to great Maturity, as Pride Our Church and State was in a fourishing is said to blossom and bud into a Rud, fo Condition ; at least, nothing was wanting all Sins are bloffumed and budded into to make outward Splendor and Glory"; the very Haryeft, that the Sickle may be we were immoveable in our own Land,


as David said in his Prosperity. I fall | Moment, Pfal. xxívii. 36. And this never be moved, so did we dream of E | Comparison giveth us to understanj fometernity in earthly Canaan: But now Lord, thing of the Nature of human Glory and we are like a Tree in the Fall of the Leaf, Pomp. The fairest an i moft beautiful Sin hath obstructed the influence of Excellency in the World, the Prosperity Heaven, hath drawn away the Sap of thy of Nations and People is but like the Presence from anong us, so that we did Glory of a Tree in the Spring or Sun. fade as a Leat before its Fall: We were iner: Yea, the Scripture ulech to uaderprepared fo by our Sins for Judgment, value it more thin so, and the Voice villible Draughes and Prognosticks of i: commandech to cry, fa. xi. 6, 7, 8, were to be read upon the Condition and All Flesb is Grass, and tbe Godimer's Frame of all Spirits and People ; and thereof as the Flower of tbe field, be then did our Iniquities raise the Storm of one witberetb, and the otber fadetb, be. thy Indignation, and that like a Whirle cause the Spirit of the Lord blowstb wind hath blown the withering Leaves upon it. A Tree hath fome Stabbility off the Tree, hath driven us out of our in ir, but the Flower of the Field is but own Land, and scattered us among Stran of a Month or a Week's landing ; nay. gers. Sin and Uncleanness and the Filihi. of one Day's ftanding, for in the Morning ness of our Righteousness prepared us for the Grass is green, and the Sun scorchert the Storm, made us light Matter that it ere Night, so that one Sun's Course could resift no Judgment, made us Matter Thall see it bothgrowing green ind fading: combustible ; and then Iniquities and Sin So is the Goodliness, the very Perfefien, rising up to Iniquities, cometh to such a the Quintessence (so to speak) and the Degree, hath accomplished the Judgment, Abftract of Creatures Perfections : Output Fire among us, made us as the Birk ward Accommodation in a World is as in Yule-even.

fading a Thing as the Flower is, as Smoke First, It is familiar in the Scrip:ure, is, it is so vanishing that it bides but a that people in a prosperous Condition are Puft of his Breath to blow it to nothing. compared unto a green Tree flourishing, Job hath a strange Expression, Tbou look Psal. xxxvii. 35. The Wicked's Prosper. etb upon me, and I am not, Job vii. s. ing is like a green Bay-tree spreading him The Lord needeth no more but stare on felf in Power, spreading out his Arms, as the most durable Creature, and look is it were, over moe Lands, to conquer not only out of Countenance, but also them, over moe People, to subject them. look it into its first nothing, look it out And this is often the Temptation of the of Glory, out of Being ; and there ore godly, and so doth the Lord himself wit you would not trust in these uncertaia nefs of this people, Jer. xi: 16. I bave Things, that can take Wings and leave called thy Name a green Olive-tree, When you have Accoinmodation fair and of godly Fruit. This was once outwardly to your Mind, do nor build their Name, tho' it be now changed. your Nest in it: These Leaves of Prof Now they are called a fading withering perity will not cover you always, there Tree without both Leaves and Fruit. is a Time when they will fall. Nations Now their Place doth not so much as have their Winter and their Summer, Per. know them, they are removed as in a fous have them likewise, as these mufi


change in Nature, fo must they do in dries the Sap away to the Root, hindereth their Lot. Heaven only is one Day, one the Influence of God's-Blessing to come Spring perpetually blossoming and bring through the Veims of worldly Prosperity : ing forth Fruit: There is the Tree of For what is the Vertue and Sap of CreaLife that bringeth forth Fruit every tures? It is even God's Blessing; and Month, that hath both Spring and Harvest therefore the Bread nourisheth, not, but all the Year over.

Christians, fit not the Word and Command of God, Mattb. down under the green Tree of worldly lji. 4. That is a Right unto the Creatures Prosperity: If you do, the Leaves will by Jesus Chrift, when Poffeffion of them come down about you; the Gourd you is entered into by Prayer and Thanks truft in, may be eaten up in a Night: giving, for all Right is fanctified by these, Your Winter will come on, so as you and it is the Iniquities of Mea, tbat fall forget the former Days, as if they reparateth between God and them, Ifa. 'had never been. We desire you to be fix. e. And when God is separated and armed for Changes: Are not Matters in divided from Enjoyments, they must the Kingdom Aill going about? All Things needs be empty Shells and Husks, no are subject to Revolution and Change, and Kernel in them, for God filleib all in every Year hath is own Summer and all, is all in all ; and remove him, and Winter, so hath it pleased the Lord to you have nothing, your Meat and Drink set the one over against the other, that is no Blessing, your Table is a Snare, Man might find nothing after bim, your Pleasures and Laughter have Sadness Eccles. vii. 14. Therefore we would in them ; at least, they are like the vanishhave you cast your Accounts fo, as the ing Blaze of Thorns under a Por : And former Days of Darkness may return,

therefore, wben God is angry for Sir, and the Land be covered with mourning Men's Beauty confumetb as before ibe Cloaths.

Motb, Pfal. xxxix. 11, When God beBut would you know what is the Originneth to thew himself terrible, because ginal of the Creatures Vanity, what is of Sin, poor Man, tho' of late spreading the Mooh that eats up the Glory and his Boughs out, yet all falleth, and like Goodliness of Creatures Enjoyments ? Here Ice melteth as before the Sun, which just it is, Sin and-Iniquities. It was Sin now seemed as solid as Stone. that first subjected the Creation to Vanity, David was sensible of this, and could Rom. viii. 19. 20. This inferior World speak from much Experience, Psal. xxxii. was to have been à durable House for 3, 4. The Anger of the Lord did ear an immortal Soul, but Sin made Man him up, and dried bis Moisture. It mortal, and the World corruptible, and might be read in his Countenance, all the from this proceeds all the Tempests and World could not content him, all the Disorders that seem to be in the Creation.

in the Creation. Showers of Creatures dropping Farness It is this fill: It is Sin chat raiseth the could not keep Sap in him, God's Dif: Storm of the Lord's Wrath, which blow. pleasure scorcheth so; nay, is within him, eth away the withered Leaves of Mens that no hiding Place is to be found in the Enjoyments. Sin drieth up all the Sap World, no Shadow of a Rock among all and Sweetness of the Creature.comforts, the Creatures in such a weary Land. it maketh the Leaves of the Tree Wither, Moses and the People knew this well,



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Psal. xc. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The Lord's, have made it tempestuous, then we Displeasure carried them away, as a Flood in ay stand ? It will sweep away Naticas coming down carried all headlong with and People as a Flood, and make their it ; it scorched them, and inade them Place not to know them, fo that there wicher as Grass. When God setteth Ini Mall be neither Leaf noi Branch leti. quities before him, that which is the There is ofien a great Calm with great Soul's Secret, beginneth to in.print it in Provocations, and Iniquities cry Peace, visible Characters on the Rod, and writ Peace. But when once the Cry of its eth his Sin on his Punishinent ; then no gone up to Ileaven, and hath engaged Wonder that Days be spent in Vanity God's Anger agaidit a People or Perlan, and Grief, lince they are pasi over in hischen ic raileth a Whirlwind hat takata Wrath, Job xiii. 25. Then doth a Soul | all away. Now, all this belungeth to you, loath its dainty Mieit, and then doth the we cold you the Acknowledgment of Sin Ox low over his Fodder, Meat is laid was yours already, and a Wonder it is before, and he cannot touchit, becaule of that the Complaint is not ours aifo : the Terrors of the Almighty ; and that Always this ought to be an Admonitioa which before he would not once touch, and Example to us, on whom the Ends would not enter in Terms of Coinmunin of the World are fallen. Therefore with, as the Lord's Threatnings, he must we would declare this unto you, that now sit down, and eat them up as his Sia and Iniquities have Judgment in the Meat, how forrowful foever, Job. vi. Tail. Now you fit at Peace, every one 5, 6, 7.

in bis own Dwelling, and spread forth But Secondly, When Sin hath prepar- your Branches: Bus is there not much ed a Man for judgment, then if Iniquity Uncleanness among you? We would bare be added to Sin, this raiseth the Storm, you trouble your carnal Peace and Secuand kindleih the Fire to consume the rity, trouble your Ease with Thoughts of combustible Matter : When Sin hath this. And we have Ground to give this given many Blows by preparatory Cor-Warning, because if there were no more rections at the Root of a Man's Pleasure but she Iniquity of our holy Things, the and Credit, it will ar length bring on a Formality of our Service, the Commor fatal Stroke that shall drive the Tree to ness of Spirit in, Worship, this might be the Ground. There are some preparatory enough to raise the Storm. You know Judgments, and some consummatory; not for what Reasons to be afraid of some withers the Leaf, and fome blow- Judgment, look but on original Corethic quite off; fome make Men like ruption, look on the Defilement of your the Harvest, ripe to put the Sickle of religious Actions, and then find Ground Judgment into it. The Corruption of sufficient of fading away. Tho' now a Land, the Universality of it, and For- you sit still, and seem to be fo feteled, as mality in worshiping of God, ripeneth a you would never be moved: You dream Land for the Harvest of Judgment, ex. of an Eternity here, you cleave in your poseth it to any Storm, leaveth it open to Hearts to your Houses and Lands: You the Lord's Wrath, so that there it nothing stick as fast to the World, and will not to hold, his Hand and keep off the Stroke : part with it, as a Leaf to a Tree ; yer But when the Wind ariseth, and Iniquities behold the Wind of the Lord may arise,

that Shall drive you away, take your Soul ( more but blow by his Spirit, or look u. from these Things and then whose shall pon you, and you will not be. You who they be? If you will not fear temporal now are lofty and proud, and maintain Judgments, yet I pray you fear eternal, yourself against the Word, when you fear Hell. May not the Lord Thake you come to reckon with God, and he enteroff this Tree of Time, and take you out eth in Judgment, you shall not stand : of the Land of the Living, to receive You will consume as before the Moth, your Portion. There is not only an uni. your Hearts will fail you, Who may versal De adness of Spirit on the Land, abide the Day of bis Coming ? It will but a prophane Spirit

, Iniquities, abo- be so terrible, and so much the more ter• minable Sins abound. Every Congre- rible, that you never dreamed of it: If gation is overgrown with Scandals ; and the Example of this people will not move for you, none may more justly complain : you, do but caft you Eyes on Ireland, We are all unclean, Sin is not in Coro who all do fade as a Leaf, and their Ininers, but Men declare their Sin as Sodoin, quities have taken them away out of Sin is come to the Maturity, Defection their own Land. Shall not the seeing of and Apoftacy is the Temper of all Spirits; the Eye, nor the hearing of the Ear teach and above all, the general Contempt and you? What Security do you promise Nighting of this glorious Gospel, is the yourselves ? Have not we sinned as much Iniquity of Scotland, so that we wonder as they? Were not they his People as we? that the withered Leaves yet stick to, that certainly since God waiteth longer on the Sorm is not yet raised, and we blown you, the Stroke must be the greater : away. Now you are like Stones, your Provoked Patience must turn Fury. If Hearts as Adamants, and cannot be moved you would then prevent this Peoples with his Threatnings, the Voice of the Complaint, go about such a serious AcLord's Word doch not once move you: knowledgment of your Sins, Search your You lin and are not afraid ; nay, but Ways, and turn again to the Lord. when God's Anger shall join with Iniqui. And let not every Man sit down in a ty, and the Voice of his Rod and Dir general Notion of Sin, but unbowel it pleasure roar, this shall make the Moun- until you see Uncleanness; go up to the tains to tremble, the Rocks to move, Fountain-bead, Original Corruption ; go and how much more. Thall it drive away down to all the Sireams, even the Iniá Leaf? You leem now Mountains, but quity of holy Things: Let every Man when God Mall plead, you mall be like be particular in the Search of his own the Chaft driven too and fro. O how Provocations personal, and every one be easy a Matter shall it be to God to blow publick in the general Sics of the Land, a Man out of his Dwelling-place ! Sin that you may confess out of Knowledge hath prepared you for it, he needeth no and Sense, ive are all unclean, &c.



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