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for will God take Prayers from such a him, and God must answer you accorMouth, that curling cometh out of? Ija. ding to it, Exek. xix. 1, 3, 4. God will üi. 10, 11, 12. Shall sweet Water not be enquired of such as give Allowcome out of one Fountain with bitter ?

ance to Sin, Ezek. xiv. 2, 3, 4. And Qr can a Fig-tree bear both Thi Ales and on the other Hand, no Sin how great Graps ? Certainly, profane Conversation and hainous foever can binder God's must make unclean Profession; and there gracious Acceptance, when Souls fly uns fore your coming to the Church and Or: to Jesus and turn their Back upon Sin, or dinances, your praying in your Families, giveth it no Heart Allowance: And to or such like, muft of Neceflity be de- the Multitude, I say, all that you do, or filed, lince out of the same Mouth com- touch in a Duty must be defiled, because eth Curling, railing, lying, filthy Speeches: your whole Way is unclean, Hag. ii. Your Tongues are fo often imployed in 12, 13; 14. Think you to fin all the God's Dishonour, to blaspheme his Name, Week thorough, and worship God on the to Nander your Neighbours, to reproach Sabbath? Will you lię, swear, commit the Saints, that all your Prayers muft be Adultery, rail and curse, and come and of the same Stamp, and as bitter as the Atand before me, faith the Lord? No other Stream of your Actions: When certainly, you cannot be accepted ; and you stretch forth your Hands: to make will you bate Reformation in your inany Prayers, to take the Bread and Lives, and take his Covenant in your Wine, shall not God hide his Face from Mouth, and call yourfelves by his Name, such Hands, as are unclean with many Cbriftians? And shall not God chalAbominations, some murdering, some a. lenge you for that, as much as for your busing their Neighbours, some Sabbath swearing, and cursing, and lying, &c. breaking, some Filthiness? How oft have Indeed the Lord purreth all in one Roll, your Hands and Feet served you to evil and you need not please yourselves in Turns? and therefore, your good Turns fuch Things, Pfal. l. 16. Jer. vii. 9, will never come in Remembrance : Nay, 10. For it is all one to you to go to believe it, you cannot be heard of God, Tavern to drink, and come to the Ser. while you cover any Offence. And this mon, to blaspheme God's Name, and I may say in general, even to the Saints ; call on it, because the Profanity of the any known Sin given Way to, and enter. one defileth the other, and the Holitained without Controlment, without ness of the other, cannot make you wrestling against it, hindereth the Acoholy. cepration of your solemn Approaches. Tbirdly, The natural Man's PerforIf your Heart regard Iniquity, soall mances want the Uprightness, Reality God bear? Psal. lxvi. 13. No, believe and Sincerity char is required; it is but it, the least Sin that you may judge at a painted Tomb, full of Rottennels withfirst venial, and then give it. Toleration in ; it is but a Shadow without Substance, and Indulgence, shall separate between for he wantech the spiritual Part of WorGod's Face and you: Your Prayers are thip, which God careth for, Who will be Abomination, because of such an Idol worsiped in Spirit and Trutb, John iv. perked up in the Heart beside God, that 23. Now, what is it that the most Part gertech the Honour and Worship due to l of you can speak of, but an Outside of


foine few Duties, foon numbered. You mourning as without the Sun, even when hear the Preaching, and your Hearts you have the Sun shine of Ordinances, wander about your Business : You hear, and walk in the Liglit of them? and are not fo much affected, as you And Fourtbly, Tho' your Perforwould be to hear some old Story, or mances had Uprightness of Heart going Fable told you: A Stage-play acted be alongs, and much Affection in them, yer tore chis Geceration, would move them all are filthy, becaule or want of Fach is more than the Gospel dorh ; so that Jesus Christ. When you make your Chrift may take up this Lainentation, Duties a Covering of your Sins, and think We bave piped to you, and you have to satisfy God's Justice for the reft of not danced ; lamenied to you, and you your Faults, by doing some Point of have not mourned. You use to tell over your Duty, then it cannot choose but be some Words in your Prayers, and are polluted in his Sight. And this very not so serious in any Approach to God, Thing was the Cause of God's rejecting as in ewenty other Things of the World. the Jews Righteousness, even becaufe Whatever you plead of your Heart's they did not look to the End of the Rightness, and have Recourse to it, Mystery, Cbrift Jefus; did not pull by when your Conversation cannot defend the Vail of Ceremonies, to see the imyou, yet your Hearts are the worst of maculate Lamb of God flain for Sin; and all, and have no Uprightnels towards therefore doth the Lord fo quarrel wich God; for you know that what Duties them, as if he had never commanded you go about, it is not from an inward them to do such Things, Isa. i. 12, 13. Principle, but from Education or Cuftom, Wbo bath required tbele Tbings at your or Conftraint. Are you upright, when Hands? bring no more vain Oblations, you are forced for fear of Censure to all is Abomination. Even as God thould come here, or to pray at home? Is that lay to you, when you come to the Sincerity and spiritual Worship? And for Church; Who required you to come? the more polished and refined Professors, who commanded you to come to hear you have this Moth in your Performan- the Preaching? What have you to do to ces, and this Flea to make your Oint pray? What Warrand have you to comment to fink, that you do much to be municate ? All your praying, hearing, feen of Men; therefore what little Fer- communicating, is Abomination ; Who vour of Spirit is in secret Duties, there commanded you to do these Things? you may measure your Altitude and your Would you not think it a foolish QuestiLife. And O how wearisome, how life on? You would soon answer, that God lefs are secret Approaches ? You would himself commanded you, and will he not not have many Errands to God, if you iet us do his Bidding, lodeed this People thought ro Body looked upon you. And (no doubt) have faid so in their Heart, tor Spirituality, it is a Mystery in all and wondred what it meant. Nay, but Mens Practice: Who dire&teth his Duty here is the Mystery, you go about these to God's Glory? If you get some Flash commanded Duties not in' a commanof Liberty, you have your Desire ; but ded Way, and so the Obedience is but who mislech God's Presence in Duties, Rebellion : You bring Offerings and lowhich a World will approve? Who go cenle, and think that I am pacified when


you bring Alms, you judge you have you might have prayed as much, moure given me a Recompence ; whereas, áll ned and confessed, and promised Amendthat is mine, and what Pleasure have I ment, and so you paft by tbe Son of in these Things? I never appointed you God, in whom only tbe Fatber is well Sacrifices for this End, but to lead you pleased. Think then upon this, whatin to the Knowledge of my Son, which ever you make your Righteoufness, there is to be flain in the Fulness of Time, needeth no other Thing to make it filthy, and by one Offering to perfect all. I but to make it your Righteousness: Your commanded you to look on Jesus Chrift Confidence in your good Heart to God, Nain, in the Bain Lamb, and so to expect Prayer Day and Night, and fuch like, is Remission and Salvation in him ; but the most loathsome thing in God's you never looked to more nor the Cere.

Eyes; except you come to this, to count mony, and made that your Saviour and your Prayers, as God doth, among your Mediacor ; and therefore it is all Abo- Oaths, to count your solemn Duties, amination: When you Nay a Lamb, and mong profane scandalous Actions, as the offer Incense, it is all one Thing, as 10 Lord doth, isa. i. and lxvi. 3. Then cut off a Dog's Neck, or kill a Man ; certainly, you do adorn yourselves with so may the Lord say to this Generation, them, and cover your Nakedness of oI command you to pray, to repent and ther Faults, with such Leaves as Adam mourn for Sin, to come and hear the did, but you fhall be more discovered; Word; but withal you must deny all your Garment is as filthy as that it these, and count yourselves unprofitable hideth, éven because you make that Use Servants, you must fingly cast your Soul's of it to hide your Sin, and cover it. Burden on Christ Jesus. But now (faith Next, The Lord's Children have no the Lord) who commanded your Re Ground of Boafting either, from their pentance ? for when you fit down to own Righteousnefs; the holiest Saint on pray, or come in publick to confess Sin Earth must abhor himself in Duft and before the Congregation, you shink you Alhes, and holy Isaiah joineth himself are wafhen ; when you have faid, you in with a profane People : 'When he com. have linned, and if you come to the eth to God to be justified, he cometh length of Tears and Sorrow, Oh chen among the Ungodly, he bringeth no fure you are pardoned, tho' in the mean Righteousness with him, he cometh in Time you have no Thought of Jesus among them that work not. Now, you Christ, and knoweth no Use of him. shall find good Ground why it must be Therefore, faith the Lord, who com ro.. First, There are ordinarily many manded you to do these Things You Blemishes in our holiest Actions, Spots chink you have fatisfied for your Sin, on our cranest Garments, often For. when you pay a Penalty, bui who re maliiy eateth up the Life of Duties, and quireth this? I will reckon with you for presenteth a Body without a Souł in it: these, as well as the Sins you pray and You sit down to pray out of Custom, mourn for, because you do not lingly Morning and Evening ; and if there were Took to Christ Jesus. Now, if he had no more to prove it, this may suffice : vever come to the World, your Ground When pray you but at such Times ? of Confidence would not fail you ; for You have an Ordinary, and goeth nor by

it, no Advantage is taken of Providence, and when we get any Satisfaction to our no Necessity constraineth when Occasion own Minds, ō how doth the Sout it offereth; and so it is like the World's turn on itself, and goeth not forward a appointed Hours. How great Deadness it goeth; it is so well pleased with itsel, and Indisposition creepech in, so that it when it gettech Liberty to approach, that is the ordinary Complaint ; yea, all it doth not put all over on Jefus, and Prayers filled with it, scarcely any Room take Shame to itself. As long as there is for other Petitions, because of the want a Body of Death within, Holiness carof Frame for Prayer itself: The Word noe be pure and unmixed; our Duties is heard as a Discourse, and on whom run thorow a dirty Channel, and cannot hath it Operation to Air up Affections, choose but contract Filth ; while sia either of joy or of Trembling? Chriki- lodgeth under one Roof so near Grace, ans, you come not to hear God speak, Grace must be in its Exercise marred; and so you meet with empty Ordinances, and therefore the holy Apostle muft cry, God is not in them. How often do Rom. vii. 19. The Good ibat I would, crooked and sinister Ends creep in, and I do noi: But the Evil wbicb 1 seul byass the Spirit ? Men ask to spend on not, that I do. And Ver. 24. 0 their Lusts, and to satisfy their own Am- wretched Man that I am, who fall bition ; some would have more Grace to deliver me from tbe Body of this be more eminent, or to have a more Death? pleasant Life ; and this is but the seeking Secondly, Tho' there were not fuch to spend on your Lusts. If Affection Blemishes and Spots in the Face of our run in the Channel of a Duty, it is often Righteousness, yet it is here in a State muddy, and runneth thorow our Cor- of Imperfection, and buc in its Minority, ruptions: Liberty in Duries is principled and so must be filthy in the Lord's Sighi. with carnal Affections and Self-love. It was perfect Holiness accordi.g to the Will not often the Wind of Applause in perfect Rule of God's Law, that Adam Company fill the Sails, and make your was to be justified by, according to the Course swifter and freer, nor when you | Covenant of Works, exact Obedience, are alone. And often much Love to a not one wanting, or else all that can be Particular, maketh more in seeking it. done, came short of Righteousness: One And that which is a Moth to eat up and Breach bringech the Curse on. All Obe consume all our Duties, is Conceic and dience (if there be a failing in a little) Self-confidence in going about them, and will not bring the Blelling on; he that attributing to ourself after them.' It is doth all, liveth; and he that doch not all, but very rare, that any Man both acteth is cursed. And therefore Christians, all from Jesus Christ as the Principle, and allo you do cannot commend your persons to pulteth over his work on Chrift lingly God, for if he examine you by the Rule of as the End. Alas too often do Menthe. Law, o how short will the holiest draw out of Christ's Fulness, and raise up come? Paul and Isaiah dare not come their own Glory upon it, and adorn them in fuch a Reckoning ; neither is all obey. selves with the Spoils of his Honour ; ed, nor any in the Measure and Manner for we use to pray from a Habit of it, commanded. And therefore, you might and go to as Men acquainted with it, cry down all your Performances, when


you could chailenge them with no parti- , nothing ; so that it is all the Wonder of cular Blot, with this; all is short of the the World, that ever God stooped lo Command, and infinitely short. I have far below himself, even to righteous beep aiming at Holiness so long, I have Adam, as to make such a Covenant stretched out my Strength, and what have with him, to account him righteous in I attained ? k may be, I have outstripped Obedience, What is Man that thou Equals, and there seemeth to be some sould magnify him? When I look to the Distance between me and others; nay, Heavens, and the Sun, the work of but the Command is unspeakably more thine Hands, Lord what is Man? before me nor I am before others. What is innocent Man in his Integrity, have reached but a Span of that boundless that thou should magnify him, to give Perfection of Holiness; it is but a Grain him a Place to stand before thee, magniWright of the eternal Weight of Grace, fy him to be a Party-contracter with thy and I must forget it, and stand before glorious Majesty? Psul. viii. 4, 5, 6. God, as if I had lok Mind of Duties, ap. But now when this Covenant is broken. pear

in his Presence as if I had attained | it is become impossible to a Son of a nothing; for the Length that is before dam, ever to stand before God in his my Hand drowneth up all Attainments. Perfection, for How should Man be

Thirdly, Nay, but put the Case Man righteous that is born of a Woman were perfect, ret soould be not know Job xiv. 15. Since we once finned, how bis Soul, but despise bis Life ; the should our Righteousness ever come in Lord putteth no Truft in bis Servants, Remembrance? Therefore hath God and bis Angels be cbargetb with Folly, chosen another way to cover Man's and the Heavens are not clean in bis Wickedress and Righteousness both, with Sight; bow iben must_Man be abomi- his own Righteousness, his Son's Divinenable, tbat batb bis Foundation in the human Righteousness, which is so fuited Duft, and drinketh in Iniquity like in his infinite Wisdom for us : It is a Water? How should God magnify bim? Man's Righteousness, that it may agree Or be be rigbreous that is born of a with Men, and be a fit Garment to cover Woman? Job. xxv. 4, 6. and xv. 14, them; it is God's Righteousness, that ic 15. and iv. 18, 19. Job was a great may be beautiful in God's Eyes, for he Length in the Sight of his own Vileness seech his own Image in it. And it is not and God's Holiness, when he saw this, the created inherent Righteousness of Thougb I were perfect, yet I would not Saints glorified,' that shall be their upper know it, but despise it, I would not an. Garment, that shall be their Heaven and fwer bim, though I were rigbreous, Glory-fuit, (so to speak,) they will not Chap. ix. 14, 15, 21. So unspeakably glory in this, but only in the Lamb's pure and clean is his Holiness, that all Righteousness for evermore. Saint-holiCreated Holiness hath a Spot in it before nels must have a Covering above, for his, and evanisheth, as the Stars disappear it cannot cover our Nakednefs ; and all when the Sun riseth, which seem some the Songs of those that follow the Lamb thing in the Darkness. The Angels Ho- make Mention of his Righteousness, eliness, the Heaven's Glory, is nothing to ven of his only: The Lamb is the Light him, Before wbom ibc Nations are as and Sup of the City, the Lamb is the

Hhhh Temple

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