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Lufcirca efem, canerem ut Lufcinia ; | Branches, To glorify God, is in our Souls cum avetem bomo fim, quid agam? Lau to conceive of bim, and meditate on his dabo Deum, nec unquam ceffabo, If Name, till they receive tbe Impression I were a Lark, I would ling as a Lark; and Stamp of all the Letters of his glo but seeing I am a Man, what fhould I do, rious Name; and tben 10 express this but praise God without cealing? It is as in our Words and Actions, in comproper to us to praise God, as for a Bird mending of bim, and obeying of bim. to chaunt: All Beasts have their own Our Soul should be as Wax to express the Sounds, and Voices peculiar to their own Seal of his glorious Attributes of Justice, Nature ; this is the natural Sound of a Power

, Goodness

, Holiness, and Mercy: Man. Now as you would think it monf And as the Water that receives the Beams trous to hear a melodious Bird croping of the Sun, reflects them back again, so as a Raven ; fo it is no less monstrous should our Spirits receive the sweet warmand degenerate, to hear the most part of ing Bcams of his Love and glorious Ex. the Discourses of Men, favouring nothing cellency, and then reflect them towards of God. If we had known that innocent bis Majesty, with the Delires and AFEltate of Man, O how, would we think fections of our Souls. All our Thoughts he had fallen from Heaven! We would of him, all our Affections towards him, imagine that we were thrust down from Tould have the Stamp of Singularity, Heaven, where we heard the melodi- fuch as may declare there is none like ous Songs of Angels, into Hell

, to hear him, none besides him; our Love, our the Howlings of damned Spirits. This Medication, our Acknowledgement Thould then is that we are bound unto, by the have this Character on their Front, Tbere Bond of our Creation, this is our proper is none besides Thee, Thou art, and Office, and Station God once ser us inco, none else : And then a Soul should by the when he assigned every Creature its own Cords of Affection to him, and Admirati Ule and Exercise : This was our Portion on of him, be bound to ferve bim. Crea

and the nobleft of all, because nearest tion puts on the Obligation to glorify him the King's own Person) to acknowledge in our Body and Spirits, which are his ; in our Hearts inwardly, and to express in but Affection only puts that to Exercise : AN our Words and Actions outwardly, what a other Bonds leave our Natures at Liberty, ane he is, according as he bath revealed but this constrains, 2 Cor. y. 13. it binds, himself in his Word, and Works: 'Tis great on all Bonds, it ties on us all divine Obli>Honour to a Creature to have the meaheft gations. Then a Soul will glorify God, Employment in the Court of this great when Love so unites it to God, and makes King. But, О what is it to be set over it one Spirit with him, that his Glory be-, all the King's House, and over all his King-comes its Honow, and becomes the dom? But then what is that, in respect of Principle of all our inward Affections, this, to be next to the King, to wait on and outward A&tions. It is not always.. his owa Person (foto (peak :) There poffible to have and express particu. fore she godly Man is described, as a wait-lar Thoughts of God, and his Glory, in ing Maid, or Servant, Pfal. cxjii. 2. every Action, and Meditation ; but, for: Well then, without more Discourse upon the most part, it ought to be fo : And if it, without multiplying of it into particular. Souls were accustomed to Meditation 00.


God, it would beee me their very Nature, 1 toward Man, not by Works of Righteouf altera natura, pleafant and delightsome. nefs wbich we have done, but according to However, if there be not always an ex- bis Mercy be saved us through JesusCbrift, press Intention of God's Glory, yet there Tit. ii. 4, 5. Our Lord Jesus,by whom all ought to be keep'd always fuch a Dil Things were created, and for whom, position and Temper of Spirit, as it may would not let this excellent Workmanship be construed to proceed from the Intenti- perifh fo, therefore he goes about the on of God's Glory; and then it remains Work of Redemption: A second Creatiin the Seed and Fruit, if not in itself. on' more laborious and also more glorious

Now when we are speaking of the than the first, that fo he might glorify great End and Purpose of our Creation, his Father, and our Father : Thus the we call to mind our lamentable and tra- Breach is made up, thus the unsavory Salt gical Fall from that blessed Station we is seasoned, thus the withered Branch is were constitute into. All Men bave sin quickened again for that same Fruit of ined and come sbort of the Glory of God, Praises and glorifying of God. This is Rom. iii. 23. His being in the world the End of his second Creation, as it was was for that Glory, and he is come sort of of the first; We are bis Workmanip that Glory: O ftrange Shortcoming! Short created to good Works in Christ Jesus, of all that he was ordained for! What is Eph. ii. 10. This is the work of God, he now meet for? For what Purpose is to believe in him, to set to our Seal, and that Chief of the Works of God now? to give our Testimony to all his Attri'The Salt if it lose its Saliness is meet for butes, Jobn vi. 29, and iii. 33. We are nothing, for wherewithall shall it be sea- bought with a Price, and therefore we foned? Mark ix. 30. Even so, when ought to glorify him with our Souls and Man is rendred unfit for his proper. End, Bodies ; he made us with a Word, and he is meet for nothing, but to be cast our chat bound us, but now he has made us and trode upon, he is like a withered Branch again and paid a Price for us, and to that must be cast into the Fire, John we are twice bound not to be our own but xv. 6. Some Things if they fail in one his, 1 Cor. vi. ult. And fo to glorify bim Ufé, they are good for another : But the in our Bodies and Spirits. I beseech you beft Things are not so, Corruptio optimi, gather your Spirits, call them home about pelima. As the Lord speaks to the House the Business. We once came mort of of Israel, Sball Wood be taken of the our End, God's Glory and our HappiVine Tree for any Work? Even so the ness; but know, that it is attainable again: Inbabitants of Jerusalem, Ezek. xv. We loft both, but both are found in Chrift, 2, 3, 4, 5. If it yield not Wine, 'tis Awake then and ftir up your Spirils, elle good for nothing: 60, if Man do not it shall be double Condemnation, when we glorify God, if he fall from chat, he is have the Offer of being restored to our meet for nothing, but to be cast into the former blessed Condition, to love our preFire of Hell, and burnt for ever ; he is sent Misery better. Once eftablish this for no Use in the Creation, but to be Fuel Point within your Souls, and therefore to the Fire of the Lord's Indignation. ask, Why came I hither? To what pur

But behold! the Goodness of the Lord pose am I come into the World? If you 2nd bis Kindness and Love hath appeared do not ask it, what will you answer, when


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he asks you at your Appearance before his that denies bimjelf and follows mer Tribun al? I beseech you what will many is my Disciple. Will ye once sit down of you say in that Day, when the Master in good earneft about this Business. "Tis. returns and takes an Account of your Dir- lamentable to be yet to begin to learn to penfation? You are sent into the World live, when ye muft die : Ye will be our of only for this Business, to serve the Lord: the World almoft, e're ye bethink yourNow what will many of you answer? If self, Why came I into the World? Quidam: you speak the Truth (as then you muft tunc vivere incipiunt, cum definendum do it, you cannot lie then you muft say, left; imo quidam ante vivere defierunt Lord, I spent my Time in serving my own quam inciperent; this is of all moft laLufes, I was taken up with other Busi- nentable, many Souls end their Life; benelles, and had no Leisure, I was occu- fore they begin to live. For what is our pied in my Calling, &c. Even as if an Life, but a living Death, while we do not Ambassador of a King should return him live to God, and while we live not in rethis Account of his Negotiation, I was bu- lation to the great End of our Life and fy at Cards and Dice, I spent my Money. Being? the Glory of God. It were better, and did wear my Cloaths. Though you lys Christ, that such had never been born. think your plowing, and borrowing, and You who are created again in Jesus Christ, trafficking, and reaping very necessary, it moft of all concerns you to ask, Why yet certainly these are but as Triffles and am I made? And why am I 'redeemed? Toys to the main Business. . what a And to whar Purpose ? It is certainly, that dreadful Account will Souls make! they ye may glorify your heavenly Father, Mar. come here for no Purpose but to serve (v. 16. Psal. triii 13. And you shall their Bodies and Senfes, to be Slaves to glorifie him if you bring forth much Fruit, all the Creatures, which were once put and continue in his love, Jobn xv. 8. And under Man's Feet: Now Man is under this you are chosen and ordained unto, ver. the Feet of all, and he has put himself so. 16. and therefore abide in him,' that

you were of these Creatures, then you ye may bring forth Fruit, ver. 4. And ight be for them : You seek them as if if you abide in him by believing, you do Du were created for them, and not they indeed honour him, and he that ho for you, and you seek yourselves, as if noureth the Son honoureth the Father You were of yourselves, and had not your Fobn v. 23. Here is a compendious descent of God. Know, my beloved, that way to glorify God : Receive Salvation you were not made for that Purpose, nor of him freely, Righteousness and eternah yet redeemed either to ferve yourselves, Life, and this sets to a Seal to God's Truth,

or other Creatures, but that other Crea- and Grace and Mercy; and whoso counts. tures might serve you, and ye serve God, the Son worthy to be a Saviour to them, Luke i. 74, 75. And this is really the and sets to their Seal of Approbation to best way to serve ourselves, and to save him whom God the Father hath sent and ourselves, to serve God: Self-feeking is sealed, he also honours the Father, and then Self-destroying ; Self-denying, is Self- he that honoureth the Father, hath it not saving, Soul-saving. He that seekerb to for nothing, for them that bonour me, I save bis Life sball lose it, and be tbat will bonour, i Sam. ii. 30. says the Lord.; Laletle bis Life' fball find it, and be . And be tbat serves me, bim will my Fa.

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ther borour, John xii. 26. As the believ- is God's Delight : That Soul sees God in a ing Soul cares for no other, and refpeéts high Place, in a Throne in its Heart, and no other but God, fo he respects no God sets that Soul in a heavenly Place other, but fuch a Soul. I will dwell in the with Christ

, Eph. ii. 6. yea he comes humble, and look unto the contrite ; there down to fit with us, and dwells in us, off is mutual Refpects and Honours. God is his Throne of Majefty, ifa. lxvi. 1, 2. the Delight of such a Soul, and such a Soull and lvii. 15.

near to God.

Psal. Ixxiii. 24. to the End. Thou wilt guide me with thy Counsel, &c. : Wbom bave 1 in Heaven but Thee ? &c. It is good for me to draw

1 John i. 3. These Things declare we unto you, that ye allo may bave Fellowship with us: And truly our Fellowship is with the Father, and with bis Son Jefus Christ, And John xvii. 21, 22, 23. That they all may be one as we are one. I in them, and they in me, that i bey may be perfekt in one, &c. T is a Matter of great Consolation, fitted and fashioned to aspire to more Like. IT

that God's Glory and our Happiness nefs and Conformity, so that his Soul may are linked together : So that whoever sees shine more and more to the perfect Day. his Glory before them singly to aim at, There was an Union made already in they cake the moft compendious and cer. his first Moulding, and Communion was tain Way.to true Blessedness. His Glory to grow as a fragrant and sweet Fruit is the ultimate End of Man, and should be out of this blessed Root. Union and Siour great and last Scope ; but our Happi- militude is the Ground of Fellowship and ness, which consists in the Enjoyment of Cominuvion. That Union was gracious, God, is subordinate to this, yet insepara- thatCommunion would have been glorious ble from it. The End of our Creation for Grace is the Seed of Glory, There is Communion and Fellowship with God, was a twofold Union between Adam and therefore Man was made with an immor- God, an Union of State, and an Union of tal Soul capable of it: And this is the Nature : He was like God, and he was greatest Dignity and Eminency of Man God's Friend. All the Creatures had above the Creatures. He hath not only fome Likeness to God, fome Engravings impressed from God's Finger, in his first of his Power, and Goodness, and wif Moulding, fome. Characters resembling dom : But Man, is said to be made ac. God, in Righteousness and Holiness; but cording to God's Image, Let us make is created with a Capacity of receiving Man like unto Us. Other Creatures more of God, by Communion with him. had finilitudinem veftigii, but Man had Other Creatures have already all they will fimilitudinem faciei. Holiness and Righhave, all they can have, of Conformity to teousness is God's Face, the very Excellenbim; but Man is made liker than all, and is 'cy and Glory of all his Attributes, and the


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Lord Atamps the Image of these upon tainment we can give him. O what Blef. Man. Other Attributes are but like his sedness is this, for a Soul to live in him, Back-parts, and be leaves the Resemblance and it lives in him when it loves him, A of his footsteps upon other Creatures. nima elt ubi amat, non ubi animat, and What can be so beautiful as the Image of to taste of his Sweetness and be satisfied God upon the Soul? Creatures, the near with him, this makes perfect Oneness : er they are to God, obe more pure and ex. And perfect Oneness with God (who is

We see in the Fabrick of the the Fountain of Life, and in whose favour World, Bodies the higher they are, the is Life) is perfect Blessedness. more pure and cleanly, the more beautiful. But we must stand a little here and con." Now then, What was Min that was made | Gder our Misery, that have fallen from such a little lower thau che Angels? In the He- an Excellency : How are we come down brew, a little lower than God, tantum from Heaven 'wonderfully? Sin has internon Deus. Seeing Man is fet next to posed between God and Man, and this God, his Glory and Beauty certainly fur- diffolves the Union, and hinders the Compasses the Glory of the Sun and Heavens. munion : An Enemy is come between two

Things contiguous and next other are like Friends, and puts them at Odds, and Oh! other; The Water is liker Air than the an eternal Odds ; Sin hath sown this Dili Earch, therefore it is next the Air: The cord, and alienated our Hearts from God. Air is liker Heaven than Water, there. Man's Glory consisted in the Irradiation of fore is it next to it. Omne contigu the Soul from God's shining Countenance, um Spirituali, eft fpirituale. Angels this made him Light, God's Face shined and Men next God, are Spirits, as He on him. But Sin interpofing, has ecclipsis a Spirit. Now Similitude is the Ground ed that Light, and brought on an eternal of Friendship. Pares paribus congregan- Night of Darkness over the Soul: And tur, fimilitudo necessitudinis vinculum. thus we are spoiled of the Image of God, le is that which concilitates Affections a- as when the Earth comes between the Sun mong Men: So it is here by Proportion : and Moon. Now then, there can no God sees all is very good, and that Man Beams of divine Favour and Love break best of his Works; and he loves him, and through directly towards us, because of the makes him his friend, for his own Image Cloud of our Sins, that separates between which he beholds in him.

God and us, and because of the PartitionAt length from these two Roots this plea- wall of Ordinances, and the Hand-writing sant and fragrant Fruit of Communion wi:h, which was against us, God's holy Law, and Enjoyment of God, grows up: This and severe Justice, Col. iii. 14. is the Entertainment of Friends, to delight Then, What Thall we do?. How Tall in one another, and te enjoy one another, we see his Face in Joy? Certainly it had. Amicorum omnia communia, Love makes been altogether impossible, if our Lord all common, it opens the Treasure of Jesus Christ had not come, who is the God's Fulness, and makes a Vent of di- Light and Life of Men: The Father shines vine Bounty towards Man, and it opens the on him, and the Beams of his Love reHeart of Man, and makes it large as the Aects upon us, from the Son: The Love Sand of the Sea to receive of God. Our of God, and his favourable Countenance, receiving of his Fulness, is all the Enter

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