תמונות בעמוד

ftop all Mens Mouths, and put them in , is the Creator of Peace, and the Preser. the Duft to keep Silence, seeing he hath vator of it, I create Peace, I keep Law to do infinitely more than he doch, bim in Peace: The same Power and why should not we rather proclaim his Virtue is required to the preserving of Clemency, than argue him so very hard ? | a Thing, and the first Being of it. Our If to both those, you shall-add the Con. Faith and Hope in God, is too weak an lideration of his Mercy, that all his Paths Anchor to abide all Storms: Our Cords are Mercy and Truth unto you, even would break, our Hands faint and weary, when he correcteth most severely, lo but he is tbe everlasting God, who faitthat you may bless him as well for Rods, etb not, and wearieth not, he holdeth as for Meat and Clothing, and count an invisible Grip of us, We are kept by yourself blested when you are taught by bis Power to Salvation, and we are kept the Rod and the Word, the one speak by his Power in Peace : Tby Rigbt-band ing to the other, and the other sealing its boldetb me, saith David, and this helpInstruction : If you believed that it were eth me to pursue thee. What maketh a Fruit of his Love, He cbaftenetb Believers inexpugnable, impregnable, is it every Son wbom be lovetb, that because their Strength? No indeed, But Salhe will not let you depart from him, will vation will God appoint for Walls not let you settle upon a present World, and Bulwarks: Almighty Power is a and forget your Country above; thereftrong Wall tho' invisible, this Power fore he compasseth you about with worketh in us and about us. Hedges of Thorns to keep in your Way; Now Believers, pity the World about and therefore he maketh this World bit- you, that knoweth not this Peace ; When ter and unpleasant, that you may have they ly secure, and cry Peace, Peace; no continuing City: If all this were be alas, they are a City open without Walls lieved, would not the Soul triumph with as the plain Field, there is no Keeper Paul, What can separate me from the there, nothing to hold off Destruction.. Love of God? not paft Things, for all Entertain your own Peace, do not grieve my Sins are blotted out, and Mall be the Spirit who hath sealed it : If you reremembered no more ; not present turn to Folly after he hath spoken Peace Things, for they work to Good, and are to you, I perswade you, you shall not a Fruit of his Love; not Things to come, maintain this Peace; there may be Peace for that is to come which shall more de. with God, but no Peace in thy Conclare his Love than what is past. Would science, as long as the Whoredoms of thy not a Soul Deep securely within the Com Heart are to the fore: Thou may be pass of this Power, this Love, and Faith secure, but Security is worse than Fear. fulness of God, without Fear of dalhing Know this, that continuing in a Course or finking?

of Sin, entertaining any known Sin, shall Now, judge whether a perfect Peace trouble thy Pcace. If God hath spoken may not Aow from all this ; may it not Peace to thee, thou halt not lodge that be a perfect Calm, when the Mountains Enemy in Peace, Great Peace bave that environ go up to Heaven? Not only they that love tby Law. Obedience and doth the Soul cruft in God, but God Delight in it doth not make Peace, but keepeth the trusting Soul in Peace. He it is the Way of Peace; and much Me



ditacion on the blesed Word of God, is feétion a Stranger to the most part of the most excellent Mean to preserve this Christians. Always what we want here, Peace, if it be secured with much Cor- we must expect to have made up shortly : respondence with Heaven by Prayer, Heaven is a Land of Peace, and all Pbil. iv. 6. 7. If you would disburden Things are there in full Age : Here akt your Hearts daily at the Throne of are in Minority, it is but yet Night; buc Grace, Peace should guard and keep your when the Day fall break up, and the Heart, and then your Peace would be Shadows Ay away, and the Prince of perfect indeed. But because your Faith Peace shall appear and be revealed, he is here imperfect, your Requests few thall bring Peace and Grace both with and infervent, your Follies and Iniquities him, and both perfect. To him be Praise many ; therefore is this promised Per- and Glory.


Ifa. lix. 20. And the Redeemer shall come unto Sion, to

them that turn, &c.

DOCTRINES, as Things, have it on their Hearts, it is always the most

their Seafons and Times, every seasonable and pertinent Doctrine, I mean Thing is beautiful in its Season; so the very subject Matter of this Text; there is no Word of Truth, but it hath the News of a Redeemer to captive a Season and Time in which it is beauti Sinners ; it is in itfelf such glad Tidings, ful: And indeed that is a great Part of and Mines with so much Beauty and Wisdom, to bring forth every Thing in Splendor to troubled Sinners, that it caftits Season, to discern when and where, eth abroad a Lustre and Beauty on the and to whom it is pertinent and edifying, Feet of the Messengers that carry it, to speak such and such Truths. But there isa. xl. It is a Cordial in Afiction, is one Doctrine that is never out of Sea- whether outward or inward ; and it is son ; and therefore it may be preached withal the only true Comfort of Prospein Season and out of Seafon, as the A-rity, it allayeth the Bitterness of Things postle commandeih. Indeed to many that cross us, and filleth up the Empri. Hearts, it is always out of Season, and ness of Things that pretend to please us ; especially in Times of Trouble and An- ir giveth Sweetness to the one, and true guilh, when it should be most seasonable, Sweetness to the other. Reason then, when the Opportunity may commend that mould always be welcome to us, the Beauty of it; but in itself, and to as which we ftand always in need of, that wany as have ever found ibe Power of it hould always be new and fresh in


our Affection, which is always recent | Threshold, and then they came to the and new in its Operation and Efficacy Ancles, when it was publish'd to a whole toward us. Other News, how great Nation; but still the longer it swells, the or good foever, suppose they were able higher above Knees and Loins, till it be to fill the Hearts of all in a Nation with a great inexhaufted River, and thus it Joy, yet they grow ftale, they lose their runs at this Day thro' the World, and Vertue within few Days. What Foot-hath a healing Virtue and a quickning Virs steps or Remainder is of all the Triumphs tue, Ezek. xlvü. and a sanctifying Virtue, and Trophies of Nations, of all their Ver. 9. 12. Now this is our Errand ca Solemnities for their victorious Succefs you, to invite you to come to these at home and abroad. These great News, Waters; if ye thirst, come to be quencha which once were the Subject of the Dif. ed; if ye thirft not, ye have so much the course of, and Delight of inany Thou. more Need to come, because your Thir it lands, who report them now with De. after Things that will not profit you, will light : So these Things that may cause destroy you, and your Unsensibleness of Joy and Triumph to some at this Time, your Need of this, is your greateft Mix as they cannot choose but make more fery. Hearts lad than glad ; so they will quick That the Words may be more lively ly lose, even that Efficacy they have, and unto us, we may call to mind the greatest become tasteless, as the White of an Egg, and deepest Design that hath been carried to them ibat are moft ravished with on in the World, by the Maker and Ruler of them. But my Beloved, here is glad the World, is the Marriage of Chrift his Tidings of a Redeemer come to Zion Son with the Church; this was primely into save Sinners, which have no Occasion tended when he made the World, as z of Sadness in them to any, but to them Palace to celebrate it into ; this was to who are not lo happy as to consider them, specially aimed at, when he joined Adana or believe them, and they are this Day and Eve, in the Begioning of Time, 10after many hundred, I may say thou.gether in Paradise, that the second Adame sand Years since they were first published, Tould be more solemnly joined to the as green and recent, as refreshing to Church, at the End of Time, in the, Pawearied Souls as ever they were ; yea, radise of Heaven : And this the Apostle such is the Nature of them, and such an draws out as the Samplar and Arch-copy everlasting Spring of Consolation is in of all Marriages and Conjunctions in them, that the oftner they be told, and the Creatures, Epb. y. Now this be the more they be considered, the sweeter ing the great Design of God, of which they are ; they grow green in old Age, all other Things done in Time are but and bring forth Fruit, and are fat and

Fruit, and are fat and the Footfteps and low Representations. flourishing; and indeed it is the never But the great Question is, how this ihall dying Vertue and everlasting Sap of be brought about, because of the great this Word of Life, that maketh the Distance and huge Disproportion of the Righteous, fo, Psal. xcii. 14. This Parties, He being tbe Brigbtness of Word of a Redeemer at the first pub- the Father's Glory, and we being wholly lishing, and for a long Time, was but eclipsed and darkened fince our Fall; like Waters issuing out from under the He bigber than ibe Heaven of Hea.

Eeee 2


sens, and we fallen as low as Hell into a trinc to the Church, at this Time Ifaiay Dungeon of Darkness and Misery, led preached it, and at all Times. away by Sin and Satan, lying in thar abo The first is fupposed in the Words ; minable Pofture, represented in Ezek. Redemption supponeth Caprivity or Staxvi. Not only unsuitable to engage his very, Redemption of Persons importech Love, but fit to procure even the Loath Captivity and Slavery of these Perfons, ing of all that pass by.

and Redemption of other Things that Now it being thus, the Words do fur belong to Persons, importerb Sale or Alie nish us with the noble Resolution of the nation of our Right to ibem. Of both, Son, about the taking away of the DIF personal Redemption is the greateft and .tance, and the royal Offer of the Father, most difficult'; yet both we have Need to make the Match hold the better, both of, for our Estate and Fortune (lo to flowing from infinite Love, in the most speak) is lost, For all Men bave finned free and absolute Manner can be ima and come short of the Glory of God, gined. The Son's Resolution, which is Rom. iii. 23. That Inheritance of eter withal the Father's Promise, is to come nal Life, we have mortgaged it, and into the World first, to redeem his given away our Right to it; the Favour Spouse, and so to marry her ; And the of God and the Blessedness of CommuniRedeemer shall come unto șion, &c. on with him, was Adam's Birth-right, The Father's Offer (that he might not be and by a free Donation was made bis wanting to help it forward) is to dispone, proper Inheritance and Poflestion, to be by an irrevocable Covenant, having the transmitted to his Pofterity : But O! how, Force of an absolute Donation, his Word for how small a Thing did he give it and Spirit to Christ and his Seed, to the away, for a little Taste of an Apple he Church, even to the End of the World, sold his Eftate; and both he and we may Ver. 21. As for me, this is my Cove lament over it, as the King chat was connant. The Son hath done his Part, and ftrained to render himsetf and all his is to express his infinite Love, infinite Army for Want of Water, when he Condescendency, and stooping below his tafted it, for how fmall a Thing (faiih he) Majefty: Now, as for me, I will shew have I loft my Kingdom? Then our Permy good will to it, in my infinite Bounty fons are in a State of Bondage, in Capand Riches of Grace to the Church ; he civity and Slavery ; Captives under the hath given himself for her, I will give my Wrath of God, and Slaves or Servants to Spirit ; and thus it cannot but hold. Sin. There needed no greater Diffe

We Thall speak a Word then of these rence and Deformity between Christ and three ; first, What Eftate and Condition us, than this, our Servitude and Bondage Chrift findeth his Church into, out of to Sin, which truly is the bafest and moft which she must be taken to be his Spouse; abominable Vaffalage in the World; the then what Way and Course is laid down Abasement of the higheft Prince, to the by the Council of Heaven, to fill up the vileft Servilude under the balest Creainfinite Distance between Christ and tures in his Dominion, is but a Shadow Sinners; and to close all, we shall thew of that loathsome and ugly Posture of our you the Suitableness of these Promises, Souls. This Servitude doth in a Manner and the wonderful Filess of this Doc, uoman us, and transform us into Beafts ;

cer .

certainly it is that, which in the holy the Power of God do guard or fet a Eyes of God, is more loathsome than any Watch about him, that there is no Access Thing beside ; he seeth not that Defor. to him to save him, but by undergoing mity in Poverty, Nakedness, Sickness, the greatest Danger, and undertaking the Slavery ; let a Man be as miserable as greatest Party that ever was deal withal, Fob on his Dung-hill, it is not so much and the strictest and fevereft too. that, as the unseen and undiscerned Por: This being the Case then, the Distance ture and Habit of their Souls, that he abo. being so vast, and the Difficuky so great, minateth. Now what a Match is this, the Distance being twofold, berween his for the highest and holiest Prince, the Nature and ours, and between our Qua. Son of the greatest King, and Heir of all lity and his ; an infinite Distance between Things? But if you add to this Slavery, his divine Nature and our Flesh, and be that Captivity under the Curfe and Wrath lides an extreme Contrariety between the of God, that all Men are shut up and in. Holiness of his Nature, and the Sinfulness closed in the Prifon of God's faithful and of ours; such a Repugnancy, as there is irrevocable Sentence of Condemnation, no Reconciliation of them. You know and given over by the righteous Judg. what Paul speakech of the Marriage of ment of God, to be kepi by Sarau in Christians with Idolaters ; how much everlasting Chains of Darkness : He more will it hold here? What Commukeepeth Men now, by the invisible Cords nion can be between Light and Darkof their own Sins, but these Chains of nefs, between God and Belial ? Is it Darkness are reserved for both him and possible these can be reduced to Amity, Men. Now indeed, this fuperaddeth a and brought to fo hear an Union ? Yet great Difficulty to the Business, the other for all this, it is possible; but Love and may be a Difficuky to his Mind and Af Wisdom muft find out the way. Infinite fection, because there is nothing to pro- Love and infinite Wisdom consulting tocure Love, but all that may inforce gether, what Distance can they not iwalHatred and Loathing ; but suppose his in low up? What Difficulty can they not finite Love could come over this Stay, overcome ? could leap over this Mountain by the And here you have it, the Distance Freedom of it ; yet there is a greater Im- undertaken to be removed, both by the pediment in the way, that may seem dif Father and the Son, (for all this While ficult to his Power, and it is the Justice we can do nothing to help it forward ; and Power of God, inclosing Sinners and while the blessed Plot is going on, we are fhutting them up for eternal Wrath, till posting the faster to our own Deftruction) a due Satisfaction be had from, or for and this is the Way condescended upon ; them : You see then, how infinite the first, To fill up that wide Gap between Distance is berwixt him and us, and how his divine Spiritual Nature, and our morial great the Difficulty is to bring about this Aethly Nature, it is agreed upon, that intended Union. Angels were sent with the Son shall come in ous Fles, and be flaming Swords to encompass the Tree made Partaker of Fle A and Blood with of Life, and keep it from Man, but Man the Children ; and this is meaned by is environed by the Curse of the Almigh- this Promise, Tbe Redeemer soall come ty God, the Justice, the Faithfulness, and to Sion ; which is plainly expressed by

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