תמונות בעמוד

I create it of nothing, I will keep you Jesus Chrift; and then it rests and quiets in perfeet Peace.

itself at that Anchor, enjoys Peace in You have then here, three Things of the Midft of the Storm, there is a great special Concernment, in these Times and Calm, it is not moved, or not greatly all Tines, a Blessedness, a perfect Peace moved, as if it were a fair Day. David attainable, the Way of it, and the Foun. Aieth unto God as his Refuge, anchors tain of it: The Fountain of it, the Pre- upon the Name of the Lord, Pfal. lxü. server of it, is God bimself ; the Way 1, 2. And so he enjoys a perfect Calm to attain it, is trusting in God, and stay and Tranquility, I fall not be moved, ing on bim. This Sweetness of Peace, because he is united to the Rock, he is is in God the Tree of Life, Faith puts to ried to the firm Foundation Jesus Chrift, its Hand, and plucks the Fruit of the and no Storm can dissolve this Union ; Tree; Hope and Dependence on God, not because of the Strength of that Rope is a Kind of tasting of cha Fruit and of Faith, it is but a weak Cord, if omcating of it;'and then followeth this per- nipotency did not compass it about allo ; fect Peace, as the delightful Relish and and so we are kept by tbe Power of Sweetness that the Soul finds in God, God, througb Fairb unio Salvation. upon tasting how gracious he is. God

God | The poor wearied Traveller, the Pilhimself is The Life of our Souls, ibe grims lies down under the Shadow of a Fountain of living Waters, the Life Rock, and this Peace is bis Reft under and Light of Men. Faith and trusting it. Faith lays him down, and Peace is in God, draws out of this Fountain, our his Rest and Sleep. Faith in Jesus Christ of this deep Well of Salvation, and stay. is a Motion towards him, as the Soul's ing on God drinks of it, till the Soul be proper Prace and Cenire; and therefore refreshed with Peace and Tranquility, it is called a coming to him, Aying 10 fuch as pafferh natural Understanding him as the City of Refuge: It is the Christ Jesus is the Tree of Life, that | Soul's Flight out of itself, and Misery grows in the Garden of God, trusting in and Sin witbin, to apprehend Mercy and him by Paith implants a Soul in nim, Grace, and Happiness in Christ. Now, roots a Soul in him; by Virtue of which Hope is the Conjunction or Union of Union, it springs up and grows into a the Soul with him, the Soul then staying , living Branch, by staying and depending and resting on him,' as in its proper upon him, we live by him, and hence Place, and so it enjoys perfect Peace springs this blessed and sweet Fruit of and Rest in its Place ; so that if ye rePeace of Soul and Conscience, which move it thence, than ye offer Violence grows upon the Confidence of the Soul to it. placed in God, as the Stalk by which it These two Things are of greateft Imis united to the Tree. Trusting and portance to you to know ; what this ftaying upon God, is the Soul's casting perfect Peace is, and what is the Way its Anchor upon him, in the Midst of to attain it? The one is the Privilege the Waves and Storms of Sin, Wrach and Dignity, the other is the Duty of and Trouble. The poor bearen Sinner a Christian, and these two make him up casts an Anchor within the Vail, on that what he is. Jure Ground of immutable Promises in I would think that Man perfedly bler


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fed, who is at Peace with iwo Things, thyself, thou carries about thee thy E God and himself. If a Man be at Peace nemy, thy Tormenter. with Creatures without him, and be at But suppose a Man were at Peace with Peace with himself, but have War within in himself, and cried Peace, Peace to him his own Mind, that Man's Peace is no felf; yet if he be not at Peace with God, Peace, let be perfect Peace. A Man's Thall his Peace be called Peace? Shall it greatest Enemy is within bis own not rather be named fupine Security? If House. And within indeed, when it is á Man be at Varian with himielf, and in his Bofum and Soul: When a Man's his Soul disquieted within, there is more Conscience is against him, it is worse Fear than Danger, if he be at Peace than a World belide. Conscientia mille with God. It is but a false Alarm that tefles, so I say, it is mille boftes. It is mall end well: But if he have Peace in a thousand Witnesses, and a thousand his own Bofom, and yet no Agreement Enemies. It were better to endure Con with God; then Deftructions are cerdemnation of any Judge, of many Judges tainly coming, his Dream of Peace will in the World, than to sustain the Con- have a terrible wakening. A Man may viction of a Man's own Conscience : Neep soundly, and his Enemies round wben it accuseth, wbo sball excuse ? about him, because he knoweth not of John viii. 9. Rom. ii. is. A merry it; but he is in a worse Estate, nor he Spirit (faith Solomon) is a continual that is in great Fear, and his Enemies Feaft, Prov. xv. 15. And what must either none, or far distant: The one a Heari be, which hath such a gnawing hath present Danger, and no Fear, the Worm within it, as an accusing Consci- other present Fear, and no Danger, and ence, to eat it out ? This is the Worm which of these think ye best? Sudden of Hell that dies not out, which makes Destruction awakes the one from Sleep, Hell, Hell indeed. This indeed will be Ezek. vii. 25. Their Fear and De a painful Consumption, A broken Spirit Aruction come both at once, when it is dryeth up the Bones, it will eat up the now in vain to fear, because it is past Marrow of the Spirit and Body, Prov. Hope, Prov. i. 27. Therefore the Lord xvii. 22. What infirmity is there which swears, that ibere is no Peace to the a Man cannot bear? Poverty, Famine, Wicked, Ifa. xlvüi. 22. What? Do not War, Pestilence, Sickness, name what they often cry Peace to themselves, and you will; but a wounded Spirit who can put the evil Day far off? No Men are fo bear? Prov. xviii. 14, And there is without Bands in Life and Death as they, Reason for it, for there is none to bear they have made Agreement with Hell it: A sound and whole Spirit can sustain and Death, and their own Consciences; Infirmities, but when that is wounded, yet for all tht, Thus faith the Lord, which should bear all the reft, What is there is no Peace to the Wicked. If behind to bear it? It is a Burden to itself: God be against us, what is the Matter If a Man have Trouble and War in this who be with us ; for he can make a World, yet there is often escaping from Man's Friends his Enemies, and he can it ; a Man may Ay from his Enemy, but make a Man's Enemies to be at Peace when thy Enemy is within thee, whether with him: He makes Peace and cre shalt thou Ag? Thou cannot go fromates Trouble, Ifa. xlv. 7. Men can but



destroy the Body, but he can deftroy minious, as the poor and despised Man. both Body and Soul for ever. O what If Conteniment then be without thefe a potent and everlasting Enemy is he? Things, certainly they cannot be mifled; There is no escaping from his all-seeing for where Contentment is not with them, Eye, and powerful Hand, Psal. cxxxix. it only is missed, and they not conside7, 8. A Man may Ay from Men, but red. Contentment is all the Gain chat whether shall he fly from his presence ? Men seek in Riches and Honour and To Heaven? He is there : To Hell? Pleasure; if a godly Man have that fame He is there. The Darkness of the without them, he then bath all the Gain Night hath been a Covering under which and Advantage, and wants nothing, but many have escaped, and been saved in some Trouble that ordinarily attends Armies, but Darkness is no Covering them : Outward Peace cannot add to to him, it is all one with Light: He is inward Peace, and so the Want of it cinnear hand every one of us ; the Con not diminish... science is within us, but he is within the We must begin at the Original, if we Conscience; and how much God is above would know rightly this Peace that pafthe Creature, so great and dreadful a leth Knowledge.

feth Knowledge. The Fountain-head is Party is he above any Enemy imagin- Peace, with God; a Stream of this is able. Therefore I conclude, thát that Peace of Conscience, and Peace with the Man only hath perfect Peace, who is at Creatures. There is a Peace of FriendPeace with God, and with his own Con Ahip, when Persons were pever Enemies, fcience. If a Man be at Peace with God, and there is a Peace of Reconciliation, and not with himself, he wants but a when Pariies at Variance are made one. Moment's Time of perfect Peace ; for, Innocent Adam had Peace once with ere it be long, the God of it will speak God as a Friend, Angels continue so te Peace unto him. But if he be at Peace This Day ; but now there is no such Peace with God and himself, I know not what between Men and God, for all are behe wants of the perfect Peace, of the come Enemies to God, and Aliens Peace Peace: For it is a Man's Mind from the common Wealth of Israel, That that makes Peace or War, it is not out. Peace was broken by Rebellion against ward Things; but in the midst of Peace, God his Maker, and all the Pofterity he may be in Trouble, and in the midst are born with the same Enmity against ot Trouble in Peace, according as he hath God. On our Part are Hearts defpeSatisfaction and Contentment in his own rately wicked, wbofe Imagination is onBreast : For what is all the Grace of a ly Evil continually. On God's Part is Chriftian? It is, Godliness with Content-holy and Spotless Justice, that is of ment: It is not Godliness and Riches, purer Eyes than to bebold Iniquity, Godliness and Honour, or Pleasure, God and therefore must destroy it or the liness and outward Peace. No, no, Sinner. On our Parr, are so many Re Contentment compenseth all these, and bellions, Adam's actual Tranfgreffion, hath in it eminently, all the Gain and and all our own Sins and Breaches of Advantage of these. A Man in Ho the holy Law, as so many Breaches of hour, a rich Man, having no Content


On God's Part, are so many ment in it, is really as poor, as igno- Curses answerable to the Breaches of


the Law: Cursed is every one sbat Degrees, of Health, to know the Disease, abiderb not in every Thing, &c. This and I may call it a Degree of Peace, a Curfe is even the Proclamation of Men Kind of Preparation to Peace, to know to be Traitors, and an Intimation of the the Enmity, and not generally to know righteous Judgment which will come u it, but to ponder it till the Heart, be af pon them. Adam was in a Covenant fected with it; to call a Counsel of all of Peace with God, Do, and thou shalt the Faculties and Affe&tions of the Soul, live, if not, tbou foalt die. Adam

Adam to, consider the great imminent Danger brake this Covenant, fo 'the Peace is dis- of Man's Commonwealth. What is it, folved, and God is no more obliged to I pray you, that is the greatest Obstructi give Life, but to execute the Pain con

on of Mens making Peace with God, that tained in the Covenant: And in Sign and makes the Breach irreparable, and the Token of this, look how Adam Aled Wound incurable? It is this, certainly ; from God's Presence, to hide himself no Man apprehendeth it aright: We enwhen he heard his Voice, it was a poor tertain good Thoughts of our Friendship Shift, for wherber should be go from with God, or that it is easy to be recon bis Presence? But alas, seeking more ciled. Who seeth such a wide Breach beWisdom, he lost that he had, seeking di tween God and Man, that all the Merits vine Wisdom, he loft human. Now, of Angels and Men could not make it there is no more making up this Peace up? Who seeth the Price of Redemption on such Terms again ; we have no Ca so precious, as it must cease for ever, for pacity to treat with God any more: But

all that Men and Angels can do? Is not blefred, be his Majesty, who hath found every Man offering God Satisfaction, out the way of Agreement and Reconeither his Tears, or Sorrow, or Amende ciliation. Oh that ye were once per- ment in Time coming, or all of them? swaded of your Enmity against God; ye Do not Men undertake to pacify God are not born Friends, tho' ye be born with external Ordinances, and think it within the visible Church. How dread. | may fuffice for their Sins ? Certainly ye ful a Thing is it, to have the most high' are ignorant of the infinite Separation hea and terrible God against you, to do to [ween God and Man, that imaginesa you acccording to your Defervings! Ye Treaty with him yourself, or that ever all know this, we are Enemies to God by ye can come in speaking Terms: And Nature; I pray you, is it but a Name? therefore is this War and Enmity perIs it not worthy deep Gonfideration ? petual ; therefore there is no Peaces But who considerech this Matter ? If ye when ye cry Peace, Peace. When ye dose a Friend, ye will be troubled, and have Peace within you, and say that ye the more behuveful your friend was, the have Peace with God; yet certainly more troubled you will be. If a great Tbe Lord thy God is against thee, arid and potent Nation proclaimed War a. will not spare tbee, Deur. xxix. 19. gainft us, we cannot but be sensible of Many of you bless yourselves in your it: But alas, who confidereth the great own Hearts ; when ye hear the Curse Breach that is between God and all Men, and Threatning of the Law, ye fay, God occasioned by the first Man's Trans. | forbid, or all that were true. Well, thus gression and Rebellion. It is one of the faith the Lord, all these Gurses that are

written in this Book shall ly upon thee, Mould handle the Son as an Enemy; zod and the Lord shall separate thee unto therefore it is, that Sinners are admitted Evil, because ye take not with your as Friends, his Obedience takes away our Enmity ; there can be no Treaty, a Me Rebellion. The Cloud of the Lord's diator can have no Imployment from Displeasure pours down upon him, that you.

it might be fair Weather to us: The How shall the Breach of Peace be made Armies of Curses that were against us, up? Since the first Covenant cannot be encounter him, and he, by being overmade up again, where shall the Remedy come, overcometh; by being Nain by be found? God is juft and righteous, Men Justice, Satan and Sin, overcometh all are rebellious and linful; can these meet, those, And killetb ibe Enmity on ibe and the one not be consumed? Will not Cross, making Peace by bis Blood, Col. God be a consuining Fire, and Men ii. 14, 15. Eph. ii. 15. And it is this as Stubble before the Lord's Presence? Sacrifice that hath pacified Heaven, the Therefore, there must be a Mediator tweet Smell of it hath gone above, and between them, a Peace-maker, to make made Peace in the high Places. of two, one, to take up the Difference. Here then is the Privilege of a BelieAnd this Mediator must be like both, ver, to be at Peace with God, to be one and yet neither wholly the one, nor che with him ; and this indeed is Life eternal, other. He must therefore be God and to be united unto the Fountain of Life, in Man, that he may be a fit Day's Man, whole Favour is Life, and whole loving betwixt God and Man: And this is our Kindness is better than Life: Is not this a Lord Jesus Cbrift. In his Divinity bletled Estate? Whatever a Man hath he comes near to God, in his Humanity done againft God, it is all forgiven- and he comes near to Man: In his Person, forgotten, shall never come in Remem. he is between both, and he is fit to make brance. Are not Angels blessed who are Peace; and therefore, he is a Prince of Friends with God ? Such is the Soul whose Peace, Isa. ix. 6. And that he may be a Sins are pardoned through Chrift, their Prince of Peace, he muft be both, An Sins are as if they never had been ; the everlasting Farber like God, and a young Soul is not only escaped that terrible Child like unto Man: God to prevail Wrath of God, but being at Peace with with God, and a Man to engage for God, all the Goodness that is communiMan ; and therefore he is called our cable to Creatures, it shall partake of. Peace, Eph. ii. 14. Our Lord Jesus Ibat ibey may be one, as we are ore, Christ enters in a Covenant with the Fatbat they may be perfect in one, Joh. xvii. ther, wherein he undertakes to bear our This Chrift prayed for, and this was the Curse, and the Chastisement of our Peace; End of his Death, to make of two one ; he is content to be dealt with as the lu then the Glory that Chrift is Parraker Rebel, upon me, upon me be tbe Ini- of with the Father, we must be Parrakers quity; and so there comes an Interrup- of with him, and all this by Virtue of tion, as it were, of that blessed Peace he that Peace with God by him. - Oh if ye had with the Father ; he is content that knew what Enmity with God is; how there fould be a Covering of Wrath would it indeår and make precious Peace furead over the Father's Love, that he with him? The ope engageth all that is in


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