תמונות בעמוד

to do these Evils, that he says are par. | and God; God is a consuming Fire, the doned? Who puts away the Evils of Guilt of it hinders all meeting of the Soul these Doings, the Guilt whereof, he thinks with God, at least, all Influence from God hath put away ? Could ye find in him: But when an open Door is made your Hearis to intertain those Evils so in Christ, that Men may come and treat familiarly, to pour out your Souls unto with God, notwithstanding of Rebellions, them, if that Peace of God were indeed and have the Curse relaxed : 0 how spoken unto you? Would not the Reflex may he go about his Duty comfortably. of his Love prove more conftraining on Am I escaped from Hell, why should I your Hearts? Were it possible, that if any more walk in the way to it? And ye did indeed consider, that your Lufts now he hath the Spirit given for the coft Chrift a dear Price to med his asking. There are some Cessations from Blood, that your Pleasures made his Soul Sin, that are not real Forsakings of it, heavy to Death, and that he hath laid and Ceasings from it: You know Men down his Life to ransom you from Hell; will abstain from eating for a Season, were it possible, I say, that ye would that they may be made ripe for it anolive still in these Lusts, and choose these ther Time: Some do not cease from Sin, Pleasures of Sin, which were so bitter to but delays it only; they put it not away, our Lord Jesụs? I beseech you be not but put it off only for another Time, deceived, if ye love the Puddle still, that till a fitter Occasion and Opportunity. ye cannot live out of it, do not say that And this is so far from ceasing from it, ye are warhed. Ye may have walen that it is rather a deliberate Choice of yourselves with Sope and Nitre, but the it, and Election of Conveniency for it: Blood of Christ hath not cleansed: For, There may be some pure and simple if that Blood sprinkled your Conscience Ceasings from Sin, mere Abftinence, or once, to give you an. Answer to all rather mere Absence of Sin for a SeaChallenges, it could not but fend forth son, that is not ceasing from doing Evil. Streams to purify the Heart, and so the The Chriftian's Ceasing hath much Actiwhole Man. The Blood and Water on in it : It is such a ceasing from doing might be joined, the justifying Saviour, Evil, tha: it is a putting away of Evil; and the fanctifying Spirit ; for both these it hath the Soul and Spirit joined in that are in this Gospel Washing, 1 Cor. vi. Cestation. Sin requires Violence to put 11. John v..6. This is be that it out where it haib haunted, it is an came by Water and Blood, even Jesus intruding Guest, and an ufurping Guest : Clarift, not by Water only, but by Wa It comes in first as a Supplicant and Bego ter and Blood. Not by Water only, gar, prays for a little Lodging for a Night, but by Blood also, and I say, not by and promises to be gone; the Tempta. Blood only, but by Water also. The lion speaks but for a little Time, even very Purpose of Forgiveness, is not to the present Time, for a little one, it feels lay a Foundation for more Sin, but that but little at first, least it be denied; but Men may sin no more, but break og if once it be received into the Soul, it their Sins. It is indeed impossible for a presently becomes Master, and can com. Man to amend his Ways, till he be par mand its own Time, and its Abode : doned, for his Sin stands berwixt hin | Then ye will not lo eally put it out,


as ye could hold it out, for it is now he continues in other Evils as bad, but joined with that wicked, desperate Party more suitable to his Age. In a Word, within you, the Heart, and these u. he is so inwardly, that if he were in dited Fores are too strong for you. Ac- his Body, and Occafions offering as beeprding as a Luft is one with a Man's fore, he would be just the same. Some, Heart, or hath nearer Connection with again, cease from fome Evils, from some his Heare and Soul, it is the worse to principles, but alas, they are no Chrifti. · put away : Por, will ye drive a Man an Principles. What restrains the Mulfrom bimself, it is the cutting off a titude of Civilians from gross Scandals ? right Hand, or plucking out of a right Is it any Thing but Affectation of a good Eye. To make a Man cease from such Name and Report in the World? Is it Evils, it requires that a stronger Power not Fear of Reproach or Censure? Is be wichin hin, than is in the World. It not because possibly they have no Men may cease for a Time, for Waut particular Inclination to such Evils? And of Occasions or Temptations to fin ; yet there are many other "Evils of the when there is no active Principle in tkem, Heart as Evil

, tho' more fubtile, that they reftraining or keeping their soul from please themselves in, as Pride, Covetourfuch Sins as appears after, when no nels, Malice, Envy, Ambition, &c. fooner Occasion is offered, but they run what thall all your Abstinence be acas the Horse to his Course, or the Stone counted of, when it is not Love to Jesus falleth downward, they conceive Fire as Christ, or Hatred of Sin that principles easily as dry Stubble: That is not Christi- ir? It is not the outward Abstinence that au cealing, which is that which the Soul will commend you': Such it is, as the argues itself to, from Grounds of the Principles of it are. And thefe only are Gospel. Should I who am dead to Sin, the true - Christian Principles of Morrilive any longer therein? This is a Prin- fication, Love of Jesus Christ, wbicb ciple of Cessation, and this is true conftrains Men to live no more to tbem.

Liberty, when the Soul can abstain from felves, but to be new Creatures, 1 Cor. • present Temptations, upon such Grounds v. 14, 15. and Hatred of Sin in its

and Perswalions of the Gospel ; then it Nature as Sin: A Christian should have is really above itself, and above the a mortal Hatred at it, as his mortal World, then hatb it that true Victory. Enemy. It is not Christianity to abstain Many Men cease only from Sin, because from some fleshly Lufts, if ye confider Sin ceases from them, they have not them not as your Soul's Enemies, i Pet. left it, but it hath left them. The old ii. 11. Ye that love tbe Lord, bate EMan thinks himself a changed Man, be vil, Pfal. xcvii. 10. These are chained cause he wallows not in the Lusts of the together. David's Harred was a Soul Elein, as in his Youth. But alas, no Hatred, an Abhorency, Psal. cxix. 163. Thanks to him for char, he hath not I bate and abbor lying; it is like the ceased from his Lufts: But Temptations natural Antipathies, that are among Creato him, or Power and Ability in him to tures: The Soul hates not only the Por. follow them hach ceased, there is no lon of it, but the Nature of it also. Change in his Spirit within, for he can Men often hate Sin, only as it is circumtalk of his former Sins with Pleasure, ftantiare ; but Christian Haired is a Har


red of the Nature, like the deadly Feuds, ufurp over you, and that of Christ in which are Enmities against the kind and you challenges the Supremacy ; so ye are Name. I will put Enmiry between as Men under two Mafters, each striving tby Seed, &c. It is a perfect Hatred, for the Place, and were it not better to Psal. cxxxix. 22. And so it cannot en be under one settled Government? If there dure any Sin, because all is contrary to be any Tenderness of God in your God's Holiness, and offensive to his Hearts, or Light in your consciences, Spirit. I would think it easier to forsake they cannot but testify against your Lusts, all Evil, and cease from doing any Evil, these strange Lords; your Lusts again, I mean presumptuously, with a willing they drive you on against your ConsciMind and Endeavour, than indeed to ence; thus ye are divided and tormented forsake one ; for as long as ye entertain betwixt two, your own Conscience and so many Lusts like it, they fall make Affections. You have thus the pain of Way for it. It were easier to keep the Religion, and know not the true Pleasure whole Commandments in an evangelical of it: You are marred in the Pleasures Sense, than indeed to keep any one, for of Sin, Conscience and the Love of God all of them holp another, and subsiht is a Worin to eat that Gourd, it is Gall they cannot one without another, so that and Vinegar mixed in with them. Were ye rake a foolish Course, who go about it not more Wisdom, to be either one particular Reformations. Ye fcandalous Thing or another. Sinners profess that ye will amend the pleasures of Sin for a Season, take them particular Fault ye are guilty of, and in wholly, and renounce God, and see if the mean Time, ye take no heed to your your Heart can endure that. If your Souls and Lives; therefore it shall be Heart cannot condescend to that, I pray either in vain, or not acceptable : How you renounce them wholly, and ye shall pleasant a Life would Christians have, find more exquisite and fure Pleasures in if they would indeed be perswaded to. Godliness, at his Right-hand. O what be altogether Christians ; the halfing of a noble Entertainment hath the Soul in it neither pleaseth God nor delights you; God; the Peace and Joy of the Holy it keeps you but in continual Torment Ghost is a Kingdom indeed. between God and Baal: Your own Lusts


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Ifa. xxvi. 3. Tl01 malt keep bini in perfe&t Peace,

whole Mind is stayed on thee, because he trufteth in thee.

LL Men love to have Privileges trusts and believes in God, he it is who

above oihers. Every one is upon carries it away from them, who hath the Delign and Search after some Well this Privilege beyond the World. And being, lince Adam lost that which was why do so many miss it ? Because they true Happiness: We all agree upon the do not fee nor suspect that it is blessed general Notion of it, but presently Men ness indeed which he enjoys : But on divide in the following of Particulars. the contrary, their corrupted ImaginatiHere all Men united in seeking after ons represent Godliness, and a godly some Good, something to satisfy their Man's Self-indigency and Dependence on Souls, and satiate their Desires. Nay, God, as the greatest Misery and Shame. but they scatter presently in the Prosecu. The godly Man hides not his Blessedtion of it, because, according to every ness from the World ; no, he proclaims Man's Fancy and corrupt Humour, they it when he hath found it; he would that attribute that Good unto diverse Things ; | all enjoyed it with him. 'And if there and when ihey meet with Disappoint were no more to declare, that it doth ment, they change their Opinion of that, not confift in worldly Things, this might but are made no wiser, for they turn suffice; they are not communicable to from one to another of that same Kind, many, without the Prejudice and Loss of in which their Imagination hath supposed every one. But none will believe his Blessedness to be; and therefore, they Report of his own Eftate. will return to that which they first loathed If ye would consider, here is that and rejected. Is there then no luch which Men toil for, compass Sea and Thing in the World as Blessedness? Is Land for, here it is, near thee in tby it not to be found among Men? Are all Mouth: It is not in Heaven, that thou Men's unsatiable Desires in vain? Is a should say, How fall I afcend to it? Creature made up and composed of De. It is not in Hell below, that thou shouldfires, to keep it in cortinual Torment and eft say, Who fall descend? Is it not Vexacion of Spirit? No certainly, it is, in the Ends of the Earth ; no, it is and it is found by some; all the World | near thee, in thy Mouth : It is not be firive about it, but the Man only 'wlio yond the Sea, but it is near in ibong


Moutb, even ibe Word of Faith, which | Trouble to gain our Peace, be, behoved
Christ preached, Rom. x. 6, 7, 8. And to undergo Mifery, to purchase our Bles-
what says that Word? Believe will fedness, and so it is his own, and whoso
tby Heart, and thou shalt be saved; receives him, receives it allo.
trust in God, and depend on him, and The News of fuch a Peace might be
se shall bave Peace, and that perfect seasonable in the Time of War and
Peace; and this Peace Mall be kept by Trouble, if we apprehended our Need
God hin.felf. Bleled tben is tbe Man of it. It is not a Peace from War
ibat trusts in tbe Lord, Pfal. xl. 4. and Trouble, but a Peace in War and
Ye make a long journey 'in vain, ye Trouble. My Peace I leave you, in
spend your Labour and Money in vain, the World je fball bave Trouble, Jobn
all the Pains might be saved, it is not xiv. 27. and xvi. at the End. What a
where ye seek it ; ye travel about many blessed Message is it, shat there is
Creatures, ye go to many Door's, and Peace, and a perfect Peace attainable in
enquire for Happiness and Peace, but ye the Midst of Wars, Confusions and Ca.
go too far off, ye need not search fo lamities of the Times, publick and per-
many Coasts, it is nearer Hand, in this fonal, a perfect Peace, a condplete Peace,
Word of the Gospel, the joyful Sound ; even complete without the Accellion of
it is this that proclaims Peace. Peace is ourward and worldly Peace, that needs
a comprehenlive Word, especially in it not; nay, appears moft perfect and in-
Scripture. It was the Jews Salutation, tire in itself, when it is ftriped naked of
Peace be to you, meaning Happiness them all. Behold what a Priyilege the
and all good Things: It is Chrift's Salu- Gospel offers unto you; ye need not be
tation, Grace and Peace. Grace is How made miserable, but if you please. This
liness, Peace is Happiness, and these are is more than all the World can afford
either one, or inseparably conjoined as you, there is no Man can promise to
one. This was the Angel's Song, Glory himself Immunity from publick Dangers,
to God, Peace on Earth; Luke ii. 14. or personal, from many Griefs and Dil-
Blessedness was restored, or brought

or brought appointments : But the Gospel bids you near to be restored, to miserable Man by reckon up all your Troubles and Miseries Jesus Christ, and upon the Apprehension that ye can meet with in the World, of this, Angels fing. I was this Chrift and yet in such a Case, if ye hearken to came into the World with, and when he Wisdom, there is a Peace that will make went away, he left this Legacy to his you forget that Trouble ; Her Ways Children, My Peace I leave you, John are Ways of Pleasantnefs, and all xiv. 27.

We loft Happiness, and all ber Parbs are Peace, Pro. iii. 17. I Men are on a rain Pursuit of it fince, will undertake to make thee blefled, says but it is found, and found by one of our Wisdom, the Fatber's Wisdom. When Kin; our Lord Jesus, our elder Brother, all the World hath given thee over for he hath found it, or made it, and brought miserable, when thou hast spent thy Subit near us in the Gospel, for the recei- Atance on the Physicians, and in vain, ving; and whoso receives him by Faith, come to me, I can heal that desperate and trusting in him, receives that Privi. Difease by a Word. I create Peace, lege, that Peace, He endured much when natural Causes have given it over,

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