תמונות בעמוד
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on deceiving you in the End when ye for the Saviour of Sinners, and commands have trusted to it, I pray you try it by us under Pain of Damnation to believe the Word of God. Oh that this Prin in him, to cast our Souls on him, as one ciple were once sunk into your Hearts, l' able to save, as one who hath obeyed may not walk at random, if I please my the Law for us : So that this Command self, and satisfy my own Will, if that be of believing in Chrift is answerable to not allo God's Will, I shall have neither all the Breaches of the Law, and tends Gain nor Comfort of it ; his Will is ma- to make them up in Christ. When he nifested in his Word, I will search and proclaimed the Law on Mount Sinai find what God hath required of me; for with Terror, that which ye hear exprest if I be not certain of his Will, I may be is not his firft Commandment, which ye doing all my Days, and sweating out my are in the first Instance to obey, for all Life, and yet lose my Pains and Oil. I these we have broken; but it hath a Gof say this Word of the Lord that Ifaiab pel Command in its Bofom, it leads to calls to the People to hear, Ver. 10. Jesus Chrift; and if ye could read the will at Length judge you. Your Religion Mind of God in it, ye would resolve all will be tried in the Day of Accounts ac.thefe Commands which comdemn you cording to it, not according to your and curse you, into one Coinmand of Rules and Methods ye have prescribed believing in the Son, that ye may be unto yourselves. Now, if ye in the mean saved from that Condemnation : And if Time (hall judge yourselves according to ye obey this Command, which is his laft another Rule, and absolve yourselves, Command, and moft peremptory, then and in the End God shall judge you ac are the Breaches of all the rest made up, cording to this Word, and condemn you, the Intept of all the rest is fulfilled, tho' were ye not Fools in neglecting this Word. not in your Obedience, yet in Christ's;

The whole will of God concerning which is better than ours. Believing your Duty may be summed up in two; in Christ presents God with a perfect

Fobn hath one of them, ! Jo. iii. 23. Righteousness, with an Obedience even And this is bis Commandment that we to the Death of the Cross. When a Jould believe on the Name of bis Son Sinner hears the holy and spiritual Sense Jesus Christ, and love one anotber, as of the Law, and sees it in the Light of be gave us Commandment: And Paul God's Holiness, O how vile must he aphath another to the T befalonians, 1 Thes: pear to himself, and how must he abhor iv. 3. This is the Will of God, even your himself? What original Pollution, what Sanctification. And these two make up actual Pollution, what a Fountain within, this Text, so that it unites both Gospel what Uncleanness in Streams without, and Law. The Commandment of the will discover itself? Now, when the most Law comes forth, and it is found that part of Men get any Sight of this, prewe have broken and are guilty, that we rently they fall a washing and cleanling cannot answer for one of a Thousand : themselves, or hiding their Filthiness. The Law entering makes Sin abound; And what Water take they? their own our snability, yea Impossibility of Obedi- Tears or Sorrows, their own Resolutience is more discovered: Well then, the ons, their own Reformations. But alas, Gospel proclaims the Lord Jesus Chrift we are still more plunged in our own



Filthiness, that is still marked before him, of his Blood to take away Sin in the because all that is as foul as that we Guilt and Condemnation of it. would have wathen away. What Gar Now, I conceive he prefies a twofold ment do Men take to hide themselves Exercise upon them in this Washing, and ordinarily? Is it not their own Righte- both have Relation to the Blood of Jesus ouluess? Is it not a Shirt of some Duty Christ, to wit, Repentance and Faitb. that is spread over Transgressions? Do If they be not all one, yet they are one in not Men think their Sins bid, if they this Point inseparably conjoined. Repen can mourn and pray for a Time? Their tance waters and faps the Roots of BeConsciences are eased by Reflection upon lieving, which otherwise would dry up ; this. But alas, thine Iniquity is still therefore, instead of outward Forms and marked; shall Filthiness hide Filthiness ? Ceremonies of Religion, he preflech Tby Rigbteousness is as a vile Gar them to inward Sorrow and Contrition ment, is as a menftruous Clotb, Ifa. Ixiv. of Heart for Sin, that they might prefent 6. as well as thine Unrighteousness; how an acceptable Sacrifice to God, a contrite then shall it cover shy Nakedness? Seeing Heart. This is more plealing than it is so then, what is the Lord's Mind many specious Duties of Men withour, concerning our Cleansing? Seeing stretch Pfal. 1.7. &c. But when I press upon ed out Hands, and many Prayers will you Repentance, do not conceive that not do it, what shall I do? The Lord we would have it preparatory to Faith, hath thewed thee what thou shalt do, and that ye should fit down and mourn for that is, that thou do nothing in Relation your Sins for a Time, till your Hearts to that End, that thou shouldt undertake be so-far humbled, and then ye might to wash away the least Spot by all thy come as prepared and fitted to Jesus Repentance ; yet must thou wash and Chrnt. This is the Miftake of many make clean, and the Water is brought Christians, which keeps them from solid new unto you, even the Blood of Jesus fettling. We find it ordinary, Souls makCbrift that cleansetb from all Sin. Washing Scruples and Objections against comin this Blood, and ye shall be clean. ing to Jesus Christ, because of Want of And what is it to wash in this Blood? such Preparations, of Measures of HumiIt is to believe in Christ Jesus, to lay liation and Contrition, which they prehold on the all-fufficient Virtue of it, to scribe to themselves, or do behold in trust our Souls to it, as a sufficient Ran- ochers : And so they fit down and apply som for all our Sins; to spread the themselves to such a Work, applies their Covering of Christ his Righteousness Consciences to the Law and Curse ; and over all our Righteousness and Unrighte- they find, instead of Sofining, Hardness, oufaefs, as having both alike Need to be instead of Contrition of Spirit, more Dulhid from his holy Eyes. Jesus Christ nels and Security; at leaft they cannot came by Water and by Blood, 1 John get Satisfaction to themselves in that they v. 6. by Water to fan&tify, and by Blood feek, and thus they hang their Head over to justify; by the Power and cleansing their impenitent Hearts, and lament, por Virtue of the Holy Ghost to take away fo much that Repentance is not, as that Sin in the Being of it, and by the Virtue they cannot find it in themselves. Alas,


there are many Diseafes in this one Folly, for thou leaves the living FounMalady. if it were imboweled unto tain, and goes seeking Water in a Wilyou, ye would not believe that such a derness; thou leaves the Garden where Way were so contradictory to the Gospel. all Herbs grow, and wanders abroad to For first, Ye who are lo, have this Prin- the wild Mountains ; and because thou ciple in your Hearts, which is the Foun canft not find what thou seeks, thou fits dation of it. I cannot come to Christ down and weeps beside it. Repentance fo unclean, I must be a little walhen ere is in Chrift

, and no Repentance so plea. I come, the most gross Uncleanness and ling to God as the Mournings and Relen. Hardness of my Heart must be taken tings of a pardoned Sinner: But thou away, and so I Ihall be accepted : Alas, seeks is far from him, yea; refuseth him what Derogation is this to the blessed for want of that which thou may have Saviour? What Absurdity is it? I am too by choosing him. Therefore we declare unclean to come to the Fountain, I must this unto you, that whatever ye be, must be a little purged before I come to whatever ye want, if ye think ye ftand this Fountain that cleanseth from all Sin. in Need of Jesus Christ, embrace him. I pray you, why was the Fountain ope; If ye be exceeding vile in your own Eyes, ned? Was it not for Sin and Uncleanness? and cannot get Repentance as ye would And this thou says by Interpretation, if to cleanse yourselves, here is the FounI were fo and so humbled, then I might rain opened, and ready to wash into. come, and be worthy to come ; when Yer this we must tell you, that no Sin the Want of such a Measure debars thee ner can believe but he that repents, not as unworthy, doth not the having of it because Repentance is required as a Prein thy Efimation make thee worthy ?paration to give a Man a Warrand and And fo ye come with a Present in your Right to believe; I know no Ground of Hand to Jesus Christ, with a Price and Faith but our Necessity, and the Lord's Reward to him who gives freely. Again, Promise and Command unto us, but bethou denyeft Chrift to be the only Foun cause no Soul can truly fie into Jesus tain of all Grace, and so it is most disho- Christ to escape Sin's Guilt, but he that nou able to him. I thou would have desires to be delivered from Sin itself; Repentance before thou come to him, and therefore the most part of you fancy where shall thou have it? Will thou a Faith which you have not, because find it in thy Heart, which is desperately there is no Possibility that Men will wicked? Will thou seek it of God, and come out of themselves, uill they be prefnot seek it in the Mediator Jesus Christ? fed out by discovered Sin and Misery God out of a Mediator will not hear within : Your Woulds and Wilhes after thec. In a Word, there is both extreme Chrift and Salvarion, that many of you Sin, and extreme Folly in this Way: have, are not the real Exercises of your Great Sia, because it contradicts the Te Soul's Aying unto him for Salvation. nor of the Gospel; it difhonours the Lord If ye did indeed turn into Jesus Chrift, Jesus, the exalted Prince, as it he were your Hearts would turn the Back upon not the Fountain of all Grace ; it is con- Sin, and these Sins ye seek Remission of. trary both to the Freedom of his Grace, Now, all the Desire that many Men and to the Fulness of it also. It is great have of Christ, is this, I would fain bave

his Salvation, if I might keep my Sin : luded with them? It shall be your Peace I would gladly be delivered from the to know it, while it may be amended. Built of Sin, if he would let me keep But how comes it to país, that so many Atill the Sin. But will Chrift make any hearing of the Gospel, and lying near such Bargain ?

this Fountain, are not cleansed ? I think If this Blood only wash from Sin, Oh, certainly, because they will not have a how many ly in their Sins, and wallow through cleansing, they get none at ail: in their Filthiness ? Ibere is a Gene- All Men would love Christ's Blood well ration clean in their own Eyes, and to pardon Sin, but who will accept of get are not wasbed from their Filtbi- the Water to sanctify them from Sin? but nefs, Prov. xxx. 12. Oh that ye belie. Christ came with both. . Shall this Blood ved this! If ye be not now washed, Eter- be spent upon Numbers of you, who nity fall find you unclean ; and Wo to have no Respect to it

, but would still the Soul that enters Eternity with all wallow in your Filthiness ? Would ye the Pollution of its Sins : Can such a Soul have God pardoning these Sins ye never enter into the high and holy Place, the throughly resolve to quite ? But how is clean City? No certainly, it must be it that so many Men are clean in their without among the Dogs and Swine, it own Eyes, and yet not washed? I think must be kept in Darkness for ever. It indeed, the Reason of it is, they make is then of great Importance, that ye be a kind of Washing, which they appre. washen from your Filthiness. Now, I hend sufficient, and yet know not the ask you, is it fo or not? Are ye made crue Fountain.

We find Men taking clean and washen from the Guilt of your much Sope and Nitre, when convinced Sins ? Every one of you almost will say of Sin, or charged with it, and thereupon fo, and think so, and yet says the Scrip- soon absolving themselves. If ye ask ture, There is a Generation pure in their Grounds, they will tell you, they their own Eyes, and yet are not wajb. repent and are forry for it; they pured.' Is there a Generation such ? Is there pose to make Amends, and they think any such? Oh then, think 'tis possible | Amendment a good Compensation for you may be mistaken in the Opinion of the paft Wrong; they will, it may be, your own Cleanness ; do any conceive vow to drink no more for a Year after themselves pardoned, and yet are not so ? they have been drunk; they will confess Think it is possible you may have de their Sin in publick, and all this they do ceived yourselves, especially since ye have without having any Thought of Jefus never examined it:

But are there fo Chrift, or the End of his Coming, and can many so, a whole Generation, the most absolve themselves from such Grounds, Part of Men; then, as you love your tho' in the mean Time Chrit come not Souls, try; for it is certain that the most so much as in their Mind; and there. Part of you must be deceived. Is there fore are they not really washed: All thy a Generation in the visible Church not Righteousness is unclean before God, and washen, and yet every one thinks: him thy Repentances defile thee ; and yet be self clean ? then certainly the most Part cause of some fuch Duties, thou deceivest are in a great Delusion ; will ye then thyself, and art clean in thine own once examine whether or not ye be de Eyes: These have fome Beauty in thy


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Eyes, and thou puts them between thy filed you, shall not be found. O! the preFilthiness and thy Eye, and so conceives cious Virtue of that Blood that can purge that thou art clean. I think a Reason away a Soul's Spots ; all the Art of Men allo, why many Men are clean in their and Angels could not reach this. This own Eyes, and conceive that God hath Redemption and Cleansing was precious, pardoned their Sin, is because they have and would have ceased for ever ; but this forgotten it; it is not recent in their Blood is' the Ranfom, this Blood cleansMemory, and makes no present Wound eth, and so perfectly, that it shall not in their Conscience ; and iherefore, they appear, not only to Mens Eyes, but also apprehend God such as themselves, they God's piercing Eye. Sinners quite your think he hath forgotten it also. But Ohown Righteousness, why defile ye yourhow terrible tall it be, when God brings selves more? When your Eyes are opeto Remembrance, and sets our Sins in ned, ye will find it so, here is Washing, Order before us: Ye think God cares apply yourselves to this Fountain ; and not for your Sins, that he forgives them, if ye do indeed so, if ye expect Cleanbecause he is filent at them, Pfal. I. 21. ling from Jesus Chrift, I pray you reBut the Lord hall one Day set them be jurn not to the Puddle.

Ye are not fore thee, and thou shalt know they were washen from Sin, to fin more, and deAill marked before him.

file yourself more: If ye think ye have Ye who have washen in this Blood, ye Liberty to do so, ye have no Part in this may rejoice, for it shall make you clean Blood. every Whit. Your iniquities that so de


Ifa. i. 16. Wash ye, make you clean, put away the Evil

of your Doings from before mine Eyes ; cease to do Evil, &c.

THERE are two Evils in Sin, one I us, yet it is now in our fallen Effate be

is the Nature of it, another the come as it were natural, so that Men Pruiz and sad Effect of it. In itself it i't agree with it, as if it were sunk and Filthinels, and contrary to God's Holi drunk into the very Soul of Man. The ness, an abaling of the immortal Soul, other is the Guilt and Desert of PunishSpot in the face of the Lord of the ment and Obligation to it. All Men hate Creatures, that hath far debased him un shis, but they cannot hold it off: They der them all: Tho'it be lo unnatural to eat the Tree and Fruit of Death, they


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