תמונות בעמוד

never ponder it, to tremble at it, or to these would save you: Know therefore, rejoice in it, who cannot be moved that all these will never cover you in the either to Joy or Grief for spiritual Day of Wrath ; know there is a NecelThings ; neither Law nor Gospel moyes lity to make Peace with God, and your the moft Part of you. I say, here is Righteousness muft exceed the Righteall your Gain, ye shall receive a Reward ousness of a Profession, and external Priwith Gentiles and Pagans ; yea, ye shall vileges and Duties, or else ye shall be be in a worse Case nor they in the Day as far from the Kingdom of Heaven, as of the Lord. The civil Christian Thall Sodom and Gomorrab. We speak of be worse than the prophane Turk, and ye Rulers Sins, chat ye may mourn for shall not then boast that ye were Chrifti- them, left ye be judged with them ; if ans, but Thall desire that ye had dwelt ye do not mourn for them in secret, in the place where the Gospel had never know that they are your Sins, ye are been preached. It is a Character of the Companions with them : Many fret, Nations, that they call not on God, and grudge, and cry out against Oppression, of Heathen Families, that tbey pray not but who weeps in secret? Who prays to bim, Jer. 2. 25. and Wrath muft be and deprecates God's Wrath, leaft it come poured on them.

What then are the upon them? And while it is fo, the Opmoft Part of you? Ye neither bow a pression of Rulers becomes the sin of Knee in secret, ror in your Families to the oppressed themselves. God, your Time is otherways employ Hear tbe Word of tbe Lord It were ed, ye have no Leisure to pray twice or a suitable Preparation for any Word that thrice a Day alone, except when ye put is spoken, to make it take Impression, on your Cloaths ye utter some ordinary it it were looked on as the Word of Bablings; ye cannot be driven to Family. tbe Lord, and Law of our God, And worship; shall not God rank you in Judg. truly no Man can hear aright, unless he ment with these heathen Families? Or hear it so. Why doth not this Word of Thall it not be more tolerable for them che Lord return with more Fruit? Why nor for you? And are not the most Part doth not Men tremble or rejoice at it ? of you every one given to Covetousness, Certainly, because it is not received as your Heare and Eye after it, seeking God's Word. There is a practical Gain and Advantage more than the King. Herefy in our Hearts, which rather may dom of Heaven! Doth not every one be called Atheism; we do not believe of you, as you have Power in your the Scriptures. I do not say, Men call Hand, oppress one another ? wrong one it in Question ; but I say, ye believe another ? Now, our End in speaking thus them not. It is one Thing to believe to you, is not to drive you to Despa- with the Heart, another Thing not to ration : No indeed, but as there was a doubt of it; ye doubt not of it, not be Word of the Lord sent to fuch by Ifaiab, cause ye do indeed believe it, but because so we bring a Word unto you. That ye do not at all consider it. It is one which ruins you, is your carnal Confi- Thing to confess with the Mouth, and dence ; ye are presumptuous as this another Thing to believe with the Heart; People, and cry, The Temple of tbe for ye confess the Scriptures to be God's Lord, the work of the Lord, &c. as if Word, not because ye believe them, but

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because ye have received such a Tradi- , believes in the Law, would ye not be tion from your Fathers, have heard it comforted? Finally, I may say, it is this from the Womb unquestioned. Oh that point of Atheism, of Inconfideration and this were engraven on your Heart, that Bruti hness that destroys the Multitude, these Commands, thefe Curses, these Pro- makes all Means ineffectual to them, and mises are divine Truths, the Words and retards the Progress of Chriftians, Men the Oath of the holy One. If every do not consider, that this Word is tie Word of Truth came stamped with his Word of the eternal and true and faichful Authority, and were received in the God, and that not one Jot of it will faill. Name of God himself, what Influence Here is a Point of Reformation I would. would it have on the Spirits and the put you to; if ye mind indeed to rePractices of Men? This would be a great form, let this enter into your Hearts and Reformer, would reform niore in a link down, that the Law and Gospel is Month, chan Church and State hath done the Word of God, and resolve to come these many Years. Why are Rulers and and hear Preachings fo, as the Voice of People not converted and healed for all Jesus Christ tbe true and faithful Withat is spoken? Here it is, who believes nefs: If ye do not take it so now, yet our Report? Who believes that our Re. God will judge you fo at the End. He port is thy own Teftimony, O Lord ? that despisetb you, despiseth me, and When Ministers threaten you in God's be that bears not you, bears not me. If Namc, if his Authority wêre stamped on ye thought ye had to do with God every the Tbreatning, if Men did seriously Sabbath, would ye come so carelelly, apprehend it were God's own Voice, and be so stupid and inconliderate before would they not tremble? Wben che Gof the Judge of all the Earth: But ye will pel and the joyful Sound comes forth, find in the End, that it was God whom if ye apprehended that same Authority ye kaew not. upon it, which ye who are convinced,



Ila. i. 11. To what Purpose is the

Purpose is the Multitude of your crifices to me, saith the Lord, &c. TH HIS is the Word he calls them People would say in their own Hearts,

to hear, and a strange Word. 1. what means the Prophet? What would Saiab asks, What means your Sacrifices? the Lord be ar? Do we any Thing but God will not have them. I think the what he commanded us ? t be angry at

us for obeying him? What means this Hand, and the second in the Left. These Word? Is he not repealing the Statute and are so entirely conjoin' d chat if you receive Ordinance he had made in Ifrael? If he not both, ye cannot receive any truly, had reproved us for Breach of Com- Secondly, It takes in all the Man, his mands, for omission and Neglect of Sa Soul and Spirit as well as his Body; nay, crifices, we would have taken with it; it principally includes that which is Prinbut what means this Reproof for Wellcipal in the Man, bis Soul and Spirit, doing? The Lord is a hard Master, if we bis Mind and Affections. If ye divide neglect Sacrifices, and offer up the worst these, ye have not a Man present but a of the Flock, he is angry: If we have Body ; and what Fellowship can Bodies a Care of them, and offer them punctual have with him who is a Spirit: If ye dily, and keep appointed Days precisely, vide these among themselves, ye have he is angry : What shall we do to not a Spirit indeed present: If the Mind please him? I think many of you are put be not present, surely the Heart cannot, to as great a Non-plus, when your Pray but if the Mind be, and the Heart away, ers and Repentance and Fasting are quar. Religion is not Religion, but some empty reled: Do ye not say in your Hearts, Speculation: The Mind cannot serve but we know not whıc to do. Ministers are by the Heart: Where the Heart is, there angry at us if we pray not,and our Prayers a Man is reckoned to be. Thirdly, it they cry out against; they command us cakes in Jesus Christ as all, and excludes to repent and fast, and yet say, that God altogether a Man's felf. He worsbips will abhor both these. This is a Mystery, God in tbe Spirit, but he rejoices noe and we shall endeavour to unfold is to in himself, and in his Spirit, but in Jesus you from the Word. It concerns us to Christ, and bath no Confidence in bim. know how God is pleased with our pub-self, or ibe Flejo, Phil. iii. 3, 8. It indick Services and Fastings: For the most cludes the Scul and Spirit, and all the Part of People have no more Religion. Commands, but it denies them all, and Ye all, I know., desire to know what embraces Jesus Christ by Faith, as the true Religion is : Consult the Scriptures, only Object of glorying into, and trustand search them, for there ye shall finding into. All a Man's Self becomes eternal Life. We frame to ourselves a Dross in this consideration. Now the wrong Pattern and Copy of it, and so first of thele is drawn from the last, we judge ourselves wrong. Our narrow therefore it appears first ; I say, an En. Spirits do not take in the Latitude of the deavour in walking in every Thing com. Scripture's Religion, but taking in one manded, of confor.ning our way to the Parr, it excludes another, and thinks God present Rule and Pattern, is a Stream rigid if it be not taken off our Hand so. Aowing from the pure Heart within : A But I pray consider these three Things, Man's Soul and Affections must once be which seem to make up the good Old purified, or it fends out such Streams in Way, the Religion of the Old and New Conversation. And from whence doth Testament. Fird, Religion takes in all that pure Heart come? Is it the Fountain the Commands, it is universal, barb Re- and Original? No certainly, the Heart spect to all the Commandments, Psal. is desperately wicked above all Tbings cxix. 6. It carries the (wo Tables in and how will it cleanse itself? But this both Hands, the firft Table in the right Purity proceeds from anocher Fountain,

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from Faith in Jesus Christ: And it is | End; and so, tho' they fancied that they this that lies nearest the uncreated Fouo obeyed, and pleased God, yet really they tain, Christ himself; it is the most imme- wholly perverted his Meaning and Indiate Conduit, the Mouth of the Fountain, tention in the Command ; therefore doch or the Bucket to draw out of the deep the Lord plead with them in this Place Wells of Salvation : All these are con for their Sacrificing, as if it had been joined in this Order, Tim. i. 5. I be Murder. They used to object his ComEnd of the Command is Love. Ye mands. What, says the Lord, did I know Love is faid elsewhere to be the command these Things? Who required fulfilling of the Law: And when we say them? Meaning certainly, who required Love, we mean all Duties to God and them for such an End, to take away Man, which Love oughe immediately to your Sin? who required them but as a principle. Now this Love proceeds Shadow of the Substance to come? Who from a pure Heart, cleansed and fancti. required them but as Signs of that Lamb fied, which purt Heart proceeds from and Sacrifice to be offered up in the Faith unfeigned. So then, we must go Fulness of Time? And forasmuch as ye up in our Searching from external Obedi- pass over all these, and think to please ence all alongs, till we arrive at the in- me with the external Ceremony, was ward Fountain of Christ dwelling in us that ever my. Intent or Meaning? Cer. .by Faith: And then have ye found true tainly ye have fancied a new Law of Religion indeed. Now, ye may think your own, I never gave fuch a Law; possibly, we have used too much cir- therefore it is faid, Pfal. l. 13. God cumlocution: What is all this to the pre- pleads juft after this Manner, Will I eat Tent Purpose? Yes, very much. Ye shall be Fleso of Bulls, or drink tbe Blood find the Lord rejecting this People's pub- of Goats ? &c. and Micab vi. 7. Will lick Worship and solemn Ordinances upon the Lord be pleased with Thousands of these three Grounds, either they did not Rams, or witb ien ibousands of Rivers join with them the Observation of weighof Oil? He who hath no Pleasure in Gintier Commands, or they did not worshipful Men, what Pleasure can he have in him in them with their Spirits, had not Beasts? Therefore, it was to fignify to Souls present, òr they koew not the End them, (who thought God would be pleafand Use for whichGod had appointed these ed with them for their Offering.) that Sacrifices and Ceremonies, they did not see he could not endure them ; it was worse to the End of all, which was Jesus Chrift. to him to offer him such a Recompence,

First then, I say, the People was much than if they had done none at all : He in external Sacrifices and Ceremonies, is only well pleased in his well-beloved commanded of God, but they were igno- Son; and when they separate a Lamb or sant of the End of his Commands, and a Bullock from the well-beloved, whar of the Use of them: Ye know in them was it to him more nor a Dog's Neck felves they had no Goodness, but only in or Swine's Flese? It was his Creature, relation to such an End as he pleased as these are, and no more, Isa. Ixvi. 3. they mould lead to ; but they stayed upon Now that they looked never beyond the the Ceremony and Shadow, and were Ceremonies, it is evident, becaufe they not led to use it as a Means for such an boasted in them, they used to find out


these as a Remedy of their Sins, and a which is Jesus Christ in them. Do ye Mean to pacify God's Wrath, Micab not think yourselves religious, because ye vi. 6. Paul bears witness of it, 2 Cor. frequent these? The Multitude of the xiii. 14. Mojes haj a Vail of Ceremo People think that these please God, and pa. nies over his Face, and the Children of cify his Wrath : Ye have no other Thing Ifrael could not stedfastly look to the End in your Mind but these. If ye can attain of that Mystery, Christ Jesus, but their any Sorrow or Grief for Sin, or any Tears Minds were blinded, and is fo to rbis to lignify it, presently you absolve yourDay in the reading of the Scriptures: And selves for your Repentance. The scanthis Vail of Hardusess of Heart Thall be dalous who appear in Publick, thinks the done away when Christ returns them a paying of a Penalty to the Judge, and gain. Now, I say, it is just so with us, bowing she Knee before the Congregati. there was never a People liker other nor on, facisfies God. Ye miss nothing when we are like the Jews: We have many ye have these : I speak to the Professors of external Ordinances, Preaching, Hearing, Religion also, who pretend to more Knowa Baptism, Communion, Reading, Singing, ledge than others, when ye have gone aPraying in Publick, extroárdinary Solem boue so many Duties, ye are well satisfied if nities of Fasting and Thanksgiving, Works ye get Liberty in them: If ye can satisfy of Discipline and Government, publick yourselves, ye doubt not of God's SatisKeproof to Sinners, Confessions and Abso- faction; and if ye do not satisfy yourselves lutions. What would ye think if we in your Duties, ye cannot believe his SatisThould change the Terms of Sacrifices faction. Ye get the Ordinance, and miss and new Moons, and speak all this to you? nothing. Now, I say, in all this ye do To what Purpose is the Multitude of not reach to the End of this Ministry, your Faits and Feafts, of your Preachings Jefus Cbrift, ye do not stedfastly behold and Communions, of your praying in le him, to empty yourselves in his Bosom, crer, and in your Families, of Confe to turn over all the Unrighteousness of rence and Prayer with others, of running your holy Things upon him who bears to and fro to hear Preaching, to partake it ; that which pleaseth you, is not be in of the Lord's Table? I am full of them, wbom ibé' Father is well pleased, but I delight not in them : When ye come the Measure of your own Duty. O! here on the Sabbath, who required at the eftablishing of our own Righteousness your Hand to tread my Courts ? Come is the Ruin of the visible Church: This no more to hear the Word, run no more is the grand Idol, and all Sacrifice to it. after Communions, seek no more Bap. Know therefore, that the moft Part of rism to your Children, call no more so. your Performances are Abomination and lemia Affemblies, it is all Iniquity. Oh Iniquity, because ye have so much Contay ye that is a Atrange Preaching indeed, fidence in them, and put them not upon must we pray no more? hear no more? Cbrift as filthy Rags, or do not cover fing no more? Did not God command them with his Righteousness, as well as these? why do ye discharge them? We your Wickedness. I know ye will say, do not mean so, that these should not be, that ye are not fatisfied with them, and but they should be in another Way: All that is fill the Matter of your Exercise. these want the Soul and Life of them, Well, I affirm, in the Lord's Name,


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