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dignation? Is there any created Moun- 'Tis some one Work of God or other ; tain, but some Floods of the Time will there is no Work of his Providence, bus cover ? therefore ii is Folly and Mad some Man finds a Fault in it, and would ness 10. forsake this Rock that is stil! be at the mending of it. Neque Deus above the Floods; be is mightier than rumpluit, omnibus placet, if he give the Noise of many Waters. It may Rain he displeases many, if he withhold reprove our Unbelief, we change ou it again, we are as little pleased' The Paith according to the Dispensation, oui Reason of all this Misconftruction is, Faith ebbs and Auris as the Tide of his ve look on his work by. Parcels, and Providence, and thus we are as Srick: cake it not whole and intire, so it is per. fleeting in the Water, toffed up an iect, and cannot be made better. His down ; but would ye be established as "Vorks are perfect, in Relation to the Mount Sion? Would ye be unmoveable Beginning and Original of them, his own in the midst of great Waters, that the everlisting Purpose ; Men often bring Thall not come near unto you? Ther, by turth Works by guess, by their Purpose, all Means get upon this Rock, that a: lu no Wonder it answer nor their Delire ; bides unmoved in the midst of the but known to him are all bis Works Waves, tho' they should beat on it, and from tbe Beginning, and so he doth nothe Wind blow, yet it is Proof of all thing in Time, but what was his everTempeft; all Things might be driven lasting Pleafure; often we purpose well, up and down about you with the Lord's and resolve perfectly, but our Practice is Dispensation, but ye should abide the a Criple, Execution of it is maimed and same, and might look round about you imperfect ; but all his Works are carved on the troubled Sea of Mens Minds, of out, and done just as he designed them, Lands and Estates. If you come here, without the least Alteration ; and, if it yè may make Ship-wreck, but ye shall had not been well, would he have thought not drown, tho' ye loose the Creature's on it so, and resolved it before Hand? Comfort and Defence, yet ye are on His Works are perfect, in Relation to your Rock, which is established before the End to which he appointed them. the Rocks and Mountains ; you may be it may be it is not perfect in itself, a fure of Salvation, he that made the blind Eye is not so perfect as a seeing Rocks and Winds and Seas, is your Eye; nay, but in Relation to the Glory Rock.

of his Name, who hath a Purpose to deHis Work is perfect] As he doth clare his Power by restoring that Sight, nou trouble himself when all is troubled it is as perfect. . And in this Sense, ali about him, so be keeps bim also in per the Imperfection of the Creatures and fect Peace, whos: Mind is stayed on Creation, all of them are perfect Works, bim ; so also what he doth among Men, for they accomplish the End wherefore tho' it cannot pass without Man's Cen- they were fent; and so the Night de. fure, yet it is in itself perfect, complete, clares his Nanie, and utters a Speech as without Spot or Defect. What is the well as the Day, the Winter as the SumSubject of all Mens Questions, Doubts, mer, the Wilderness as the fruitful Field; Complaints, Censures, Expoftulations and for what is the Perfection of the CreaSuch like, of which the World is full ? I ture, but in as far as it accomplishes bis


Purpose and End, as the Maker of it inany Things among us seem out of Or. ferves himself with it; and therefore all der, many Things uncomplete. The his work is perfect, for it is all framed Reformation of England, ' how great in Wildom to his own Ends, in Num. Obftruction was in the Way of it? Is ber, Measure and Weight"; it is fo exact that now a perfe& Work? Yes certainly ; ly agreeing to that, that you could not for if we know his End and Purpose, it imagine it better. Again, bir Work is is very well, and could not be bettered perfect, if we take-it altogether, and do by the Art of all Men ; His Tbougbis noi cut it in Parcels, and look on it fo.jare far above our. Tboughts. The profIs there any Workmanship beautiful, if perous and uninterrupted Success of that ye look upon it in the doing, while the Party in England, is it a perfect Work? Timber lies in one Part, and the Stones ves certainly, for if ye could behold in another? Is that a perfect Building,heir End, ye would say fo, Tbey are fet when ye see one Arm bere, another in Nippery Places, their Foot fall side there, and a Leg scattered beside them? in due Time. Hath that Image any Cumliness? Certainly Entertain this Thought in your Heart, 00; but look upon these united, and then that he hath done all well, let not your they are perfect. Letters and Syllables recret Thoughts so much as call them in make no Senfe, till ye conjoin them in Question; if once ye question, ye will Words, and Words in Septences ; even quickly censure them ; hold this Pere fo is it here, if ye look on the Day alone, fwalion, that nothing can be better than the Light of it being perpetual would what he doth, nothing can be added, and Weary us, the Night alone would be nothing diminished from them, be doch more so; but the Interchange of them is all in Number, Weight and Measure, 'tis pleasant, Day and Night together make to exactly correspondent to his purpo fe a distinct Language of God's Praise ; fo and Delign, as if it were weighed out, God hath set Prosperity and Adversity and meafured out for that End. the one over against the other, one of Let this secretly reprove your Hearts, them it may be seems imperfect; nay, the Perfection of bis Works stains our but it is a perfect Work that is made Works, O how imperfect are they? And up of both, Spots in the Face commend which is worfe, how impudent and buld the Beauty of the rest of it.

are we 10 censure his, and absolve our If ye would then look upon God's own? If he have a Hand in our Work Work aright, look on it in the Sanctuary's yet these imperfect Works, are perfect Light, and ye mall say, He batb done in regard of him; as we have a Hand in all well. Join the End with the Begin. his perfeAt Works, yet his perfect Works ning, and behold they agree very well.;' are imperfect in regard of us.





Dept. xxxii. 4, 5. He is the Rock, his work is perfe&t:

For all his Ways are: Judgment : A God of Truth, and without Iniquity, just and right is he. They have corrupted themselves, their Spot is not the Spot of his Children, .&c.

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*HERE are none can behold their not abide yourselves, you would prefer

own Vileness as it is, but in the the Dust you trade on to yourselves. Sight of God's glorious Holiness: Sin is Ye who know moft, there is a Mystery Darkness, and neither fees itself, nor any of Iniquity in your Hearts, that is not Thing else, therefore must his Light yet discerned, ye arę but yet in the Coast Mine to discover this Darkness. If we of that Bottomless Sea of Abomination abide within ourselves, and Men like and Vileness. Among all the Aggraourselves, we cannot wisely judge ourvations of Sin, nothing doch so demonfelves; our dim Sparkle will not make strate the folly, yea the Madness of it, all the Imperfections and Spots appear; as the Perfection, Goodness, and absolute but, if Men would come forth in the Unsporedness of God. 'Tis this that takes Prefence of his Majesty, who turns away all Pretence of Excuse, and leaves Darkness into Ligbt, and before whom the famen nothing, no Place to hide its Hell is naked, how base and vile Confusion and Nakedness and Shame inwould they appear in their own Eyes? 10 ; and therefore is it that Mofes, when Is it any Wonder that the Multitude of he would convince this people of their you see not yourselves, when holy Ifaiab Ways, and make them inexcusable, he and Job had this Lesson to learn? Ifaiab draws the Paralel of God's Ways and gets a Discovery of his own Unclean their ways, declares what God is, how ness in the Sight of God's glorious Holi absolutely perfect in himself, and in his hels, Clap, vi. s. which I think made Works, and had given no Cause of Provoall his former Light Darkness; he cryescation to them to depart from him: And out unclean, as if he had never known then, how odious must their departing it before ; and fo Job, Since I saw ibee be? When both are painted on a Board I abbored myself in Duji and Afhes. before their Eyes; it makes Sin become Ye hear much of him, and it doth not exceeding sinful. When the Lord would abase you ; but it ye saw him, ye would pierce the Hearts of his people, and in




grave a Challenge with the Point of an any Fountain belide, that could yield Diamond, he useth this as his Pen, Water to satisfy the unsatiable Delires of Have I been a Wilderness to Israel, Men, it were more excusable; but what a Land of Darkness? Wby say my Shadow shall be found to cover fuch an People, we are Lords, we will come no Iniquiry, that is both infinite Sin, and more to ibee ? Jer. H. 31. Wbat Iniquity incomparable Loss? "Tis the Scripture's bave your fathers found in me, ibat Stile given to natural Men, Fools and tbey are gone from me, and walked after Simple ; all Sin hath Folly in it, but the Vanity? Jer. ii. s.

People of God's departing from him hath There are two Things in Sin that ex. Extremity of Folly in it, beside Iniquiceedingly abuse the Creature, the Iniquity ry, because they do embrace a Dung-hill of it, and Folly and Madness of it. "Tis instead of a Throne, they make the contrary to all Equity and Reason to de madeft Exchange that can be imagined, part from him that hath made us, and Glory for Shame, Life for Death, at given us a Law, to whom we are by so least, Consolaiion and Peace, fur Vä many Obligations tied : But what is the nity and Vexation and Anguish of Spirit. Folly and Madness of it, to depart from If ye would be duly affected with the the Fountain of living Waters, and Sight of your own Evils, look upon them dig broken Cifterns tbat can bold none? in this consideration, and, in the View Verie 13. This is a Thing that the of God your large Portion, ye will be Heavens may be astonished at; and, if forced to confess yourselves Beats in the Earth had Sense to understand such bis Sigbt, Pfal. Ixxiii. 22. Oh that Men a Thing, the whole Fabrick of it would would consider how good and blessed the tremble for Horror at such Madness Lord is, how he is alone, and nothing and Folly of reasonable Souls; and this beside him in Heaven and Earth, all Evil hath iwo Evils in it, we forsake broken. Cisterns, all Dung and unprofitLife, and love Death, go from him, and able, all Vanity and Vexation, he only choose Vanity. "Tis great Iniquity to de- felf-sufficient, all others infufficient, and part without an Offence on his Part; therefore a proportioned Good for our he may appeal to all our Consciences, and Neceflity and Defires; and I am sure ye let them lit down and examine his Way would be constrained to cry out with moft narrowly, Wbat Iniquity bave ye David, Wbom bave I in Heaven with found in me? what Cause have ye totbee, or in Eartb befide tbee? It is leave me? But when withal he is a good for me to draw near to God. Ye living Fountain, he is our Glory, he is a would look on drawing near, and walkfruitful Land, a Land of Light, our Qring with him, and before him, not only nament and Attire, in a Word, our Life as the moft reasonable Thing, but the and our Confolation, our Happiness and best Thing, most beautiful for you, moft our Beauty ; what Word Mall be found, profitable for you, and all orber Ways to express the extreme Madness of Men would be looked on as the Ways of to depart from such an One, and change Death. their Glory into that which doch not His work is perfect] The Lord profit? If either he were not a Foun- looked, and behold all was good that iain of living Waters, or if there were I was made : So it was at first, the fa

brick of this world was an exquisite and we err then? What Beauty, what Perperfect Work, a suitable Demonftration fection can such a small Part have? But of his infinite Wisdom, wonderful in all / 'tis present to him, who beholds with a the Parts of it, and in the Unity and Glance all these Parts; tho' succeeding in Harmony of the whole : But so allo his many Generations, he sees it altogether, Work of Providence is perfect. Divine joins the End with the Beginning, sees Wisdom hath framed and contrived all, the first Mould, the first Foundationand it cannot be better. If any Thing stone, and the last Compleating, all flowseem' imperfect in itself, yet it is perfect, ing from himself, and returning thither, in Relation to his glorious Ends he and ending in himself. He hath made directs it unto : And so would we look an Interchange in Nature, which might on all the works among us; if any teach us, the Night alone hath no Beauty, Thing seemed a Spot and Disgrace of the nay, but it beautifies the Day; your dark. Creation, certainly the Sin of Men and eft Hours and Tempests, publick and Angels : Nay, but even that is fo'or personal, are they perfect Works? Yes dered by his holy Soveraignty, that in certainly, if ye compound them with Relation to his Majesty, it may be called your Sun-lines and Calms ; several a perfect Work. If ye do but cônGider Colours make Pictures beautiful, the one what a glorious high Throne he hath is as needful as the other; and if ye did erected to himself for Justice and Judg. consider your Profit more than your ment to be the Habication of it, and Honour and Pleasure, ye would say so. Mercy and Truth to go before it, upon

He doth not model his Works' accorthe Ruins of defaced Man, whai a ding to our Fancy to please us, but our Theatre of Justice he hath erected upon Good to profit us, and he is wiser than the Angels Fall, ye would call it as we; and fo then it is the most perfect perfect a Work as is in the World. Work in itself, that possibly displeaseth His work is one in the World, subor

us moft. Therefore ye would judge of dinate to one great Design of manifesting his dealing by another Rule, nor your his own glorious Justice and Mercy, Satisfaction, for please you and perih Omnipotency and Wisdom. Now what you. If he spared the Rod, he should do ye fee of it but Parcels ? Tho' ye hate us indeed; fond Love is real Hatcomprehend all your Time in one red. Christians, if ye would judge his Thought, yet certainly ye cannot judge Works by his Word, and not by your it aright ; for it is but one work that Sense, by your Well, and not by your all the several Buildings and Castings Will; certainly ye would say, as the Men down, all the several Dispensations of his did of Christ, be bath done all well; Providence from the Beginning to the the World would discover to you a End make up ; and when we think upon Perfection, even in Imperfection, a Perthese disjoined, limit our Consideration fection in Infirmities, that ye hould not within the Bonds of our own Time, can only rejoice in them, but glory in them ; we rightly apprehend it? Nay, which is Most gladly therefore will I glory, &c. worse, we use to have no more within faith Paul.

Are Infirmities a perfect the Compass of our Thought, but some Work? Or is the suffering of Paul to present Thing, and how much more do be buffered and tempted a perfect Work?

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