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can pass without his Knowledge and Con- advocates for us in our Consciences, fent. And this is a great Comfort that Fobn xiv. and xy. 26. SOKANTG, i all inferior Sentences in thy perplexed is rendered here Advocate, there Com. Conscience, which Satan, thro' Violence, forter; both suit well, and may be conhath imposed upon thee, are rescinded joined in one, and given to both, for above in the highest Court, and shall not both are comfortable Advocates, Cbrijt stand to thy Prejudice, whoever thou be with the Father, and the Spirit with us. that desires to forsake Sin, and come to Christ is gone above for it, and be sent Jesus Christ.

the Spirit in his Stead. As God hath a But how doth Christ plead? Can he Deputy-judge in Man, that is, Man's plead us not guilty? Can he excuse, or Conscience, so the Son our Advocate defend our Sins? No, that is not the with God, hath a Deputy-advocate to Way; that Accusation of the Word and plead the Cause in our Conscience ; and Law against us is confessed, is proven, all this he doth, partly by opening up the is undeniably clear ; but he pleads satisfi- Scriptures to us, and making us understand ed, tho' guilty; he presents his fatisfacto- the Way of Salvation in them, parily sy Sacrifice, and the Savour of that per- manifefting his own Works, and God's fumes Heaven, and pacifieth all. He Gifts in us, by a superadded Light of Te Shews God's Bond, and Discharge of the stimony, and partly by comforting us 2Receipt of the Sum of our Debt, and gainst all outward and inward Sorrows. thus is he cleared, and we absolved. Sometimes he pleads with the Soul against Therefore I defite you, whoever you Satan, not guilty, for Satan is a Nande. are that are challenged for Sin, and the rous and a false Accuter, and cares not Transgression of the Law, if ye would calumniari fortiter ut aliquid bareat, have a solid Way of Satisfaction and to calumniare ftoutly, and he knoweth Peace to your consciences, take with something will stick. He will not only your Guiltiness; plead not not guilty ; object known Sins and Transgressions do not excuse, or extenuate, but aggra. of the Law, but his Mannet is, to cast a vate your Guilt ; nay, in this you may Mift upon the Eye of the Soul, and help Satan, accuse yourselves, and fay, darken all its Graces, and then he brings that you know more Evit in yourselves forth his Process, that they have no than he doth, and open that up before Grace, no Faith in Christ, no Love to God; but in the mean Time consider God, no Sorrow for Sid: In fich a how it is managed above ; plead thou al. Cafe 'tis the Spirit's Office to plead it fo, fatisfied in Cbrift, tho' guilty ; and out to our Consciences, that we are not fo thou may fay to thy Accuser, if thou totally guilty, as we are charged; and haft any Thing to object against me, why this is not so much a clearing of ourI may not be saved, tho' a Sinner, thou selves, as a Vindication of the free Gifts must go up to the highest Tribunal to pro of God, which ly under his Aspersion pone it, thou must come before my Judge. and Reproach. Indeed, if there be : and Advocate above; but, forasmuch as great Stress here, and for wise Reasons thou doft not appear there, it is but a the Spirit forbear to plead out this point, Lie, and a murdering Lie.

but leave a poor Soul to puddle it out 2Now, this is the way that the Spirit lone, and Icrape its Evidences together

in the Dark: I say, if thou find this too But in any Challenge about the Transhard for thee to plead not guilty, then gression of the Law, or Desert of eternal my Advice is, that ye wave and suspend Wrath, the Spirit, must not plead not that Question, yield it not wholly, but guilty, for thou must confess that, but in rather leave it entire, and do as if it as far as he driveth at a further ConclusiWere not. Suppose that Article and

on, to drive thee away from Hope and Point were gained against thee, what Confidence, to Despondency of Spirit, would thicu do next? Certainly, thou in fo far the Spirit clears up unto the must say, I would then seek Grace and Conscience that this doch no ways fol. Faith from Him who giveth liberally, low from that Confession of Guiltiness, I would then labour to receive Cbrist in since there is a Saviour that hath sátis. the Promises ; I say, do that now, and fied for it, and invites all to come thou taketh a short and compendious and accept him for their Lord and Way 10 win thy Cause, and overcome Saviour. Satan; let that be thy Study, and he hash done with it.


1 John ii. 1. We have an Advocate with the Father,

Jesus Christ the Righteous.

HERE is no Settlement to the Spirit whose Soul's Desires, and sincere Endea

of a Sinner that is once touched vours are, to be kept from Iniquity; and with the Sense of his Sins, and Appre- therefore they are made to groan within hension of the Justice and Wrath of God, themselves, and sometimes fadly to conbut in some clear and distinct Under- clude against themselves, upon the preStanding the Grounds of Consolation in vailing of Sin. Here is the Cordial, the Gospel, and the Method of Salvation I say, he presents to them Jesus Cbrift revealed in it. There is no folid Peace-standing before the Bar of Heaven, and giving Answer to the Challenges of the pleading his Satisfaction in the Name of Law, and thy own Conscience, but in luch Souls, and so suiting forth an Ex. the Advocation of Jesus Christ, the Sa. emption and Discharge for them from viour of Sinners; and therefore the A. their Sins ; fo he presents us with the poftle propones it here for the Comfort most comfortable Aspect, Cbrift ftanding of Believers, who are incident to be sur- between us and Justice, the Mediator in. prized thro' the Suddenness of Sin, and terposed between us and the Father, so often deceived by the Subtilty of Satan, there can come no Harm to such poor


Sinners, except it come through his Sides imagine that he cannot but repel and first, and no Sentence can pass against put back our Petitions, and therefore we them, unless he. succumb in his righteous have not the Boldness to offer them; yet Cause in Heaven.

he ceaseth not to be our Farber and The Sirength of Christ's Advocation Cbrift's Fatber; and if ye would have for Believers confifts partly in his Qua- the Character of a 'Father, louk Jer. lification for the Office, partly in the xxxi. 18. how he ftands affected towards Ground and Foundation of his Cause. alhamed and confounded Epbraim, bow His Qualification we have in this Verle, bis Bowels move, and bis Compallions the Ground and Foundation of his Plead. yearn towards bim, as his pleasant ing in the next Verse, in that be is a Pro-Child. The Truth is, in such a Case in pitiation for our Sins, and upon this which we are Captives against our Will, very Ground his Advocation is both just and stumble against our Purpose, be piand effectual.

ties us as a Farber dutb bis Children, Every Word holds out some 'Fitness, knowing that we are but Dust and Grass, and therefore every Word drops out Con- Psal. ciii. 13, 14, 15, 16. 17. See the solation to a troubled Soul. (Witb tbe excellent and sweet Application of this Fatber,] speaks out the Relation he and Relation, by the Pfalmift, if it stir him, we stand in to the Judge; he hath not to if ftirs up rather the Affection of Pity, do with an austere and rigid Judge, that than the Passion of Anger: He pities his is implacable and unsatisfiable, who will poor Child,when he cries out of Violence needs adhere peremptorily to the Letter and Oppression. And therefore, there is of the Law, for then we should be all un. great Hopes that our Advocate Jesus done. If there were not some paternal Cbrift shall prevail in his Suits for us, Affection, and fatherly Clemency and because he, with whom he deals, the Moderation in the Judge, if he were not Father, he loves him, and loves us, and To disposed, as to make some candid Inter will not stand upon strict Terms of Jupretation upon it, and in some Manner itice, but rather attemper all with Mercy to relax the Sentence, as to our personal and Love. He will certainly hear his Suffering, we could never stand before well beloved Son, for in bim be is well him, nor needed any Advocate appear pleased; bis Soul rests and takes Como for us: But here is the great comfort, placency in him, and for his Sake he. he is Christ's Father and our Father, adopts us to be his Children; and thereso himself cold us, John XX. 17. I go to fore he will both hear him in our Behalf, my Father and your Farber, and my and our Prayers 100, for his Name's.. God and your God. And therefore we Sake. may be persuaded that he will not take But this is fuperadded to qualify our Advantage, even that he hath in Justice of Advocate, be is the Christ of God, a- , us, and tho' we be apprehentive of his nointed for this very Purpose, and so hath Anger, in our Failings and Offences, and a fair and lawful Calling to this Office, this makes us often to be both afraid and be takes not this Honour to himjelf, ashamed to come to him, measuring him but was called thereto of bis Farber, after the manner of Men, who are foon Heb. v. 4. As he did not make himself sangry, and often implacably angry; wel a Prief, lo he did not iotrude upon the


Advocatesbip, but be that said, Thou_ our Cause, as really as if it were bis art my Son, called him to it. If a Man own, Va. xlii. 1, 6. which expresseth to had never so great Ability to plead in the us the admirable Harmony and Consene Law, yet, except he be licentiate and gra. of Heaven to the Salvation of as many duate, he may not take upon him to plead as make Christ their Refuge, and desire a Cause. But our Lord Jesus hath both not to live in Sin ; tho they be often Skill and Authority, he hath both the foiled, yet their is no Hazard of the FailAbility and the Office, was not a Self ing of their Cause above, because our intruder or Usurper, but the Council of Advocate hath both excellent Skill, and Heaven did licentiate him, and graduate undoubtable Authority. him for the whole Office of Mediator. Yea, he is so fully qualified for this, that foip: In which there is the greatest Scay he is called Jesus ibe Saviour, he is fuch and Support for a sinking Soul, to koow an Advocate, that he faves all he pleads that all chis Frame and Fabrick of the for. The best Advocate may lose the Gospel was contrived by God the Father, Cause, either thro' the Weakness of itself, and that he is Master-builder in it ; fince or the Iniquity of the Judge, but he is the it is fo, there can nothing controul it or Advocate and the Saviour, that never make it, since it is the very Will of God, succumbed in his Undertaking for any with wbom we bave to do, that a Me- soul, be their Sins never lo hainous, diator should stand between him and us: their Accusation nerer so just and true, And fince he hath such a Mind to clear poot their Accuser never so powerful, yei they Souls, that he freely chuseth and giveth who put their Cause in his Hand, who them an able Advocate, it is a great fee in hither for Refuge, being wearied Token that he hath a Mind to fave as of the Bondage of Sin and Satan, he hath many ás come and submit to him, and such a Prevalency, with the Father, that. that he is ready to pardon, when he pre- their Cause cannot miscarry; even when pares fo fit an Advocate for us, and hath Justice itself seems to be the opposite not left us alone to plead our own Party, yet he hath such marvelous Success Cause.

in his Office, that justice sball ratber But the anointing of Christ for it, im- meet amicably with Mercy and Peace, plies both duraws and Esady, potentiam and salute tbem kindly, Pfal. lxxxv. & poteftatem, the Gifts for it as well as 10, 11. as being satisfied by him, than the Authority, and the Ability as well as he come short in his Undertaking. the Office ; for God hath fingularly qua But there is another personal Qualifica. lified him for it, given bim tbe Spirit a- tion needful, or all should be in vain, bove Measure, lla. lxi. 1. He received. Jesus the Righteous. If he were not Gifts not only to diftribute to Men, but: righteous in himself, he had need of an to exercise for Men, and tbeir Advan. Advocate for himself, and might not* tage, Psal. Ixviü. 18. And therefore plead for Sinners; but he is Rigbteous the Fatber seems to interess himself in and Holy, no Guile found in bis the Cause as it were his own, he furnish: Moutb, without Sin, an unblame able eth our Advocate, as if it were to plead and unspotted Higb Priest, elfe be the Cause of his own Justice against us, I could not mediate for others, and fuck ke upbolds and Arengtbons Cbriß in 1 an Advocate too, elfe be could not



plead for others, Heb. vii. 26. As pleaded, that our Cause is exactly conthis perfected his Sacrifice, that he offer formable to the Covenant of Works ; we ed not for his own Sins, neither needed cannot, nor Christ in our Name, plead he, so this compleats his Advocateship, and any Thing from that, which holds forth gives it a mighty Influence for his poor nothing but personal Obedience, or else Clients, that he needs not plead for him- personal Satisfaction. But yet, our Cause self. If then the Law cannot attach our may be found to be Righteous, in telaLord and Saviour, can lay no Claim tion to the second Covenant, and the to him, or Charge against him, then cer Rule and Terins of it, in as far as God tainly all that he did behoved to be for bath revealed his Acceptance of a Surety others, and so he stands in a good Ca in our Stead, and hath dispensed with the pacity to plead for us before the Father, Ritour of the Law, according to that and to sue out a Pardon to us, tho' new Law of Grace and Rigbteousness Guilty; for if the fuft was delivered contempared together. The Cause of for tbe Unjust, and ibe Righteous suf- a desperate, loft Sinner may suftain before fered for tbe Unrighteous, much more the righteous Judge ; and it is upon this is it conlistent with the Justice of the Fa new Account that he pleads for us, bether, to deliver and save the Unrighteous cause he hath satisfied in our Stead; and and unjust Sinner, for the righteous Ad., now it is as righteous and equitable with vocate's Sake, If ye feek. me, then let God, to sew Mercy and Forgiveness these go free, saith he, John xviii. 8. to believing. Sinners, as it is to reveal So he in Effect pleads with God bis Fa- Wrath and Anger against impenitent ther, O Father, if thou deal with me

Sinners. the righteous One, as with an unrighte I know there will be some fecret Whisous Man, then, in all Reason and Ju perings in your Hearts upon the Hearing stice, thou must deal with my poor Clic of this, Oh! 'tis true, 'tis a most comforts ents, tho' unrighteous, as with righteous able Thing for them whose Advocate he Men. If Justice thought she did me no is ; there is no Fear of the Miscarrying Wrong to punish me the Rigbteous, of their Cause above; but as for me, i then let it not be thought a Wrong to know not if he be an Advocate for me, wheJustice to pardon, absolve, and justify ther I may come into that Sentence, we the Unrighteous.

bave an Advocate, &c. I confess it Now, if he be so righteous a Person, is true, he is not an Advocate for every it follows necessarily, that he hath a righ one, for while he was here, be prayed teous Cause, for an honest Man will not not for the World, but them that were advocate for an unjuft Cause. But, how given bim out of the World, John xvii. can the Cause of Believers be said to be much more will he not plead for the Righteous, when Justice itself, and the World, when he is above. He is rather Law, indicts the Accusation against them? witnessing against the unbelieving World. Can they plead Not guilty. Or he for But yet, I believe his Advocation is not them? There is a twofold Righteousness, restrained only to them that actually bein relation to a twofold Rule, a Righte- lieve, as neither his Supplication was, ousness of Ariet Justice, in relation to Jobn xvii. But as he prayed for them the firft Covenant; and this cannot be who should hereafter believe, so he ftill


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