תמונות בעמוד
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Person ; put to thine Ear, and hear, this capital Rebel, Sin, which, as to Man, is
is the joint barmonious Melody, this is a work of Satan's, because it for enter'd
the Proclamation of all, that we fin not, in Man by the Devil's Suggeftion and
sbat'we fin not again't so good a God, Counsel: All that Misery and Ruin, all
and so great a God, that were Wicked chefe Works of Darkness and Death, that
Als, this were Madness. If he wound, Saran had by his Malice and Policy
it is that we fin not; if he heal again, wrought upon, and in poor Mankind,
it is tbat we fin not: Doch he kill, it is Jesus was manifested in tbe Flesh witb-
sbat we fin not: Doch he make alive, out Sin, ta defroy and take away Sin
it is for the same End. Doth be shut up out of our Fleje, and to aboliso and dem
and restrain our Liberty, either by Bon- Aroy Satan's Work, which he had build
dage, or Sickoets, or other Afflictions, ed upon the Ruins of God's Work, of
why? he means that we, fin not: Doth the Image of God, and to repair and re-
he open again, he means she fame Thing, new that fir ft blefled Work of God in
sbat we fin no more leaft a worse Tbing Man, Epb. iv. 23, 24.
befall uf. Doch he make mady to fall Now, Obow cogent and perfuading
in Baule, and turns the Fury of that upon is this ; one so high, come down fo love
us, the Voice of ir is, that you who are one dwelling in inaccessible Glory, mani.
left behind, ihould fin no more. Is there fefted in the Flesh, in the Infirmity and
Severity towards orbers, and towards Weakne fs of it, to this very purpose, 18
you Clemency; O: she loud Noife of repair the Creation, to make up the
zboat is, fint not. But alas, the Refult of all. Breaches of it, to deftroy Sin, and save
is, that which is written, Pfal. Ixxvïi. 32. the Sioner; what Force is in this to per.
Nevertbekefs tbey fönned fill. In the fuade a Soul that truly believes it, not to
midt of so many concurring Testimonies, fon? For, may be think wishin himself,
in the very Throng of all the Sounds and shall I fave that which Cbrift came to de
Voices that all the Works of God urter, stroy? Shall I entertain and mainrain that
in the very hearing of these, nevertheless which he came to take away, and do what
to fin fill, and not to return and en in me lies to frustrate the great End of
quire, early after God: This is the his glorious and wonderful Defcenr from
Plague and Judgment of the Nation. Heaven? Shall I join Hands, and allock

But let us return to the Words, Tbese ate with my Lufts, and war for them, Ibings, &c. That wbich is written of wbicb war againfi mg Soul, and bima tha's ike Word of Life, that wbieb was from would save my Soub? Nay, let us.com the Beginning, and was manifeftedclude (my Beloved) within our own unto us, that is written that we fin not : Hearts, is the Word and Prince of Life Far, faith this fame Apostle, Ch. ii. 5,8! manifefted from Heaven, and come 80 And ye know that be was manifefted marr and unmake that Work of Satan, to take away our Sins, and in him is that he may refcue me from under his fon; yea, for this very Porpose, (saith he) Tyranny? Then God forbid that I should Sthat be might defroy the Works of the help Saran to build up that which my sa Devil. Now, is this the great Bulinefs; viour is cafting down, and to make a prithat drew the Son out of the Father's fon for myfelf, and Cords to bind me in Bofom, to deftroy the Arch-enemy and it for everlasting. Nay, will a believing



Soul say, rather let me be a Worker toge- Soul, breaks of Communion, ecclipses ther wirb Cbrist, though faintly, yet I re- that Soul totally. Therefore,- (my Besolve to wrestle with him, to pull down loved,) if you do believe that you are all the strong Holds that · Satan keeps in called unto chis high Dignity of Fellow.. my Nature, and fo to congratulate and Tip with God, and if your Souls be stirred consent to him, who is the Avenger, and with fome holy Ambition after it, confiAfferter of 'my Liberty,

der that these Things are written, that Then consider the greatest End, and ye fin not; consider what Baseness is in furthest Design of the Gospel, how it is it, for one that hath such a noble Design, inleparably chained and linked into this, as Fellow hip with the higheft, to debase that we fin not. We are called to Fel bis Soul fo far, and to low, as to serve lowship with the Father and tbe Son, finful and Aeshly Lufts: There is a Vileand herein is his Glory, and our Happi- ness and Wretchedness in the Service of ness. Now, this proclaims with a loud Sin, that any Soul, truly and nobly prinVoice, that we sin not'; for, what more cipled, cannot but look upon, it with Incontrary to that Design of Union, and 1 dignation, because he can behold nothing Communion with God, than to fin, which bue Indignity in it. Shall I wbo. am a disunites and discommunicates the Soul Ruler (faith Nebeniab) fall lucb a from God. The Nature of Sin you Man as I flee? and wbo is tbere, tbat know, it is the Transgression of bis being, as I am, would flee? Neh. vi. li.

Law, and so, it is the very juft Oppofi- A Christian hach more Reason, Shall tion of the Creatures Will, to the Will of such a Man as I, who am born again to him that made it. Now, how do ye io luch a Hope, and called to such a high magine thaj this can conlift with true Dignity? Shall I, who aim and aspire fo. Friendihip and Fellowship, which looseth high as Fellowship with God, debase and that Conjunction of Wills and Affections, degrade myself with the vileft Servitude ? which is the Bond of true Friendship, and Shall I defile in that Puddle again, till my the Ground of Fellowship, idem velle, ówn Cloaths abhor me, who aim at lo pure atque idem nolle, bæc demum vera a- and fo holy a Society? Shall I yoke in micitia eft. The Conspiracy of our De myself with Drunkards, Liars, Swearers, fires and Delights in one Point with God's, and other Slaves of Sin? Shall I rank my. this sweet Co-incidency makes out Com self chus, and conform myself to the munion, and what Communion then with World, seeing there is a noble and gloriGod, when that which bis Soul abhors, ous Society to incorporate with, the is your Delight, and his Delight is not King of Kings to converse with daily? your Desire? What Communion batb | Alas, what are these Worms that sit on Light with Darkness? Sin is Darkness; Thrones to him? But far more, how all Sin, but especially Sin entertained and base are these Companions in Iniquity, maintained, sin that hath the full Consent your Pot-companions? &c. And what a of the Heart, and carrieth the whole Man vile Society is it, like that of the Bottom. after it, that is Egyptian-Darkness, an lefs Pit, where Devils are linked together universal Dukness over the Soul; this in Chains ? being interposed between God and the



1 John ii. 1. My little Children, these Things write I unto you, that ye fin not. And if any Man fin, we have an Advocate with the Father, &c.

N the Gospel we have the most per- neceffarily incident, therefore all that is

fect Provision against both these Ex in the Gospel, speaks this further, tho tremities, that Souls are ready to run ye be surprised in Sin, yet believe ; and upon, the Rock of desperate Distrust, this is the Round that a Believer is to and the Quick-sands of presumptuous Wan-walk into, to turn from Pardon to Puritonness. It may be said to be a well ty, and from Pollution again to Pardon, ordered Covenant in all Things, that for these Voices and Sounds are interhath caveated and cautioned the whole changed continually ; If ye bave finned, Matter of our Salvation, in fuch a Way, believe in Cbriji tbe Advocate and that there is neither Place for Discou. Sacrifice, and, because ye bave believe ragement and Down-casting, nor yet led, sin not ; but if ye be overtaken in Room for Liberty in Sin ; there is no Sin, yet believe ; and as this is daily Exemption from the Obligation of God's renewed, so the Soul's Study and En. holy Law, and yet there is Pardon for deavour in them, should be daily renewthe Breach of it, and Exemption from ed 100. If ye have sinned, despair not ; the Curse ; there is no Peace, no Capi. if ye be pardoned, yet presume not: Tulation with Sin, and yet there is Peace After Sin there is Hope, it is true, beconcluded with the Sinner, who is, by cause there is Forgiveness with bim ; that Agreement, bound to fall out with but after Forgiveness, there must be Fear Sin; there is no Dispensation for Sin, to offend his Goodness; For there is and from the Perfection of Holiness, and Forgiveness with bim, that be may be yet there is an Advocation for the Sin feared, Plál

. cxxx. And this is the ner, which aims and Atudies after it ; so Situation I would defire my Soul into, to that in Sum, the whole Gospel is com- be placed between Hope of his Mercy. prised in this, He Speaks Peace to bis and Fear of Sin, the Paith of his Favour, Saints, but let them not return to Folly; and the Hatred of Sin, which he will thou art made whole, sin no more : An not favour ; and how happy were a Soul that is in the Gospel faith this, that tbou to be confined within these and kept jould fin no more. But, because Sin is captive to its true Liberty?

I fpake a little before, how these Fun- and powerful ? then fin not, that were damental Truths that are set down before, Madness. Is it written, that he is good do all aim at this one Mark, that we fin and gracious ? Then it is written, that not; Now I proceed. That Declarati- ye fin not, for that were Wickedness : on what God is, Verse s. is exprefly It were an unspeakable Folly and Maddirected to this Purpose, and applyed, ness, to offend so great a God, that can Verse 6. God is Light, and therefore la ealily avenge himself; and it were fin not, for Sin is Darkness; be is Light, abominable Perverseness and Wickedness, fur Purity and Beauty of Holiness, and to fin against so good and gracious a Perfection of Knowledge, that true Light God, who, tho' he may avenge himfelg in which is no Darkness, that unmixt yet offers Pardon and Peace, and des Light, all homogeneous to itself, there seecheth us to accept it. Is he just? then fore sin not, for that is a Wurk of the fin not ; for be will not acquit the Night, and of the Darkness, that pro. Wicked, nor bold them Guiltless, them, ceeds from the Blindness and Estrange who do acquit themselves, and yet hold ment of your Minds, and ignorance of by their Sins. And is he merciful? your Hearts, and it cannot but prepare then, 0 then, sin not, because he hath and fit you for these everlasting Chains acquitted thee, because he is ready to blot of Darknefs. Call God what you will, out thy Guilt; wilt thou fin against Mername all his Names, Stiles and Tittles, cy, thai must save thee? Again, is it spell all the Characters of it, and still written, that tbe Blood of Jesus Chrift you may find it written at every one ot cleanjeih from all Sin? that is writthem, sin not ; Is be Light? then linten, that ye fin not. It is crue, it is not. Is be Life? then sin not ; for written, because ye have finned already. Sin will separate you from his Light and that ye may know how it may be parLife ; Sin will darken your Souls, and kill doned. But moreover it is written, ibat them. Is be Love? then fin not ; God ye fin no more, that so, more Sin may is Love (faith fobn) Othen fin not be prevented, at least, deliberate conagainst Love. Hatred of any good Thing tinued walking in Sin; so that this Blood is deformed, but the Hatred of the beau- hath a twofold Vertue and Use, to be tiful Image of the original Love, that is the greatest Encouragement to a Soul monstruous : God is Love, and in his troubled for Sin, and the chiefest ArguLove is your Life and Light; then to ment and Inducement for a Soul not to fin against him, it is not simple Disobe. fin: This Medicine, or this plaifter, hath dience; nor is it only grosser Rebellion, wo notable Vertues, restorative and but it hath that abominable Stain of In- preservative, To restore tbe Bones tbat gratitude in it. Do you read, that it is already are broken, through falling in written, be is boly, then fin not, for this Sin; and to preserve our Feet from is most repugnant to his Holiness, bis furiber falling in Sin. It hath a healing koly Eyes cannot see it. Therefore, if Vertue, for these Bruises that are in the thou would have him look upon thee Soul; and besides, it is an Antidote and with Favour, thou must not look upon sovereign Preservative againft the Poyson Sin with Favour, or entertain it with and Infection of Sin and the World. Delight ; Is it written that he is great What Motive is like this? Tbe Son of



God soed bis Blood for our Sins, they written that you fin not, not to incoucost a dear Price. O, how precious was rage you to fin. It is not recorded for the Ransom? More precious than Gold, this End, that you may live after your and Silver, and precious Stones, because own Imaginations and former Cuftoms, tbe Redemption of the Soul is to pre- with Security and Peace, upon this Precious, that it would bave ceased for sumption, that Pardon is easily procurever without it. Now, what Soul can able, if I say, God bave Mercy upon deliberately think of this, and receive it me, ere I'dje. Do not deceive your. with any Affection into the Heart, but felves, 'for it is writcen for the just Con. he shall find the most vehemene Per crary, tbat you fin no more, and return fwalion against Sin? He cannot but be no more to Folly. If he had said, if we hold the Hainousness and infinite Evil fin, tho we confess, yet he is just to that is in it, which required such an in purish us, you would then be driven to finite Recompence. And can a Soul on Desperation, and from that to a desperate thar View run to the Puddle and defile Conclusion ; since we must be punished again, when he sees how dearly the Foun. however, let us not punish ourselves here, tain for Cleansing was purchased? Can in mortifying our Flesh ; Let us cat a believing Heart have such treacherous and drink, for Tomorrow we foall die :

Thoughts harboured within him, to cru Die we must, let us deserve it ; for cify afresh the Lord of Glory, and, as it where there is no Hope, there is no were, to trample under Foot bis Blood ? Help for Reformation. But now, when No certainly, he that believes in this there is such an unexpected Proposal of Blood, cannot ufe it fo dishonourably Grace, when God who is free to punith and basely; as it is written, that be fin us, beconies indebted by his Promise to not, so he reads it, and believes it, that forgive our Debrs, we humbly submit . he may not fia, as well as because he ting to him, and confefsing our Guilti . hath finned. Many speak of this Blood, iness; this Surfrifal of Clemency and and think they apply it to the Cleanfing Moderation, thould, yea, certainly will of their Sia paft ; but it is rather, that overcome any Heart that truly believes they may ln with more Liberty, as if it, and conquer it to his Love and Obeshe End of vomiting up a Surfeit of Sin, dience. The more easily he forgive Sin, were to surfeit more; and the End of the more hardly will a believing Heart washing, were nothing else but to defile be drawn to Sin. You know any inagain. Certainly, this Blood is not for genuous Spirit will more easily be consuch Souls, not one Word of Comfort quered by Kindness and Condescendency, in the Word, not one Drop of Hope in than Severity and Violence ; these Cords the Blood, to them who pretend to be of Love, are the Cords of a Man, fuited lieve in Christ's Blood, and continue in to the Nature of Man in whom there is Sin, as fresh and lively as ever they did. any Sparkle of Ingenuity remaining; how nothing abated of their Delites or often have Men been ingaged and overCustoms: Bu if we confefs our Sins, come by Clemency and Goodness, who God will forgive (say you) and this we could not be conquered by Force of 'may do at any Time, and this we do Arms? Enemies have been made Friends daily. Nay, but (faith Jobn) bis is by this Means, fuch Power is in it; to

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