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must withal go our of himself, to seek a a living Sacrifice, and be ye not conRighteousness without him, whereupon formed to the World, but transformed, ro build his Peace and Acceptance with and glorify God in your Bodies and God; or else, neither of them hach truly Spirits which are bis, Rom. xii. 1, 2. any Righteousness without them, to cover and 1 Cor. vi. 20. And cleante yourthem, or Holiness within, to clearfse them. Selves from all Filthiness of ibe Hej Now here the beloved Apostle Thews us and Spirit, 2 Cor. vii. i. And walk in this divine Contexture of the Gospe.. tbe Spirit, and walk as Children of the The great and comprehensive End and ), Ligba &c. If shese do too rigoroolly Design of the Gospel is, Peace in Parcon exact upon thee, so as to make theę lose of Sin, and Purity from Sin: These cy Peace, and weaken thy Heart and Things I write unto you, that you fin Hands ; learn to make out a full Sennot, &c. The Gospel is comprifed in rence, and fill up the full Sense and Commands and Promiles, both make one Meaning of the Gospel, according as you Web, and link in together. The im- fre it done here. But if any Man, mediate End of the Command is, ibat (whose inward Heart-desires, and chief we fin not; nay, but there is another Designs are towards these things, who Thing always either exprefly added, or would think himself happy in Holiness tacitely understood; but if any Man fin and Conformity to God, and estimates his (that desires not to fin) we bave an Ad Blestedness of Mifery, from his Union vocate witb ibe Farber: So the Proor Separation from God) fin, then we mise comes in as a sublidiary Help to all bave an Advocate with tbe Fatber, the Precepts. It is annexed to give Se even Jefus Cbril tbe Righteous, who curity to a poor Soul from Despair ; and hath all that we want, and will not fuftherefore the Apostle teacherh you a bler fer any Acculation to faften upon us, as fed Art of constructing all the Com long as be lives to make interceffion mands and Exhortations of the Gospel, for us. those of the highest Pitch, by supplying On the other Hand, take a View of the full Sense with this happy and season the Promises of the Gospel, tho the ima able Caution or Caveat, but if any Man mediate, and sext End of them is, no fin, &c. Doth that Command, Be ye give Peace to troubled Souls, and feetle boly as I am boly, perfect as your us in the high Point of our Acceptance beavenly Fatber, which sounds fo much with God; yet certainly they have a fur. unattainable Perfection, and seems to hold ther End, even Purisy from Sin, as well forth an inimitable Prutera; doch it, I say, as Pardon of Sin, cleanling from all Sia discourage thee? Then, use the Apoftle's and Filehisess, as well as covering of Pit Art, add this Caution to the Command, thiness. These Things I write unle you, fubjoin this sweet Exceptive, But if any that yesin net ; What Things? Confider Man (that delires to be holy, and gives what goes before, and what follows after, himself to this Study) fail often, and even the Publication of the Word of Life, fall, and defide himself with Moholiness, and eternal Life in bim, che Deckeratia let him not despair, but know that be barbon of our Fellowship with God in Cbrit, an Advocate witbtle Farber ; If that the offering of the Blood of Cbrit, ale of Paul's urge thes, present your Bodies to cleanse all Sia, the Promise of Puden

180 the Penitent, Confession of Sin, all save bis Son. He shat believeth barb these things I write, ebat ye fin nor; everlasting Life, &c. Then make up fo that this seems to be the ultimate End the entire Sense and Meaning, after this and chief Design of the Gospel, unto Manner, These Things are written, that which all tends, unto which all work to- we fin not. Is there a Redemption froup gether : The Promises are for Peace, and Wrath published? Is there Reconciliation Peace is for Purity; the Promises are with God preached? And are we beleechfor Faith, and Faith is for purifying of the ed to come and have the Benefit of them? Heart, and performing the Precepts: So Then say, and supply within shine own chat, all at Length returns to this, from Heart, Tbefe Things are written, pubwhence, while we swerv'd, all this Mise-lifbed, and preacbed, tbat we may not Ty is. come upon us. In the Beginning fin. Look to the furtheft End of these it was thus, Man created to glorify God, Tbings, it is, that we fin not. The by Obedience to his blefred Will; Sin in- End of Things, the Scope of Writings, terposeth, and marreth the whole Frame, and the Purpose of Actions, is the very and from this barh a Flood of Misery Measure of them, and fo that is che belt dowed in upon us : Well the Gospel Interpreter of them.

Interpreter of them. The scope of comes offering a Saviour, and forgive Scriptures, is by all accounted che very nefs in hiin: Thus Peace is purchased, Thread that will lead a Man right in and Pardon granted, the Soul is reftored in- out of the Labyrinths chat are in it. And to its primitive Condition and State of so it is ufed as the Rule of the InterpretaSubordination to God's will; and fo Re. tion in the Parts of it. Now, (my Be demprion ends where Creation began, or loved in the Lord) cake here the Scope cather in a more perfect Frame of the of the whole Scriptures, the Mark that Sanne Kind. The second Adan builds all the Gospel Thoots at, Thefe Things I what the forff Adam broke down, and write unto you, that ye fin nor. You dhe Son re-creates what the Father in the hear it is true, of Pardon of Sin, of DeBeginning created, yea, with fome Addi- livery from Wrath, of noi coming into sion: In this new Edition of Mankind, Condemnation, of covering Offences, of all seems new; new Heavens, and blotting tbem out as a Cloud; all these you new Eartb; and that because the Crea read and hear; but what do they all aim ture that was made old, and defiled with at? If you consider not that attentively, Sin, is made new by Grace. Now, you shall no more under ftand the plaint hence you may learn the second part of Gospel, chan you can expound a Parable this Leffon that the Apoftle teacheck us ; without observing the scope of it. Do as ye ought to correct (as it were) Pre you think the fe have no further Aim, than cepts of the Gospel, by fubjoining Pro to give you Peace, and to secure you from mises in this Manner, lo ye ought to di. Fears and Terrors, that you may then reet Promises towards the Performance walk as you lift, and follow the Guiding. . of his Precepts, as their chief End. When of your own Hearts? Nay, if you take foever you read it written, The Blood it so, you totally mistake it ; if you do not of Cbrift cleanserb from all Sin; if we read on, and find all these Things writconfefs, be is faitbful to forgive our ten to this End, ibat we fin not, you Sins. God fo loved the World, that be


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err, not understanding, or misunder-, melting Affections, nothing that will adstanding the Scriptures.

mit of such Bowels of Compassion as These Things I write unto you, little this, the Multitude of Souls posting to Children: To inforce this the more Destruction, and so blindfolded that they sweetly, he useth this affectionate Com cannot see it. · Here the Fountain of pellation, little Children, for, in all Tears might be opened to run abundantThings Affection hath a mighty Stroak, ly.' The Lord personates a tender-heart. almost as much as Realon. It is the ed Father or Husband ofien, Ob, wby moft suitable Way 10 prevail with the will ye die ? re have broken my Heart Spirit of a Man, to deal in Love and Ten- with your wboris Heart: 0 Jerusalem, derness with it; it insinuates more sweet. bow ofi would I, but thou wouldft not? ly, and so can have less Reliftance, and, When he, who is not subject to humane therefore works more strongly. It is Passions, expresseth himself thus, how true, another Way of Terrors, Thrt at much more doth it become us, poor hings, and Reproofs, mingled with sharp Creatures, to have Pity, on our Fellowand heavy Words of Challenges, may creatures? Should it not press out from make a great Deal, of more Noise, and us many Groans, to see so many perishyer it hath not such Virtue, to prev. iling, even befije. Salvation. I wish you with a rational Soul : The Spirit of the would take it so, that the Warning you Lord was not in the Wind, nor in the to flee from the Wrarb to come, is the Eartbquake, nor in the Fire, but in the greatest Ad of Favour and Love that Atill and calm Voice which came to E can be done to you. It becomes us to lijah, 1 Kings xix. 11, 12. These be solicitous about you, and declare unto fuit not the gentle Dove-like Disposition you, that you will meet with Destruction of the Spirit ; and tho' they be fit to rent in those Paths you walk into : That these Rocks in Pieces, yet they cannot truly ways go down to the Chambers of break Hearts, and make them contrite: Deaib. O that it might be done with The Sun will make a Man sooner part so much feeling Compassion of your Miwith his Cloak than the Wind; fuch is fery, as the Neceflity of it requires. the Difference between the warm Beams But, why do many of you take it so of Affection, and the boistrous Violence hard to be thus forewarned, and have of Passion or Terror. Now, O that your Danger declared unto you? I guess there were such a Spirit in them who at the Reason of it; you are in a Dpreach the Gospel, such a fatherly Affec- Itemper, as sick Children distemper'd in tion, that with much Pity and Compassion a Fever, who are not capable to discern they might call Sinners from the Ways their Parents tender Affection, when it of Death. O, there is no subject, incrofleth their own Inclinations and Ways. which a Man may have more Room for




1 John ii. 1. My little Children, these Things write I unto you, that ye sin not : And if any Man fin, we have an Advocate with the Father, &c.


jesus came by Water and you that ye fin not : Here is the proper

by Blood, not by Water only, but End of the Water; and if any Man fin by Blood also, and I add, not by Blood we bave Cbrist a Propitiation for our only, but by Water also, Chap. v. 6. In Sins; here is the Blood ; the End of the Sin there is the Guils binding over to Pu- Blood is to save us, the End of the Water nishment, and there is the Filch or-Spot is, that we sin not, since we are saved. that defileth the Soul in God's Sight : To He came in the Blood of Expiation, betake away Guilt, nothing so fit as Blood; cause we had finned; he came in the for there is no Punishment beyond Blood; Water of Sanctification, that we miglie therefore faith the Apoftle, without the not fin. His Blood speaks Peace to the sbedding of Blood tbere is no Remiflion Soul, and the Water" fubjoins, but let of Sin, Heb. ix. 22. and for the Stain tem not return to Folly. His Blood and Spor, nothing is so suitable as Water, cries, Bebold thou art made whole, and for that is generally appointed for clean the Water ecchoes unto it, fin no more, ing; and some Shadow of this the Hea left a worse Thing befall tbee, Joh. v. 14. thens had, who had their Luftrations in These two Streams of Water and Blood, Water, and their 'Expiations by Blood; which are appointed for Purity and Par. but more significantly and plainly, the dou, run intermingled all alongs, and so Jews, who had their Purifications by the proper Effects of them are interchangesprinkling of Water, Numb. viii

. 7. and ably attributed to either of them, be barb Expiations by facrificing of Nain Beasts; washed us in bis Blood, Rev. i. 5. and but all these were bur evanishing Shadows, vii 14. And the Blood of Cbrift cleansnow the Substance is come, Jesus eth us from all Sin. Then certainly, Chrijt is come in Water and Blood; this Blood cannot be without Water, it in Water, to cleanle the Spots of the is never feparated from it: The proper Sout, to purify it from all Filthiness ; and effect of Blood is to cover Sin; bue be, in Blood, to satisfy for Sin, and remove cause the Water runs in that Channel, and the Punishment. You have both in these is conveyed by the Blood chicher, thereWords of the Apostle, (for he labours fore it doth cleanse Sin, as well as coto see out unto us the true Christ, whole veț it. and intire) These Things I write unta


Tbeje Things I write unto you, that that we fin not.' Take all the whole ge sin not: This then is the Design of Work of Creation, of Providence, of che whole Gospel, the great and grand Redemption, all of them speak one LanDesign, to destroy Sin, and save the Sin- guage, ibat we fin not: Day unto Day ner. There is a Treaty of Peace made utteretb Speech, and Nigbt unto Night with the Sinner, and Christ is tbe Peace Jewett Knowledge : Tbere is no maker : A Tender of Life and Salvation Speecb nor Language where their Voice is made to him, but there is no Treaty, is not beard, Pfal. xix. 2, 3. And, as no Capitulation or Composition with in that Place, their Voice proclaims the Sin; out it must go, firft out of its Do- Glory, Majesty, and Goodness of God. minion, then out of its Habitation. It so they, with the fame Sound, proclaim must first tose its Power, and then its and declare, That we should not ln aBeing in a Believer ; yea, this is one of gainst such a God, lo great, and fo good; the chief Articles of our Peace, not only all that we see fuggefts and infinuates this required of us as our Duty, chat we, upto our Hearts : All that we hear jould destroy that which cannot buc de whispers chis unto our Ears, that we for Stray us ; (for, if any Man will needs not : That be made us, and not we our. hug and embrace his Sins, and cannot felves, and ibat we are the very Work part with them, he muft needs die in of bis Hands: This speaks our absolute their Embracements, because the Council and effential Dependence on him, and of Heaven bath irrevocably past a fatal therefore proclaims with a loud Voice, Sentence againk Sin, as the only Thing that Sän, which would cut off this Subor that in all the Creation harb she most per- dination, and loose from abis Dependence feet Oppofition to his blessed Will, and upon his holy Will, is a monstrous unnaContrariety to his holy Nature) but also tural Thing. Take all his Mercies toand especially, as the great Stipulation wards us, whether geiseral or particular, and Proncike upon his Part, to redeem us the transcendent Abondance of his infinite from all our Iniquities, and purify us Goodness in the Earth, that River of his to bimself, & People zealour of good Riches that runs through it, to water eWorks; and not only to redeem us from very Man, and brings Supply to his Hell, and deliver us from Wrath, Tit. ii. 14. Doors, that infinite Variety that is in He hath undertaken this great Work, to Heaven and Earth, and all of them of e. compefce this Mutiny and Rebellion that qual Birth-right with Man, yet by the was raised up in the Creation by Sin, elfe Law of our Maker, a Yoke of Subjection what Peace could be between God and and Service to Man is imposed upon ws, as long as his Enemy and ours dwek them ; fo that Man is, in a Manner, fet in our Borom, and we ac hace with it. in the Center of all, to the end, that all

Now, take a favrt View of these the several Qualifications and Perfections Things that are written in the preceed that are in every Creature, may conceaing Chapter, and you shall see that the ter and meet together in bin, and flow barmonious Voice of all chat is in the towards him. Look upon all his partiGofpel, is this, that we fin not. Let me cular Acts of Care and Favour towards fay further, as tbefe Things are written thee, consider his Judgmeks upon the that we fin not, so all Things are done World, upon the Nation, or shine owo


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