תמונות בעמוד

any be induced to it, and to publick Wor-tradiction in the Bosom of it, and that fhip in their families, yet all the Day will never bottom any true Happiness. over is but a Hat Contradiétion to that: It is a Lie acted by the Hand, the Foot, What earthly Mindedness? What Unholi- and all the Members : A Lie again ft the ness of affection? What Impurity of holy Truth and Word of God, and the Conversation? What one Luft is subdu- very Rerroach of the Name of Christ; ed? What one sin mortified? Who in- | a Lie against your selves, and your own Greaseth more in Knowledge of the Truth, Professions, a Soul-murdering Lie, as or in Love of God? Is it not Midnight well as a Christ-denying Lie : And this with moft Part of you? O the Darkness | Lie (as a holy Man faith) hath filled of the Ignorance of your Minds, by which Houses, Cities, Families, Countries; it you know not that Religion you profess, hath even overspread the whole Nation, more than Turks who do presecute it! and filled all with Darkness, Horror, And what are the Ways ye walk into ? Confusion, Trouble and Anguilh ; once Are they not such Ways, as will not come being a holy Nation by Profession of a to the Light, and bate tbe Light, be- Covenant with God, and our open, macause it reproves them? John iii. 19, nifeft, universal Retraction of that, by 20. and xi. 9, 10. Are they not fuch, an unholy, ungodly and wicked Converin which Men stumble, though they seem fation: This hath brought the Sword to walk easily and plainly into them ? Yet, against a hypocritical Nation, and this will O that everlasting Stumble that is at the bring that far greater, incomparably more End of them! when you shall fall out of intolerable Day of Wrath upon the Chile one Darkness of Sin and Delusion, into dren of Disobedience. Therefore let me an utter Extreme, eternal Darkness of exhort all of you, in the 'Name of the Destruction and Damnation. O that fear Lord, as ye desire to be admitted to that ful Dungeon, and Pit of Darkness you eternally blessed Society, within the hopoft into ! Therefore, if you love your ly City, and not to be excluded among own Souls, be warned. I beseech you these, who commit Abomination, and be warned to Aee from that utter Dark- make a Lie, that ye would henceforth ness, be awaked out of your deceiving impose this Necessity upon your selves, Dreams, and deluding felf-flattering 1. or know that it is laid upon you by God, maginations, and Cbrift sball give you 10 labour to know the Will and Truth of Light. The Discovery of that gross God, that you may see that Light that Darkness you walked into, in which you shines in the Gospel; and not only to redid not see whither you went; I say, ceive is in your Minds, but in your the clear discerning of what it is, and Hearts by Love, that so you may endeawhether it leads, is the first Opening of vour in all Sincerity, the doing of that that Light, the firft Visit of that Mor-Truth, the conscionable practising of what ning-Star, that brings Salvation. you know. And this, as it is a great

If ye will not be convinced of that in- Point of Conformity to the Light, so it finire Danger you are in, yet ye are not will make you capable of more Light the further from it. He that walketh from God; for he delights to Mew his in Darkness lieth, &c. His strong Con- Liberality, where he hath any Acceptance. fidence and Perswalion hath a Lie, a Con. Be not fatisfied, O! be. not Satisfied with


knowing these Truths, and discoursing u-, cause it is living Knowledge ; it is the pon them; but make them further your very Life and Soul of Christianity, when own, by impressing them deeply in your there needs, no more but the Intimation Hearts, and expressing them plainly in of his Will to carry the whole Man: your Ways. This is pure Religion and This is that we should all aspire unto, undefiled, James i. 27. And is not and not satisfie our selves in our poor this to know me, saith the Lord ? Jer. Attainments below this. xxü. 16. Practice is real Koowledge, be


I John i. 7. But if we walk in the Light, as he is in the

Light, we have Fellownip one with another, and the Blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all Sin. ,


RT is the Imitation of Nature, and Soul after God, the highest Projects,

true Religion is a divine Art, that the greatest Aspirings, and the mot ele. confifts in the Imitation of God bimself, vating Designs of Men, are nothing but. the Author of Nature. Therefore it is low, base and. wretched, having nothing a more high and transcendent Thing, of of true Greatness of Mind in them, but a sublimer Nature, than all the Arts and running in an earthly and sordid Channel, Sciences among Men; those reach but infinitely below the poorest Soul, that is to fome Resemblance of the Wisdom of lifted up to God. God, expressed in his works ; but this Since we have then so high a Pattern aspires to an Imitation of himself in Ho- as God, because he is infinitely removed liness, which is the Glory of his Name, from us in his own Nature, we have him and so to a Fellowship with himself. expressed to us under the Name and NoTherefore there is nothing hath so high tion of Ligbt, which makes all Things a Pattern, or sublime an End ; God bim. manifeft. Not only as dwelling in inacSelf, who is infinitely above all, is the cellible Ligbt; that is, in his own inPattern, and Society with God is the comprehensible, ineffable Essence, even End of it: And so it cannot choice, but before this Light was created; for be where Religion makes a solid Im. is in tbe Light, and was in tbe Light, pression on a Soul ; it must exceedingly when there was no Sun to give Light, raise and advance it to the most heroick because he was in himself invironed (so and noble Resolutions that it is capable to speak) with the infinite Light and Splenef, in respect of which Eleyation of the dor of his own Understanding, and


Beauty of his own Holiness, and so dwel, it: That tender preventing Mercy so ling in an all Fulness, and Self-sufficiency draws the Heart after it, that it can neof Blessedness. Not only is he thụs in ver be at perfect Rest, till the Night be the Light, but he is a Light to poor Sino holly spent, and all the Shadows of it ners, the moft communicative Being, removed, and the Sun clearly up above that ceaseth nor continually to send forth the Horizon, and that is the Day of that Streamings of that Light and Life, into clear Vision of God's Face. But in dark and dead Souls; and therefore he is the mean Time, this is the great Ambinot only Light in himself, but a Sun of tion and Endeavour of such an One, to Righteousness, most beneficial in his walk in that Light, and this is the very Influences, most impartial and free in his Entertainment of that Fellowship with Illumination ; and lo he is often called, God; he is already in the Light, that is my Light, and my Salvation, our Light, to say, he is tranDlated from a State of a Light to me, Psal. xxvii. 1. Micab vii. Darkness to Light, and indued with the 8. Ifa. xlii. 6, 7. Now, it is this Emil

. living and saving Knowledge of God in fion of Light from him, that first drives Jesus Cbrist, this is his State ; he is in away that gross Darkness that is over the Light, one "enlightned from above, Souls; for till then, in the Darkness ail having his Eyes opened to discover the was hid and covered, nothing seen, nei- Mystery of the Iniquity of his own Heart, ther our selves, nor God, neither the and to see far off, to that bottomless Pit Temper of our Hearts, nor the Courfe of Misery, which his way would lead of our Ways, nor the End they lead to: him to; one who hath by this divine But it is the breaking in of a Beam of IHustration discovered eternal Things, that Sun of Righteousness, that maketh and Jeen Things not seen; and withal, any such Discovery ; as Motes are not gotten fome Knowledge of Salvation by feen till the Sun shine, though the House. the Remission of Sins. Now, such an be full of them. In Darkness there is One, being thus in the Light ; his Duty nothing but Confusion and Disorder ; and is, and his infinite Dignity befides, to walk Light only makes that Disorder visible in that Light, that is, to lead all his Life to the Soul, to the affecting of the Heart. under that eternal Light of God, which Now, when once the Soul hath received shines in the Word, and to bring it all that Light, there is a Desire kindled in forth in his View ; ta 'nake our whole the Heart after more of it ; as when the Course a progressive Motion towards Eye hath once perceived the Sweetness Heaven, wherein that glorious Ligbt and Pleasantness of the Light, it opens it shines moft gloriously. It is almoft an self, and exposeth it self to a fuller Re one with that of Paul's, to bave our ception of more: And so the Soul that Conversation in Heaven; for, to walk is once thus happily prevented by the in the Light, it is a Kind of Elevation first Salutation and Visit of that Day of our Actions, a railing them up to Spring from on high, while he was fit. Heaven,, to that pure Light ; for afs. ting in Darkness, and in the Shadow ter that, and toward that, is the Soul's of Death, Luke i. 78, 79. afterward, Design. follows after that Light, and desires no Now to express to you in what it conibing more; than to be inbofomed with Gifts, I desire not to branch it forth in


many Particulars, which rather distract out from the retired Access to God, with the Mind, than affect the Heart; only a Lustre upon his Carriage, chat may you may know, it consists especially in beautify the Gospel; and (as one faith to the inward Retirements of the Soul well) with the Tables of the Law in to God, and the outward shining of that both his Hands, written in his Practice, Light, in our Conversation to others. the Light of the Law shining in his Life ; These are the chief Parts of it, borrow- and truly this is the Christian's diurnal ing from his Light, and then lending and Motion in his lower Sphere, wherein he imparting it to others, by a holy Con carries about that Light that is derived versation. Truly, we must needs con- from the bigber Light ; in all his Conceive, That the most lively and unmixt verse with Men, it Thines from him to the partaking of the Light of God, and the glorifying of him that is the Father of sweeteft Society with him, is in the fe. Lights, walking righteously and lobercret Withdrawings of the Soul from the ly, without Offence, doing Good to all, World, and repofes upon God, thofe lit- especially ibe Children of Light ; extentle Intervals, and, as it were, stoln Hours ding Offices, of Love and Benevolence of Fellowship with God, that are taken to every one ; forbearing and forgiving from the Multitude and Throng of our Offences, no partaking with other Mens Business; these are the fittest Opportu-Sins. And finally, declaring in Word nities of the transforming the Soul into and Deed, That we have Communion his Similitude, and of purifying it as be with the Fountain of pure Ligbt, and is púre, of filling it with divine Light one Day expect to be translated out of änd Love ; for then the Heart Iyes, as it this lower Orb, where we are lo far were, perpendicularly under his Beams, | distant from him, and fixed in the highest and is opened before him, to give Ad- of all; where we may have the imme. mission and Entry to this saving, tranfodiate, full, uninterrupted, and clearest Arforming Light ; and it is the Shining of pe&t of his Countenance, which shall then God's Countenance then upon the Soul, make the Description that is here giver that draws it moft towards Conformity of God communicable 10 us, that, as be with him, and leaves an Impression of is Light, and in him is no Darkness, Light and Love upon ihe Soul. Oh, lo we being fully and perfectly mined uthat you were more acquainted with this, pon by him, may be Light likewise, withthis Aprication, so to speak, that is, Sun out any Mixture of Darkness, as here it ning your selves, and warming in the is not. Sun, the exposing and opening of your Now, my Beloved in the Lord, this is Hearts frequently in Secret, before this that we are called unto, to walk ihus in

Sun of Righteousness. Now this, if the Light, in the Light of Obedience and you were acquaint with it, would make Sanctification ; and that is the great your Light so to shine before Men, as Thing ye would learn to aspire unto, your beavenly Father may be glorified, rather than to enjoy the Light of ConMat. v, 16. and that is the walking in Tolation : Indeed I conceive, that which that Light of God. This makes a Christi- maketh many of us walk in Darkness, an to come forth, as Moses from the as is spoken in Isa. I. 1o. that is, wille Mount, with his Face Shining ; he comes out Comfort, Peace and Joy, and without


clear discerning our Interest in God, is, forth thy Righteousness as tbe Light,

if because we walk in another Darkness, we would not subftract and withdraw that is, of Sin and Distance from God : our selves from under the Light, because The one Darkness is introductive of the it is presently over-clouded. Then, more. other ; nay, they cannot be long with: over you would know, that all this out other, the dark Cloud of bold sin. While that your Interest in Chrift lyes ning, and careless uncircumspect walk dark, and under Cloud, you would then Ing, that cannot but ecclipse the Light of be most in the Application of that Blood Consolation, and fill the Soul with fome to your Souls, most in trusting and stayHorror, Anguish and Confusion. There ing upon the Name of God, and his abfore, if ye would walk in the Light of folute Promises : Suppose thou do not as Joy and Comfort; O cake heed nothing yet know that he is thine, yet dost thou be interposed between God and your not know that he is made thine, by beSouls : You must likewise walk in the lieving in him ? And therefore, while it Light of his Law, which is, as a Lamp is inevident that it is already, thou ought to the Feet; and this Light, as the Ray, lo much the more to labour, that what begets that Light of Comfort, as the is not, may be. Now, if thou canst nor Splendor, which is the second Light of apply him to thy Soul, as thine own Pofthe Sun. I know it is a disconsolate and session ; yet thou mayest, and so much sad Condition, to walk without the Light the more ougheeft to apply thy Soul to of the Knowledge of our Interest in God; him, and resign and offer thy self to him, .but I would earnestly recommend unto as willing to be his PofTeflion, to be his, you two Things to support you, and and no more thine own. In a Word, help you in that ; one is, that you do not when thine own experimental Feeling of give over the chief Point of this Society the work of God's Spirit fails within with God, that is, walking in the Light of thee; then so much the more infift, and his Law and Commandments, but that dwell upon the Meditation and Belief of you do the more seriously address to ihe the general Promiles, which are the proone, that you want the other. Certain per Object of Faith, and not of Sense : ly, it ought to be no Hinderance of your As our own Intereft is the proper Object Obedience, and patient continuing in o. of Sente, and not of Faith ; therefore bedience, that you know, not your own the Defect in the one, needs not resound Interest, and that his Countenance shines upon the other, To sum up all in one not so upon you ; you know shat sweet Word, if thou thinkest that thou haft not Resolution, I will wait upon the Lord, yet believed in Christ, and hath no In who bides bis Face, &c: Ifa. väi. 17. terest in him; I will not dispute with Mic. vii. 7. and his own Command, thee, to perswade thee that thou art Ifa, I. 10. Hof. xii. 6. Ye that walk in mistaken, for all chis Debate would be in such a Darkness, nevertheless, stay u- the Dark, because thou art in Darkness : pon God. Truly there could be no But one Thing I would say unto thee, greater Evidence of thy Interest than labour to do that which thou would do, this, to give patient Attendance upon him which thou inust do, if such a Case were in the Ways of Obedience, till he ihine granted; suppose it were so, that thou forıh ; this would in due Time bring had no Interest in him, what would thou


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