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confider him or your felves? If I be we behave our felves just so wich che fa. your Farber wbere is my Honour, and ther of Spirits. if I be your Mafter where is my Fear? Othé Wandrings of the Hearts of Mal. i. 6. While we call him Father, Men in divine Worship ! while we are or Lord, we proclaim this much, that in Communication with our Father and we ought to know oui Distance from Lord in Prayer, whose Heart is fixed to him, and his Superiority to us: And if a conftant Attendance and Presence, by Worhip in Prayer carry not this Cha- the Impression of his glorious Holiness! racter, and express not this honourable whofe Spirit doth not continually gadd a and glorious Lord, whom we serve, broad, and take a Word of every Thing ir wants that Congruity and Suitableness to that occurs, and so marrs that soul cor. him that is the Beauty of it. Is there respondence? O that this Word, Pfal. any Thing more uncomely, than for Chil

. lxxxix. 7. were written with gréat Leidren to behave themselves irreverently ters on our Hearts, God is greatly to be and irrespectively towards their Fathers, feared in the Allembly of the Saints, to whom they owe themselves? It is a and to be had in Reverence of all tbem monstrous Thing even in Nature, and to that are about biin: That one Word, Näure's Light : 0 how much more abo God, speakech all. Either we muft con: minable muft it be, to draw near to the Fa- vert him into an Idol, which is nothing : iber of Spirits, who made us, and not we or if we' apprehend him to be God, we ont felves, in whose Hand our Breath must apprehend our infinite Distance from is, and wofe are all our Ways; in' a him, and his unspeakable, inaccessible Word, to whom we owe not only this Glory above us. He is greatly feared Duft, but fie living Spirit that animales and reverenced in the Allemblies that are it, that was breathed from Heaven, and above, in the upper Courts of Angels; finally, in whom we live, and move, those glorious Spirits who must cover their and bave our Being, and well-being, to Peet from us, because we cannot see Worship such an' one, and yer to behave their Glory ; they must cover their faces our selves fo unfeemly and irreverently from bim, because they cannot behold in his Presence, out Hearts not stricken hís Glory, ifa. vi. What a glorious with the Apprehension of his Glory, but Train hath he, and yet how reverend lying fat and dead before him, having are they? They wait round about the .scarcely him in our Thoughts whom we Throne, above and about it, as Courtiers speak to; and finally, our Deportments upon their King, for they are all miniftring in his Sight, are such, as could not Spirits, and they rest not Day and Night be admitted in the Presence of any to adore and admire that holy One, cry: Perfon a little above out felves, to be ing. Holy, Holy, Holy, Ibe wole Earıb about to speak to them, and yet to turn is full of bis Glory. Now, how much alide continually to every one that com- more then Mould he be greatly feared and eth by, and entertain Cominunication had in Reverence in the Assembly of his with every base Creature ; this, I say, in Saints, of poor mortal Men, whole Fouc. ihe Presence of a King, or Nobleman, dation is in the Duft, and in Clay; and would be accounted such an absurd. In besides drink in Iniquicy like Water? civility, as could be committed ; and yet. There is two Points of Difference and



Distance from us ; he is nearer Angels, so ratifieth all the Promises of God made for Angels are pure Spirits, but we to us, and setteth to a Seal to his Faithhave Fl-ih, which is furtheft removed fulness: There is nothing he accounts from his Nature : And then Angels are himself more honoured by, than a Sout's boly and clean ; yet that is but spotted full refigning it self to him, and relying to his unspotred Holiness ; but we are upon his Power and Good-will in all, Ne defiled with Sin, which putteth us fartheft ceflities, cafting its Care upon him, as a off from him, and which his Holiness | loving Father, who careth for us. hath greatest Antipathy at. Let us con- truly, there is much Beauty and Harmofider this, my Beloyed, that we may car. ny in the Juncture of th se iwo, Rejoi. sy the Impression of the glorious Holicing with Tre:nbling, Confidence with mess and Majesty of God on our Hearts, Reverence, to ask, notbing doubting, when ever we appear before him, that and yet sensible of our infinite Diftance. So we may ferte and rejoice with from bin, and the Disproportion of our Trembling, and pray witb Reverence Requests to his Highness. A child-like and godly Fear: If we apprehend in- Disposition is composed thus, as also the deed our own Quality and Condition, how Temper and Carriage of a Courtier hath low, how base it is, how we cannot en- these Ingredients in it. The Love of his dure the very clear Aspect of our own | Father, and the Favour of his Prince, Consciences, we cannot look on our maketh himn cake Liberty, and affume selves ftedfaitly without Shame and Con- Boldness; and withal he is not unmindfufion of Face, at the deformed Spectacle ful of his own Distance from his father, we behold, much less would we endure or Master, Let us draw near with full to have our Souls opened and presented Allurance of Faith, Heb. x. 22. There to the View of other Men, even the bar is much in the Scripture, both exhorted, eft of Men, we would be overwhelmed commanded, and coinmended, of that with Shame as if they could see into our support, that Liberty and Boldness of Hearts ? Now then, apprehend serioully pouring out our Requests to God, as one what he is, how glorious in Holiness ? that certainly will hear us, and grant that How infinite in Wisdom, how the Se- which is good. Unbelief spoileth all, it crets of your Souls are plain and open is a wretched and base-spirited Thing, in his Sight? And I am perswaded, that can conceive no honourable Thoughts you will be composed to a reverend, of God, but only like it self; but Fairb, humble and trembling Behaviour in his, which is the well-pleasing Ingredient of Sight.

Prayer: The lower Thoughts a Man But withal, I must add this, Thai be have of himself, it maketh himn conceive cause he is your Farber, you may inter the higher and more honourable of God, minule Confidence ; nay, you are com. My Ways are not as your Ways, nor manded so to do, and this honours him my Thoughts as your Tbougbts, but as as much as Reverence ; for Confidence far above, as the Heaven-above in God, as our Father, is the best Ac. the Earıb, Ifa. lv. 8. This is the Rule Enowledgment of the Greatness and of a believing Soul's conceiving of God, Goodness of God; it declareth how able and expecting from him : And when A het is to have us, and how willing, and Soul is thus placed on God, by trufting


and believing in him, it is fixed, My know's is good for us : And so in there Heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord, we should absolutely cast our selves with Pfal. cxxvii. 7. O how wavering and in- Carefulness upon his loving and fatherly conftant is a Soul, till it fix at this An- Providence, and relign our selves to him chor, upon the Ground of his immutable to be disposed of in them as he sees con.' Promises ? 'Tis foffed up and down with venient. There is sometimes too much every Wind, 'tis double-minded: Now Limitation of God, and Peremptoriness one Way, then another ; now in one used with him in such Things, in which Mind, and Mortly changed: And indeed his Wisdom craves a Laticude both in 'the Soul is like the Sea, capable of the publick and private Matters, even as leaft or greatest Commotion, James i. Mens Affections and Imerests are ingag. 6, 7, 8. i know not any Thing that ed; but ordinarily 'tis attended and folwill either fix your Hearts from wander- lowed with Shame and Disappointment ing in Prayer, or establish your Hearts in the End : And there is on the other from Trouble and Difquiet after it, no Hand intolerable Remiffness and Slackthing that will fo exoner and ease your ness in many, in pressing even the weighSpirits of Care as this, to lay hold on tiest Petitions of Salvation, MortificaGod as All-fufficient, and lay that Con- tion, &c. which certainly arifeth from the Araint on your Hearts, to wait on him Diffidence and Unbelief of the Heart, and and his Pleasure, to cast your Souls on the Want of that rooted Perswalion, his Promises, that are so full and fo free, both of the incomparable Necelity and and abide there, as at your Anchor-hold, Worth of the Things themselves, and of in all the Viciffitudes and Changes of out his Willingness and Engagement to bestow ward or inward Things. In spiritual them. Things that concern your Salvation, that The Word is doubled here, Abba, which is absolutely necessary, you may Father, the Syriack and Greek Word take the Boldness to be absolute in it, and lignifying one Thing, expressing the ten: , as fob, Thougb be sbould pay me, yet der Affection and Love of God towards will I trust in thee ; and as Jacob, I them that come to him. He that comwill not let thee go till tbou bless me : Jerb to God must belicve that be is, and But either in outward Things, that tbat be is a Rewarder of them that seek have fome Usefulness in them, but are not bim diligently ; fo he that cometh to always fittest for our chiefest Good; God must believe that he hath the Bowels or in the Degrees of spiritual Gifts, and Compassion of a Father, and will be and Measures of Graces, the Lord calls us more easily inclined with our importunate without Anxiety to pour out our Hearts Cries, than the Fathers of our Flesh : He in them unto him ; but withal we would may suffer his Children to cry long, but do it with Submission to his Pleasure, be it is not because he will not hear, but Cause he knows best what is best for us. because he would hear them longer, and In thes., we are not bound to be con deligh:s to hear their Cry oftener. If fident to receive the Particular we ask, he delay, 'tis his Wildoin'to appreciate and but rather our Confidence should pitch endear his Mercies to us, and to teach upon his Good-will and Favour, that he us to press our Petitions, and sue for an will certainly deny norbing that himself | Answer.


Besides, this is much for our Com- | as a Paradise ; that though we underftand fort, chat from whomsoever, and what not one another, yet we have one loving soever Corner in the World Prayers come and living Father that understands all our up to him, they cannot want Acceptance : Meanings; and so the different LanAu Languages, all Countries, all Places guages and Dialects of the Members of are sanctified by Jesus Chrift, ibat wbo- this Body make 10 Confusion in Heaven, Foever calls upon the Name of the but meet together in his Heart and Af Lord, from the Ends of the Earth, fall fection, and are one Perfume, one labe saved: And truly it is a sweet Mecense, fent up from the whole Catholick diration to think, that from the Ends of Church, which here is scattered on the the Earth, she Cries of Souls are heard ; Earth, that the Lord would perswade and that the End is as near Heaven as us to cry this Way to our Father in att the Middle ; and a Wilderness as acar! our Necellaties !


Fellowship with GOD:

O R XXVIII. SERMONS on the 1. Epistle of form,

Chap. i. and ii.

Wherein the true Ground and Foundation of attaining

the spritual Way of intertaining Fellowship with the Fa-. ther and the Son, and the blessed Condition of such as attain to it, are moft succinctly and dilucidly explained.

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