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and calms it. A Christian, by receiving apprehensions and Delufions of Men in the Offer of the Gospel cordially and at their Self-judgings: Because Self-love fectionately, brings in Christ offered into blinds our Eyes, and maketh our Hearts his House, and then Salvation comes deceive themselves ; we are given to this with him. Therefore, believing is re. Self-Aattery, to pretend and claim to an reiving, Joh. 1. the very Opening of the Interest in Jesus Christ, even though there Heart to let in an offered Saviour ; and be no more Evidence for it, than the ex. shen Chrift, thus poffefsing the Heart by ternal Relation that we have to Christ, Faith, he works by Love, and be that as Members of his visible Body, or Pardwellerb in Love, dwelleth in God, and takers of a common Influence of his SpiGod in bim. Love hath this special Ver rit. There' are some external Bonds and tue in it, that it transports the Soul in a Tyes to Christ, which are like a Knot Manner out of itself

, to the Beloved, that may easily be loosed, if any Thing Cant. i. 9. Anima eft ubi amat, non get hold of the End of it; as by our Reubi animat ; the fixing and establishing of lations to Chrift by Baptism, hearing the the Heart on God, is a dwelling in bim; Word, your outward Covenanting to be for the constant and most cominued Re. his People ; all these are loose unfure fidence of the most ferious 'Thoughts and Knots: It is as easy to unty them, as to Affections, will be their dwelling in the ty them, yea, and more easy; and yet All-fulness and Riches of Grace in Jesus many have no other Relation to Chrift

, Chrift; as the Spirit dwelleth where he than what these make. But it is only the worketh, so the Soul dwelleth where it Spirit of Christ given to us that entitles delighteth; its Complacency in God mak and interesteth us in him, and him ins; eth a frequent Issue or Outgoing to him 'tis the Spirit working in your Souls in Defires and Breathings after him: And mightily and continually, making you by Means of this fame, God dwelleth in Hearts Temples, for the offering of the the Heart; for Love is the opening up of Sacrifice of Prayer and Praises, casting out she inmoft Chamber of inc Heart to him, all Idols out of these Temples, that he it brings in the Beloved into the very Se alone may be adored and worshipped, by creis of the Soul, toly all Nigor betwixt the affectionate Service of the Heart, bis Breasts, as a Bundle of Myrrb, Can. purging them from all Filthiness of Flesh i. 13. And indeed all the sweet Odours of and Spirit; it is the Spirit, I say, thus holy Duties, and all the performing of dwelling in Men, that makesh them living food Works, and edifying Speeches, Members of the true Body of Chrift, liveSpring out only, and are sent forth from ly joined to the Head, Cbrift ; this maketh this Bundle of Myrrhthat lies betwixt the him yours, and you his; by vertue of this Breasts of a Christian, in the inmqit of he may command you as his own, and his Heart, from Chrift dwelling in the you may use and imploy him as your own. Affections of the Soul.

Now, for wani of this in most part of Now this being the Bond of Union be: Men, they also want this living, saving twixt Christ and us, it follows necessarily, Interest in Chrift; they have no real, that whoever hath not the Spirit of Christ, but an imaginary and notional Propriety he is none of bis; and this is subjoined and Right to the Lord Jesus; for Christ for Prevention or Removal of the Miss I must first take Podelion of us by his Spi

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rit, before we have any true Right to this holy Trinity cometh in to dwell

, that bim, or can willingly resign our felves to other of Hell must go out. Now, my him, and give him Right over us. What Beloved, do you think this a light Mat* Mall it profit us, my Beloved, to be called ter, to be disowned by Jesus Chrift: Chriftians, and to efteem our selves fo, Truly, the Word of Chrift, which is the if really we be none of Christ's? Shall it Character of all our Evidences and Rights not heighten our Condemnation, so much for Heaven, disowns many, as Bastards the more, that we desire to pass for furch, and dead Members, withered Branches ; and gire out our selves so; and yet have and certainly, according to this Word he no inward Acquaintance and Intereft in will judge you : The Word that I have him, whose name we love to bear? Are poken shall judge you in the last day : not the most Part Shadows and Pictures of O that is a heavy Word! You have the true Chriftians, Bodies without the Soul very Rule and Method of proceeding of Christianity, that is, tbe Spirit of Cbris, laid down before you now, which shall whose Hearts are Treasures of Wicked-be punctually kept at that great Day: ress and Deceit, and Store-houses of Ini. Now, why do you not read your Dirty quity and Ignorance. It may be known and condemnatory Sentence tere registerwhat Treasure fills the Heart, by that ed? If you do not read it now; in your which is the constant and common Vent Consciences, he will one Day read it beof it, as our Saviour speaks, Mattb. xv. fore Men and Angels, and pronounce this,

19. and xii. 34, 35. Out of tbe Abun- I know you not for mine, you are none of - dance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks, mine. But if you would now take it to the Feet walks, and the Hand works : Your Hearts, there might be Hope that Consider then, if the Spirit of God dwel- it should go no further, and come to no leth in such unclean Habitations and dark more publick hearing; there were Hope Dungeons; certainly no Uncleanness or that it should be repealed before that Day, Darkness of the House can hinder him to becalise the first Entry of the Spirit of come in ; but it is a sure Argument and Christ, is to convince Men of Sin, that Evidence that he is not as yet come in, they are Unbelievers, and without God because the Prince of Darkness is not yet in the World ; and if this were done, then cast out of many Souls, nor yet the un- it were more easy to convince you of clean Spirits that lodge within : These Christ's Righteousness, and persuade you haunt your Hearts, and are as familiar to embrace it; and this would lead in de now as ever. Sure I am, many Souls nother Link of the Chain, tbe Conviction have never yet changed their Guests, and of Judgment, to persuade you to resign it is as sure that the first Guest that raketh your felves to the Spirit's Rule, and res up the Soul, is Darkness and desperate nounce the Kingdom of Satan ; this were Wickedness, with unparalleled Deceitful. another Trinity, a Trinity upon Earth, ness; there is an accursed Trinity, ir three bearing Witness on the Earth that Atead of that blessed Trinity, the Father, you have the Spirit of God. the Son, and the Holy Spirit ; and when

Verf. 10. And if Christ be in you, the Body is dead because

of Sin, &c.

ALL no

purposely fet down by the Apostle I mean, he is not excluded and shut out for the Comfort of Christians, against froin the Right to these glorious Privi. the Remnants of Sin and Corruption leges, which may express Gloriation and within them ; for in the preceeding Rejoicings from the Heart, that there Chapter, he personates the whole Body might be an Equality in the Body; he of Christ Militant, shewing in his own maketh the stronger Christian to par. Example how much Sin remains in the cake with the weaker in his bitter Things, Holieit in this Life, and this he rather in. and the weaker with the stronger in his Atances in his own Perfon than another, liveet Things ; chat none of them may that all may know that Matter of continu-conceive themselves either despised, or al Sorrow and Lamentation is furnished alone regarded ; that the Eunucla may to the chiefest of Saints ; and yet in this not have Reason to say, I am a dry Tree, Chapter, he propounds the Consolation of Ila. Ivi. 3. For, bebold the Lord will Chriftians more generally, that all may give, even to fuch, a Place in his House, know, that these Privileges and Immuni. and a Name better than of Sons and ties belong even to the meanest and weak. Daughters. The Soul that is in Sinceeft of Christians ; that as the best have rity aiming at this Walk, and whole inReason to mourn in themselves, so the ward Desires stirs after more of this worst want not Reason to rejoice in Je Holy Spirit, he will not refuse to such sus Chrift. And this would always be that Name and Efteem, that they dare minded, that the amplest Grounds of the nut take to themselves, because of their Hrongest Consolation are general to all seen and felt Unworthiness, Now, in that come indeed to Jesus Christ, and are this Verse he proceeds further, to the not restricted untu Saints of fush and such Fruits and Effects of Sin dweHing in us, a Growth and Stature ; the common Prin- to enlarge the Consolation against that too. ciples of the Gospel are more full of this Now, If Cbrift be in you, the Body, &c. Milk of Confolation, if you would luck it Seeing the Word of God hath made luch out of them, than many particular Grounds a Coonection between Sin and Death, which you are laying down for your selves. and Death is the Wages of Sin, and that God hath lo disposed and contrived the which is the just Recompense of Enmity Work of our Salvation, that in this Life and Rebellion against God, the poor he that hath gathered much, in some re troubled Soul might be ready to conceive, spect hath nothing over, that is to say, that if the Body be adjudged to Death for hath no more Reason to boast than anc. Sin, that the rest of the Wages shall be ther, but will be constrained to fit down paid, and Sin having so much Dominion and mourn over his own-evil Heart, and as to kill the Body, that it should exerce the Emptiness of it; and he that hath ga. its full power to destroy all ; seeing we


· have a vigible Character of the Curse of eth that State unto you: The Comfort is,

God engraven on us in the Mortality of it is neither total, for it is only the Death our Bodies; it may look with such a Vi- of your Body ; nor is it perpetual, for sage on a Soul troubled for Sin, as if it your Bodies shall be raised again to Life were but Earnest of the full Curse and eternal, ver. 11. And not only is it only Weight of Wrath, and that Sin were not in Part, and for a Season, but it is for a fully satisfied for, nor Justice fully con- blessed End and Purpose, it is that Sin tented by Christ's Ransom. Now, he may be wholly cleansed out ; that this opposes to this Misconception, the strong. Tabernacle is taken down, as the leprous est Ground of Consolation, If Cbrift be. Houses were to be råken down under she in you, though your Bodies muft die for Law, and as now we use to cast down Sin, because Sin dwelleth in them, yet Pef-lodges, the better to cleanse them of that Spirit of Life that is in you, hath begun the Infection : It is not to prejudge him eternal Life in your Souls; your Spirits of Life, but to instal him in a better Life. are not only iminortal in Being, but that Thus you see that it is neither cotal nor eternal happy Being is begun in you ; the perpetual, but it is medicinal and profitaSeeds of it are cast 110 your Souls, and ble to the Soul; it is but the Death of the fhall certainly grow up to Perfection of Body for a Moment, and the Life of the Holiness and Happiness, and this through Soul for ever, the Righteousness of Christ, which affur.i


Verf. 10 And if Christ be in you, the Body is dead because

of Sin, &c.

His is the high Excellency of the Cbri- | free from all corrupt Mixture? How

fian Religion, that it contains the transcending all the most exquisite Premost absolute Precepts for an boly Life, cepts and Laws of Men, deriving a holy and the greateft Comforts in Death: For Conversation from the highest Fountain, from these Two, the Truth and Excel tbe Spirit of Cbrift, and conforming it to lency of Religion is to be measured, if the highest Pattern, the Will of God. it have the highest and perfectest Rule of And indeed, in the first Word of this ver. Walking, and the chiefest Comfort with there is something of the excellent Nature

Now, the Perfection of Christianity of Chriftianity holden out, if Cbrift be in you saw in the Rule, how spiritual it is? you, which is the true Description of a How reasonable? How divine? How Chriftian, one in whom Chrift is, which



imports, the divine Principle, and the But then, the spiritual Subject of Spiritual Subject of Cbristianity. The Christianity is here, Christ in you, not Principle is Christ in a Man, Christ by his Christ wirbout you, in Ordinances, in Spirit dwelling in him. This great Profession, in some civil Carriage ; but

Apostle knew this well in his own Expe- Christ within the Heart of a Man that i rience, and therefore he can speak best in is a Christian : It is the receiving of

this Stile, I live, yet not 1, but Christ in Christ into the Soul, and putting hiin on me, Gal. ii. 20. importing, that Chrift upon the inner Man, and renewing it, and his Spirit is to the Soul, what the that makes a Christian ; not being external. Soul is to the Body: Thu there is a li- ly cloathed with him, or compailed about ving Influence from Heaven, that acts with him in the Administration of the Or. and moves the Soul of a Christian as dinances : It fears me, most part of us who powerfully, yet as sweetly and pleasanily bear the Name of Chriftianity, have no as if it were the natural Motion of the Character of it within, if we were looked Soul: And truly it is the natural Motion and searched. Many are like the Sepulof the Soul, 'tis that primitive Life which chres Christ speaks of, without painted was most connatural to the Soul of Man, and fair, within nothing but Rottennels which Sip did deprive us of: All the and dead Bones. What have many of powerful Constraint and Violence that you more of Christ, than what a blind Chrift uses in drawing the Souls of Men Man hath of Light? It is round about him, to him, and after him, is as kindly unto but not within him. The Light hath them, and perfects theni as much, as that shined in Darkness, but your Darkness Impulse by which the Soul moves and cannot comprehend it: You are environ. turns the Body; a sweet Compullion and ed with the outward Appearances of Christ blelled Violence! Now this should make in his Word and Ordinances, and that is Christians often to reflect upon another all; but neither within you, nor upon Principle of their Life than themselves, many of you, is there any Thing either of that by looking on him, who is the Resur. his Light or Life ? Not so much as any rection and the Life, who is the true outward Profession or Behaviour, suitable Vine, and abiding in him by. Faith, their to the Revelation of Christ about you : As Life may be continued and increased. It if you were ashamed to be Christians, is certainly much Reflection on him, who you maintain gross Ignorance, and practice is All in All; and less upon our felves, manifeft Rebellion against his known Will, that maintains this Life: And therefore, in the very Light of the Gofpel. How the most Part of Men being wholly Stran. few have so much Tincture of Christ, lo gers to this, whether in their Purposes or much as to colour the external Man, or to Practices, or judgings of both, unacquain clothe it with any Blamelellness of Walkted with any higher Look in Religion, ing, or Form of Religion? How few are than they use in their natural and civil | so nuch as Christians in the Letter ? For Actings, it doth give Ground to assure us, you are not acquainted either with Letter that they are Strangers, alienated from or Spirit, either with Knowledge or Af. the Life of God, without God and quitb- fection, or Practice. But suppose that OU Clrijt in the World,

some have put on Christ on their out


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