תמונות בעמוד

But come

Lufts of the Flesh ? Truly this is the when you see your Disease. Isay, if you strongest and strangeft Inchantment that see that Hell is at the End of your Way, can be, that you think to low one Thing then know that he who fent that Voice to and reap another Thing ; to sow Dark- call you off that Way of Death, he leaves ness and reap Light ; to sow Corruption, you not to your own Wits to guide you and reap Incorruptior. Is that possible in into the right way, but he follows with a Nature, to fow Nettle-seed, and think to Voice behind you, saying, Here is the reap Barley'or Wheat? Be not deceived. Way, walk in it, turn not out of it to the O ! that you would undeceive your poor right Hand or left. And this Voice deluded Souls, and know that it is as natu- sourds plainly in the Word, and it is noral for Death and Hell to grow out of thing else but the Sound of the Gospel, Sin, and walking after the Flesh, as it is that blessed Sound that invites and alfor every Seed to yield its own Fruit and lures you to come in to Jesus Chrift, Herb. Do you then think to dissolve the the Way, Truth and Life, the true Course and Order of Nature ? Truly the way to the true Life. All other Flesh is mortal in itself, 'eis ordained for Ways, all other Lives, have no Truth in Corruption, you see what it turns to after them, 'tis but a Cloud, a Fancy that Men the Life is out, that is an Emblem of the apprehend and lay hold on. State of the Aeshly Soul after Death. As to this Way, and it will truly lead thee to you did abase your Spirits to the Service the true Life, eternal Life ; if you Aje of the Flesh here, and all your plowing unto him out of the Apprehension of your and labouring and fowing was about it, Danger, you have a clear. Way to come the Seed which you did cast in the Ground to God, and as plain a way to attain was fleshly Lufts, earthly Things, for the Life and Peace. Being in Christ, you Satisfaction of your Flesh ; fo you shall have Assurance of not falling into conreap of the Flesh, Corruption, Death demnation. He is such a way as will and Destruction, tha Thall make your im. hold you in, and not fuffer you to go out inortal Spirits mortal and corruptible, and of it again to the Way of Death. And subject them to Death and Corruption therefore he will give you a Tutor, a with the Body, as far as they are capable; Guider and Director in this way to Life it Thall deprive chem of all that which is and Peace, and that is the Holy Spirit, their proper Life and Refreshment, and to lead in all Truth, and to guide your separate them eternally from the Foun- Feet in the Way of bis Commandments. tain of Blessedness, and banish them out. So that in this new and living Way of of Heaven, unto the Fellowship of Devils. Chrift, you shall have both the Light of And, O! that Corruption of the incorup. the Word, to know where to walk, and tible Spirit, is worse than the Corruption Life of the Spirit to make you walk toward of the mortal Flesh, corruptio optimi that eternal Life ; and thus Grace and pellima.

Truth is come by Christ.'. Indeed you Now, whoever of you is thus far un- must suffer the Mortification of your deceived, as .co believe your Danger and Flesh, you must endure the pain of the Mifery, and to difcern that inbred De Death of your Lusts, the cutting off your lufion of your Hearts, be not discouraged right Hand, and plucking out your right utterly, there may be Hope of Recovery, Eye, which would make you offend and



ftunible in the Way; but let the Remem these Lusts that we difingage from the brance of the Life to come sweeten it all. Devil, and the World belides will fay When Men undergo the Hazard of losing' wait for us in this Way : But when for life for a little Pleasure, when for a poor such small and inconsiderable Advantages, petty Advantage, Men will endure fo Men will endure all the Disadvantages of nub Pains and Trouble ; 0! what War, of a long War ; O how should the mould eternal Life, and such a Life as Expectation of this Peace, which incloses the beft Life here is but Death to it? How and comprehends all Felchy, all WellThould it mitigate and Tweeten the Bitter, being, animate and strengthen us to fight Bels of Mortification ? How should it in into the City of Life and Peace eter. fortify our Spirits to much Endurance and nale Patience? A Battle we must have for


Verfe 7. Because the carnal Mind is Enmity against God,

and is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can be. World, it involves in more Con. Indeed, if there were no Remedy to be

. demnation than many other Sins ; not found, it were a happy Ignorance to be only because more universal, but especial ignorant of Misery : The Knowledge ly because it shuts up Men in their Mise- and Remembrance of it could do nothing ry, and secludes them from the Remedy but add unto the Bitterness of it: 'If a that is brought to Light in the Gospel. Man might bury it in eternal Forgetfulness, By Unbelief, I mean not only that careless it were lome Ease: But now, when God Neglect of Jesus Christ offered for Salva. hath in his Mercy

so appointed it, that the tion, but that which is the Root of thar, Beginning of the Belief of Şin and Misery, the Inconfideration and Ignorance of our Mall, in a Manner, be the End of Misery; desperate Sinfumess and irremediless Mi- and seeing, whether Men know it or not, fery without Christ ; which not being they must shortly be made sensible of it, laid.to Heart seriously, makes such flight when there is no Remedy to be found: and superficial Entertainment of a Saviour Then certainly it is the Height of Man's and Redeemer. Man is truly miserable Misery, that he knows and confiders it and unhappy, whether he know it not; not. If we would apply our Hearts but truly is is an Accession to his Misery, at length to bear what God the Lord that he knows it not, that he neither ap. Speaks, før he only can give Account of prehends what he is now by Nature, nor Man to himself, we might have a Survey


of both, in these words and the preceed- and Rebellion against the immortal, etering, of our desperate Wickedness, and of nal King, who hath absolute Right and our intolerable Misery ; for the present, Dominion over his Creatures, as over the by Nature we are Enemies to God, and Clay, have such a suit able Recompence Mortly we muft be dealt with as Enemies, of eternal Death ? Now, my Beloved, if as Rebels to the most potent and glorious you once believed this, the Enmity and King, be punished with Death, an end. Opposition of your whole Natures to God, less living Death. Experience News how you could not but fearfully apprehend hard a Thing it is to persuade you, that what might be the issue of i'; you could you are really under the Sentence of not bless your selves as you do, and put Death : You will not suffer your Hearts the evil Day far off; but certainly you to believe your Danger, left it interrupt would be affrighted with the Terror and your present Pleasures of Sin. Nay, you Majesty of that God you have to do with, will fatter your selves with the fancied whom, when be awakes to Judgmeni, Hope of Immunity from this Curse, you can neither resift nor escape i no and account it a cruel and rigorous Do- ftanding against his Wrath, and no flying Erine, that so many Creatures made by from it out of his Dominions; and this God, should be eternally miserable, or a would dispose and incline your Minds in Sentence of it should be past on all Flesh. Time to hearken to the Treaty of Peace, Now, that which makes us hardly to be which is holden out in the Gospel, and to lieve this, is the Unbelief and deep. In: lay down the Weapons of your Enmily, consideration of your Sinfulness; there and make Peace with him in his Son the fore the Apostle, to make Way for the Peace-maker. former, adds, Because the carnal Amity and Unity is the very Being and Mind is Enmity against God. Do not Beauty of the World : This Universe is wonder then that your Ways and Courses, made up of innumerable different kinds your Affections and Inclinations bring and Natures, and all these climb an forth that ghostly and dreadful End of walk together by the Bond of Peace and Death ; seeing all these are Enmity to the Concord among themselves, and with chat greatest King, who alone hath the Power one bigb Understanding that directs all, of Life and Death: They have a perfect and supreme Willof God that moves all. Contrariety to nis holy Nature and righte- It is that Link of Union with God, that ous Will, not only is the carnal Mind gives and preserves Being and Beauty in an Enemy, but Ernity itself, and there. all the Creatures, as the Dependance of fore it is moft suitable, that the sovereign the Ray upon the Sun, or the Stream on Power of that King of Kings, stretched the Fountain, makes them what they are, out to the Vindication of his Holiness and which being interrupted, they cease to be Righteousness, by taking Vengeance on what they were: All Things continue all Ungodliness and Unrighteousness as thou baft ordained them, for all are of Men, If Rebellion in a State or Mo- tby Servants, Plal. cxix. 91. You see then narchy, against these petty mortal Gods, this Amity and Union of Subordination of who fall die as Men, be so hainous, as the Creatures to God is not diffolved to to deserve Death, by the Consent of all this Day : But woful and wretched Man Nations, how much diope shall Enmity alone hath withdrawn from this Subordi

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nation, and diffolved this facred Tie of bility to reunite them again, and reftore happy Friendthip, which at first he was the old Friendship, as long as the Soul is - lifted up unto, and privileged with. A not quite changed and transformed. That mity and Friendthip, you know, conGifts first Creation is so marred and defaced, in an Union of Hearts and Wills, and a that there is no mending of it till a second Communion of all good Things; it makes Creation come. The carnal Mind is not two one, as much as two can be, by the fimply an Enemy, but Enmity itself; an Conspiracy of their Affections in one Enemy may reconcile again, and accept Thing, and the joint Concurrence of Terms of Peace, but Eninity cannot retheir Endeavours to communicate to concile to Amity, without the very Deone another what each hath; it takes a struction of itself: The Opposition of the way Propriety, and it makes a Communi. Heart is so perfect, that as soon may ty between Persons. Now, how happy Enmity unite with Amity, and become one was that Amity? How blessed that with it, as a carnal natural Mind can subFriendship between God and Man ? Tho' mit to God's holy Will. Thar which was Man's Goodness could not extend to God, at the Beginning voluntary, is become neyet his Soul united to God by Love and cellary, and turned into the Nature of an Delight, and all that God had given him, inbred Antipathy, that no Art can cure. returning that to the proper Owner, ac- The Fall was such a disjointing of the knowledging his absolute Dependance on Soul from God, that no Skill but infinite him, and claiming Interest and Propriety Wisdom, no Strength but Almighty Power in nothing, not in himself. And then on can set it right, and put it in the first po the other Hand, the Love and Good-will Iture again. It is true, there are not many of the infinite God placed on Man, and who will openly and exprefly denounce from that Fountain all the Streams of Hap War againft Heaven ; it is not so inci. piness issuing forth towards Man,the Ful dent, that any Man should have explicite ness of God opening up itself to him, and plain Thoughts of Hatred againft God, laying out itself towards him, God so far there are some common Principles engradefcending, as, in a Manner, to become the ven by God in all Mens Minds, which Creature's, to expose and dispose himself, serve as his Witnelles against Men, that and all in him, for poor Man's Use and God Mould be loved, served, adored and Comfort.

worshipped, that there is nothing fo How joyful was that Amity! but the worthy of the Desires of the Soul. Now, breaking of this Bond of Peace is ás •sad this general Acknowledgment deludes the and grievous. There was a woful Inter- moft part, for they take it for granted, posal between God and us, which hath fe that they do love God with their Heart, parated these chief Friends ever since the because their Consciences bear Witness Beginning, and that is sin, the Seeds of that they ought to love him, as if it were all Enmity and Discord : This hath rent all one to know our Dury, and to do it. asunder the Bond of Amity, this hath Who is there but he entertains himself with made fuch a total Aver Gon of the Soul with this good Opinion of himself, that from God, and imprinted fuch an irrecon- his Heart is good and true to God : For, cilable Enmity in the Heart against the say you, whom should I love, if I love not holy Will of God, that there is no Polfi- God? I were not worthy to live if I loved


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not him. It is true indeed that you say, \, are Foolishness to bim, 1 Cor. ii. 14. but if you did know your Hearts, you Some Spirits there are lifted up above would find their faces turned backward; others, either by Nature or Education, in and averted from God, and could no more which this Rebellion doth more evidently please your felves in such a Confession of appear ; Reason in them contends with the Truth, than the Devil hath Reason to Religion, and they will believe no more think hinself a Believer, because he is than they can give a Reason for. There convinced, chat Christ is the Son of God, I is a Wisdom in some Men, that despisech and confessed it too; no more than the the Simplicity, or the In-evidence of the Son that promised to go to the Garden to Gospel, and accounts it Foolishness: The work, and went not, had Ground to think carnal Mind will needs start out from imhimself an obedient Son, Mat. xxi. 30. plicite trusting of God, when once 'tis pofSuch a Confession of Duty may be extort lessed with some Imagination of Wisdom; ed from damned Spirits ; and therefore therefore how many are the Insurrectiyou would not draw this Vail over the ons of Mens Spirits against God's absolute wretched Wickedness of your Natures, Power over the Creatures, against the Myto the End that you may conceive well steries of the holy Trinity and Incarnation, of your felves. It is fo far from extenu- | against the Resurrection of our Bodies ? In ating or excusing, that the very Convicti these, and such like, the pretended Wifon of the great Obligation to love and dom of Men hath taken Liberty to act obey God, is the greatest Aggravation of Enmity, and to dispute against God. But the Enmity. It is this which makes it the truly, the Rebellion and Insubjection apureft Malice and perfecteft Hatred, that gainst the Truth of God, is more generalknowing the Goodness of God, convinced ly practised, even by the Muscitude of Men, of our bound Duty to love and serve though in an unfree hidden Way ; how him, yet in the very Light of such a shin- few do believe their own desperate Wicking Truth, to turn our Hearts away from edness, tho' God hath teftified it of him, and exercise all Acts of Hostility a Man ?. Doth not every one apprehend gainst him. That you may know then, some good to remain in his Nature, and wherein the Enmity of your Hearts con- some Power to good? What an Impoffifts, I shall instance it in three Branches fibility is it to persuade you, that all Manor Evidences. There is an Enmity in the kind are under the Sentence of eternal Understanding, that it cannot stoop to be Condemnation, that Children, who have lieving of the Truth ; there is an Enmity not done Good or Évíl, are involved in it in the Will, that it cannot subject to the allo? Your Hearts riseth against such Obedience of God's holy Commands ;, and Doctrines, as if they were bloody and this is extended also to a stubborn Rebel cruel Inventions. To tell you, that many lion against the Will of God; manifested are called, and few cbofen, that the in the Dispensations of his Providence : In moft Part of them who profess the Truth, a Word, the natural and carnal Mind is are walking in the way to Hell, and shall incapable of Faith, of Obedience, and of undoubtedly fall into it: You may hear Submission. There are many Truths re- fuch Things, but you bless yourselves vealed in the Scripture, that the natural from thein, and cannot be persuaded to Man cannot receive or know, for tbey admit them into your Minds : The Hearts


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