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is the Habitation of it, but Mercy and Lord's Name, you are under the Curse of Truth goeth before the Judges Face, and God: Will you yet sit secure, and put come nearest Sinners, to give them Access the evil Day far from you. Oh! rather And this you may appeal unto, from trouble your Peace for a Season, with the that Tribunal of Juftice. But tbere is consideration of your Sins, enter in Forgiveness with thee, &c. Psal. cxxx. Judgment with your felves, till you see 4, 5, And whoever comes here, Christ nothing but perishing in your selves, and Jesus sits on this Throne, to absolve him there is no Hazard, because he is Salvati, from that Sentence. If you ask what E-Ton brought near in the Gospel. If you: quity is in it, is not this a Prejudice to Juf will not trouble your selves so much, as uce, and an Abomination to the Lord, toto judge your felves, then you shall be juftifie the wicked and ungodly Sinner ? 1 judged when there is no Mediator, to say, it is no Iniquity, because Jesus Christ plead for you, none to appeal unto. hath paid the Price for us, and was made But whosoever takes the Sentence of a Curse for our Sins, that we might be Condemnation unto them, and fubscribes the Righteousness of God in bim ; and to the Righteoufness of the Lord's Curse therefore it is juft with God to forgive upon them, we do invite all such in the Sins, to relax that Sinner from the Con Lord's Name, to come in hither, even to demnation of the Law, that Aies into Je-Jesus Chrift, There is no Condemnation sus Christ. You many answer Justice, to them that are in bim. If you stand I will not take this for God's last Word, scrupulous, making many Questions in such I hear that all final Judgment is committed a Master of so great Necessity, you wrong. to the Son, that he may give Life to your own. Soul, and dishonour him; whom he will: He calls me, and to him know this, that God is in Cbrift, recon. will I go, for be bath-the Words of eter. ciling the World to himself: Therefore nal Life, he will justifie, and who sba thou condemned Sinner may come to condemn?

God in Christ: If you ask any warrant, Now if any Man will not now arraign we think there shall be no such questionhimself before the Tribunal of God's Jur- Jing, when you are in so great Neceflity.. ace, if he will not search his Guiltiness If a Man were starving without a City, till his Mouth be stopped"; and hear his and it were told him there is Plenty with. Sentence of Condemnation read, and take in, were he not a Fool that would make with it : That. Man can come to Jesus any more Businefs, but labour to enter in. Chrift, to be absolved, for he justifieth This is enough to crosì all your objections, none but Self-condemned and loft Sinners ; your are in extream Necessity, and like so your Day is but yet coming, when to perish within your self, He is able to you must answer to Justice, the Tribunal rave to the utmolt all that come to him. of Mercy Mall be removed, and Christ what would more, let there be chen a fhall fit upon a Throne of pure Justice, to Clofure between absolute Neceflity, and judge these who judged not themselves. sufficient Ability to save Will you yet. Alas! for your Loss, the most part of you : stand disputing without the City, when the 1 pity you, you live in great Peace and Avenger of Bloud is above your Head? Quietnels without the Ports of the City of If you will yet press for some more Refuge. We declare unto you in the Ground and Warrant of believing, then I


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wil will you, all that I know is in the me, but I bave chosen you, and loved Word for a Ground of Faith, you have you first. If ye will not yet believe this, great Misery and Necessity within you; look upon his Command; This is bis that you grant, and it is your Complaint ; Command, tbat ye believe on the Son, Christ hath Mercy and Sufficiency of 1 John iii. 23. What Warrand have ye Grace in him, be is able to save to the to do any Duty he commands ? and why utmost, that you cannot deny: But I do do ye more question this? Is not this add this Third, he is willing also to save his Command?

and is it not more per. thee, whoever will be willing to be sav. emptory, because a new Command, and ed by him ; nay, he is more willing than his laft Command? And when withall thou art. If you question this, I defire he boafts us in to his Son, ibat ye may you but to consider the whole Tenor of bave Life. Oh! who should have the the Gospel ; How many Invitations ? How Face, to Question any more his Willingmany Perswasions? How many Promi- ness? Other Grounds than thefe I know mises to those who come? Yea, how none: And I think if any come to Chrift, many Commands, and that Peremptory, or pretend to come on other Grounds, he to believe on him? Yea, how many comes not right. If the most holy Man Threatnings against you, if you will not comes not in among ungodly Sinners, if he come to him to have Life ? Hath he given do not walk upon the Grounds of his own himself for the Sins of the World, and extream Neceflity, and Christ's Sufficienwill he not be willing that Sinners partake cy, he cannot come to Jesus Chrift, of that he was at so much Pains to pur. There is a Conceit among People, which chase? Think you that Christ will be if it were not so common as it is, I would content his Death should be in vain ? And not mention it, it is so ridiculous : How it should be in vain, if he did not welcome can I come to Christ to unclean and so guilthe worst Sinners : Yea, it should be in ty, nothing but Condemnation in me? vain, if he did not draw them to him, If I were such and soch, I would come to and make them willing. But besides this, him. Alas! there can nothing be imahe hath promised lo absolutely and freely, gined more absurd, or contary even to and fully, as there should be no Exception Sense and Reason. If thou wert such and imaginable against it : Him that cometb, such, as thou fancies a Desire to be, thou I will not in any Cafe cast out, John vi. wouldft not come to Christ, thou needed 37. Why do you imagine any Case where him nor; that which thou pretends as a Chrift hath made uone? Why do you Sin Reason why thou should not come, is the against your own Souls? Oh I if I were greu Reason pressed in the Gospel, why in Chrift, say you, I would be well; and, thou should come. What Madness is this? Oh ! that he would welcome such a I am so unclean, I will not come to the Sinner. Christ answers thee-in express Fountain to wash : Wherefore was the Terms, Whofoever will, let bim take Fountain opened, but for Sin and Unand drink freely. Thou declares thy cleanness? and the more Uncleanness, Willingness in so speaking, and he declares the more Need, and the more Need, his Willingnefs in so promising. Nay, the more Reason to come : Necef tby looking afar off on him, is a Fruil firy is a great Errand, and our Errof his Willingness; Yc bave not cbofen rand is a fufficienty Warrand. I am


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purfued by the Law, I have Condemnation who are delivered from them through within me, and nothing but Condemnati Chrift; and my Reason is, that ye may on: Well then, come to Christ Jesus, know how great a Salvation ye have rethe City of Refuge, where no Condem-ceived, how great a Condemnation ye nation is. Wherefore was this City ap. have escaped, and may henceforth walk pointed, but for this End? I beseech as these who are bought with a Price... you every one who useth those Debates, Your Creation makes you not your own, and taketh a kind of Delight in them, know but his, because he gave that Being : But what chey mean, how they wrong your your Redemption thould make you twice own Souls, how they dishonour Christ, more his, and not your own, because, and so God the Father ; pay, how foolish when that Being was worse than if it had and ridiculous they are, that if it were noi not been at all, he made it over again ; your Perplexity indeed, they deserved no fo ye are twice his : Firit he made you Answer, but a Rebuke, or Silence. Fhave with a Word, but now he hath bought with leen People take Delight in moving Ob- a Price, and that a dear Price, his Blood. jections against the Truth, yea, and stu- Again, the keeping this Curse always in dying earnestly how to object against any your View and Sight, and Application of Answers given from the Truthi Alas! it unto your Sins, 'will make much smchou meddles to thine- own Hurt, thou art ployment.for Chrift: O how will ye of upon a Way which shall never yield thee ten fee into that City?

I think they are any Comfort, but keep thy Soul from the greateft Enemies of Jesus Christ, and Etablishment, as a Waye tossed up and his Grace, who would have a Believer down. If ye beliete - not, but dispute, have no more use of the Law: I know gre fall not be established.

not who can use the Law, if he do it not; But I would speak a Word to these that I know not who can apply it unto Christ have believed, that have fled for Refuge the End of it, but he : Certainly he hath to Chrift, Oh! it concerns you most of not only use of the Commands as a Rule all Men to study to know this Condem- of Obedience, but the Curse also, not to nation that ye are delivered from, that ye make him fear again unto Bondage, no, may be thankful, and may keep clofs with no, but to make him see always the more in this City. I say, there is no Man within Neceffity of Jesus Christ, that he may the World Tould have more Thoughts; take 'up House in him, and dwell in more deep and earnest Meditations on bim.. the Curse and Wrath of God, than these


Verse 1. That walk not after the Flesh, but, &c.

is difficult to determine which of demnation, or that he is made to walk I'm to Christian, shat he is delivered from Con- Creature: Whether we ow more to


Christ for our Juftification, or Sanctifica- ed, therefore are guilty Sinners absolved : cion? For he is made both to us: But it is The Curse was applied unto him who bad more necessary to conjoyn them together, 'no Sin, but only was made Sin, or Sin than to compare them with other ; the laid on him, and therefore the Sentence one is not more necessary to be de- of Absclution from the Curse is applyed livered from Wrath, than the other unto them who have no Righteousness, to walk according to the Spirit. I think but are made the Righteousness of God it were an Argument of a Soul escaped by free and gracious Imputation. This I Condemnation, to have the great Stream speak, because of many unsavoury and unand Current of its Affections and Endear. found Expressions in this loose Generation, ours towards Sanctification, not that they that there is no Sin in the justified, that may be accepted of God, but because they Justification removes it clols, as if it had are accepted of God. It is not said, there never been at all. I say, as the Condemis nothing condemoable in those that are nation of Jesus Christ did not blot out his in Christ, but there is no Condemnation Innocency and Holiness within him, but to them. There is indeed a Body of only Justice considered him in that Account Death, and Law of Sin within them, as a Transgreffor, who yet was the holy a Nature defiled with original Polution, and spotless Lamb of God in himself, to and many Streams flowing from it, which likewise the Juftification of a Sinner before the fprinkling of the Blood of Christ in God, doth not remove or blot out the Justification doth not take away. If any very Corruption and Defilement of our Man say there is no Sin in bim, be is Natures, but only scrapes out our Names a Liar, and the Truth is not in bim: out of the Roll of his Debtors, as having But here is the Grace and Mercy of God satisfied in our Cautioner, and confiders in Jesus Christ that removes the Curse, us as righteous in that Account before God, where the Sin is, that takes away the And this likewise I speak for your use, Condemnation, where all worthy of Con- that ye may loath and abhor your felves, demnation is. And thus the Soul's Jufti- as much in your selves, who are made fication is parallel to Christ's Condemna. clean by the Blood of Jesus Christ, as if tion; there was in him nothing condem- ye were not washen. Nay, so much the nable, no Sin, no Guile in his. Mouth, more ye ought to remember your own yet there was Condemnation to him, be Sins, which he doth not remember as Debs cause he was in stead and place of Sin- any more; and to be ashamed and con. ners, our Iniquities was laid on him, founded because they are pardoned : It is not in him; he who knew no Sin was ordinary for Souls to look on themselves made a Curse for us, that we migbt be with an Eye of more Complacency in made the Righteousness of God in bim: themselves, when they apprehend that So then, the Soul thar flyeth in to Jesus God looks favourably on them: " I do not Chrift his Righteousness, though it have think that any Soul can duely consider the in it, all that deferveth Condemnation, gracious Aspect of God in Jesus Christ to yet there is no Condemnation to it, be them, but they will the more loath themcause his Righteousness is laid upon it, felves: but I find it ordinary, that flight and Chrift hath taken away the Curse. and inconsiderate Thoughts of Pardon,be. The innocent Son of God was condemn- gets jolly Conceits in Men's Hearts of


themselves ; and this is even the Sin of already revealed; but fave us from these God's Children, something is abated of new Discoveries and Lights. That which our self abhorring, when we have Peace we have received is able to make us per and Favour spoken in to us: But I be- fect to Salyation. feech every one that believes there is no Every one pretends a Claim and Right Condemnation for them, to consider there to this Privilege of Christians, to be paris all Things worthy of it in them, yea, doned and absolved from Condemnation, nothing but what deserves, it ; and there who doth not put it out of Question, fore let that Aspect of God beget Self- though in the mean Time, their Iniquiloathing, and Self-detestation in you: ties teftifie against them; and their The more you apprehend he is pleased TranfgrefTions lay in the Heart of a godwith you, be ye the more displeased with ly Man, that there is no fear of God be. your selves, because it is not your felves fore tbeir Eyes? Therefore the Apostle he is pleased with, but his own well-beo describes the Man that is in Jesus Christ, loved Son. The Day of Redemption is to be such an one, That walks not after coming, when there shall be no Condem- the Fles, but after the Spirit. Not onnation, and nothing condemnable either : ly to guard against the presumptuous Fancy In Hearen you shall be so, but while ye of those that live in their Sins, that pretend are here, this is the most important Duty to hope for Heaven, but to stir up every ye are called to, to loaib your felves, justified Soul to a new Manner of Converbecause of all your Abominations, and lation; since they are in Jesus Christ, because he is pacified towards you, we would speak a Word of two Things Ezek. xvi. at the close, and Chap. xxxvi. from this: First, That the Scripture gives 31. and xx. 43, 44. There is a new Marks and Characters of justified and reand ftrange Mortification, now pleaded conciled Persons, that they may be known for by many, whose highest Advancement by, both to themfelves, and others. Next, confifteth in not feeling, or knowing, or That the Christian escaped Condemnation, confesling Sin ; but in being dead to the hath a new Manner of walking, and is a Sense and Conviction of the same. Alas! new Creature in Christ. whither are these reforming Times gone? It might seem strange Thing, that Is not this the Spirit of Antichrift? I con- this first, were questioned in this Gene.' fels it is a Mortification of Godliness, a ration ; (if any the most clear and imporcrucifying of Repentance and Holiness, a tant Truth could pass without scanning ;) crucifying of the new Man ; but it is a the very Tenor of the Scripture holds out · quickning of the old Man, in the Lufts so much of it. I wonder that any Mar thereof; a living to Sin ; this a part of that reads chis Chapter, or the Epistles that new (bụt faitly so called) Gospel that of James, and John,' Tould have is preached by some ; which if an Angel any more Doubt of it. Hereby we would bring from. Heaven, we ought not know that we know him, if we keep bis 10 believe it. Orber Foundations can no Commands: Is not this a Conclusion of Man lay tban vbicb is laid already, up our State and Condition, from the Conon which the Prophets and Apostles are formity of our walking to the Will of God? builded; even Chrift Jesus. Lord give What Divine Truth can we be sure of, if the Spirit to understand these Mysteries this be uncertain? When the beloved

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