תמונות בעמוד

Time of the Spirit to bear our Infirmi- , Sentence of Absolution in Jesus Christ, vies, and to bring all Things about for and gets its Eyes opened to see that Body Good to us, Ver. 28. And from all of Death and Sin within that perfect this the Believer in Jesus Christ, hath Man of Sin diffused throughout all the Ground of Triumph and Boasting before Members ; then it bemoans it felf with de perfect Vi.tory. Even as Paul Paul, Ob miserable Man, who fall dedoth in the Name of Believers, from liver me from this Body of Death? Ver: 31. to the End. Upon these Con- Rom. vii. 24. I am delivered from the liderations, he that cryed out not long a- Condemnation of the Law, but what go, O miserable Man, wbo sall deli- Comfort is it, as long as Sin is so powerver me doth now cry out, Who Noall ful in me? Nay, this makes me orren condemn me? The distressed Wrestler suspect my Delivery from Wrath and becomes a vi&orious Triumpher : The the Curse, seeing Sin it felf is not taken beaten Soldier becomes more than a away. Conqueror. Oh, that your Hearts could Now, if you could be perswaded to be perswaded to hearken to this joyful hearken to Jesus Christ, and embrace this Sound! to embrace Jesus Chrift for Gospel, O! what abundant Consolation Grace and Şalvation; how quickly would Thould ye have? What a perfect Answer a Song of Triumph in him swallow up all to all your Complaints ? They would your present Complaints and Lamentati- be swallowed up in such a Triumph, as ons ?

| Paul's is here. This would discover All the Complaints amongst Men, unto you a perfect Remedy of Sin and may be reduced to one of these three. i Misery, that ye should complain no hear the most Part bemoaning themselves mure; or at least no more as these withthus ; Alas for the Miseries of this Life, out Hope. You shall never have a Rethis evil World! Alas for Poverty, for medy of your temporal Miseries, unless Contempt, for Sickness! Oh miserable ye begin at eternal, to prevent them. Man that I am, who will take this Dif- Seek first tbe Kingdom of God, and case away? Who will few me any all other Things hall be added unta good Thing? Plal. iv. any temporal you: Seek first to fee from the Wrath to Goed? But if ye knew and considered come, and ye shall escape it; and beside, your latter End, ye would cry out more; the evil of Time-affilictions shall be reye would refuse to be comforted, though moved : First, remove the greatest Comthese Miseries were removed. But I plaints of Sin and Condemnation, and hear some bemoaning themselves more how easie is it to answer all the Lamensadly, they have heard the Law and the tations of this Life, and make you rejoice Sentence of Condemnation is within them; in the midft of them. the Law hath entred and killed them : You have in this Verse three Things Oh! What shall I do to be saved of great Importance to consider, the great Who will deliver me from the Wrath and gracious Privilege, the true Nature, to come? What is all present Amictions and the special Property of a Christian. and Miseries, in respect of Eternity? Yet The Privilege is one of the greatest in there is one Moan and Lamentation be the World, because 'cis of eternal Con yond all these, when the Sow finds the fequence and Soul-concernment : The

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Nacure is moft Divine, he is one that is , lider the Estate all Men are into by Na.
in Jesus Christ, and implanted in him by ture: Paul expresses it in mort, Rom.
Faith :. His distinguishing Property is no v. By tbe Offence of one Judgment
ble, suitable to his Nature and Privilegess came upon all unto Condemnation, and
he walks not as the World, according to

the Reason of this is, by one Man Sin
his bafe Flesh, but according to the Spirit. came upon all, and so Deatb by Sin,
All these three are of one Latitude, none for Death passed upon all, because all
of them reaches further than another; bave finned, Ver. 18.-12. Lo then,
that rich Privilege and sweet Property all Men are under a Sentence of Con.
concenters and meets together in one Man, demnation once: This Sentence is the
e:en in the Man who is in Jesus Christ ; Curse of the Law : Curfed is every one
whoerer enters into Jesus Christ, and a-tbat abideth not in all Things conmart
bidech in him, he meets with these two, ded to do them. If ye knew what this
Justification and Sanctification ; these are Curse were, ye would indeed think it a.
no where else, and they are there together. Privilege to be delivered from it. Sin

If ye knew the Nature and Properties is of an infinite Deserving, because against of a Christian, ye would fall in Love with an infinite God: "Tis an Offence of an inthese for themselves, but if these for your finite Majefty, and therefore the Curl up: own fakes will not allure you, consider on the Sinner involves eternal Puqishment. this incomparable Privilege that he hath O!- what Weight is in that Word, 2 Ther. beyond all others, that ye may fall in i. 9. Ye shall be punished with everlast. Love with the Nature of a Christian. ing Destruction from the Presence of tbe Let this Love of your felves, and your Lord, and the Glory of bis Power? If own Well-being pursue you in ta Jesus it were duely apprehended, it would weigh Chrift, that ye may walk even as he down a Man's Soul, and make it heavy walked . And I assure you, if ye were unto Death. This Condeinnation includes once in Christ Jesus, ye would love the both damnum pænam poenam davery Nature and walking of a Christian, mni Spocnam (en!us, and both are inno more for the Absolution and Salvation finite in themselves, and eternal in their that accompanies it, but for its own Continuance. What an unpleasant and bit. Sweetness and Excellency beyond all o ter Life would one lead, that were bom to ther. Ye would, as the People of Sa- a Kingdom, and yet to be banished it; and maria, no more believe for the Report lose it? But what an incomparable Lofs is it, of your own Necessity and Misery, but to fall from an heavenly Kingdom, which ye would believe in Jesus Christ, and Heart cannot conceive, and that for ever? walk according to the Spirit, for their own In God's Favour is Life, and in bis Testimony they have in your Consciences. Presence are Rivers of Pleasures for Ye would no more be allured only with evermore. When your petty Penny-lof the Privileges of it to embrace Chrifti res do fo-much afflict your Spirits, what anity, but ye would think Christianity the would the due Apprehension of so great greatest Privilege, a Reward unto it self, a Lofs do? Would it not be Death unPietas ipsa fibi merces eft; Godliness to you, and worse than Death, to be res is great Gain in it self, though it had not parated from this Life, to be eternally basuch sweet Confequents or Companions. nifhed from the Prefence of his Glory? Thas you may bpon this Privilege, con

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If there should be no more punishment sooner. Ye would think it were an ir. but this only ; if the wicked were to en repealable Decree, if all the Nations in dure for ever on Earth, and the godly the Earth, and Angels above conveened whom they despised and mocked, were to adjudge a Man to Death, did pass Sen. uanslated to Heaven, what Torment -tence upon him: Nay, but this Word. would it be to your Souls to think upon that is daily spoken to you, which pafchat Blessedness which they enjoy above ? seth this Sentence upon you all, is more And how foolishly ye have been put by it certain ; and this Sentence of Death must for a Thing of no Value ? What would a be executed, unless ye be under that blesrich Man's Advantages and Gains be to fed Excep:ion made here, and else where bim, when he considereth what an in- in the Gospel. I beseech you consider finite Loser he is? How he hath fold a l what it is to have such a Judge condeinKingdom for a Dung-hill? Now if there ning you. Would not any cf you be awere any Hope, that aiter Tome Years fraid, if ye were under the Sentence of a his Banishment from Heaven might end, King? If that Judgment were above your this might refrein him, but there is not Head, who of you would fit in Peace and one Drop of such Consolation : He is Quietness? Who would not Alee from banished, and eternally banyhed from the Wrath of a King, that is like the Roarthat glorious Life in the Presence of God, ing of a Lion? But there is a Sentence of which thefe do enjoy, whom he despised the King of Kings and Nations above If a Man were Mut up all his Life-time your Heads : Who would not fear thee, in a Pit, never to see the Light once more, to whom it doth appertain, ő King of would not this be Torment enough to Nations! It is not a great Man that

But when withall there is such can destroy thy Body that is against thee; Pain joyned with this Lofs; when all this it is not he who hath Power to kill thee, Time, he is tormented within with a and he hath also a great Desire so to do; gnawing Worm, and without with Fire : this were indeed much: But it is the great These Senses that did so greedily hunt af- and eternal JE HOVAH, who lifts up his ter Satisfaction to themselves

, are now as Hand'to Heaven, and fwears he lives Lensible in ihe feeling of Pain and Torment; for ever, he is against thee : He who andwhen this Mall not make an End, but be hath all Power over Body and Soul, is aeternal; O! whole Heart can consider it? gainst thee, and so is obliged to improve It is the Comfort and Ease of bodily Tor- bis Omnipotency against thee: He can. ments here, that they will end in Death. kill both Soul and Body, and cast them Destruction destroys it self, in destroying into Hell, and by vertue of this Curse he the Body, bạr here is an immortal Soul to will not spare thee, but pour out all the feed upon, and at length the Body shall Curles in this Book. Thou would be at be immortal, that Destruction cannot no Peace if thou wert declared Rebel by quite destroy it, but shall be an ever laft. the King and Parliament;:, but alas! irig Destruction, and living Death.

that's a small Thing; they can but reach This is the Sentence that is once.past thy. Body, nay, neither can they always against us all in the Word of God, and do that, thou may flee from them, but not one Jot of this Word fhall fall to the whither canst thou flee fro:n him? Thou Ground: Heaven and Earch may fail cannot go out of his Dominions, for the


Earth is his, and the Sea, and all that endure what Chrift endured? Do ye think therein is: Darkness cannot hide thee ye can bear Wrath according to God's froin him ; he may spare long, because Power and Justice? And yet the Judg. he can certainly overtake when he pleases: ment is come upon all Men to this

Men may not, because they have no Af-Condemnation. But, alas! who fears - Kurance of finding. I beseech you then, him according to his Wrath? Who

consider this, it is of Soul-consequence ; knows the Power of his Anger? Ye and what bath a Man gaine:t, if be Deep secure, as if all Matters were paft gain the World, and lose bis Soul? If and over your Head. We declare unto the Gainer be lost, what is gained? And you in the Lord's Name, that this Conit is of eternal Consequence, and what is demnation is yet abore you, because you many thoutånd Years to this ? - You can have not judged your selves: It is preachlook beyond all these, and might comfort ed unto you that ye may Aee from it, but your felves in Hope ; but you cannot see since ye will not condemn your seives, to the End of this, there is still more be this righteous Judge muft condemn you. fore than is past; nay, there is nothing Now, fince it is so, that such a condempast, it is still as Beginning.

natory Sentence is paft on all Men, what O that ye would consider this Curse of a Privilege muft it be, to be delivered from God that stands registrate upon us all ; it, to have that Sentence repealed by some Why Effects had it on Chrift, when he did new Ad of God's Mercy and Favour? bear it? It made his Soul heavy to Death, David proclaims him a blessed Man, it was a Cup that he could scarcely drink; whose Sins are forgiven and covered; he that supported the frame of this world, and indeed he is blefled who elcapes that was almost hear fuccumbing under the Pit of eternal Misery, though there were Weight of this Wrath; it made him sweat no more ; though there were no Title Blood in the Garden : He that could do to an Inheritance and Kingdom above, to all Things, and speak all Things, was put be delivered from that Wrach to come to this, Wbat soall I say? When this upon the Children of Disobedience, this Condemnation was fo terrible to him, is more Happiness than the Enjoyment of who was that mighty One upon whom all earthly Delights : What would a all Help was laid, what Mall it be to you? Man give in Exchange for his Soul? No Man's Sorrow was ever like his, nor Skin for Skin, and all a Man bath be Pain ever like his, if all the scattered will give for bis Life : These Riches Torments were united in one ; but be. and Advantages and Pleasures that Men cause he was God he overcame, and came spend their labour for, all these they will out from under it. But what do you part with in such a hazard. The cuvetous think thall be the Efate of these who shall Man he will cast his Coffers over-board endure that fame Torment? and not ere he lose his Life : The 'roluptuous for three Days, or three Years, or fome Man he will suffer Pain and Torment in thoufands of years, but beyond Imaginati- cutting off a Member, ere he die. on, to all Eternity.

if Men knew their Souls, and what an í beseech you cosider this Condemna. Immortality and Eternity expects them, tion which ye ate adjudged unto, and do they would not only give Skin for Skin, not ly under it. Do ye think ye can I and all that they have for their Soul, but

their Life also: Ye would choose to die how all Kings, all Tongues and Natia thousand Deaths to escape this eternal ons must stand before the Judgment-lear Death. But what sball a Man give in of God, and the Books of his Law be Exchange for bis Soul, Mat. wi. 26. apened, to judge them by, as also the though he would give, yet what hath he Books of their Consciences, to verifie his to give? There are two Things endears Accusation, and precipitate their own Senany Privilege to us, and heightens the tence ; and then in the open View of all Rate of it; the Necessity of it, and the the Sons of Adam, and the Angels, all Preciousness of it : And these two are emi- Secrets be brought out, their Accusation nent here. Is it not necessary to be, to read as large as their Lifetime, and as malive, and have a Being? All Men think ny Curses to be pronounced against every so, when they will give all they have to one, as there be Breaches of the Law of redeem themselves :- All other Things are God, whereof they are found guilty; and accidental to thein, they are nearest 10 then all these will seek into Corners, and themfelves ; therefore all must go ere cry for Mountains, but there is no Covers themselves go. But I say this is more ing from his Presence. What do ye think necessary, to be well eternally, than to the Man will think within himself who be fimply; to escape this Condemfation, will stand before God, and be abfolved than to have a Being. And this shall be in Judgment by Jesus Christ, notwithverified in the last Day, when Men Mali ftanding his Provocations above many of ary for Hills and Mountains to fall them? What will a King then think of on tbem, and save them from the Wrarbhis Crown and Dominions, when he reof the Lamb, Rev. vi. 16. Men will fects on them? What will the poor choose rather not to be, than to fall in persecuted Christian then think of all the that Wrath. O how acceptable would a Glory and Perfection of this World, when Man's first nothing be to him in that great he looks back upon it ? O know, poor Day of Wrath? Who shall be able to foolish Men, what Madness is in venture. stand in it? when Kings and Princes, ing your Souls for Trifles, ye run the bond and free, great and small, shall de hazard of all greatest Things for a poor Gure Mountains to grind them into Powder, Moment's Satisfaction. Ye will repent it rather than to hear that Sentence of Con- too late, and become wise to judge your demnation, and yet shall not obtain it. selves Fools, when there is no place to O blessed are all they that trust in bim, mend it. wben bis Wratb is kindred but a little, But this Privilege is no more necessaPfal. ii. 12. Ye toil and vex your selves, |ry than it is precious : Your Souls are and spend your Time about that Body now kept captive under that Sentence of and Life, but for as precious as they are everlasting Imprisonment, ye are all Priw you now, ye would exchange them foners, and know not of it. What will one Day for Immunity and Freedom from ye give in Ransom for your Souls ? this Wrath and Curse. How will that Your Sins and Iniquities have sold you to Man think bis Lines are fallen in plea- the righteous Judge of all the Earth, as Ma fant Places? How will be despise the lefactors, and he hath paft a Sentence of Glory of earthly Kingdomas, though all your perpetual Imprisonmentunder Satan's united in one ? wbo confiders in his Heart Cuftody in Hell. Now what will you

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