תמונות בעמוד

pravokot. Can any Good come out of can give any Thing in Exchange for it) Nazareth, that was i Proverb concern excepe Jelus Chritt had come into the ing him. But I think in fome Sease ie . World, one chat might be able to read might be faid, can any Good come dowa chat Wine-press of Wrach alone, and give from Heaven, from his holy Habitacion his Life a Ransom, in Value far above 10 this accůrf:d Earth? Could any Thing be the Soul, and pay the Debt of Sin that expected from Heaven, but Wrah and we were owing to God, And, indeed Vengeance? And if no Good could be he was furnished for this purpose, a Per expected that Way, what Way could it fon fuited and fiued for such a Work. A come ? Sure if not from Heaven, then Man to undertake it in our Name, and from no Art : Yer from Heaven our God to perfom it in his own Strength. Á Help is come, from whence it could not Maa, that he might be made under the De looked for, even from him who was Law, and be humbled even to the Deache offended, and his Justice engaged against of the Cross, that so he might obey the Man, that he might both satisfy Juftice Commandment, and suffer the Punishand fave Man, that he might not wrong menr-due to us, and all this was elevated himse'f nor destroy Man utterly, he fends beyond the worth of created Actions, or his only begotten Son, equal with him- sufferings by that Divine Nature. This felf in Majefty and Glony into the World perfumed all his Humanity, and all done in the State of a Servant, to accomplith by it, or in it; this put the Scamp of Divis Man's Salvation, and perform to kim nity upon all, and imposed an infinite Va Satisfaction. Therefore Chrift came in Jue upon the Coin of knite Obedience to the World to save Sinners.

and Sufferings · And so in his own Pero There were two grand Impediments son, by coming inco the World, and ad in the Way of Man's Salvacion, which ing and suffering in the place of Singers, made it impossible to Man; one is God's he hath taken che first great impediment Justice, another is Man's Sin : These two out of the Way : taken down the high Wall behooved to be fatisfied or removed, e're of Divine Justice which had enclosed there 'can be access to save a Sianer. round about the Sinner, and satisfied all its The Sentence of Divine Justice is pro- Demands by paying the Price ; fo that there nounced agánft all Mankind. Death is nothing upon God's Part to accuse or paft on all

. A Sentence of Death and condemn, to binder or obstru& Salvacia Condemnacion: Now, when the Righ-on. reoulnes' and Faithfulness of God is en But then there is an inner Wall, or zaged into this, how strong a Party do dark Dungeon of Sin, into which the Sin you think that muft be? What Power ner is fhut up, and reserved in Chains of can break that Prison of a Divine Curse, his own Lufts, until the Time of ever. and take out & Sinnet from under Justice lafting Darkness, and when Heaven is Hand? Certainly, there is no coming opened-by. Chrift's Death, yet this keeps out all the uttermott Parthing be paid a Sinner from entring in. Therefore that was owing, till compleat Satisfacti. Jesus Christ, who came himself into che on be given to all Wrongs. Now, truly, World to satisfie Justice, and remove its the Redemption of the Soul had ceased Plea, that there might be np Obfquction for era (i's fa precious chat no çreature from that Airo, be sends out his powerful

Spirit with the Word, to deliver poor cap accept it, if you believed that it were Live Sinners, to break down the Wall of true and faithful. I find one of these two Ignorance and Blindness, to cart down the great Obstruction in the Way of Souls the high Tower of Wickedness and En receiving Advantage by fuch glad Tidings; mity again ft God, to take captive and either the absolute Neceflity and Excellenchain our Lufts, that kept us in Bondage : cy of the Gospel is not considered, or the And, as he made Heaven accessible by Truth and Reality of is is not believed, his own perfonal Obedience and Suffer- Men either do not behold the Beauty of ings, so he makes Sinners ready and free Goodness in it, or do not see the Light of

to enter into that Salvation by his Spirit's Truth in it; either there is nothing dif. Working in thetr Persons. In the one, he covered to engage their Affections, or bad God, as it were, his Party, and him nothing feen to perswade their Underhe hath satisfied so far, that there was a standings. Therefore the Apoftle Sounds Voice came from Heaven to teftifie it, a Trumpet, as it were, in the Entry, beThis is my beloved Son in whom I am fore the Publication of these glad News, well pleared, and therefore, in Tefti- and commends this unto all Men as a true muny of it, God raised him from the and faithful Saying, and as worthy of all Dead. In the other, he hath Satan and Acceptation. There is here the higheft Man's wicked Nature as his Party, and Truth and Certainty to satisfy the Mind, there he must conquer and fubdue ; these it's a faithful Saying; and there is here ke muft overcome, ere we can be faved ; also the chiefe A Good to satiate the Heart, a Arange Businelt indeed, and a great it's wortby of all acceptation. Now, Work, to bring fuch two opposite and dif if you do really apprehend your loft and ant Parties together, a holy and just God, miserable Estate, you cannot but behold and-a finful and rebellious Creature, and that ravishing Goodness in it ; and behold to take them both as Parties, that he might that you cannot, till you see the other firft: reconcile both.

Whence is it, I pray you, that fo many Now, What do you think of this, my Souls are never ftirred with the Propolis Beloved, That such a glorious Person ission of fuch Things in the Gospel, that the come down from Heaven, for such a Riches and Beauty of Salvation in Jefus Work as the Salvation of Sioners? I put Chrift doth not once move them ? Is it No Doubt, it would be moft acceptable not because there is no lively Apprehenfiinto you, if you knew your Misery, and on of their Misery without him? knowing your Misery you could not but


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Ronians VIII. 1. There is therefore now Co12 ~

demnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the Flesh, but after the Spirit.

HERE are three Things upon, amongst the greatest Miseries of

which concur to make Men, as Vanity in themielves, and VexMan miserable ; Sin, ation, both in the injoying and losing of Condemnation, and Af-them : But, alas! Chey knew not the fiction : Every one may Fountain of all this Mifery, Sin; and the

observe, that Man is Accomplishment of this Misery, Condemborn unto Trouble, as the Sparks flie nation. They thought Trouble came upward ; that his Day's here are few out of the Ground and Duft, either by and evil, bo polelles Montbs of Vanity, a natural Neceflity, or by Chance ; but, and wearifome Nights are appointed the Word of God discovereth unto us for bim, Job v. 6, 7. and vii. 3. He the Ground of it, and the End of it : The is of few Days, and full of Trouble, Ground and Beginning of it was Man's Job xiv, 1. Heathens have had many Me Defection from God, and walking acditations of the Misery of Man's Life ; cording to the Flesh ; and from this Head and in this have out-ftript the most Part have all the Calamities and Streams of

of Christians. We recount, amongst our Miseries in the World issued; it hath not - Miseries, only fome Afflictions and only redounded to Men, but even to the

Troubles, as Poverty, Sickness, Re-whole Creation, and subjected it to Vanity, proach, Banishment, and such like: They Ver. 20. of this Chap: Not only thalt again have numbred even these natural thou, O Man (faich the Lord to Adam) Necessities of Men amongft his Miseries, eat thy. Meat in Sorrow, but thy Curse is to be continually turned about, in such a upon the Ground allo, and thou who Circle of Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping : was immortal, shalt return to that Dust What Burden Thould it be to an immortal which thou magnified above thy Soul, Gen. Spirit to roll about perpetually that Wheel? ii. 17. But the End of it is suitable We make more of the Body "than of the to the Beginning; the Beginning had all the Soul : They have accounted this Body Evil of Sin in it, and the End hath all the a Burden to the Soul ; they placed Evil of Punishment in it. These Streams Prosperity, Honour, Pleasure, and such of this. Life's Misery, they run into an inThings, which Men pour out their Souls finite, boundless, and bottomless Ocean of




eternal Wrath. If tlou live according the work together for the Good of those that Flesh, thou shalt die: It is not only Death love God, Ver. 28. So then we have here, but eternal Death after this. The a moft compleat Deliverance in extent, Miseries then of this present Life, are not but not in degrees : Sin remains in us. á proportionable Punishment of Sin; they but not in Dominion and Power: Wrath are but an Earneft given of that_great fometimes kindles because of Sin, but it Sum, which is to be payed in the Day of cannot increase to everlasting Burnings. Accounts; and that is Condemnation, Africtions and Miseries may change their everlasting Destruction from the Prefence Name, and be called Inftructions and of the Lord and the Glory of bis Power. Trials, Good and not Evil: But Chrift Now as the Law discovers the perfea hath reserved the full and perfect Delive. Misery of Mankind, fo the Gospel hathry till another Day, which is therefore brought to Light a perfect Remedy of all called the Day of compleat Redemptithis Misery. Jesus Christ was '

manifeft-on, and then all Sin, all Wrath, all Misery ed to take away Sin, and therefore his shall have an End, and le swallowed up Name is Jesus, for be fall save bis of Life and Immortality, Ver. 23. People from tbeir Sins. This is the ... This is the Sum of the Gospel; and Lamb of God tbat takes away the Sins this is the Substance of this Chapter. of the World, Judgment was by one There is a threefold Consolation anfwerunto Condennation of all

, but now there able to our three-fold Evils : There is is no Condemnation to tbem that are in no Condemnation to those that are in Cbrift Jesus; lo these two Evils are re-CbrifHere is a blessed Message to moved, which indeed have all Evil in condemned loft Sinners, who have that them. He takes away the Curse of the | Sentence within their Breasts, Ver. I. Law, being made under it ; and then he This was the End of Christ's coming and takes away the Sin against the Law by dying, that he might deliver us from Sin his Holy Spirit. He hath a twofold Ver- as well as Death, and the Righteousness tue, for he came by Blood and Water, of the Law might be fulfilled in us; and John v. 6. 7. by Blood, to cleanse therefore he hath given the Holy Spirit, away the Guilt of Sin; and by Water, and dwels in us by the Spirit, to quicken to purifie us from Sin it self. But in the us who are dead in șins and Trespas mean Time, there are many Amictions Ses. O! what Consolation will this be and Miseries upon us, common to Men: to Souls, that look upon the Body of Why are not these removed by Chrift? Death within them, as the greatest MiI fay, the Evil of them is taken away, fery, and do groan with Paul, o mitho' themselves remain. Death is not serable Man that I am, &c. Rom. vii. taken away, but the Sting of Death is re- 24. This is held forth to Ver. 17. moved. Death, Afflictions, and all are But because there are many Grounds of overcome by Jesus Christ, and so made Heaviness and Sadness in this world, there his Servants to do us good : The Evil of fore the Gospel opposes unto all these, them is God's Wrath and Sin, and there both our Expectation which we have of are removed by Jesus Chrift. Now they that blefled Hope to come, whereof we would be taken away indeed, if it were are so sure, that nothing can frustrate us of MOs good they remained, for all Things it, and also the Help we get in the mean


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