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his Majesty by the Degrees of his Crea rence between the true God, and the Gods ..sures, this is the climbing and aspiring Na that made not the Heavens and the Earth.

ture of Faith. . You see how much those Alas, the Worship of many Chriftians Saints in the Old Testament were in this ; fpeaks out no diviner or higher Objed and certainly, they had more excellent than a Creature, it is so cold, fo formal, and beseeming Thoughts of God than we. and empty, so vain and wandring, there

It Mould make Chriftians ashamed, that is no more Respect teftified unto him, than both Heathens who had no other Book we would give to some eminent Person: opened to them, but that of Nature, did You find in the Scripture how the Strain of read it more diligently than we ; And the Saints Affections and Devotion rises, that the Saints of Old, who had not such when they take up God in his absolute Sua plain Teftimony of God as we now premacy above the Creatures, and lozk have, yet diđ learn more out of the Book on him as the alone Fountain of all that is of the Creature, then we do both out of worth the Name of Perfection in them. it and the Scriprures: We look on all A Soul in that consideration cannot Things with such a careless Eye, and do chuse but allign unto him the moft eminot observe what may be found of God nent Seat in the Heart, and gather those in them: I think verily there are many Affections which are scattered afver the Christians, and. Minifters of the Gospel, Creatures, into one Channel, to pour who do not ascend into those high and them out on him who is all in all, and hach savishing Thoughts of God, in his Being all that which is lovely in the Creatures and working, as would become even in en eminent Degree. Therefore know meer Naturalists; How little can they what you are formed for, to shew forca {peak of his Majesty, or think, as it be his Praise, to gather and take up from the comes h's transcendant Glory. There Creatures all the Fruits of his Praise, and is little in Sermons or Discourses that offer them up to his Majesty: This was holds out any fingular admiring Thoughes the End of Man, and this is the End of a of a Deity, but in all these we are lo Christian, you are made for this, and you common and careless, as if He were an were redeemed for this, to read upon Idol.

the Volumes of his Works, and Word, It is not in vain that it is expressed thus, and from thence extract Songs of Praise By Faith we know ibat ibe Worlds were to his Majesty. made, for certainly the firm believing As this would be of great Moment to and pondering of this one Truth, would the right worshipping of God, and to the be of great Moment and Use to a Christi- Exercise of true Holiness ; so it is most an in all his Journey. You may obsetve effectual to the establishing of a Soul in the in what stead it is to the Saints in Scrip- Confidence of the Promises of God. ture : This raises up a Soul to high when a Soul by Faith understands the Thoughts, and suitable Conceptions of World was made by God, then it relyes bis glorious' Name, and so conforms with Confidence upon that same Word of the Worship of his Majesty unto his Ex God, as a Word of Power, and hopes sellency, it puts the Stamp of Divinity against Hope : There are many Things upon it, and spiritualizes the Thoughts in the Christian's Way betwixt him and And Afte.tions fo, as to put a true Diffe- Glory, which look as insuperable: Thou

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art often emptied into nothing, and Atript, David, Hezekiah, &c. What is it haked of all Encouragements, and there is would disquiet a Soul if it were reposed gothing remaining but the Word of God's on this Rock of creating Power and Promises to thee, and to the Church, Faithfulness? This would always found which feems contrary to Sense and Rea- in its Ears, faint not ; weary not Jacob, log; Now, I say, if thou do indeed be- I am God, and none else, the Portion heve that the World was made by God, of Jacob is not like others, be it ioward then out of all Question thou may filence or outward Difficulties, fuppose Hell and all thy Fears with this one Thought, God Earth tombined together, let all the Enecreated this whole Frame out of nothing, mies of a Soul, or of the Church allem. he commanded the Light to thine out of ble, here is one for all, the God thar Darkness, then certainly he can give a made the Heaven and the Earth can fpeaks Being to his own Promises ; is not his and it is done, command, and it Word of Promise as" sure and effec- stands faft! He creates Peace, and tual as his Word of Command? This webo tben can make Trouble, when he is the grand Encouragement of the Church, gives Quietness to a Nation, or to a Pere both offered by - God, from Ifa. Chap. fon. Almighty Power works in Saints, xl. and made use of by his Saints, as and for Saints, let us trust in Him.

Gen. i. 36, 27. And God said, Lot us make Man in our Image, after

our Likeress : And let them have Dominion over the Fis of the Sca, and orky tbe Powl of the Air, and over the Cattle, and over all the Earth, and over ever creeping Thing that creepetb upon the Eartb. So God created Man in his own Image, in the image of God created be bim, Male and Female. created be then. With Epb. iv. 24.

And that we put on the new Man, wbich after God is created in Righteousness and true Holiness. And Heb. ii. 10. Wherefore I was grieved with that Generation, and said, They do always err in their

Hearts, and they have not known my Ways. WHILE we descend from

HILE we descend from the Me- f indeed drown us in Wonder, and afto.

dication of the Glory of God Thin nith us, to think what special Notice he ing in the Heavens, in Sun, Moon, and haih taken of such a Creature from the Stars, unto the Confideration of the Lord's very Beginning and put more respect upon framing of Man after this Manner, we him than upon all the more excellent may fall into Admiration with the Pfalmift, Works of his Hands. You find here the Psa. viii. Lord what is Man that thou Creation of Man expressed in other ari mindful of bim, or the Son of Man | Terms, than was used before, He said, ibattbou soouldA remember bim. It might Let tbere be Ligbt, and it was, tet tbere

be dry Land, &c. But it is not such a make us listen to hear, earnest to know fimple Word as that, but let us make what Man once was, how magnified of Man according to our Image ; as if God, and set above the works of his God had called a Consultation about it. Hands? There is a great Desire in Men What was there any more Difficulty in

to search into their Original, and to trace this than in the rest of his works ? backward the dark Foot-fteps of Antiquity, Needed he any Advisement about his especially if they be put in Expectation of Frame and Conftitution ? No certainly, attaining any honourable or memorable for there was as great Work of Power, Extraction? How will Men love to hear as curious Pieces of Art and Wisdom, of the Worth of their Ancestors? But which were instantly done upon his Word. what a Stupidity doth, possess the most He is not a Man that he should advise or Pari, in Relation to the high Fountain consult: As there is no Difficulty nor Im- and Head of all, that they do not aiin pediment in the Way of his Power, (He so high as Adam, to know the very doth all that he pleases, ad nutum, at Estate of humane "Nature : Hence it is bis very Word or Nod, so easie are Im- that the moft Part of People ly-ftill afto. poffiblities to him ; ). fo there is nothing nished, or rather stupid and senseless, af. hard to his Wisdom, no Knot but it can ter this great Fall of Man, because they loose, nothing fo curious or exquisite, but never look upward to the Place and Dig. he can as curiously contrive it, as the nity from whence Man did fall. It is Moft common and gross Pieces of the certain, you will never rightly under ftand Creation ; and therefore, He is wonder your selves, or what ye are, till ye know ful in Counsel, and excellent in work first what Man was made ?. You cannot ing. But ye have here expressed, as it imagine what your prefent Misery is, till were, a Counsel of the Holy and Blessed you once know what that Felicity was Trinity about Man's Creation, to lignify in which Man was made us make to us, what peculiar Respect be puts upon Man in our. Image ;) some have called that Creature, and what special Notice he Man uspoxoru, a little World, a Comtakes of us, that of his own free Purpose pend of the World, because he hath Hez and good Pleasure he was to single and ven and Earth as it were married together choose. out Man from among all other in him ;. two most remote and distant Creatures, for the more eminent: Demon- Natures, the Duft of the Earth, and the stration of his glorious Attributes of Grace, immortal Spirit, which is called the Breath Mercy, and Justice upon him ; and like of God, sweetly linked and conjoy ned 10wise to point out the Excellency that God gether, with a Disposition and Inclination did stamp upon Man in his Creation be one to another. The Lord was in this yond the reft of the Creatures, as the piece of Workmanship as it were to give Apostle shows the Excellency of Christ a. a narrow and short. Compend of all his bove Angel's, To wbieb of tbe Angels Works, and so did associate in one Piece Said be at any Time, tbou art my Son, with marvellous Wisdom, Being, Living, Heb. i. s. So we may say, of which Moving. Sense, and Reason, which are of the Creatures said he at any Time, scattered abroad in the other Creatures, come, let us make them in qur, Image af so that a Man carries these Wanders a ter our Likeness? O how should this bout with him, which he admires with


out him,

At-his bare and simple Word, but Man he created according to his own this huge Frame of the World started Image, and gave him to have some Like: out of nothing : But in this, he acts the ness to himself

, Likeness I say, not Same. Part of a cunning Artificer, Let us make nefs or Oneness. That is þigh indeed, to Man, he makes rather than creates, first be like God,the Notion and Expression of it raises the Walls of Flelh, builds the House imports some strange Thing : How could of the Body with all its Organs, all its Man be like God, who is infinite, incom. Rooms, and then he puts in a noble and prehensible, whose Glory is not communidivine Gueft to dwell in it, He breathes cable to another? It is true, indeed, in in it ibe Breatb of Life, he incloses as those incommunicable Properties he hath it were an Angel within it, and marries not only, no Equal, but none to liken him; there together in the most admirable Union in these he is to be adored, and admired and Cominunion, that can be imagined, as infinitely transcending all created Per' fo that they make up one Man.

fections and Conceptions; but yet in oBut that which the Lord looks most thers he has been pleased to hold forth into in this work, and would have us most himself to be imitated and followed: And to consider, is that Image of himself that that this might be done he firft stamps he did imprint on Man (let us make Man them upon Man in /is first Moulding of in our own Image :) There was no Crea- him ; and if ye would know what there cure but it had some Engravings of God are particularly, the Apostle exprefses them, upon it, Inme curious Draughts and Linea Eph. iv. 24, in Knowledge, in Righments of his Power, Wisdom, and Good- teousness and true Holines, Col. iii. ia. ness upon it, and therefore the Heavens are This is the Image of bim who created Gaid, 10 jew fortb bis Glory, &c. But what bim, which the Creator stamped on Man, ever they have, it is but the lower part that he might seek him, and let him

apart of that Image, fome dark Shadows and for himself to keep Communion with him, Resemblances of him : But that which is and to bless him. There is a Spirit given the laft of his Works, he makes it accor- to Man with a capacity to know, and to ding to his own Image, tanquam ab ul will : And here is a Draught and Lineatima manu, be therein gives out himself

. ment of God's Face, which is not 'engrav, to be read and seen of all Men as in a Glass; en on any sensitive Creature; 'It is one of other Creatures are made as it were ac- the most noble and excellent Operations of cording to the Similitude of his Foot-step, Life in which a Man is most above Beasts, ad fimilitudinem veftigii, but. Man, ad to reflect upon himself, and to know him

fimilitudinem faciei, according to the self and his Creator ; There are natural Liteness of his Face, (in our Image after loftincts given to other Things, natural our Likeness.) It is true there is only, Jesus Propensions to those Things that are con Christ his Son, who is tbe Brigbtners of venient to their own Nature, but none of bis Glory, and the express fubftantial 1- them have so much as a Capacity to know mage of bis Person, who resembles him what they are, or what they have, perfe&tly, and throughly in all Properties, they cannot frame a Notion of him so thas he is alter idem, another-self both who gave them a Being, but are onių in Nature, Properties, and Operations, fo proportionate * co the scerning of some like him that he is one with him, so that I lerrible Things, and can reach no fur. i is rather an Oneness, chan a Likeness ;



further : He hath limited the Eye with There was a Divine Light which did in Colours, and Light ; he hath fet a thine in upon the Understanding, ever Bound to the Ear that it cannot act with till Sin interposed and ecclipfed it, and out Sounds; and so to every Sense he hath from the Light of God's Countenance did assigned its own proper Stanse, in which the fweet Heat, and Warmness of Holiness it moves ; but he teaches Man Know and Uprightness in the Affections proledge, and he inlarges the Sphere of his ceed, so that there was nothing but Puri. Understanding beyond visible or sensible y and Cleanness in the Soul, no Darkness

Things, to Things invitible, to Spirits; of Ignorance, no Muddiness of carnal Af and this Capacity he has put in the Soul fections, but the Soul pure and transparent, to know all Things, and it self among to receive the refreshing and enlightning the reft; the Eye discerns Light, but fees Rays of God's glorious Countenance, and not it self, but he gives a Spirit to Man this was the very Face and Beauty of the to know himself, and his God; and then, Soul, it is that only that is the Beauty and there is a willing Power in the Soul, by Excellency of the Creature, Conformity which it diftules it felt towards any Thing, to God, and this was throughout, in Uns that is conceived as guod; the Understan-derstanding and Affections, the Underding directing, and the Will commanding Atanding conformed to his Underftanding, according to its Direction, and then the discerning between Good and Evil ; and whole Faculties and Senses obeying fuch conformed it behoved to be, for it was Commands, which makes up an excel but a Ray of that Sun, a Stream of that lent Draught of the Image of God: There Fountain of Wisdom, and a Light derived was a sweer Proportion and Harmony in froin that primitive Light of God's UnderAdam, all was in due Place and Subur-standing ; and then the Will did fym. dination ; the Motions of inimortal Man pathize as much with his Will, approving did begin within, the Lamp of Reason and chusing what he approved, and refus. did mine and give Light to it, and till that ing that which he hated : Idem velle gi. went before, there was no stirring, no que idem nolle, ea demum firma eft amichuling, no refusing, and when Reafon citia, that was the Conjunction, and it is which was one Sparkle of the divine Na- more ftrict than any Tye among Men, ture, or a Ray of God's Light reflected there was not two Wills, they were as into the Soul of Man, when once that did it were one, the Love of God reflecting appear to the discerning of Good and E- into the Soul, did as it were carry the. vil

, chis Power was in the Soul, to apply Soul back again unto him, and that was the whole Man accordingly, to choose the the conforming Principle which fathioned Good and refuse the Evil: It had not been the whole Man without and within, to a lively Resemblance of God to have a his Likeness, and to his Obedience : Power of knowing and willing fimply, Thus Man was formed for Communion unless thefe had been beautified and adorn with God, this Likeness behoved to be, ed with supernatural and divine Graces or they could not joyn as Friends. of spiritual Light, and Holiness, and Righ But now this : calls us to a fad Mediteousness; these make up the lively cation, to think from whence we have Colour, and compleat she image of God fallen, and so how great our Fall is ; 10 upon the Soul

fall from such a blessed Eftare, that must



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