A History of England from the First Invasion by the Romans, כרך 2

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עמוד 100 - ... the man who bade the most. Nor did he " reck how sinfully his reeves got money of " poor men, or how many unlawful things they " did. For the more men talked of right law, " the more they did against the law.
עמוד 342 - The archbishop, feeling the blood trickle down his face, joined his hands and bowed his head, saying, ' In the name of Christ, and for the defence of his Church, I am ready to die.
עמוד 169 - On the whole the church gained little by the compromise. It might check, but did not abolish, the principal abuse. If Henry surrendered an unnecessary ceremony, he still retained the substance. The right which he assumed of nominating bishops and abbots was left unimpaired...
עמוד 99 - And there were with him all the rich men over all England ; archbishops and diocesan bishops, abbots and earls, thanes and knights. Moreover he was a very stark man, and very savage, so that no man durst do anything against his will. He had earls in his bonds, who had done against his will ; bishops he set off their bishoprics, abbots off their abbotries, and thanes in prisons ; and at last he did not spare his own brother Odo.
עמוד 360 - England, and the infe• 154. riority of the natives in the art of war, had suggested the idea of conquest to both William the Conqueror, and the first Henry. The task, which they had abandoned, was seriously taken up by the son of Matilda. To justify the invasion of a free and unoffending people, his ambition had discovered that the civilization of their manners, and the reform of their clergy were benefits, which the Irish ought cheerfully to purchase with the loss of their independence. Within...
עמוד 326 - Neither men, bowing under the weight of years, nor infants, still hanging at the breast, were excepted. The list of proscription was swelled with four hundred names ; and the misfortune of the sufferers was aggravated by the obligation of an oath to visit the archbishop, and importune him with the history of their wrongs *. Day after day crowds "of exiles besieged the door of his cell at Pontigny. His heart was wrung with anguish : he implored the compassion of his friends : and enjoyed at last the...
עמוד 298 - ... but as it was his duty to sit with the sheriff in the court of the county, his ecclesiastical became blended with his secular jurisdiction, and many causes, which in other countries had been reserved to the spiritual judge, were decided in England before a mixed tribunal.
עמוד 294 - From the commencement of christianity its professors had been exhorted to withdraw their differences from the cognizance of profane tribunals, and to submit them to the paternal authority of their bishops *, who, by the nature of their office, were bound to heal the wounds of dissension, and by the sacredness of their character were removed beyond the suspicion of partiality or prejudice.
עמוד 278 - Hence the characteristic feature of his policy was delay: a hasty decision could not be recalled : but he persuaded himself that procrastination would allow him to improve every advantage which accident might offer. In his own dominions he wished, says a contemporary, to concentrate all power within his own person. He was jealous of every species of authority which did not emanate from himself, and which was not subservient to his will. His pride delighted in confounding the most haughty of his nobles,...
עמוד 212 - Bloet, bishop of Lincoln, who had for many years been one of his principal justiciaries, was told that the king had spoken of him in terms of the highest commendation : " Then," he replied, " I am undone : for I never knew him praise *' a man whom he did not intend to ruin.

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