תמונות בעמוד

11. Which also said, ing Apparel, and spoke to them A. D. 33. Ye men of Galilee, in this chearful and comfortable why stand ye gazing manner.

" It is vain, Oye up into heaven? this

“ Disciples of Jesus, to look any ofame Jesus which is

“ longer after him, whom ye taken up from you in. to heaven, hall so can now no longer fee. But come in like manner,

“ be not discouraged at his Deas ye have seen him parture ;

observe the Rules he go into heaven. “ has given you ; wait his Pro

« mise; and courageously dir“ charge your Duty; and be assured, That, to your " eternal Honour and Happiness, you shall one Day “ see this fame Jesus, your Master and Saviour, come « again in the fame Glory and Majesty, to the so« lemn and final Judgment of all the World.

12. Then retrirned 12. These Transactions of they to Jerusalem, Chrilt's Ascension were done at from the mount call. Bethany, on a Part of the Mount ed Olivet, which is of Olives, (as I related Luke xxiv: from Jerusalem a fab- 50.) from whence the Disciples bath-days journey.

now returned to Jerusalem, being about seven or eight Furlongs distant, and there waited, according to his Order, for the Promise he had made them.

13. And when they 13 & 14. During their Stay in were come in, they which Place, they constantly atwent up into an up- tended the stated Worship of per room, where a. God in the Temple; and at other bode both Peter, and set Times met together for their James, and John, and Andrew, Philip, and

more private Devotions, in an Thomas, Bartholo- upper convenient and private Amew, and Matthew, partment; where they were used James ibe fon of Al to assemble for that purpose along pheus, and Simon Ze with the Women that followed lotes, and Judas the Jesus, and with Mary the Mobrother of James. ther of Jesus, and his other Re

14. These all con- lations and Disciples. tinued with one accord in prayer and supplication with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.

[blocks in formation]


A D. 33
15. AND * in those

15. And * now being to give
days Peter food up an Account of several Transac-
in the midst of the tions of these Apostles and first
disciples, and said, Disciples of Jesus Christ, after
(the number of the his Ascension into Heaven, I.
names together were shall begin with that of their
about an hundred and Choice of an Apostle in the

room of Judas, which was done + Ver. 13, at one of their Afsemblies + before mentioned, con14:

fisting of about Sixscore, St. Peter moving them to it,
by speaking to them in the following manner.

16. Men and bre. 16. My Fellow Apostles and
thren, this Scripture Fellow Disciples, you well know
muft needs have been those Prophetick Expressions of
fulfilled, which the David, (Psal. xli. 9. lxix. 25.cix.
holy Ghoft by the 8.) which are most eminently
mouth of David spake fulfilled in the Traitor Judas,
I before concerning both as to his Office, his Crime,
Judas, which was a
guide to them that and his Punishment.
took Jesus.

17. For he was 17. For as in the first of those numbered with us, Passages, it was said of Achitophel, and had obtained part Mine" own familiar Friend in of this ministry. whom I trusted, which did eat of nry Bread, hath lift up his Heels against_me; so was Judas chosen into the nearest Place of Trust by our Lord, and was our Fellow Apostle ; but betrayed him for a Sum of Money.

18. Now this Man 18 & 19. Of which he had no purchased a field with other Advantage, but to return the reward of iniqui- it back to them that gave it him, ty,


* Ver. 15. At this Verse I take the History of the Aas properly to begin, the foregoing Part of the Chapter being either a Recapitulation of, or Addition to his Gospel History.

I Ver. 16. Note, The true rendring of this Verse seems plainly to be this; 'Tis fit that this Scripture foould be fulfilled concerning Judas -- Wbich the Holy Ghost by the Mouth of David spake before (viz. concerning orber Persons, and now perfectly applicable to Judas his Case.)

ty, and falling head- and in the utmost Horror and A. D. 33. long, he burft afun. Distraction of a guilty Mind, to in der in the midst, and go and hang himself, and falling all his bowels gufhed down from the Place * he did it out.

in, his Body broke, and his Bow19. And it was els gulhed out. Which wicked dwellers at Jerufa. Fact, and exemplary Fate of Julem ; insomuch as

das, is so notoriously known to that field is called in all the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, their proper tongue, that the Field purchased by the + Aceldama, that is Chief Priests with that Money, to say, The field of is to this Day, vulgarly called, blood.

The Field of Blood. f 20. For it is writ- 20. Thus the violent and unten in the book of natyral End of this Man is a perPsalms, Let his ha- fect and dreadful Completion of bitation be desolate, the second Expression of the Pfaland let no man

mist. Let his Habitation be defodwell therein : and his bishoprick let ano

late, and let no Man dwell in his ther take.

Tents. The last is, and his Office

let another take. 21. Wherefore of 21 & 22. Which it is plainly thefe men which have our Duty now to compleat, by companied with us, chusing á fit Person in his Place, all the time that the

our Lord designing the Number Lord Jesus went in

to be Twelve, by his own first and out among us.

Choice, and the Holy Ghost thus directing it in such plain Words. But he must be one


B 2

* The Sense of the Word átástalo (be banged himself) in St. Mattbew, being not absolutely determined by Interpreters, nor the manner of Judas his falling down and bursting, agreed upon, I have express'd it in the Paraphrase, with as little Addition to the Text as I could.

Only I ob. serve, That our Translation of drug Ealo, more exactly answers to the Death of Achitophel, 2 Sam. xvii. 23. whom the best Interpreters allow to be the Type of Judas.

+ In the Syriack X07770 (Chakeldama) which was the Language of Judæa at that time, with a very little Mixcure with the Chaldean. That this Syro.cbaldaic was the Vulgar Language of Palafline in our Saviour's Time, and of the Affinity between those two Tongues, the Reader may fee Father SIMON'S Crit. Hif. N. Tefl. p. 55, 56.

A. D. 33:

22. Beginning from that constantly attended upon the baptism * of John, the Person, and knows all the unto that same day Discourses and Transactions of that he was taken up Christ, from the very first Steps from us, must one be that John the Baptist made toordaind to be a wit: ward his Religion, by preparing ness with us of his Men for it by Repentance, to resurrection.

the very Day of his Ascension : That so he may be able to concur with us, in exactly teaching the 'same Doctrines, and giving a clear Teltimony to the same Facts, especially that of Christ's Resurrection, as the chief and greatest Argument both to Jews and Gentiles.

23. And they ap- 23. To this Proposal of St. pointed two, Joseph Peter the whole Assembly agreed, called Barsabas, who and accordingly nominated two was surnamed Justus, Persons thus qualified, Joseph and and Mattbias.

Matthias. 24. And they pray- 24 & 25. And because they had ed, and said, Thou not as yet the particular GuiLord, which knowest dance and Direction of the Holy the hearts of all men, Ghost for such Purposes, they shew whether of these therefore referred their Choice two thou hast chosen:

to God by solemn and earnest

Prayer, beseeching him as the

may take part of this mi infallible Searcher of the Hearts, nistry and apostleship, Temper, and Qualifications of from which Judas by all Men, to point out to them, transgresuon fell, that which of the two' was the Person he might go † to his most proper and worthy, for the own place.

Discharge of so great and weighty an Office, which Judas had lost by so notorious a Transgreffion, and was gone + to receive the Punishment due to such a Crime.

26. And

25. That he

. Either Jobn's baptizing his own Disciples, or else his baptizing of Jesus, which latter Grotius takes to be the proper Beginning of the Evangelical State and History. But the Phrase being the same here, as in Mat. xxi. 25. rather seems to denote the former; and St. Luke having been so particular in his Account of John Baptist his Birth, Preaching, and Baptisin, I have chosen to express it accordingly in this place.

+ 'Eys Tómov Tòy idrov, emphatically to his proper Place, a Place more fit for him than the Apostleship.

26. And they gave 26. And the particular manner forth their lots; and they requested of God to assist the lot fell upon Mat- and direct their Choice in, was thias, and he was by Lot, a Method he had been numbered with the e

* wont

to use leven apoftles.

among his People

in his Designation of Things and Persons to several Uses and Offices; which Lot falling upon Matthias, he was chosen into the Vacancy, and made the twelfth Apostle.

* See Levit. xvi. Numb. xxv. 55. Joh. xiji. 2, 6. Judg. XX. 9. i Cbrer. xxiv. 5. Prov. xvi. 33.


The CONTENTS. The Descent of the Holy Ghost on the Apostles. The

Manner, and Circumstances of it. The Amazement it put them into. The Calumny raised upon it by the Jews. St. Peter's Kindication of it. The Effect which his Dilcourse had upon many of them. Three Thousand baptized. AND


Day was now come day of Pente

in which Jesus was to coft was fully come, fulfil the great Promise of the they were all with Holy Ghosť to his Disciples; the one accord in one Day of Pentecoft, fo calld from place.

its being the fiftieth Day after the Passover + (and the very Day of the Year on which the Law was given by God, from Mount Sinai, with so much Glory and Terror ;) and he did it accordingly, at an Assembly of the whole hundred and twenty for the Worship of God, and the Celebration of this great Feast of Weeks, in the following manner.

B 3

2 & 3

+ The Jews reckon their Days from Sun-set to Sun-set, and so the Morning, or Time toward Noon was the Middle, or rather concluding Part of each Day; now this Meeting of the Disciples being about nine in the Forenoon, the Day was said to be fully come ; or, as some think, it was fully come, when the Day.lighe perfe&tly appear'd:

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