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Lucent Books, 2007 - 104 עמודים
The daughter of a Lebanese father and a Colombian mother, Shakira is a Grammy Award-winning singer, dancer, and songwriter. Her first English album, Laundry Service, which she released in 2001, produced the hit single Whenever, Wherever, launching her into international stardom. Shakira has since won two Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammy Awards, and seven Billboard Music Awards. This informative volume covers the life and career of this popular musician. Chapters cover her childhood in Colombia, her early albums, and her current work in the American music industry.

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Holly Day is a longtime member of the Minnesota Historical Society, The Ramsey County Historical Society, and The St. Paul/Minneapolis Film Society. Since 1992 she has worked as a Contributing Writer for The Oxford American. Globe-Pequot Press published all three editions of her book, The Insider's Guide to the Twin Cities, and John Wiley published her books, Music Theory for Dummies and Guitar. She is currently a Writing Instructor at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.

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