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£, jê I ..}}}\ Jix, •brought under his improving influence, until throughout our western regions all placed in him their reliance. The fame of him ascended up to the High God, and God approved. Heaven gave a great charge to king Wän, to exterminate the great dynasty of Yin, and receive its great appointment, so that the various States belonging to it and their peoples were brought to an orderly condition. Then your unworthy elder brother exerted himself;—and so it is

that you, Fung, the little one, are here in this eastern region.

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II. “The king says, “Oh ! Fung, bear these things in mind. Now your management of the people will depend on your reverently

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whose match is rarely to be found. But this is a very unlikely expansion of the phrase, and devised to get over the difficulty so strongly felt by a Chinese. I do not see any serious obstacle to our tinderstanding it as in the translation. Why might not the duke of Chow, once at least in his life, speak thus of one brother to another? He had taken himself ‘a great

art” in all the exploits of Woo; to speak of

im was much the same as to speak of himself. We like him all the better for eschewing the

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following your father Wän;—do you carry out his virtuous words which you have heard, and clothe yourself with them. Moreover, where you go, seek out extensively among the traces of the former wise kings of Yin what you may use in protecting and regulatin their people. Again, you must more remotely study the ol accomplished men of Shang, that you may establish your heart, and know how to instruct the people. Further still, you must seek out besides what is to be learned of the wise kings of antiquity, and employ it in the tranquillizing and protecting of the people. Finally, enlarge your thoughts to the comprehension of all Heavenly principles, and virtue will be richly displayed in your person, so that you will not render nugatory the king's charge.'"

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4. ment on the other. 4+ }% # % R!, ed this #l, + jë. Now #l, means to widen A. *

–4+=2 |#, ‘when you go to your State; and enlarge. The critic Sée says, “Every man 5. # = |* 5:, ‘seek out extensively. has his heavenly nature, which is in him as a * - - * *-12 - fire that has just been kindled, or a spring which #2S # ##|||—# J# A, comp. is just issuing forth. What is required is the in the ‘Viscount of Wei, p. 5, jii +H: #j | widening and enlarging of it.” This explanation -: rt- is correct. Step by step the prince of K'ang is #. # Żff f'. ź M. The course of carried on to take his rule and pattern from

thought in the paragraph, however, leads us to - and p think of the old accomplished men of a former | * after which there is nothing to be time, such as E. Yin and Foo Yue, by whom the added.' 1. suppose this is the correct view. best monarchs of the Shang dynasty had been “Heaven’ is used as the comprehensive desigmadirected. # is used as a verb, = #. ... to tion of all true right principles. The transla*L* tion has taken its form from the words of Woo

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“The king says, “Oh ! Fung, the little one, it is as if some disease

were in your person; be respectfully careful.

Heaven in its awful

ness yet helps the sincere. The feelings of the people can for the most part be discerned, but it is difficult to calculate on the attachment of the lower classes. Where you go, employ all your heart. Do not seek repose, nor be fond of idleness and pleasure;—so may

you regulate the people.

I have heard the saying—“Dissatis

faction is caused not so much by great things or by small things, as by a ruler's observance of principle or the reverse, and by his energy

of conduct or the reverse.”

‘Yes, it is yours, O little one,—it is your business to enlarge the

royal influence, and harmoniously to protect this people of Yin.

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#. YZ." 2:-I have followed in the transla

tion here the interpretation which is given by
Ts'ae and in the ‘Daily Explanation. I am
not sure, however, but it would have been better
to adopt the view of Gan-kwó which is to this
effect:—‘The dissatisfaction of the people may
be occasioned by things which are great in
themselves, and by things which are small. It
shows itself unexpectedly, and it is this which
makes the people so difficult to be calculated
on. A ruler, therefore, ought always to be
bringing his conduct, which may have been
defective, into conformity with what is right,
and to be acting energetically wherever he may
have been remiss.’ 7. The great duties of
Fung, and how the happy results of his virtue would

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HE- enlarge the king. It would seem that the meaning must be as in the translation.

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Thus also shall you assist the king, consolidating the appointment of Heaven, and renovating this people.’” III. “The king says, “Oh ! Fung, deal reverently and understandingly in your infliction of punishments. When men commit small crimes, which are not mischances, but purposed, themselves doing what is contrary to the laws, intentionally, though their crimes be but small, you may not but put them to death. But in the case of great crimes, which are not purposed, but from mischance and

misfortune, accidental, if the offenders confess unreservedly their

guilt, you may not put them to death.

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“The king says, “Oh! Fung, there must be the right regulation in this matter. When you show a great discrimination, subduing men's hearts, the people will admonish one another, and strive to be obedient. Deal with evil, as if it were a sickness in your person, and the people will entirely put away their faults. Deal with them, as if you were guarding your infants, and the people will be tranquil and orderly. It is not you, Fung, who inflict a severe punishment or death upon a man; you may not of yourself so punish a man or

the transgressor is not fit to live. A great fall into a well, it is no crime in the infant.’ offence, not purposed, repented of, and confes- | No man would be roused to anger by the sight sed may be pardoned. This is what the para- of such an infant, and every one would do his graph inculcates.] utmost to rescue it. Let Fung thus look upon - - the people, to save them from crime as he would 9. The influence of £ £ %'. '' : infant from falling into a well, and ments in transforming the people and making them they would be tranquil and orderly.

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with the preceding.—“If you conform to this me- || “quickly.'—“The people will exert themselves thod of judging in the case of small and great to be harmonious and obedient with the greatest

• * • - - - rapidity. The structure of the paragraph is • n - * crimes,’ &c. But the interposition of +. E. opposed to such a construction, as I have pointed

I'm F, #, forbids any such constructive con- out above. Shing, however, could plead the

nection between the paragraphs. authority of Seun K'ing, who says in his

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evidently to be referred to the person of Fung,

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deal with the crimes of the people, as he would 10. Puni.

*: - - - - - . Punishments were to be employed according with sickness in his own person, not '' to the laws. Fung ought not to allow any feeling it, but treating it with tender hand, and the of his own in the use of them. I have translated

people would be both awed and won to put ‘to infli - - * away their faults. The meaning of # # #| by “to inflict a severe punishment; because

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Menci's makes of it, III, Pt. 1, v, 8. He A, the severer punishments to the lighter. says-“If an infant crawling about, is about to . What particular punishment or punishments

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