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商家發威天姓殘 惟君以肆大考震焚害 受觀爾予勳肅怒孕象于

政友小未將命婦忠爾 有于郭子集天我皇良萬

that any

the myriad people. He has burned and roasted the loyal and good. He has ripped up pregnant women.

Great Heaven was moved with indignation, and charged my deceased father Wăn reverently

to display its majesty ; but he died before the work was completed. 6 “On this account I, Fă, who am but a little child, have by

means of you, the hereditary rulers of my friendly States, contemplated the government of Shang; but Show has no repentant wives and children, Eto all suffered Mein; of the Tsin dyn., says that he also caused with the offender. it count to that effect, however, is known. King - he officed men according to their generation, Woo is no doubt rehearsing things which were or genealogical connection. The Daily Ex' commonly charged upon the tyrant at the time. planation' makes the meaning to be that Chow 皇天一

,-see on the 'Announcement of put into office all the friends of his favourites.

T'ang,' p. 2. 一其用人,則不論賢否但其

命我文考一考 is the

name for a father deceased. King Woo speaks Û Ź for ep ## F in this way of his father having been charged

to punish Chow, to vindicate all the better his 屬悉寵任之, But this view of 以

own present course. We are not to suppose

uch commission was ever expressly U is unwarrantable. Mencius, in the passage given to Wăn ; and Confucius speaks of him as above referred to, says that king Wăn salaried having been faithful to the dyn, of Shang to the the descendants of meritorious officers. But last ;-see Ana., VIII., xx., 4. tho' such men might be salaried, they were called

大勳未 to office only when they had the virtue and #-t sh #nt. We must complete look out for able and good men to fill the

offices the meaning by adding in my, as in the transof the State. This is the burden of this part of | lation. the indictment against him. 惟宮室 P. 6. The task of punishing Chow being now ####='he only cared for.-# hopeless wickedness.

devolved on him, he sets forth the evidence of his

肆一故, therefore." 所務者惟在宮室,云云, The

以爾......于商一觀政 is exe defines by . The former term plained by a reference to the same phrase in the is the building as a whole; the apartments of the States were to Woo an index of the govt. in it. Le Seun says:- is a high terrace of of Chow:. Had they remained loyal to him,

that would have shown that his govt. was good. earth, made for the purpose of observation; As they were now in the mass revolted from when a house or houses are built on the top of him, and following Woo's banrıer, it was clear it, they are called to ES HBr that he was no longer fit to be emperor. Such

is the explanation of this passage by Ts'ae, and , 'all extravagances ;' to what is now commonly received; and I see no #. EK-this refers to the and the earlier scholars explained it with repunishment of Roasting, described in the his

ference to an assembly, which they imagined, of torical note on the Conquest of Le.' years before the period of this · Declaration.' 孕婦,一 ,-we saw how Chow caused the

Then he had thoughts of attacking Chow, but

on contemplating his govt,, concluded that the beurt of Pe-kan to be cut out;-Hwang-poo time was not yet come, and withdrew his troops.

收有越厥志O 四方有罪無罪子

作者 吾盛宗上俊 敢 长方克


岸 廟 (心 相 君 D民

民于弗神乃 上 天有因祇夷 帝之佑命盜犧遺居

龍師下乃牲厥弗 予該惟民懲日萊先事

heart. He abides squatting on his heels, not serving God or the spirits of heaven and earth, neglecting also the temple of his ancestors, and not sacrificing in it. The victims and the vessels of millet all become the prey of wicked robbers; and still he says,

“The people are mine: the decree is mine,' never trying to correct his 7 contemptuous mind. Now Heaven, to protect the inferior people,

made for them rulers, and made for them instructors, that they might be able to be aiding to God, and secure the tranquillity of the four quarters of the empire. In regard to who are criminals and who are not, how dare I give any allowance to my own wishes? Such a meeting is not properly substantiated; | whole, however, the gradation of thought in the and the view is otherwise liable to many objec- passage may determine the scale in favour of tions. 夷居-compare 夷侯, Con, the former view, 犧牲梁盛,既于 Ana., XIV., xlvi. 弗事上帝神因盗一犧牲,Bethe last Bob, p. 6; 案 祇遺厥先宗廟弗一Tsue |盛,se Man, I. Pet I in 3; 既盡 after Gan-kwó, gives for this corresponds with the words of the Grand Tutor 百神宗廟之he has discontinue in the par of the Viscount of Wei just refered ed the sacrifices,-to God, the hundred spirits,

有民有命,一com the Conand the spirits of his ancestors.' Ying-tă observes that the meaning is that Chow had no

quest of Le,' p. 5. 懲其侮一無 religion, rendered no service to spirital beings 有懲戒其侮慢之意 (不事神祇); God as the lighest of all

P. 7. He returns to the principles declared in such beings, being mentioned, to show the par. 3, and shows that he was constrained by them enormity of his wickedness. In this way a dis

to attack Chow. See this par. as it is quoted tinction is made between E and Tina Tilt between the text here, and that which he gives

by Mencius, I., Bk. II., iii., 7. The difference the latter phrase being synonymous with the present text of the shoo was forged from 神 On the other hand, the 'Daily Explana- Mencius. A plagiarist, attempting such an

imposition as is ascribed to the false Kóung,' tion, for #Ei mi hit has-2 would have taken the language exactly from 慢天地神祇不知奉事,the a gamesory of the Great Declaration before slights and contemns the spirits of Heaven and him, differing not little from the present, or Earth, and renders not service to them. This that he quoted from memory, and allowed would confound God with the spirits of Heaven himself great license in altering the classic. and Earth, which is by no means inconceivable in Woo, when we consider the language of p. 3.

ML KE PT 7,,,--to show favour and Compare also the language of parr. 3 and 4 in tranquillize the four quarters of the empire.' the · Announcement of Trang.' Upon the |予昌敢有越厥志,我何敢




8 “Where the strength is the same, measure the virtue of the parties;

where the virtue is the same, measure their righteousness." Show has hundreds of thousands and myriads of ministers, but they have

hundreds of thousands and myriads of minds; I have three thousand 9 ministers, but they have one mind. The iniquity of Shang is full.

Heaven gives command to destroy it. If I did not comply with

Heaven, my iniquity would be as great. 10 “I, who ain a little child, early and late am filled with appre

hensions. I have received charge from any deceased father Wăn; I have offered special sacrifice to God; I have performed the due services to the great Earth ;—and I lead the multitude of you to 有過用其心, how dare I use 100,000. The subject of Show's more numemy own mind too much ?' Such is the inter

rous host comes up again in the next Part, p.

it pretation of Ts'ae ;-the light, is 'to go plains the risings and troubles which disturbed beyond what is right with-in accordance with the dynasty of Chow after the death of king -my own wishes. The dict. follows Gan-kwo Woo. It is difficult, at the same time, to in defining the here by id, 'to put away.' – reconcile it with the representations of the

general disaffection to the emperor, and of two • My purpose is to destroy the tyrant for the thirds of the empire having been for years good of the people. Whether he be guilty or devoted to the House of Chow. See the not guilty, I will smite him. I will not let go note on this paragraph in the 7 It is that, my proper purpose. This is evidently in

instructive, though not conclusive in favour of P. 8. He auspices success from the righteous- the author's views. 9. It was woe to Woo ness of his cause, and the harmony of mind among himself if he proceeded not to destroy Shang. his followers, though they were comparatively few. Compare the ‘Speech of Tang,' pp. 1, 2; and

The two first clauses are supposed to be the Announcement of Trang,' p. 4. 商 a current saying used against each other by contending parties ;-Lin Che-kte has adduced JET - the crimes of Shang are strung from the T 19 two examples of similar cou- together and full.' 10. Woo's caution ana plets. The second clause is not so intelligible conscientiousness in proceeding with his enterprise. as the first. We can understand how when 予小子夜懼comp. parties were matched in strength, the struggle should be expected to terninate in favour of the Announcement of Tang,' p. 6. the more virtuous; but it is difficult to perceive how 'virtue' and righteousness' can be set

命文考,類于上帝,宜于 against each other. 受有巨億萬,家土一家一大“great; 家土, 一Tsage says here that 億 denotes a lundred great carth, 大社, the altar dedicated myriads,' or a million. This was probably a to the great spirit of the Earth.' The sacrifice slip of his pencil. lei, – ten myriads, or at this altar was called 'FE




11 execute the punishment appointed by Heaven. Heaven compas

sionates the people. What the people desire, Heaven will be found
to give effect to. Do you aid me, the one man, to cleanse for ever
all within the four seas. Now is the time!-it may not be lost.”
-see the. Canon of Shun,' p. 6.
Ke, Bk. I #i, Pt. ii., 17, we find # Fat Kan, p.3.

In the e-comp. # FT # 2 3), in the ‘Speech

11. The enterprise was a 將出,類乎上帝,宜乎社造

and he summons all the princes and officers to strem. When the emperor is about to go forth

, nuous cooperation with him. he offers special sacrifice to God, performs the year of duke Seang, and in another place of the due services at the altar of the Earth, and goes # 1 we find the passage- Ź to all these observances ; and it must have been * Xin the Ź, quoted from the "Great at the shrine of his father, that he somehow Declaration. It is also found in the understood himself to receive,' as he says here, “charge to attack Chow. EFZ lof Tang, p. 4.

爾尚強子一人一se the Spech

Under the 32nd

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1 On the day mow-woo, the king halted on the north of the River.

When all the chiefs with their hosts were assembled, the king re2 viewed the hosts, and made the following declaration, saying, "Ah! ye multitudes of the West, listen all to my words.

CONTENTS OF THE SECOND PART. Since the decided by this fixing of the relation between delivery of the first address, the army has the two dates. T's'ae will still have the month crossed the Ho, when Woo reviews it, and to be the first of the Hea year,-really the first makes this speech, which is more especially month of spring ; Gan-kw and others will addressed to the troops. He makes Show and have it to be the first month of the Chow year, Këč, Tiang and himself, all pass before his men, the second month of winter. 次于河 showing that Show was more wicked than Kës, and that his punishment of him would be more 16-*-, 'to stop,' 'to be stationed. glorious than Tang's had been of Këě. Heaven will surely crown their enterprise with success;

In the interval, therefore, between the two adand he therefore in conclusion urges them all dresses, the army had crossed the Ho. to go into battle, not despising the tyrant, but with united hand and heart, to accomplish a

Bibi, 21 (3d tone) 'to go about? work that should last for ages. The whole is Hwang Too explains it from the phrase #fit divided into 9 paragraphs.

Pp. 1, 2. The time, place, and occasion of the 'to cheer and animate. "To review'exaddress; and the parties addressed. The time

presses the meaning accurately enough. Perwas the day mow-woo, which we are able to haps we are to understand that the king first determine, from the 1st plur. of the : Completion | crossed the river and encamped; and then, of the War,' to have been the 28th day of the 1st

when all the princes with their troops, had month. We are there told that Woo began his pitched their tents around him, he went through march to attack Chow on the day jin-shin, which was the 20 of the 1st month. Calculating the host and addressed the soldiers. 2. 西 on to the day mow-woo, we ascertain that it Ło-Woo and his father had both troversy, described on the 1st par. of the been `Chiefs of the West,'-viceroys over that last Part, on the term 'spring,' however, is not part of the erupire.

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