The Chinese Classics: With a Translation, Critical and Exegetical Notes, Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes

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עמוד 580 - Your ruler's person must be suffering from something connected with his movements out of the palace and in it, his meat and drink, his griefs and pleasures; what can these Spirits of the mountains and stars have to do with it?
עמוד 840 - Following in the rear of the great officers, I did not dare not to represent such a matter, and my prince says, "Inform the chiefs of the three families of it.
עמוד 810 - Now we have fallen from his ways, And thrown into confusion his rules and laws ; — The consequence is extinction and ruin.' The fourth said, 'Brightly intelligent was our ancestor, Sovereign of the myriad regions. He had canons, he had patterns, Which he transmitted to his posterity. The standard stone and the equalizing quarter Were in the royal treasury. Wildly have we dropt...
עמוד 464 - ... encroachments of the State, also nonChinese, of Ts'u.2 It was in the 14th year of the Duke Siang of Lu, otherwise 558 BC The Jung Viscount Kin-tchi, previous to his admission to the covenant, said : " Our food, our drink, our clothes, are all different from those of the Flowery States ; we do not exchange silks or other articles of introduction with their courts ; their language and ours do 1 Now Wu in Mandarin pronunciation.
עמוד 684 - Repeatedly conferred without end ; — They have come to you in this place. The clear spirits are in our vessels, And there is granted to us the realization of our thoughts. There are also the well-tempered soups, Prepared beforehand, with the ingredients rightly proportioned.
עמוד 467 - Every year, in the first month of spring, the herald, with his wooden-tongued bell, goes along the roads, 4 proclaiming, ' Ye officers able to instruct, be prepared with your admonitions. Ye workmen engaged in mechanical affairs, remonstrate on the subjects of your employments. If any of you do not attend with respect to this requirement, the country has regular punishments for you.
עמוד 664 - Through this attested covenant, [our rulers and the descendants of that merchant] have preserved their mutual relations down to the present day. Now your Excellency having come to us on a friendly mission, and asking our State to take away [the ring] from the merchant by force, this was to request us to violate that covenant ; — ia not such a thing improper?
עמוד 435 - But who will take the responsibility of decision ? We are as if we consulted [about a journey], without taking a step in advance, And therefore did not get on on the road.
עמוד 507 - I hare heard that the highest meaning of it is when there is established [an example of] virtue; the second, when there is established [an example of] successful service ; and the third, when there is established [an example of wise] speech. When these examples are not forgotten with length of time, this is what is meant by the saying — "They do not decay.
עמוד 609 - At first I considered you [as my model], but now I have ceased to do so. The ancient kings deliberated on [all the circumstances], and determined | »u the punishment of crimes] ; they did not make [general] laws of punishment, fearing lest it should give rise to a contentious spirit among the people. But still, as crimes could not be prevented, they set up for them the barrier of righteousness, sought to...

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