The Works of John Dryden: Illustrated, with Notes, Historical, Critical, and Explanatory, and a Life of the Author by Sir Walter Scott, כרך 16

כריכה קדמית
William Patterson, 1892

מה אומרים אנשים - כתיבת ביקורת

לא מצאנו ביקורות במקומות הרגילים

מהדורות אחרות - הצג הכל

מונחים וביטויים נפוצים

קטעים בולטים

עמוד 185 - The dangers to which I am exposed, and the pains I take for the interest of God alone, are the inexhaustible springs of spiritual joys ; insomuch, that these islands, bare of all worldly necessaries, are the places in the world for a man to lose his sight with the excess of weeping; but they are tears of joy. For my own part, I remember not ever to have tasted such interior delights ; and these consolations of the soul, are so pure, so exquisite, and so perpetual, that they take from me all sense...
עמוד 2 - The life of St. Francis Xavier, of the society of Jesus, apostle of the Indies, and of Japan. Written in French by Father Dominick Bohurs of the same Society.
עמוד 87 - ... creed, the commandments, the Lord's prayer, the salutation of the angel, the confiteor, the salve regina, and in fine the whole catechism." "The translation being finished, the father got without book, what he could of it; and took his way about the villages of the coast.
עמוד 26 - By meditating at his leisure on the great truths of Christianity, and especially on the mysteries of our Saviour, according to the method of Ignatius, he was wholly changed into another man; and the humility of the cross appeared to him more amiable than all the glories of the world.
עמוד 101 - ... wherewith he had washed him, and prayed by him with wonderful fervency ; when he had ended his prayer, the flesh of the diseased person was immediately healed, and appeared as clean as that of an infant. The process of the saint's canonization makes mention of four dead persons, to whom God restored their life, at this time, by the ministry of his servant. The first was a catechist, called Antonio Miranda, who had been stung in the night by one of those venomous serpents of the Indies, whose...
עמוד 121 - I have often thoughts to run over all the -Universities of Europe, and principally that of Paris, and to cry aloud to those who abound more in learning than in charity, Ah ! how many souls are lost to heaven through your neglect ! Many, without doubt, would be moved, would make a spiritual retreat, and give themselves the leisure for meditating on heavenly things.
עמוד 3 - ... that your majesty has chosen this great saint for one of your celestial patrons, though I am sure you will never be ashamed of owning so glorious an intercessor ; not even in a country where the doctrine of the holy church is questioned, and those religious addresses ridiculed. Your majesty, I doubt not, has the inward satisfaction of knowing, that such pious prayers have not been unprofitable to you; and the nation may one day come to understand, how happy it will be for them to have a aon of...
עמוד 268 - ... hands to touch him. Make it your business, that those misbelieving Christians should propose to you all their doubts, and discover to you all their imaginations, which being known, then prove to them the real presence of Jesus Christ, by all those reasons which are capable of establishing it; and shew them, that the surest means for them to come out of their errors, and leave their vices, is often to approach that sacrament, with suitable preparations to it. "Though your penitents may be well...
עמוד 121 - Many, without doubt, moved with thoughts like these, would make a spiritual retreat, and give themselves the leisure of meditating on heavenly things, that they might listen to the voice of God. They would renounce their passions, and, trampling under foot all worldly vanities, would put themselves in condition of following the motions of the divine will.
עמוד 87 - I went about, with my bell in my hand," says he himself, " and gathering together all I met, both men and children, I instructed them in the Christian doctrine. The children learnt it easily by heart in the compass of a month ; and when they understood it, I charged them to teach it their fathers and mothers, all of their own family, and even their neighbours.

מידע ביבליוגרפי