תמונות בעמוד

were come unto a

they compelled Him to carry' the Cross after them.

33 & 34. And when 33 And when they they came to the place, place called Golçowhich from Malefactors tha, that is to fáy, being used to be Executed A place of a skull,

34 They gave therein, was called Golgo- him vinegar to drink, tha, that is, The Place of a mingled with gall: Skull; they gave Jesus * a tafted thereof, he Potion of Vinegar, mixed would not drink. with Gall; but when he tasted it, he refused to drink.

35. Then Nailing him 35. And they cru. to the Cross, they stripped ed his garments,

cified him, and parthim; and some of his casting lots: that Cloaths' they

divided it might be fulfilled

which was spoken by among them, and for the the prophet, they relt they cast Lots; fulfil-parted my garments ing that Prophecy ; (Pfal. among them, and 22.18.) They parted my Gar- they caft lots. ments among them, and cast Lot's upon my Vesture.

36. And they appoin-36And fitting teď a Watch, to tarry-by: ed him there:

down, they Watchhim, and to take care that his disciples -- might not come and take him away.

# Instead of a stupefying Potion usually given in compassion to Malefactors.

37 And

37 And set up o 37. And that all that ver his head, his ac passed by, might know THIS IS JESUS who he was, and the THE KING OF Crime for which he was THE EVVS.

Crucified; they put up
over his head this Inscrip-

38 Then were 38. They Crucified also
there two thieves with him two Robbers,
crucified with him :
one on the right

one on each side; that fee. hand, and another ing him Executed in the on the left.

midst of such notorious
Malefactors, the People
might be the more strong-
ly prejudiced to believe him

an Impostor.
39 And they 39 40. Moreover
that paffed by, re. they which passed by,
viled him, wagging
their heads,

shaking their Heads át 40 And saying, him in a "jeering and Thou that deftroyeft insulting manner , the temple, and buildeft it in three * Well could


indeed days, save thy felf: pull down the Temple 26. V. 16, God, come down and build it again in three from the cross. Days time, who are not now able to Save


felf from death ; If you be, as you pretended, the Son of God, make proof now of your Power, and come down from the Cross.


* See ch.

[blocks in formation]

41 &

In like man-

41 Likewise also ner the Chief Priests, the chief priests

mocking him, with and Scribes, and Elders, the fcribes, and elmocking and deriding him, ders said;

42 He saved others, faid; He pretended to do himself he cannot great Miracles for the de- fave: if he be the livering other Men from King of Israel, let

him now come down Diseases and Death, but from the Cross, and you fee he cannot now de we will believe him. liver himself; If he be indeed the Messiah, let him but give us this one demonstration of it, and we shall have some reason to believe him. 43. He made show

43. He trufted in of trusting and relying God; let him deliupon God, calling him will have him: for his Father, and pretend- he said, I am the Son

of God. ing to be sent by him: But if God * delights in him, and is indeed pleased with him, why doth he not now deliver him? These things they said, not that they desired any conviation, but only because they thought it impossible for him now to escape.

*10 ven'o fsil, 22. 8. vybich the Septuagint renders by ότι θέλει αυτόν. .

44. The

44 The thieves

44. f One of the Rob. f Seetbe also which were bers also, which were Note on

Marginal crucified with him, cast the same in his Crucified with him, Re-ch. 26.8. teeth.

proached him after the

same manner. 45 Now from the

45. Now from Middarkness over all the day til Three a Clock land unto the ninth in the After-noon, there hour.

was miraculous Darkness

over all the Land. 46 And about the 46. And about Three a ninth hour Jesus cri- Clock, Jesus being in the ed with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama · Agony of Death, cried sabachthani? that is out with a loud Voice; to say, my God, my Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani ? God, why haft thou forsaken me? That is, My God, my God,

why haft thou forsaken me?

Pfal. 22. 1.

47. Which

47 Some of them

Words, that stood there, some of them that stood that, faid, This man by, hearing, and not uncalleth for Elias. derstanding, but being

ignorantly deceived by the
like found of different
Words, faid; He calls
upon Elias to come and

help him.
48 And straight 48. Then one ran, and
way one of them filled a Sponge with Vi-
sponge, and filled it negar , and with a Reed
with vineger, and lifted it up to him to
put it on a reed,
and gave him to

Drink. drink.


49. But

49. But others said; 49 The rest said, Nay, let him alone; tar- whether Elias will

Let be, let us see ry, and fee whether Elias come to save him. will come to help him.

50. Presently after 50 Jesus, when Fefus cried out again

with he had cried again a loud Voice, saying ; All yielded up the ghost that God has appointed and the Prophets foretold I should Suffer, is now finished; and recommending his Soul into the Hands of God, he died.

51. And immediately 51 And behold, the the Vail which parted the vail of the temple Holy of Holies from the from the top to the Sanctuary, was rent in bottom; and the pieces; signifying the dif- earth did quake ,

and the rocks rent.
folution of the Jerish
Oeconomy or Dispensati-

on, and the opening to all * Heb. Believers * an enter ance in. 10.19,20. to the Holiest, that is, into

Heaven, by the Blood of Jesus. The Earth also treme bled, and the Rocks were ; cleaved; signifying that some great alterations were Working by the mighty and immediate Power of God.

52 And

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