תמונות בעמוד

have called the ma not spared to call me Beelfter of the house Be- zebub, and compare the Son elzebub, how much more shall they call of God to the chief of De. them of his hou- vils; what reason can ye shold?

have to expect, that they should not deal as ill with


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26 Fear them not 26. However, be not atherefore: for there fraid of them. The Doctrine is nothing covered, that shall not be re? which you are to preach, is vealed ; and hid that not such as that ye need fhall not be known. through Fear to diffemble

or conceal it. All things shall in time be openly and publickly made known, and then your Innocence shall be fully vindicated, and the goodness of your Cause fuf

ficiently made to appear, 27 What I tell 27. Whatever therefore I you in darkness, that tell you secretly, do ye openspeak ye in light: ly declare ; and what I and what ye hear in the ear, that preach teach you in private, that ye upon the house- preach ye couragioufly in tops.

the most publick Places, and proclaim openly to all the

World. 28 And fear not 28. And be not afraid of thein which kill the Men, the utmost Power of ble to kill the foul: whose Malice can extend but rather fear him only to the killing of the which is able to de: Body, but your Soul they ftroy both foul and body in hell. cannot hurt: But be careful

above all things to obey the Will of God, who, if he be displeased, can destroy both Soul and Body in Hell.

29. If ye be constant in 29 Are not two your Obedience to God, his farthing ? and one

sparrows sold for a Providence will watch over of them shall not fall you in a peculiar manner; on the ground withand Men shall never be able out your Father. to afflict you any farther, than He shall see expedient either for your present Advantage or your future Happiness. There is not one of the smallest and meanest Creatures upon Earth, that ever dies without the Providence and Disposal of God: How much less can ye perish, without his Knowledge and Permission ? 30. Nay, so far from that;

30 But the very there is not so much as a

hairs of your head

are all nuinbred. Hair of your Head, or any the smallest thing about you, which is not taken notice of and observed by Providence. 31. Be not therefore a

31 Fear ye not fraid what Men can do un therefore, ye are of to you. . Ye are of much

ny sparrows. more worth than the other Creatures upon Earth: And

more value then ma

32 Who.

if nothing can happen even to the meanest of those Creatures, without the Providence and Direction of God;

how much less to you? 32 Whosoever 32. Here then is a certherefore shall con- tain trial of Mens Faith and fels me befure men,

Obedience. He that not. him will I confess alTo before my Father withstanding all the Terrors which is in heaven. and Threatnings of Perlecu

tion, shall ftill sincerely persevere in his Obedience to God, and without Fear continue stedfast in the Profesfion of true Religion; shall be owned by me before God and Angels, as a worthy Disciple, and shall receive the Reward of eternal

Life. 33 But whosoever 33. But he that for fear shall deny me before of Mens Hatred and Persemen, him will I also deny before my Fa. cution, shall renounce and ther which is in hea- be ashamed of the Profefven.

fion of true Religion, or act contrary to the Precepts of it; shall be denied by me before God and Angels,

an unworthy Disciple, and shall lose the Reward of everlasting Life.


34. And

34. And do not persuade 34 Think not that your selves that ye may a.

I am come to send

peace on earth : I void this Trial. Do not

came not to send think, that the World will peace,but a sword. entertain the Chriftian Religion in the Love and Peaceableness of it. I tell you nay; but wicked Men will make it an occasion of Hatred and Quarrels. 35: Nay, to such a height

35 For I am come

to set a man at varia will these Contentions upon

ance against his-fathe account of Religion a- ther,and the daughrise, that a Mans nearest ter against her moFriends and Relations shall ther, and the daugh

ter-in-law against become his bitterest and

her mother-in-law. most cruel Enemies.

36. And even those of a 36 And a mans Man's own Family, shall foes shall be they of

his own houshold. hate and persecute him to destroy him. 37. This is indeed a hard

37 He that loveth and severe Trial. But when father or mother things do come to this ex

more then me, is not

worthy of me : and tremity, that a Man must

he that loveth son or either lose the friendship of daughter more then his dearest Relations, or for- me, is not worthy of fake his Religion; all earth. ly and temporal Considerations must yield to the one thing necessary, of securing an eternal Interest. For whoever shall prefer the



Love of a Father,or Mother, or Brother, or Sister, before true Religion and Virtue ; cannot be a sincere Disciple of Chrift, nor be accounted worthy to be admitted into

the Kingdom of Heaven. 38 And he that 38. And he that cannot taketh not his cross, follow me in bearing Sufand followeth after ferings, Afflictions

and me, is not worthy of

Death ; cannot be thought worthy to partake with me

in my Glory 39 He that find 39. So that the Cafe eth his life shall lose plainly comes to this. He it : and he that lo- that to save his Life in this feth his life for

my sake, shall find it. present time, basely com

plies with wicked Men by forfaking his Religion; does most truly lose it by incurring eternal Death : But he that constantly perseveres, and loses his Life in this prefent time to preserve his

Religion and his Virtue ; does most truly save it unto eter

nal Happiness 40 1 He that re, 40. With these Inftruceireth you, recete étions, Go ye, and preach veth me; and he that receiveth me,

the Gospel through all the receiveth him that Cities of the Jews. He that

entertains you, and hears and obeys your Words, shall


fent me.

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