British-Egyptian Relations from Suez to the Present Day

כריכה קדמית
Noel Brehony, Ayman El-Desouky
Saqi, 2007 - 334 עמודים

This account of the first major forum to review relations between Britain and Egypt, held in London in 2006, demonstrates how political, economic, and cultural interaction between the countries has developed since the Suez invasion of 1956.

Egyptian and British contributors include government ministers and specialists in history, economics, Egyptology, business, education, culture, and international affairs.

Published in association with the London Middle East Institute (LMEI) at SOAS.

Noel Brehony is a chairman of Menas Associates, a member of the British Egyptian Society Committee, and on the advisory board of LMEI at SOAS, University of London.

Ayman El-Desouky is a lecturer in Arabic and comparative literature at SOAS.

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Ayman El-Desouky is a lecturer in Arabic and Comparative Literature at SOAS. He has lectured on Arabic Language and Literature at Johns Hopkins and at Harvard. He is currently preparing a study on the conception and practice of Sacred Discourse in modern Arabic literature.

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