Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, כרך 4

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עמוד lxxvii - There is in the minds of the children and youth of to-day a tendency toward a disregard for constituted authority; a lack of respect for age and superior wisdom; a weak appreciation of the demands of duty; a disposition to follow pleasure and interest rather than obligation and order.
עמוד lxxvii - The rapid establishment of township or rural high schools is one of the most gratifying evidences of the progress of education. We believe that this movement should be encouraged until the children of rural communities enjoy the benefits of public education to an extent approximating as nearly as practicable the education furnished in urban communities.
עמוד 68 - It is certainly a fact, which cannot be controverted, that most of the diseases which have raged in the islands during my residence there, have been introduced by ships; and what renders this fact remarkable is, that there might be no appearance of disease among the crew of the ship, which conveyed this destructive importation.
עמוד lxvii - A good schoolmaster ought to be a man who knows much more than he is called upon to teach, that he may teach with intelligence and with taste ; who is to live in a humble sphere, and yet...
עמוד 67 - Nor is it the white man alone, that thus acts the destroyer; the Polynesian of Malay extraction has in parts of the East Indian archipelago, thus driven before him the darkcoloured native. The varieties of man seem to act on each other; in the same way as different species of animals - the stronger always extirpating the weaker.
עמוד lxxvi - The National Educational Association notes with approval that the qualifications demanded of teachers in the public schools, and especially in city public schools, are increasing annually, and particularly that in many localities special preparation is demanded of teachers. The idea that anyone with a fair education can teach school is gradually giving way to the correct notion that teachers must make special preparation for the vocation of teaching.
עמוד lxvii - ... and of deportment, without which he will never obtain the respect and confidence of families ; who possesses a rare mixture of gentleness and firmness...
עמוד lxxvii - Local taxation, supplemented by state taxation, presents the best means for the support of the public schools, and for securing that deep interest in them which is necessary to their greatest efficiency. State aid should be granted only as supplementary to local taxation, and not as a substitute for it.
עמוד 67 - Besides the several evident causes of destruction, there appears to be some more mysterious agency generally at work. Wherever the European has trod, death seems to pursue the aboriginal. We may look to the wide extent of the Americas, Polynesia, the Cape of Good Hope, and Australia, and we find the same result. Nor is it the white man alone that thus acts the destroyer...
עמוד 129 - Naskapi still roam is a vast one, although the hunters and the seekers after game fish among the white men are more and more intruding upon it and narrowing the Indian limits. The Abenakis of St. Francis, etc., are, according to Professor Prince (1902) "the direct descendants (of course with some admixture of French and other blood) of the majority of the savages who escaped from the great battle of the Kennebec in Maine, where the English commander, Bradford, overthrew their tribe Dec. 2, 1679.

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