The Journey of Rainsnow

כריכה קדמית
iUniverse, 30 בינו׳ 2002 - 600 עמודים
The JOURNEY OF RAINSNOW, centuries in the making, yet destined for our own times, is an extraordinary book, at the same time personal and universal, private and planetary. THE JOURNEY OF RAINSNOW is the story of one man’s mystical odyssey of self-discovery, as he leaves behind the fetters of his "rational" past, to map out a new territory of life within his heart. It is a story which moves from the hard, practical streets of New York City, to a New Age awakening, driven by paranormal experiences, powerful synchronicities, and a vivid stream of past-life memories, which give us glimpses of times and places as diverse as ancient Egypt and Greece, feudal Japan and imperial China, Maya and Aztec Mexico, Native North America, and Nazi Germany. As the adventure unfolds, so, too, do history’s most critical lessons, and the deepest mysteries of life. THE JOURNEY OF RAINSNOW, destined to be a New Age classic, is truly a must read for anyone immersed in the search for life’s meaning; for anyone committed to the struggle of our world to heal and survive.

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