Moments of Meditation: Sharing God's Love

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - 352 עמודים
The author of this inspirational book has filled its pages with love and compassion, a rare insight into God's word, and with a love for all God's creatures. She sincerely believes that God loves everyone and wants each one to surrender his life to Him. She truly desires to be an instrument in His hands to spread His precious love to all. The poems, written over a period of years, are a product of God's inspiration and have emerged from her daily devotions early in the mornings. She has gained a love for His Word through her daily study of the Bible and has been inspired by the many writers whose words she has loved and admired. The desire to write poetry was instilled in her at an early age as she had much time to ponder on God's love and the beauty of His creation. Throughout her life, He has been close by her side to guide her in His ways and to provide guidance through wonderful loving parents, dedicated teachers and Christian leaders. He has been her Counselor, Comforter and Guide through the difficult times in her life. The years were lonesome after losing her husband but a loving God has given her an entirely new life and the joy of serving Him. After her retirement she lived in the country and enjoyed hours of walking and praising God for the beauty He created for us to enjoy. These excursions gave her much material for her writing. She feels it is only fitting that in these last years she should be dedicated to writing poems to gratefully praise Him for His goodness through her lifetime. Her prayer is that Moments of Meditation will be an encouragement to all that read.

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Sharing Gods Love
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Sharing Gods Love 175
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