The maiden aunt, by S.M.

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עמוד 34 - PICTURE OF PARIS & ITS ENVIRONS : comprising a Description of the Public Buildings, Parks, Churches, &c. ; necessary information on starting; and Notices of the various Routes from the Coast. With a New Map, containing bird's eye Views of Public Buildings, and references to the principal Streets, Railway Stations, &c. Price 5s. strongly bound. A NEW PLAN OF PARIS, with References to all the Streets, Squares, &c., and Engravings of the Public Buildings in their respective situations, by which the...
עמוד 26 - THE FALL OF CRCESUS. A Story from Herodotus. With Conversations designed to connect the Study of History with a belief in a Superintending Providence. By the Rev. W. ADAMS, MA, Author of "The Shadow of the Cross.
עמוד 27 - For School Rewards, &c., the Tales may be had in a packet, sorted, price 2s., or 4d. each. II. THE HOPE of the KATZEKOPFS. A Fairy Tale. Illustrated by Scott. Cloth, 2s. 6d.
עמוד 7 - Demy 18mo., cloth, 7s., or strongly bound in limp Calf and interleaved, 10s. 6d. With an Index of Subjects. Those persons who have purchased the Hand-book of English Ecclesiology, may have the Index on application.
עמוד 26 - IN THE PYRENEES, Comprising the Stories of Wanderers from many Lands. Edited and arranged by SELINA BUNBURY, Author of " Rides in the Pyrenees," " Combe Abbey," &c. Post 8vo., with Engravings, price 5s., handsomely bound. " She writes well, because she thinks correctly ; and there is often as much vigour as of beauty in her descriptions."—Fraser's Magazine.
עמוד 27 - Hallowmas Eve," " A Sunday Walk and a Sunday Talk." 2nd Edition. 18mo., with numerous cuts, neatly bound in cloth, 2s. 6d. *»* For School Rewards, &c., the Tales may be had in a packet, sorted, price 2s., or 4d. each. II. THE HOPE of the KATZEKOPFS. A Fairy Tale. Illustrated...
עמוד 8 - On the Whole Doctrine of Final Causes : a Dissertation, with a Chapter on Modern Deism. 7s.
עמוד 15 - This Series has been commenced with a view of supplying clergymen with discourses which they may place in the hands of those of their parishioners who do not frequent their parish church. Sold in packets of 25 for Is. 6d.; 50 for 3s. By post 6d. extra.
עמוד 20 - CHURCHMAN'S COMPANION (THE). A Monthly Magazine, price 6d., is carefully edited, and adapted for general reading for all classes. It contains a great variety of Instructive and Amusing matter; — Biography, Tales, Essays, Explanations of the Church Services and Seasons, Bible Illustrations, Natural History, Anecdotes, Poetry, &c. Vols. I. and II. strongly bound and cut edges, price 2s. 9d.

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