The Curio

כריכה קדמית
R.W. Wright, 1888 - 276 עמודים

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עמוד 104 - This only grant me, that my means may lie Too low for envy, for contempt too high. Some honour I would have, Not from great deeds, but good alone ; The unknown are better, than ill known : Rumour can ope the grave.
עמוד 50 - As for nobility in particular persons, it is a reverend thing to see an ancient castle or building not in decay, or to see a fair timber tree sound and perfect; how much more to behold an ancient noble family, which hath stood against the waves and weathers of time!
עמוד 50 - I have seen the walls of Balclutha, but they were desolate. The fire had resounded in the halls: and the voice of the people is heard no more. The stream of Clutha was removed from its place, by the fall of the walls. The thistle shook there its lonely head: the moss whistled to the wind. The fox looked out from the windows, the rank grass of the wall waved round its head. Desolate is the dwelling of Moina, silence is in the house of her fathers.
עמוד 50 - I must say, that the peerage solicited me, not I the peerage. Nay more : I can say, and will say, that as a peer of Parliament, as Speaker of this right honourable House, as keeper of the great seal, as guardian of his Majesty's conscience...
עמוד 231 - He book-hunts while the loungers fly, — He book-hunts though December freeze ; In breeches baggy at the knees, And heedless of the public jeers, For these, for these, he hoards his fees, — Aldines, Bodonis, Elzevirs. No dismal stall escapes his eye, He turns o'er tomes of low degrees, There soiled romanticists may lie, Or Restoration comedies ; Each tract that flutters in the breeze For him is charged with hopes and fears, In mouldy novels fancy sees Aldines, Bodonis, Elzevirs. With restless...
עמוד 132 - At length came the day appointed ; the snow had begun to fall, But the clang from the meeting-house belfry rang merrily over all, And summoned the folk of Plymouth, who hastened with glad accord To listen to Elder Brewster as he fervently thanked the Lord.
עמוד 213 - Smith, they be made good cheap in this kingdom : for whosoever studieth the laws of the realm, who studieth in the universities, who professeth the liberal sciences, and, to be short, who can live idly and without manual labour, and will bear the port, charge, and countenance of a gentleman, he shall be called master, and shall be taken for a gentleman.
עמוד 50 - I am amazed at his grace's speech. The noble duke cannot look before him, behind him, or on -either side of him, without seeing some noble peer who owes his seat in this House to his successful exertions in the profession to which I belong.
עמוד 113 - He lingered there, till duty called him away ; but he was careful to intrust his secret to a confidential friend, whose letters kept him informed of every important event. In a few months intelligence came, that a rival was in the field, and that the consequences could not be answered for, if he delayed to renew his visits to New York.
עמוד 210 - Defender of the Faith &c., and in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety five.

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