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The opérations of the Bible Societies in A journey into Romelia has also been Russia have been suspended by an Impe- performed by Mr. Leeves, in which oprial Ukase. In that document, however, the portunities were afforded of distributing following consolatory sentence is found. the Scriptures, and making known the

“ The sale of the Holy Scriptures, al- objects of the society Several individuals ready printed in Slavonian and Russian, as among the clergy and schoolmasters, also in the other languages in use among kindly promised to assist in distributing the inhabitants of the Russian empire, I copies. At Adrianople, Mr. Leeves visited permit to be continued at the fixed prices." the Hellenic School, where he was de

Dr. Paterson bas brought under the lighted to find a whole class using the notice of the committee the German colo- Ancient and Modern Greek Testament nists near Odessa, for whom he solicited of the society. At a place through which some German Testaments : one thousand he passed, the largest fair in Romelia is copies have accordingly been sent. held, and a number of copies of the Greek

The importance of Malta as a central Testament were sold. situation has been noticed in former Re- Mr. Barker meets with many proofs of ports. Many applications for copies have the acceptance of his labours. The difbeen made from different parts of the ferent missionaries visiting Smyrna, capshores of the Mediterranean, by missio- tains of vessels, and other individuals, naries, the number of whom is happily on present channels of circulation, which he the increase.

gladly embraces; and thus, as he obFrom Corfu, the Rev. Mr. Lowndes serves, the word of life is finding its way writes, “ The printing of the Albanian and among the Christians of these countries. Modern Greek goes on well.” The Tes. At Thessalonica 200 copies were disposed tament is more than half completed. The of by him. They were received with the Scriptures continue to be distributed in greatest thankfulness; and he was obliged the island ; and latterly many volumes to quit the town, in order not to be have been sold by a Jew of Corfu, who tempted to part with all the books, which has been twice to Cephalonia, for the he wished to preserve for the other places purpose of disposing of this sacred mer- he designed to visit. At first, the Jews chandize. Zante has been visited by declined to purchase the Hebrew ScripMr. Lowndes, and arrangement made for tures offered them; but eventually they visiting the villages in that island. took his whole stock, and requested more

Into Italy, through various channels, might be sent. At the other places which Bibles and Testaments are introducing in he visited in passing, he could only parsmall quantities. The same may be ob- tially supply the demands made upon him, served of Spain and Portugal. And, while but promised to send more copies. the committee rejoice in operations ear

In the course of his travels in Persia, ried on upon an extensive scale, they feel Mr. Wolff purchased different portions of no less pleasure in considering the zeal the Chaldean Bible, which, though the and patient labour of those who, without same in language as the Syriac, is written any attraction of publicity to their under- in a different character. taking, perseveringly distribute here a Mr. Wolff had some interviews with Bible, and there a Testament.

these Christians, whom he found, as they A few friends at Gibraltar have distri. themselves admitted, in a wild and unculbuted, since the last anniversary, a con

tivated state. They acknowledged that siderable number of copies, principally the cause of their want of civilization is Spanish.

their lamentable destitution of the ScripConstantinople. In the last Report, tures. But, said they, “ we have heard mention was made of a considerable cirá that the English are able to write a thouculation of the Hebrew Scriptures in Con- sand copies in one day: would they not stantinople, and its vicinity. The seed write for us several thousand copies, and thus sown has evidently been growing, send them to us? we become wild like and, in some few instances, actually pro- Curds, for we have so few copies of the duced fruits.

Bible. The English have written those The issues from the depository at Con- of the Jacobites, which we cannot read stantinople, in the past year, amount to generally-why should they not write these 5673 copies.

of ours" Mr. Leeves has been fully occupied On leaving this country to return to his during the past year in his labour of revi- missionary labours, Mr. Wolff was supsion, superintending the press, corres- plied with copies of the Scriptures for ponding on the subject of new versions, distribution. and visiting different places on behalf of the society. The Turco-Greek Testament mainder of the abstract to our next Num.

Our limits oblige us to defer the rehas left the press ; and a man is now visit- ber. In the mean time, we are happy to ing Anatolia, and disposing of them by sale. From accounts already received, he announce the formation of a highly reappears, at the outset of bis journey, to spectable Committee in Edinburgh, for have met with encouraging success. Other the purpose of corresponding and co-opeversions and editions are in progress. rating with the Bible Society in London. CHRIST. OBSery. No. 307.

3 L

EDINBURGH BIBLE SOCIETY impropriety of circulating the Apocrypha, COMMITTEE.

to the utmost extent that fairness and The friends of the British and Foreign candour can require the friends present Bible Society in Edinburgh have unani. feel no hesitation in continuing their supmously agreed upon the following impor- port to the society with which they have

been long united. tant resolutions.

“ That where foreign societies consent " That a direct medium of communi. cation with that institution is, at the pre- fully as received, copies of the pure Scrip

to receive, and engage to distribute faithsent time, a great desideratum among the

tures, bound, without any addition, this friends of religion in Edinburgh.

meeting considers the sanction of that “ That the state of mankind through- mode of distribution of the word of God, out the world, as well in its Christian

as involving no violation or compromise and civilized, as in its unreclaimed heathen

whatever of the principle on which the provinces, demands as imperiously the Bible Society is established. exertions of this society, and offers them

“ Tbat the friends of the Bible cause as unlimited a scope, as at the moment

now present can no longer delay an unwhen it first sprang into existence ; , and equivocal expression of their affectionate that the success which has attended its attachment to their brethren and fellowpast efforts ought to engage Christians of labourers of the London Committee, and every denomination to persevere in a strenuous and devoted application to its and fervent prayers for the continued, re

an assurance of their cordial good wishes objects.

newed, and multiplied aids of the Holy * That without detracting from the Spirit, in all the gifts of wisdom and of utility of local associations in supplying grace, needful for conducting the affairs the Scriptures to limited districts, it is felt that these can in no way supersede,

of that most important institution. or authorise us to relinquish, the cultiva- communication with the British and Fo

That in establishing a medium of tion of that wider field, the world ; which, reign Bible Society, this meeting disclaims through the providence of God, is in so

all hostility towards Bible Societies acting unprecedented a way open to our exertions, through the established and effec- hope, that, in a field so wide, and open to

on other principles; and expresses its tive agency of the British and Foreign such variety of agency, the labours of all Bible Society. " That that institution must ever be the common object they have in view."

these societies may be useful in promoting entitled to our high consideration and

A highly respectable committee has gratitude, for the zeal and assiduity which been appointed, and subscriptions will be have executed editions of the Holy received for the British and Foreign Bible Scriptures in no less than one hundred Society. and forty-three languages; in fifty-six of

The above having been read at a meetwhich the word of God had never been ing of the committee of the British and seen before ; and also for the dissemina- Foreign Bible Society, it was resolved tion through the British isles, of four mil- unanimously, — " That this committee lions out of the five millions of copies of have received with cordial satisfaction the Old and New Testaments, which form the above declaration of attachment and nearly the amount of the Bible Society's confidence on the part of so many reproper issues, followed by a knowledge spectable friends of the Bible in Edinand estimation of the word of life un

burgh, and are anxious to assure them, known before, through every department that is upon the principles asserted in of the community

that declaration, that they rejoice to ac“ That, satisfied with the regulations of May 1826 and 1827, confirming and cept of their promised co-operation." guaranteeing the strict interpretation of the NATIONAL SCHOOL SOCIETY. law which protects the purity of the society's circulation of the Holy Scriptures, mittee of the National School Society, the

At the last meeting of the general comto the utter exclusion of the Apocrypha ; and feeling entire confidence in the inte- following grants were made in aid of schools grity and uprightness of the men whose now being established: namely, Kidderoffice it is to carry these regulations into minister, Worcesters., 1501. ; Hawkley, effect; and satisfied also, that the British Hants, 1001. ; Helston, Corn. 1001. ; St. and Foreign Bible Society, in their last Giles's in the Fields, and St. George's atinual Report, and the president in his Bloomsbury, 5001. ; Llanarmon Mynydd opening speech, in which he declared that Mawr, Denb. 651.; West Wickham, these regulations are 'a retraction and correction of their error," have admitted the Berks, 101. (additional); – Englefield

Green, Egham, 1001. ; Great Musgrave, - * The term executed' must be un- 251. ; Laughton, Sussex, 401. ; and Ais.

Westmorland, 501. : Llandough, Glamorg., derstood with the limitations contained in the table of languages and dialects pub- laby, York. 101. (additional). lished in the society's Reports.”

CAVAN REFORMATION SOCIETY. to the present time (January 1827), not In our Number for February we an

less than five hundred persons have been nounced the formation of this society, and received into this house, and have read gave an account of its plans, and the cir- their recantation in Cavan church. Among

so large a number of individuals there cumstances which had led to its institu- must of course have been, as has already tion, as detailed in the interesting speech been stated by your lordship, a great variety of Lord Farnham on the occasion. In our as to character, circumstances in life, and last Number we recorded the formation of previous religious information; and what a similar society in London, and stated its I have to say is of course spoken of them objects as related in the circular of the

as a body, and concerns, so far as my own committee. Numerous auxiliary institu- knowledge goes, the motives of the contions are in progress in other parts of the formists for leaving the Church of Rome,

their conduct whilst receiving instruction kingdom, especially one in Bristol, where in this house, and their general demeanour the object has been embraced with a zeal since they became members of the Church due to its high importance. As every of England. thing connected with the progress of true

“ As to the motives of the conformists, religion in Ireland is highly interesting to though in a very few instances they have every Christian and Protestant mind, we proved to be unworthy, I should indeed be shall copy for the information of our doing great injustice to the great bulk of readers, the following passages from a let- them, if I did not declare it to be my full ter addressed by Lord Farnham's

chaplain, riority of the Church of England, both in

conviction, that a persuasion of the supethe Rev. A. M'Creight, to his lordship, de- doctrine and practice, over the Church of tailing the origin and progress of the conver- Rome-yes, a persuasion that the former sions in Cavan. It is appended to the report was completely in error, and that the latter of the speeches and proceedings at the for. only had the true faith—and further, that mation of the Cavan Reformation Society; a concern for their soul's eternal salvation, Mr. M‘Creight having intended to deliver

were the great and influential principles the substance of it at that meeting. It is which led to their change of creed; and

to this the answers even of the more ignoparticularly satisfactory to learn that the rant, when questioned as to their motives majority of the converts were persons for renouncing Popery, bear satisfactory seriously concerned for the discovery of evidence. Not a few of the conformists religious truth: anxious to “ work out gave reasons for the step they were about their salvation with fear and trembling," to take, which shewed they had been long and not apparently swayed by any secular and attentively considering the differences motives, in their renunciation of the Ro. between the two churches. Not only did man-Catholic faith, and their adoption of tices to which they objected, but esta

they clearly state the doctrines and praca purer creed.

blished their objections by such weighty “ In the exercise of my duties as your arguments, drawn from Holy Writ, as lordship’s chaplain, and also as one of the proved, that, notwithstanding

all the proclergymen of this diocese, I have had an hibitions of their clergy, the pure word of intimate knowledge of all things connected God had been the subject of their diligent with the reformation, from its commence. perusal. The replies

of others, though ment to the present time; but to enter at less full and clear, yet were such as could present into a detailed history of all those leave no reasonable grounds to doubt that events would, in a great measure, be only they were convinced that the church of a repetition of what has already been which they were members was a corrupt stated, and therefore a needless waste of church, and that it was their duty to fortime. Much of what it would have been sake its communion; whilst some also my duty to relate has already been given there were who, amidst the gloom in which to the public in your lordship's statement, they had hitherto lived, had just got so which requires no comment of mine. I much light as to enable them to perceive shall, therefore, on the present occasion, the surrounding darkness, and to make confine myself to such things as fell more them sigh for deliverance from a system peculiarly under my own personal obser, which had not only kept themselves in vation, and which it becomes in conse- such profound ignorance, but would perquence my especial duty to detail

. In petuate that ignorance, with wretchedness proceeding to which, I would first men

and poverty, the only inheritance they had tion generally such observations as my in- to bequeath to their offspring. tercourse with the conformists, both be- “ As to the conduct of the conformists fore and after they renounced the errors during the time they remained under inof the Church of Rome, but especially struction at Farnham, it was such as we during the time they were receiving reli- had reason to hope from persons assembled gious instruction in this house, enabled me on so solemn an occasion. Seriousness of to make.

mind, deep attention to God's word, and “ Since the reformation commenced up fervency in devotion, were the leading characteristics of their demeanour. And ing brethren. The same, I trust in God's so striking was the effect produced upon Almighty grace, I may be enabled to say, their hearts by the religious exercises in also, in years yet to come, should I be which they were engaged, that it was no permitted to remain in this world so long, unusual thing, whilst those who kindly with respect to many of those who, within assisted in this labour of love were read the last few months, have been added to ing or expounding the precious truths of our communion : indeed several of them the Gospel, to see, not merely one or have already been most useful in this re two, but many, at the same time bathed spect.” in tears (I trust) of godly sorrow for their Mr. M'Creight proceeds to prove and past sins and ignorance, and of over- illustrate these general remarks, by a sepowering gratitude for present mercies : lection of individual facts, wbich our liand the same pleasing indications of minds mits will not allow of our detailing, but alive to the service in which they were which those of our readers who wish for engaged, have I likewise witnessed, whilst further information on the subject, may kneeling at the table of the Lord they find in the Cavan Report. We trust that partook of the sacred emblems of a dying the Society may continue to promote its Saviour's love.

Christian and benevolent labours in the “ And it may not be uninteresting to spirit which becomes so important an obmention the great thankfulness they have ject, and be abundantly rewarded by a large almost invariably expressed for the instruc- increase of faithful converts to the pure tion and attention they received during faith and holy life of a genuine disciple of their short abode in Farnham--the terms Jesus Christ. in which they have referred to their visit, whether during their stay here or after UNITED STATES EPISCOPAL their return to their own homes, shew at

CHURCH least that they are not insensible to the At the last General Convention of the kind offices of those who have interested themselves on their behalf.

We never

Protestant Episcopal Church in the United knew what religion was before we are

States, on the motion of the Right Res. delighted with all we have heard and seen,

Bishop Hobart, the house of bishops and hope we shall for ever be the better passed the following important preamble of it.' . We only wish we had taken this and resolutions. step ten years ago.' Such or similar is “ The house of bishops, deeply solithe language in which our lately acquired citous to preserve unimpaired the liturgy Protestant brethren are wont continually of the church, and yet desirous to remove to speak of their visit to this place. And the reasons alleged, from the supposed that the good impressions made on their length of the service, for the omission of minds have not been mere transient emo- some of its parts, and particularly for the Lions, is abundantly testified by their after.. omission of that part of the communion walk and conduct. Their diligent attend- office, which is commonly called the anteance on the means of grace, on the hear- communion, do unanimously propose, to ing of the word, and on the Lord's Sup- the house of clerical and lay deputies, the per, and their pious and exemplary deport- following resolutions, to be submitted to ment in general, bear ample testimony to the several state conventions, in order to the abiding nature of their convictions. be acted upon at the next general conAnd in this account of the conduct of vention, agreeably to the eighth article of the conformists, as concerning the anxiety the constitution. some of the less instructed display to at- “ 1. Resolved, that in the order how tain a knowledge of reading, I am borne the Psalter is appointed to be read,' the out, both by my own observations, and following be added to the fourth paragraph : the accounts I have had from several of or any other Psalm or Psalms, except on my Reverend brethren, who have the those days on which proper Psalms are spiritual charge of the different parishes appointed :'-so that the whole paragraph in which the conformists reside. And will read as follows:- The minister, inhere it may not be irrelevant to remark, stead of reading from the Psalter as dias an earnest of what we may expect from vided for daily morning and evening prayer, the present converts from Pupery, that I may read one of the selections set out by am well acquainted with several individuals this church, or any other Psalm or Psalms, • in this part of the country, who have, except on those days on which proper within the last four, five, or ten years and Psalms' are appointed.' upwards, renounced the errors of the “ 2. Resolved, that in the order how Church of Rome, and joined themselves the rest of the holy Scripture is appointed to the Church of England; and I do re- to be read,' the following be inserted after gard them, for intelligence, character, and the fifth paragraph :- The minister may, conduct, as among the highest ornaments at his discretion, instead of the entire les to the faith they profess, and some of sons, read suitable portions thereof, not whom have since been made the honoured less than fifteen verses. And on other instruments, in God's hand, for the con- days than Sundays and holy days, in those version of many others of their once err- places where morning and evening prayer is not daily used, he may read other por- munion office which is commonly called tions of the Old and New Testament, in the ante-communion, yet as the practice stead of the prescribed lessons ; it being of some of the clergy is not conformable recommended that, unless circumstances to this construetion of the rubrick on this render it inexpedient, on the stated days of Wednesdays and Fridays, the les point, the house of bishops propose the sons for those days, or for one of the inter

following resolution :vening days, be read.'

~ 5. Resolved, that the following be “ The bishops, in the use of the office adopted as a substitute for the first senof confirmation, finding that the preface is tence in the rubrick, immediately after the frequently not well suited to the age and communion office : character of those who are presented for

« On all Sundays, and other holy days, this boly ordinance, unanimously propose communion, unto the end of the Gospel,

shall be said, all that is appointed at the the following resolution :

" 3. Resolved, that after the present concluding divine service, in all cases when preface in the office of confirmation, the there is a sermon or communion, and when following be inserted, to be used instead there is not, with the blessing." of the former, at the discretion of the The same convention has also passed a bishop :-- It appears from holy Scripture, Canon, directing that “ every person who that the Apostles laid their hands on those desires to become a candidate for orders who were baptized ; and this ordinance, in this church shall, in the first instance, styled by the Apostle Paul, the laying on give notice of his intention to the bishop, of hands, and ranked by him among the or, if there be no bishop, to such body principles of the doctrine of Christ, has

as the church in the diocese or State in been retained in the church, under the name of Coutirmation ; and is very convenient, which he intends to apply may appoint; and proper to be observed, to the end that and if, after obtaining the canonical testipersons being sufficiently instructed in monials from the standing committee, he what they promised, or what was promised be admitted as a candidate by the bishop, for them in their baptism, and being, in or if there be no bishop, by such body as other respects, duly qualified, may them. the church in the diocese or State in selves, with their own mouth and consent, which he intends to apply may appoint, openly before the church, ratify and confirm the same, and also promise, that by he shall remain a candidate for the term the grace of God, they will evermore en

of three years before his ordination, unless deavour themselves faithfully to observe the bishop, with the advice and consent of such things as they, by their own confes- the clerical members of the standing comsion, have assented unto.'

mittee, shall deem it expedient to ordain “And to correct the injurious misappre- the candidate, after the expiration of a hension, as to the meaning of certain shorter period, pot less than one year." terms, in the first collect in the office of This is a highly important regulation; confirmation, the bishops unanimously and something similar is to be found, we propose the following resolution :- believe, in almost every church in Chris

* 4. Resolved, that after the first col, tendom, except our own, in which the lect in the office of confirmation, the fol- candidate is seldom known even by name lowing be inserted, to be used, at the dis

to the bishop, till within three weeks, incretion of the bishop, instead of the first stead of three years, of his intended ordicollect. Almighty and everliving God, nation. Would that the governors of our who hast vouchsafed, in baptism, to regenerate these thy servants, by water and church would determine upon some similar the Holy Ghost ; thus giving them a title plan of clerical probation, and theological to all the blessings of thy covenant of as well as merely literary instruction, In grace and mercy, in thy Son Jesus Christ, the United States, among Presbyterians, and now dost graciously confirm unto them, and all other classes of Christians, as well ratifying the promises then made, all their

as among the Episcopalians, the theologiholy privileges; grant unto them, we be cal and probational course is quite indeseech thee, O Lord, the renewing of the pendent of the academical. A college power of this Divine Comforter; and daily degree, which imports nothing as to the increase in them thy manifold gifts of grace, piety and pastoral' sufficiency of the canthe spirit of wisdom and understanding didate, is not of necessity considered à the spirit of counsel and ghostly strength, qualification for holy orders. the spirit of knowledge and true godliness, and fill them, O Lord, with the spirit of NEW-YORK EPISCOPAL THEO. thy holy fear, now and for ever. Amen." LOGICAL SEMINARY.

« And whereas, in the opinion of the The house of bishops and of clerical Bishops, there is no doubt as to the obli- and lay deputies of the Episcopal Church gation of ministers to say, on all Sundays in the United States, report in reference and other holy days, that part of the com- to the Theological Seminary at New York,

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