תמונות בעמוד


JA Wise, Esq Medical Establishment; Col W Stewart, Captains J S Hughes, Diessrs W Dysart and Abbott, Cadets, and B H Burcbdt; Lieut T H Owen, and Mr Judge, Free Merchant,

Lieut D Stewart, and Lieut A CampFrom the ape of Good Hope-Mrs bell, 47th Regt; W Boyd, Esq Pay Nepean, Frederick Nerean, Esq Civil Master ; Robt Ivory, Esq. Surgeon, Service, and John Smith, Esq Mer- died 5th Feb 1828 ; 156 Non-Commis. chant.

sioned Officers and Privates; 19 WoPer Virginia, from Bombay-En- men, and 22 Children, sign Thos Ludby, H M 43d Buffs.

Per Arcturus, from London Thos Per Marilda-Mr CJ Sandeval. Geo Eleeve, Esq Free Merchant.

Per Brig Archibald, from Mauritius Per Princess Charlotte-MM A Tho. -Mrs Smith, and Lieut Smith, 48th mas, and Mrs L M Thomas. BNI.

Per Jane Eliza, from China-R Smith, Per Zenobia-Mrs Tyler; Mrs Bar Esq Mariner, retto ; Capt Moore; Misses J and G From Singapore-James Lamb, Esq Tyler, Barretto, and Tyler ; G P Ty: Merchant, and James Ledlie, Esq Ma. ler, Esq Madras Establishment; E F riner. Tyler, Esq G F Harvey, Esq C G Per Norfolk, from London Mrs Drummond, Esq Jas Lean, Esq and Royce and Miss Royce, Captain Ba. Eyles J Ervin, Esq H C Civil Service, denach, Native Infantry, and Messrs Bengal Establishment ; Lieut Robt Bridgeman and Dickens. Francis, 45th Regt NI; RI P Kinle- Per H C Sbip General Harris, from side, Cadet, Bengal Artillery ; and London-Capt James Johnstone, BenTuos Cand, Esq.

gal Artillery; Dr John Inglis, Assis. Steerage Passengers-Mrs J Forster, tant Surgeon, and Mr A B Morris, Ca. Mrs E Ball, Mrs McReman and Child, det. and Mrs Davies, R McCullock, and Per La Belle Alliance, from Coringa J Forster.

--Lieut Wm Furlonge, 34th Madras N Per La Belle Alliance, from London I. -Capt and Mrs Jervis, and Mrs Hun. Per Lady Holland, from London ter; Messrs Cornish and Adams, Civil Messrs James Hailes, John Aug ManService; Mr Ford, Assistant Surgeon, ton, and Mr WH Malden, Free Mariand Lieut Douglas, H M 44th Regt.

From the Cape of Good Hope-Mr From the Cape of Good Hope-Mrs Jennings, Civil Service; and Mr Over. Oakes, W H Oakes, Esq. ton, Assistant Surgeon, H M 3d Regt. Per David Clark, from Coringa –

From Madras-Messrs Greig and Mr Bourulbou, Mrs Bouralhou and 3 Carlowe.

Misses Bourulhou. Per H C Steam Vessel Enterprize, Per Carron, from Bombay Mrs from Amberst Town-Mrs Johnstone McCarthy and child; Merwanjee Lin. and Mrs :quire ; Capt Campbell and jee, Nowrajee Motabhoy, Rustumjee Capt Bruce ; Major Boyce; Mr Grote Merwanjee, Tumbooljee Assajee. Framand two Children ; Hon'ble Mr Mel- jee Ruttunjee, Mahomed Jaffir, and ville and Dr (allender.

Mahomed Hussain, Merchants. Per Shaw in Shaw-Capt Messiter; From Masulipatam-Capt Page, HH Dr Ross, H M 16th Lancers, and Mr Nizam's Se: vice. A Forbes, Country Service.

From Madras-D N Cardozo, Esq. Per Emerald- RC Mackay. Esq Per Circassian, from London-Mr Å Supercargo, and Mr C L Lunt, Clerk; Steele. Cadets J H'Tapp and Halifax, N I for From Trincomalie-Miss A Morton. Madras.

From Madras-Mrs Campbell, Capt Per Sea Horse-19 Sepoys, 52d Regt Campbell, Capt Ross, and C Jones, NI and 9 Followers, and Mr Satters. Esq Surgeon.

Per Spanish Ship Rita, from Manilla Per Indiana, from Mauritius - Mr -Mrs Hewet; Don Angil Miera, Don Robert Mitchell. Francisco de Catepero; Messrs Arrona Per Angelica, from Singaporeapd Hewit, Merchants.

Messrs G Michael and H Botjer. From Penang-Mrs Ferrao, Misses From Penang-Mr J J dos Remedio. Catherine Ferrao, Isabella Ferrao, From Rangoon–Mr JW Smith, Rosalia Ferrao, Caroline Ferrao, and Mariner. Clara Ferrao - Children: Barbara From Madras-Mr J W Moraes. Ferrao, Francisco Ferrao, Maria Fer. Per Mary Ann, from London - Mrs rao, Mary Ferrao, and Master Frank Mainwaring; Misses Hodges, Henesey, Ferrao; Mr Ferrao, Merchant; Mr R Mary Green, Maria Green, and Eliza € Bell, and three Native Merchants. Green; Honourable JC Erskine ;

Per Prince Regent, from Sydney- GS Lushington, Esq and Edward Mrs Boyd, and Mrs Richards ; Lieut. Impey, Esq, Civil Service; Willam


Fergusson, Esq, G A Young, Esq Per Louisa, from Edinburgh-Messrs Barrister; Frederick Brind, Esq Ar- D L and WP Sandford. tillery; W S Ommanny, Cavalry; Per Brig Peru-Mr Henry Newall, Capt James Nicoll, Thos Holmes, Esq Free Mariner. and John Owen, Esq Assist Surgeon; Per Swallow, from Manilla- James Messrs F Burnett. T James and T A Law, Esq Merchant; PS Kuroll, Esq Jervis, Cadets; Messrs Hy Wollaston, Supercargo. George Darby, William Fitzpatrick, Per Mary Ann Sophia-Mr G Baker, and Henry Fitzpatrick, and Mrs Ca- Free Mariner. vannah.

Per Reliance from London-Mrs From Madras-Hon'ble J E Elliot. Col Jenkins, Mr T Plowden, Writer; Per Copernicus, from Madras-H Messrs JR Burt, H Ralf, w Swat Compton, Esq.

man, and R Troup, Cadets ; Mr J Hall, Per Hercules, from Madras–Ensigo Pilot Service, and Mr W Collins, J Whitten, H M's 31st Regt, and Mr returning to his parents. Nott.

Per Asia, Mrs Martio, and RM Per Flora-Capt J Lamb, Madras Martin, Esq Surgeon. Army, and Mr Kerr, Merchant.

Per Georgian, from PhiladelphiaPer Brig Margaret, from Amherst Messrs J H Foster, and S W Archer, Town- Mrs Simpsom and Daughter, Supercargoes, and R Dalton, Surgeon.

Per Fils de France-Monsr and Per Brig Alacrity, from Madras- Mr Melle Degage, Monsr C Laurent, Gordon, Dlariner. Monsr H Ritter and Nonsr L Degage. Per H C Brig Helen, from Sando

Per Malabar-(apt Jas Taylor, of way-Captain Bell, and Lieut Maling. the late Ship Gunjava, and 'Mr Hy 68th Regt; 45 Sepoys and Followers, Shearman.

Per Mercury-Carsetjee Munchejee, Per Phæni.r-G M Scott, Esq Assist Merchant. Surgeon,

Per Adrian, from Mauritius-Mr F Per H C Steam Vessel Enterprize Donnet, Supercargo. Mrs Turnbull, Mrs Palmer, Mrs Green- Per Drongon-Mr and Mrs Nuez; law, Miss Law ; W Nesbit, Esq; Capt Mrs M Karapit and child; Messrs Mor. Forbes, Engineers ; C B Greenlaw, ris, Waddington, T Eudrez, Guarer, Esq ; Major Stack ; - Parbury, Esq; and Jno De Grace, H Hickie, Esq; Dr Raleigh ; W P Per H C Ship Berwickshire, from Palmer, Esq and Master Palmer. London-Lieut E Marshall, and H

Per Heroine, from China-J Grigg, Russell, Cadet; E Wilmot, and C Esq Merchant.

Hutchins. Per_Sowerby, from Mauritius–Mr Per Cartha, from Bombay-Mr Do. Jean Dugat.

nald Mc Donald. Per_Na'y-Jas Williamson, Esq From Madras-Messrs Jos Fletcher, John Brown, Esq and Mr T Daniel. M Heffey and Jos Cracknell,

Per H C Ship Research, from La Pe. From Vizagapatam-Mr HV M Bri. rouse Island and New South Wales

unhim. Monsr Eugine Chagneau, Consul Ernaad, from Tavoy-Henry Gov. from France for Cochin China.

ger, Esq. Per Georgiana, from England-A Per Candian, from London - Mr McAndrew, Esq and W Gordon, Esq George Baker, Free Mariner. Assist Surgeons; Messrs W T Brown, Per Lord Amherst, from London S Smith, $ Starkey, and H Barry, Mr Thompson, Civil Service ; Mr TaunCadets ; Robt Carneigie, Esq Free ton, Writer; Mesars Maclean, and Merchant; Messrs Francis Moore, and Maclean, free Merchants; Ensign Charles Marke, H C Marines.

Lloyd, 14th Regt; Messrs Remedy, From Madras-Mrs Gill.

Atkinson, and Vickers, Cadets ; Per Brougham, from Akyab-W Messrs Walsh, Williams, T Saunders, Blunt, Esq Special Commissioner ; W and J Chalk, Pilot Service. S Alexander, Esq Civil Service ; A V Per H C Ship Sir Duvid Scott, from Dunlop, Esq Surgeon ; Mr J D Shippy, London-Earl of Carnwath, Major. and Master Chas Prinsep.

General, H M Service; Mrs Laura Per Sorereign, William McKillar, McNaghten ; Mrs Eliza Burns; Misses from London-Capt C Law, ('ommand: Ann Rich, Harriett Pereira, Caroline ing a detachment of H M 47th Regt; Pereira, and Emma Roberts ; (aptain Robt Malcolm, Esq Surgeon ; Lieut Roht McNaghten, and Capt A Smith, Pogson, Madras Native Infantry ; Bengal Establisbment; Dr Henry Fal. MeGeorge Daighton, Carpenter ; 31 ton, M D Assistant Surgeon ; Messrs Men, 4 Women, and 1 Child.

Robert Mathison, C E Grant, and Jas Per La Uranie, from Bordeaux-AJ Kinlock, Cadets ; Messrs FT Wage Maniglier, Esq Merchant.

horn, and John Higgins, Bengal Pilot



Service; Mr Henry Daniel, and Mr J Mortlock, Rowley Hill, Isaac Jones,
Taylor, for the HC Mint in Bengal;- Alexander J Dias, Arthur Broome, M
Messrs F Schnieder, R H Auld, and Seppings, James Hunter, and Joba
James Burrell.

Knox; Assistant Surgeons Andrew
Per H C Ship Marquis of Huntly, Walker and Geo Berwick ; Mr John
from London-- Lieut-Col Wm Brooke, Morse, Free Mariner; Mr John Wil.
HCE I Service; Mr Ed Yealman, son, Free Merchant ; Messrs D Came.
Assistant Surgeon; Revd J Jackson, ron and Geo Byworth, Charter-party
Chaplain; Mr T Jacksoņ, Free Mer: Passengers.
chant; Nisses Henrietta, Georgiana Per Euphrates, from Mauritius-.
Anna and Eliza Jeremie; Mr R H Captain JE O Dell.
Mathews, Indigo Planter; Cadet C From Madras–Mr William Wight,
Facan, Cavalry; Cadet L R Keane, Free Mariner.
Infantry; Mr John Hawkins, Free Per Madras, from London – Mrs
Mariner; and Mr George Evan, Free Bruce & Mrs Maxwell ; Misses Smith,

Sicker and Maxwell ; A F Bruce, Esq
Per Reliance, from London-Misses Civil Service ; M Blake, Esq and N.
Ellen and Mary Ann Erskine; Revd J Barwell, Esq Writers ; A Maxwell,
D Wintle ; Messrs RH Planke and W Esg D Maxwell, Esq and R Potts,
Donnithorne, Writers; Cadets A Arm- Esq Free Merchants ; w Duffs, Esq
strong, J Campbell, J Erskine, JR HEM Dt ; Messrs s Vardon, J Bell,
Abbott, w o Don and Robt Mackean; Birdwood, Farquhar, s Hare, Alcock,
Asst Surg C R Shelton; Mr W Wató T Clement and H Cumberlege, Ca.
son ; Capt J Mylne; Cornets J Salkelo, dets.
W Phibbs, T Simpson, E Donnithorne Per Arabian, from Liverpool-Mrs.
and J Agar; Lieutenants Robt Jones, C Baddeley; Misses Mary Baddeley,
C Pitman, and Groves Deverell; 131 Eliza C Baddeley, & Louisa C Badde.
Privates, and 20 Women and Children. ley; Master Clinton Baddeley ; Misses.

Per Governor Harcourt, from Lon- Martha Holdsworth, Ann Holdswortb, don-Mrs Lindeman and two Chil- and Sophia Younger; Lieut-Col W dren; Miss Atkinson; Messrs Brust, C Baddeley, Mr H Baddeley, Cadet; Cooke, and McGregor, Cadets; Mr Richard Holdsworth, Esq Merchant; P Lindemen, Undertaker; Mr Max- Mr James Tulloch, Ensign ; Messrs well, Free Merchant; Messrs Loftres, W Howarth, W Harper, Thomas Bell and Garrett, Pilot Service.

and Thomas Alexander, Engineers; Per Bark Arethusa, from Rangoon- C Munsell, Governess to Col Badde R Fleming, Esq and Mr Smart.

ley's family ; Messrs Robt Healey and Per Bombay Merchant.-John Tem. Joseph Bates, Clerks. pleton, Esq.

Per Claudine, from London-Mrz Per Bark Ann, from China-Mrs Salter and Mrs Francis ; Misses Fookes Turner and 3 Children ; Richard Tur- and Robarts ; Capt Salter, 2d ('avalry; ner, Esq and Mr Wm McKay.

Capt Cliffe, Country Service; Capt From Malacca - Masters Wm and F S Hall. Dr Francis, H C Service ; Dr Baumgarten.

Campbell; Messrs Muller and Simpson,
Per H C Ship George the Fourth, Cadets ; Messrs. (McCullen, Gasper,
from London - Mrs Fothergill, Irs and Gasper, Junior, and Master Mor.
Chatterton ; Misses Georgiana Smith, ton.
and Amelia Chatterton ; Capt Carnac, Per Enterprize, from Akyab-Mrs
Commanding the Detachment; Capt Hunter, Mrs Johnstone ; R Hunter,
Fothergill; Lieut Henry Mulait, Lieut Esq; Mr Fitzgerald and 'Dr Carr.
Chatterton; Essign Johnson, N B Ed. Per Brig Cecilia, from Singapore-
monstone, Esq John Wier, Esq and Mrs Stavers and 3 Children, I steel,
John Thornton, Esq Writers;

Messrs Esq and Mr Lackersteen,
A H Hopper, H M Barwell, Orlando chants.
Vincent, G H Whitler, F Harriott,
and Henry Henchman, Cadets ; Mrs

Mulliran, Wm Hammell, Fs Anne
Laurer, Eliza Laurer and Eliza Cun- Per Cambridge, James Barber, for
liffe, Military Orphans returned to

London-Mrs Colonel Hopper, Mrs India ; 75 men of H'M 3d Regt of Foot; Colonel Boyd, Mrs Colonel Watson, 7 Women, and 7 Children,

Mrs Capt Bertrand, Mrs Capt Hender. Per H C Ship Earl of Bclcarras, from

son and Mrs Capt Schnell; Misses London-Mrs Cameron and Child ; Watson, Sarah Watson, Hopper, and Misses M Cameron, Mary Spotteswood, Schnell ; Colonel Hopper;" Colonel Mary Crump, and Ellen Gray. and Mrs Bow.yer, CB; Colonel Watson, CB; Warrall; Cadets H Cornish, JW and Colonel Baines ; Majors Showers Cornish, Alfred Hursh, John Bell, and Croal; Captaius Bertrand, Aken.


Ss 2

side, Henderson, and Webster; James Per French brig Lucie, for Marseilles Kerr, Esq R Makenzie, Esq H'P Mar- - Pere Gustache, Missionair Capuchin, shall Esq, and Henry Briggs, Esq-Chil. and Forti Maitre d'Equipage. dren : Misses D F Steel, Anne Boyd and Isabella Boyd ; Master Gordon Boyd; Lieut-Col Day'; Lieutenants Keiller

Per Resource, B Fenn, for LondonMiss Isabella Patton; Master Dural; and Lloyd ; Captain and Mrs Kerr, and Miss Henderson and Master Henderson. child; Wirs Birmingham and 3 chil. Servants : Serjeant Diamond, Mrs Diamond and Mrs Doyle, 4 Native Higgins, H C Marine, and 3 'chibo

dren ; Mrs Bales and 4 children ; Mr Servants, 45 lovalids, 3 Women and 4

dien. Children.

Per Eliza, D Satton, for LondonPer H C Ship Minerva, Probyn- Mrs A Di Stewart; Miss and Master Mrs Warde, Mrs Fane, Mrs Bird, Mrs Stewart ; Mrs J Grindall; 3 Misses and Becher, and Mrs Cuerton ; George 2 Masters Grindall; Captain and Mrs Warde, Esq Wm Fane. Esq and R 1) Begbie, and child, Madras Artillery ; Mangles. Esq Lieut-l'ol" Bird and Captain G s Blundell, 51st N I; Lieut Lieut-Col Becher, Capt Buckley, 5th E Malone, 9th Regiment Light Cavale Light Cavalry; Capt Cuerton, H ry ; Archibald Udny, Esq Civil Ser. MR16th Lancers;... W Peters. Esq vice ; Robert Hastie, Esq; Miss and Merchant, and Mr Walters, H C Ben: Master Hastie ; George Shore, Esq Iodi. gal Marine-Children : Misses Bird, go Factor ; Misses E Ellis, and MA E and I Fane, F and H Begbie, Pile Ellis, and Master E L Ellis ; Miss gham, Becher, Cuerton, E and T Ro. , L Lumsdaine, and Master H Lums. barts, and Garden ; Masters W and Gdaine. Warde, E and_C' Cuerton, Vibarts, Shaw, Collier, Fane and Clarke.

Per Pacific, for America-Mrs Swab;

the Revd í Swan; Masters Thos Swan Per Lady Flora, R J Feyrer, for and William Swan. England - Mrs Theophila Lowther; Misses Elizabeth, M L Gwatkin, and

Per H C Ship Princess Charlotte of Hetty T Gwatkin; Mrs Major King; able Mrs Elliott; two Misses Elliott;

Wales, C Biden, for London-Hodore Misses Magdelina Hessing, Mary Bright. man, Jannet D Nicolson, and Char- three Masters Elliott; Sir Roger Mar lotte s Bishop; F Law,' Esq Civil tin; John Trotter, Esq; H Mondy, Service; Lieut-Col James Cock, 12th Esq;. Colonel Tidy ;'Lieut Tidy; NI; Lieut-Col W P Price, 11th' NI; Captain James, Insane Invalid; Mr Major King, H M 16th Lancers ; Mai Erskine; Miss Erskine ; two Masters jors Cock and R Martin; Captains Man. Erskine, and three Misses Erskine. ners and Talbot, RN; Lieut Dun. For Madras-Hon'ble Mr Elliott. das, 4th N I; Lieut Kelly; Messrs Hor. nett and Phipps ; Masters C T King: New South Wales– Major Stewart;

Per Lady Blackwood, John Debbs,for FM King, and C King ; Miss E H King; Masters Law and WD

Lieut Lister; Mr and Mrs Vaughan Bishop:

and children, and Mr Westgate. Per HCC Ship Parmelia, for Eng. Per Robarts, J Corbyn, for London, land - Mrs Ellerton ; Misses M Eller via Cape-Mrs William 'P Muston; ton and E Ellerton; Mrs Mackintosh ; Alrs Major Denty ; Mrs J Becher ; Mt Mr Mackintosh ; Miss M Mackintosta í Major i'aylor; Mrs Rawlings; 'Miss Masters W Mackintosh, J Mackintosh, Anne Maria Davies ; Mrs Monats R Mackintosh, and W Kempland, and Major-General Sir Thomas Reynell, K Miss H Hooper-Servants : Four Eu. CB, H M 71st Foot; John Hayes, Esq ropean, and one Native.

Bengal Civil Service; William P Mus. For Madras-Dalzell and Orr, Esqrs, ton. Esą B MS, Apothecary General; HC S, and Mr Grant.

Major Meade, H M 8th Foot; Col Per Sunbury, J M'Badwell, for Bom- Kennett, 37th Regiment; Major Dents, bay-Mrs Major Algoe ; Mrs Captain 53d Regiment; Lieut Budd, H M 14th Morgan; Misses Algoe, Morgan, Wray, Foot; Lieut Johnson, H M ilth Dra. and Benson ; Mrs Budwell and child goons ; Lieut W V Jillard, H M 16th dren.

Lancers; John Becher, John Rawlings, Per George Canning, James Clark, Bowles, Daniel D Fernandes, and for Mauritius-Messieurs Barthoud, John Cooper, Esqrs; Dr Mac Isac, Wadd, and Braham, Merchants. Bengal Medical Service, and Dr Jobo

Per Flora, J Sheriff, for Penang- Harcourt, H M Ilth Drg; Misses Mrs Paxton ; Misses Kerr, and J Keir; Louisa Denty, Louisa Godby, Emma Captain Hay; Messrs Hill, William Taylor, Caroline Taylor, Agnes Taylor, aon, Brown, and Carnegy, Indigo Fac. Jane E Stack, O'Dell, Mary C Becher, tors, and Mr Messim, Merchant, Louisa E Becher, Anne Bentchamp,

Eliza Currie, Amelia Mary Anne ford, Bombay Marine; Lieut Mills, Muston, Flora Harrington Muston, MNI; Jno Hume, Esq MDH M Jessy F Muston, Mary J Muston, Mar. 59th Regt; J Le Mesurier, Esq Barris, garet Irving, Maria Mouat, Clara ter at Law; Mr George Macgregor ; Mouat, and Harcourt; Masters Geo Misses L Hume, T Hume. H Hume, Percy Muir, John Hayes, Charles and W Hume ; Serjeant Armstrong, H Henry Rawlings, Frederick R Stack M 59th Regt, and Hospital Steward and John Becher-European Servants : Monro, ditto. -- Charlotte Jones, Mrs Mitchell, and

Per H C own Ship Thos GrenvilleJohn Smith-Native ditto : Hackam, Mrs olGilbert, Mrs Bryce, Miss Bryce, Sbaik Uddah, and Correem.

Mrs McLeod, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Higgins ; Per H C C Ship Neptune, J Cum. Col Gilbert, 'D Bryce, Esq Dr B Mac berlege, for London-Mrs Mitford; Leod. Lt Key; Master Thompson ; Miss Mrs Morgan ; Dr Morgan; Miss Pat. M McLeod; Masters McLeod, w'Thotle; John Paxton, Esq; Lieutenants

mas, J Thomas, and ( Thomas ; Malne and Meek; Henry Middleton, Miss C Higgins, and Master G and Charles Falconer, Esqrs; and Miggins ; Misses G H Wilkinson, CS Master Henry Richardson.

Wilkinson, F E Methven, H Tu nbull, Per Palmira, J Lamb, for London and A Turnbull, Mrs G Prinsep; Master Prinsep; Mrs Mytton; Miss Mytton; Reverend Mr Per Spanish Ship Rita, Pedro RomeMytton; Miss Louis; Major Spottes- rez, for Manilla-Don José Hewet and wood, H Service; Major Bailey, H Mrs Mewet; Don Rafael Arenas ; Don

Angel Meir; Don Francisco CorniM 30th Regiment;' Captain Picket. Bengal Engineers'; Lieut Winders, jarena ; Don Jnan Olea and Don Joze Ilth Dragoons ; Evelyn Gordon, Esq; Olea, and Don M Martinez, E T Hall, Esq; James Spotteswood, Per Emerald, for Boston-Messrs Esq; James Jones, Esq; Misses Dunlop Mackey and Lunt. and Swinton; Masters Swinton and

Per Anna Robertson, for Mauritius Dunlop; 65 Men, 4 Women, and s Mr and Mrs G Mainwaring; George Cbildren, Invalids.

Alexander, Esq, and Capt Scott, Ar. Per American Brig Bramin, A T

tillery. Leach, for New York-Mr Samuel

Per Perseverance, DK Brown, Grace.

for Liverpool-Capt Low; Lieut Johns Per Brig Macauley. John Aiken, for

son ; Ensign Johnson ; Mr Russell ; Mr Vizagapatam-Mrs Duncan. For Madras-Miss Gibson; Ensign Mr and Mrs Gregga and three children;

and Mrs Mackenzie and three children; Smithwaite and John Summars, Esq. Mrs Gilbert and child, and one

For Masulipatam-Lieut Laing; Mr European servant.
French, and Mrs French.
Per Brig Minerva, John Norris, for

Per Eliza, Cuthbertson, for Rangoon and Amherst Town-Mir T Amherst Town-Doctor Maul. Simpson, and Dr D R Walsh.

Per Mary Ann, O'Brien, for London Per Catherine, J Macintosh, for -Mrs Colonel Thomas. Mrs Ainslie, London Mrs Lamb; Misses Maria Misses Catherine Ainslie, Margaret Lainb, and Emily Lamb; Masters Fran

Ainslie and Catherine Blagrave; Mascis Lamb, and W G Lamb; Mrs. War.' ter J William Ainslie ; Emily Halford ren ; Samuel Warran, Esq HC Ser European Servant; Revd John Wilvice'; Captain Hare; Lieutenants Si. son; Robert Mitford, Esq Civil Service ; mon' and Whitenhall ; Major Drys. Edward Impey, Esq i'ivil Service dale ; Captain Pew; Mr

Ainslie, Esq Merchant; } Lieutenant Foule and 1 child ; Master Brooke, Esq'H C Service ; James Lemarchand (child); Mrs Baillie and Knaffmann, Esq Merchant, James Teechildren ; Mrs Mackenzie and 2 chil.

van, Esq M D, H M 47th Regiment; W dren ; Miss Dickson and 3 children ;

Wise, Esq, H'M 47th Regiment; John Capt' Falconer ; Mrs Falconer and i Wilford, H C Service; Peter Dillon, child.

Esq Master Mariner, and Mrs Dillon Per Sir Edward Paget, for London and Miss Dillon. Mrs Colonel Macgregor ; Mrs Captain Grimes; Mrs Hume and Mrs Taylor;

Per Jeun Fernand, Peltier for BourMisses Macgregor and Woodley ; Hon French Consul at Cochin China.

bon and Nantz - Monsieur Chargneau, J Melville, (to the Cape); LieutCol Macgregor, CB, H M 59th Regt; Per Alexander, C Oakley, for the Jno Williams, Esg Civil Service ; Capí Mauritius–Major and Mrs Bortrauz J Lawrence, BNI; Brevet Captain and child ; Capi Rees, and Miss Oak. Campbell, H M 31st Regt; Capt Craw. ley.

Ferriar ;


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