תמונות בעמוד

fessions they ochupied the Court lence or force. His Lordship went three quarters of an hour with into the argument of counsel, and Jegal arguments. Mr. Dickens said, he did not consider that contended that the prosecutrix the present oase came within the was not married at all, it did not exceptions to the rule. The ques. signify he said whether the wo. tions, his Lordship said, was in man thought she was married or point of fact, whether the witness not, or what conclusion she drew was or was not to be considered in law; she might have thought the wife of the prisoner Mona. her children were legally born, ghan; to try so serious a question but there were Irish acts of Pare in a Court not legally authorised liament that rendered the marri. would, said his Lordship, be as. age (if what she stated was true, suming a right not granted to me, and he thought should be taken as

but such a trial would involve a such) void without any process question of greater importance or judgment of law.

than it would seem, it might effect Nr. Dickens cited in support the legitimacy of the infant in its of his arguments the 19 of G. cradle and perhaps the child yet III. ch. 13. and the 33 of G, III. unbord. His Lordship in conclu, chap 21. (both acts he said were ding, cited several legal authorities unrepeated), and the cases of Stan- in support of his opinion, and said, den v. Standen, to show that she he had no doubt the evidence of could invalidate her own marri. the prosecutrix could not be leage, for in that case a wiiness had gally admitted. done so by swearing that the bands His Lordship called on the were not lawfully published. Mr.

Counsel for the prosecution to Dickens contended that if she were produce other witnesses. married, her evidence might still

Ilr. Dickens then stated that be taken, and in support cited though he had several witnesses the case of Turner versus Wake- to call against Captain Greville, fields, in that case, he said, af. he had but three against Mona. ter strenuous opposition by coun

ghan, one Captain Hutchinson sel she was permitted to give evi

was beyond Delhi, the other Mrs. dence, the marriage was legal and Hutchinson was in England, and valid, for it could only be dis. the last was the prosecutrix, he solved by a private Act of Parli. said as one person could not be ament, what gentlemen at the bar convicted of a conspiracy, he call omnipotent.

thought would be unjust towards Sir John Franks said it, was ad- Captain Greville, to call any wit. mitted as a general rule, that a

He said, feeling convincbusband and wife could not be ced, that his Lordship's decision admitted as an evidence against was wrong, he would apply to the each other on account of the iden- Court his permission to appeal tity of interest, besides, said his under the Charter. Lordship, it would lead to an ex- Mr. Dickens said he would beg posure in most cases of facts to put in two objections to his which should never be permitted Lordship's decision : to obtain publicity, and it ought Ist. -That the witness bad proin all cases, if possible, to be avoid- ved on the voir dire facts, which ed, for the sake of peace and harshow that the marriage was illemony. Where violence is offered gal according to the laws of her doto a wife, the law allows her to micile and native country Ireland. give evidence against ber husband, 2nd.-That she would be a comas in the case of Lord Audley, petent witness even if she were but here, said his Lordship, there married not merely de facto bat is no complaint of personal yiode jure.


His Lordship said, that if it 'disposition; you ought to be rested with him alone, he would thankful that the remainder of your immediately allow the appeal to life is spared, that you may be made, so that his judgment employ it in repenting of the might be corrected if wrong; the crime you have committed. The other Judges he said should be sentence of the Court is that you be consulted. His Lordship compli- confined during the period of 2 mented the Counsel on the ability years in the Grea' Jail of Calcutta, with which they argued a case of and at the end of that time give such importance, he said he was security yourself in One Tbousand bound to come to the decision he Rupees, and two sureties in Fire had as his mind was made up on Hundred Rupees each, to keep the point of law.

the peace to all His Majesty's subThe Jury by direction of the jects for the period of 7 years. learned Judge, no evidence ap- Ghazee for burglary and robbery pearing to save the prosecutrix, in the house of Mr. Linton, was who was rejected on the voir dire, sentenced to be transported for brought in

a verdict of Not 14 years. GUILTY.-Hurk. April 26.

Moosrleen for robbery in the

house of Captain Biden, to be SUPREME COURT,-APRIL 26. transported for 7 years.

Turrufdy Mootyn for stealing JAIL DELIVERY.

five pieces of Madras Long Cloth, Before the Chief Justice, Sir Jolin to be imprisoned and kept to hard Franks, and Sir Edward Ryan.

labour for 2 years. At half past 12 o'clock, this day, Note knowing it to be forged, to

Meer Jaun for passing a Bank their Lordships canie into Court, be transported for 7 years. and after some business had been

Golumnube for stealing a Bank gone througlı, they proceeded to pass sentences on the different pri- Note of 500 Sa. Rs. to be imprisouers convicted at the last ses. soned and kept to hard labour for sions.

2 years. Nicholas De Monte was brought

Bissonot to be tranported for the up when His Lordship the Chief period of 7 years. Justice addressed him in nearly The following prisoners convictthe following words:

ed on the 21st Instant, before Sir Nicholas De Monte, you were in- John Franks, of a conspiracy dicted for the wilful murder of against Daud Ally, were brought Francisco DeCruz, the Jury by up and after a suitable address finding a verdict of Manslaughter, from the Chief Justice received the have thought that it was not with following sentences : feelings of cold and deliberate ma- Mootee, Kurrim Oola Rungraiz lice, that you committed that Soortee Khan, Sheoraj, Salluram crime, and far be it from me to Pahry, Anunchunder Dutt, Golaum throw


doubt on their judge. Kauder Jemadar and Gungaram, to ment; I approve of their verdict, be imprisoned for the space of one but at the same time it must be year in the Great Jail of Calcatia, remembered that the deceased and Durrum Sing Kuppoor Shaw, died in consequence of a wound Jooga Daby and Moolany Momud in the back inflicted by you. It Alley, to be imprisoned for one never can depart from your mind year, and at the end of that time that you have been the guilty pay a fine of 1000 Sioca Rupees, cause of the death of an innocent or be further confined till such individual, the act of itself shows sum shall be discharged.-Hurk. that you were a man of violent April 29.



At Fairlie Place, Calcutta, on the At Calcutia, on the 29th December, 17th January, the Lady of John Allan, Mrs T Hunter, of a son.

Esq of a Sun. At Calcutta, on the 1st January, At Calcutta, on the 16th January, Louiza Daniel, the Wife of Mr Charles the Lady of William Ainslie, of a Dariel, of a Son.

Daughter. At Calcutta, on the 1st January, At Calcutta, on the 16th January, Louiza, the Wife of Edward George the Lady of James Weir Hogg, Esq Mano, of a Son.

of a Daughter. At Calcutta, on the 25th December, At Calcutta, on the 12th January, Mrs logels, of a Daughier.

Margarel, Wife of Mr s Girling, of a At ( alculia, on the 25th December,

Daughter. Mrs W J Bampton, of a Son.

At ( alculta, on the 14th January, Ati alcutta, on the 26th December, the Lady of 5 D Kemp, Esq of A Son. Mrs G A Popbam. of a Daughter.

At Berbampore, on the 5th January, At Chandernagore, on the 24th De. the Wife of Robert isell, Esq of a Son cember, Mars wargaret McLean, of a and Heir. Son.

At Moradabad, on the 27th Novem. At Bombay, on the 7th December, ber, the Lady of the late (aptain Tur. at Prospect Lodge, tbe Lady of Cape ner, of a Daughter, tain Humphrey Lyons, of a Daughter. At Camp Jagsee, on the 20 Decem.

At Calcutta, on the 10th ecenaber, ber, the Wife of dir W E Check, of a
Mrs Charles Gardener, ota Daughter. Daughter.

At Calcutta, on the 29th Dec the At Dharwar, on the 21st December,
Wife of Mr Edward Webb, of a con, the Lady of Captain Wellaud, of

At (alcutta, on the 31 January, a Daughter.
Mrs Joba :chorn, of a Son.

At Si Thomas's Mount, Madras, on
At Calcutta, on the 6th January, the the 25th December, the wife of Ser.
Lady of Major Swinhoe, of a Daugh- jeant Instructor W Perkins Wood.

bridge. of a Son.
At Calcutta, on the 6th January, Ai Gwalior, on the 3d December,
Mrs John Buckland, of a still born the Lady of Major Josial Stewart, of a
Female infant.

At Calcutta, on the 6 h January, the At Rutnagherry, on the 18th Decem.
Lady of F Harris, E:9

of a Daughter. ber, the Lady of Lieut McGillivray,
Ai e alcutta, on the 7th January, the of a Daughter.
Lady of Ihomas Brae, Esq of a Daugh- At alcutta, on the 19th January,

Mrs Thomas Brown, of a Daughter.
At Calcutta, on the 6th January, the At Barrackpore, on the 16th Ja.
Lady of William Jackson, Esq of a nuary, the Lady of Lieut Col William

Swinton, of a Daughter.
AI Suugor, on the 27th December,

At Bareilly, on the 7th January, the Lady of Captaio Thomas Marshall, the Lady of James Johnstone, Esg of a Sun.

M D of a Son.
At Busar, on the 29th December, the

Ai Dum-Vum, on the 230 January,
Lady of Captain Stuart Corbett, of a the Lady of the Revd A Macpher:

son, of a Son, At Aora, on the 25th October, the At Moradabad, on the 1st Decem. Lady of Captain Botton. of a Daughter. ber last, the Lady of Thomas Jonnoce

At Arrahi, ziliah Shahabad, on the hy. Esq of a Daughter, 26th December, Mrs Joun Birming. At Ghazeepore, on the 231 Decemham, of a Son.

ber, the Wife of Mr J Campier, of a Ai St Thomas's Mount, Madras, on Daughter. the 21st December, the Wife of Rid.

At Madras, on the 17th January, ing Vaster Serjeant G Bird, of a the Lady of Thomas Moore Lane, Esq Daughter.

of a Daughter. Ai Fort St George, Madras, on the At Vellore, on the 31st December, 17 in December, ite Lady of J Hender. Drs Macleod, the Lady of Captain w son, Esq M D of a Son and Heir. Macleod, of a Daughier. At Bellary, on the Ilth December,

At Vellore, on the 17th December, the Lady of Major Marrett, of aDaugh. the Lady of Lieutenant and Adjutani ter.

George Wright, of a Daughter. At Poonah, on the 11th December, At Bangalore, on tbe 1st January, the Lady of Lieutenant Thomas Pro• the Lady of Lieut J Smith, of a Son. byn, of a Daughter.

At Arnee. on the 30 January, the At Calcutta, on the 16th January, Lady of Lieutenant and Paymaster Mrs C Heritage, of a Son.

W Cotton, of a Daughter,

At Macao, on the 17th November, At Madras, on the 16th January, the the Lady of Captain Oaks, of the ship Lady of Lieut Henry Lee, of a Daughe Isabella Robertson, of a Son.

ter. At Dharwar, on the 21st December, At Vizagapatam, on the 16th Jang. the Lady of Captain Fred Welland, ary, the Wife of wir Assistant Apothe of a Daughter.

cary Jobo Jones, of a Son. At Bourbon, on the 20th October Al Mhow, on the 13th December, the last, the Wife of Captain Henry W Lady of Captain G W Blacbley, of a Beyts, of the Grab Bark Shah Byram Daughter gore, of a Daughter.

At Ahmedouggur, on the 10th Jang. At Calcuita, on the 28th January, ary, the Lady of Captain Soppit, of a the Lady of R Saunders Esq of a Soo. Daughter.

At Calcutta, on the 23 January, At Bombay, on the 16th January, the Lady of c 'Oman. Esq of a Sou. the Wife of Mr Pompon Stevens, of a

At Calcutta, on the 26th January, Daughter,
Mrs A G Balfour, of a Son.
At Calcutta, on the 26th January,

At Calcutta, on the 5th February, Mrs Joseph Gonsalves, of a Son.

the Lady of P Turnbull, Esq of a Son, At Dinapore, on the 21st January,

At Calcutta, on the 10th February, the Lady of Charles Ridge, Esq of a

Mrs Robert Jacob, of a Daughter. Daughter.

At Calcutta, on the 11th February, At Banda, on the 12th January, the Mrs Elizabeth Mann, of a Daughter. Lady of Captain John Hall, of a son. At Chowringhee, on the 11th Feb

At Agra, on the 10th January, Mrs the Lady of Major Wm Dunlop, of a Maria Leopold, of a Daughter.

Daughter. At Bangalore, on the sth January, At Neemuch, on the 27th January, thə Lady of Major Harris, of a Daugh. the Lady of Lieut Edward M Blan, ter.

of a Son. At Agra, on the 12th January, Mrs At Allipore, on the 10th January, FR Cock, of a Son.

the Lady of William Braddon, Esq of At Quilon, on the 11th January, the a Daughter. Lady of Lieutenant Hope Smith, of a At Patna, on the 4th February, the Daughter.

Lady of C W Steer, Esq of a Daogh At Bombay, on the 3d January, the Daughter. Ldy of Lieut Moresby, of a Son. Al (awnpore, on the 20th Jangary,

At Matoonghat, on the 5th January, the Lady of Francis Curwen Smitb, the Wife of Mr Sub-Conductor Ar- Esq of a Daughter, cher, of a Daughter.

At Meerui, on the 24th November, At Calcutta, on the 8th February, the Lady of Captain Francis Hodgson, the Lady of j M Seppings, Esq of a of a Son. Daughter.

At Madras, on the 19th January, At Calcutta, on the 1st February, (at Cluny on the Neelgherry Hills) the Lady of Lieut Joseph Corfield, of the Lady of John Carnac Morris, Esq a Daughter.

of a Daughter. At Calcutta, on the 3d February, the At Seringapatam, on the 24th Ja. Lady of J Bridgenell, Esq of a Son. nuary, Mrs Jane Dally, of a Son.

Ai Fort William, on the 5th Feb At St Thome, Madras, on the 16th the Wife of Serjeant Major Leach, of January, Mrs G P Lamoury, of a a Daughter.

Daughter. At Calcutta, on the 28th January, At bombay, on the 11th Jangary, Mrs John Cornelius Hoff, of a Son. the Lady of Major W H Sykes, of a

At Calcutta, on the 31st January, the Son. Lady of Jas Dorin, Esq of a Son. At Bankote, on the 13th January,

Ai Chowringhee, on the 1st Feb the Lady of the Rev Alexander Craw. the Lady of Major Fendall, of a Son. ford, of a Son.

At Benares, on the 230 January, the Ai Bycuila, on the 19th January, Lady of Captain J Taylor, of a Son. the Lady of Captain P Maugban, of a

Ai Sholapoor on the 3d January, the Daughter. Lady of G H Thomas, Esg of a Son. Ai Bombay, on the 21st Japnars,

At Madras, on the 18th Jenuary, the the Lady of Lieut-Colonel Whish, of Lady of Major Sydney Cotton, of a

a Son. still born (hild.

At Colombo, on the 17th January, At Trichinopoly, on the 15th Ja. the Wife of Mr D A Estrop, of a Sos. duary, the Lady of Henry Dickinson, At Calcutta, on the 18tb February, Esq of a Daughter.

Mrs J Castello, of a Son. At Pooną, on the 5th January, the At Calcutta, on the 1-th February, Lady of John Warden, Esq of a Son. Mrs Ann Thompson, of a Daughter.

At Calcutta, on the 10th February, At Benares, on the 21st February,
the Wife of Mr Richard Wall, of a the Lady of the Rev John Carysfort

Proby, of a Daughter.
At Calcutta, on the 13th February, At Jessore, on the 15th February,
Mrs T P Whittenberry, of a Daugh. Mrs Ann Thomas, of a still-bora

At Calcutta, on the 14th February, At Nagpore, on the 8th February,
the Lady of Theodore Dickens, Esq of the Lady of Capt W B Girdlestone, of
a Son.

a Son
At l'alcutta, on the 18th February, At Madras, on the 25th January, the
Mrs I D'Santo, of a Son.

Lady of Charles Guichard, Esq of a
At Calcutta, on the 20th February, Son.
Mrs Robert Strickland, of a Son. At Hasting's Place; Chowrioghee,

At (howringhee, on the 18th Feh. on the 7th March, the Lady of G
ruary the Lady of Major Irwin Maling, Wood, Esq of a Son,
of a Daughter.

At Chowringhee, on the 7th March,
At Chowringhee, on the 30th Ja- the Lady of Minchia, Esq of a
nuary, the Lady of George Hamilton, Daughter,
Esq of a Son.

At Chowringhee, on the 3d March,
At Chandernagore, on the 13th Peb. the Lady of James Pattle, Esq of a
ruary, Mrs Lisse Férron, of twin Daughter.

At Chowringhee, on the 1st Feb.
At Chinsurab,

on the 16th February, ruary, the Lady of Š Frazer, Esq of a the Lady of the Rev Mr Lacrion, of a


At Saugor, on the 21st February, At Banjettie, Moorshedabad, on the the Lady of Captain Farrington, of a 20th February, the Lady of A Ć Mac.

Son. lean, Esqof a Son.

At Howrah, on the 28th February,
At Muitra, on the 2d February, the Mrs Crawley, of a still-born Girl.
Lady of Lieut and Adjt J Gray, of a At Burreesal, on the_28th February,

Mrs C S Brown, of a Daughter.
At Agra, on the 1st February, the At Benares, on the 6th February,
Lady of George Skipton, Esq of a the Lady of Lieutenant and Adjutant

Jas Hay, of a Son.
At Grah, on the 17th January, the At Furreed pore, on the 5th March,
Lady of Welby Jackson, Esq of a the Lady of c Cardew, Esq of a Daugh-

At Secunderabad, on the 26th Ja. At Secunderabad, on the 4th Ja.
puary, the Lady of Lieut.Col Parlby, nuary, the Lady of Lieut . Colonel
of a Daughter.

Bowes, of a Daughter. At Madras, on the 4th February, At Belgaum, on the 16th November, the Lady of Major Hitchins, of a the Lady of Lieut-Colonel J T TrewSon.

man, of a Daughter. At Quilon, on the 26th January, the At Royapettah, on the 17th February, Lady of the Rev F Spring, of a Daugh, Mrs Jane Scott Hudson, of a Daugh. ter.

ter, At St Thomas's Mount, Madras, At Dharwar, on the 31st January, op the 5th February, the Wife of Mrs Mary Malvery, of a Daughter. Laboratory Serjeant Ř Thompson, of At Colabah, on the 13th February,

the Lady of David Seton, Esq of a Son. At Bombay,, on the 28th January, At Bhewndy, on the 6th February, the Lady of Edward Grant, Esq of a the Lady of Major Roome, of a Son. a Daughter.

At Byculla, on the 5th February,
At the Esplanade, on the 29th Ja. Mrs John Harrison, of a son.
nuary, the Lady of Lieut Edward At Calcutta, on the 12th March, the
Marsb, of a Son.

Lady of James Ar Walker, Esq of a At Fort William, on the 28th Feb. Son. ruary, the Lady of Captain Greville, At Calcutta, on the 11th March, of a Daughter.

Mrs William Gray, of a Daughter. At Calcutta, on the 21st February, At Calcutta, on the 11th March, the the Lady of P M Wynch, Esq of a Lady of Captain William Clifton, of a Son.

Daughter. At Futtyghur, on the 31st January, At Calcutta, on the 24th February, the Lady of Lieut. Colonel J Simpson, the Lady of Capt William Clark, of a of a Daughter.

Daughter. At Patna, on the 18th February, Mrs At Calcutta, on the 7th March, the James Radcliffe, of a Daughter. Lady of M McKenzie, Esq of a Son.


a Son.

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