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surah, seconded by P. A. Cavorke, for his kindness in taking the Esq. unanimously resoved : chair, and the manner in which he

III.-That the thanks of this has conducted the business of the Meeting be presented to the Presi- evening. dent, Officers, and Members of the The Chairman acknowledged Committee, for their exertions the vote, and dissolved the Meetduring the past year ; that the Of. ing.-John Bull, Jan 7. ficers be requested to continue their services ; and that the following At the Anpual General Meeting Gentlemen compose the Commit of the Subscribers to the Civil tee for the present year, with Service Annuity Fund, holden, power to add to their number: pursuant to advertisement, at the Messrs. H. Beddy,

Town Hall, on Tuesday, the 1st
L. Betts,

January, 1828
E. L, L. Billon,

George Warde, Esq. was re-
J. Booth,

quested to take the Chair. J. Concannon,

The Managers having laid before D. Clark,

the Meeting, the accounts of the M. Cockburn,

past year, 1826-27, together with J. Cox,

the Statement of the Fund extract. M. D'Rozario, sen.

ed therefrom, M. D'Rozario, jun.

It was moved by Mr. Paxton, E. P. Ferris,

seconded Mr. G. Mainwaring, and J. Gilbert,

resolved, “That the accounts, as G. H. Huttman,

submitted, be passed and approvR. Kerr,

ed, and that the Statement of the

Fund be annexed to the Proceed-
H. Kyte,
J. Irvine,

ings, and published for the geneJ. Lautour,

ral information of the Subscribe H. J. Lee, W. May,

The Meeting was then made J. Richardson,

special, for the purpose of taking J. H. Sheriff,

into consideration, pursuant to adS. P. Singer,

vertisement, the proposition subJ. Urquhart, and

mitted by certain Requisitionists,

under date the 9th November, W. Wallis.

1827 ; viz. The Rev. G. Pearce acknow

“ That those Members of the ledged this vote on behalf of the Civil Service, (thirteen in nunOfficers and Committee.

ber,) who declined subscribing to On the motion of Dr. C. Morris, the Annuity Fund on the tender of Philadelphia, seconded by the being made to them, shall again Rev. E. Ray, it was further bave the option of subscribing on unanimously resolved :

payment of arrears of subscripIV.-That the thanks of this tion from the 1st May, 1825. When Meeting be given to the gentlemen it was moved by Mr. H. T. Prinin charge of the Town Hall, for sep, seconded by Mr. Macnaghten, the use of the Hall on the present and resolved, That it is the opioccasion.

nion of this Meeting, that in so The Chairman having left the far as concerns the Annuity Fund chair, it was finally, on the motion Institution, and the interests of of the Rev. T. Robinson, seconded the Service at large, there is no by the Rev. Mr. Hough, unani• objection to admitting to the bene. mously resolved :

fits of the Funds, those who oriV.-That the thanks of this ginally declined to subscribe to it Meeting be given to the Chairman and that as there is reason to be


lieve, that the refusal, in some in. The Ballot tben commenced for stances, originated in misconcep- the election of five Managers of tion of the nature and objects of the Fund for the ensuing year, and the Institution, and of the benefits the votes having been taken, the it offered, resolved further, that the following Gentlemen were declar. case of such nonsubscribers be ed to have been duly chosen: recommended to the favorable con

Messrs, A. Ross, Holt Macken. sideration of the Hon'ble Court, zie, H. T. Prinsep, E. Molony, and in the usual form, with a request, W. H. Macnaghten. that the indulgence of being ad

Thanks were then voted to Mr. mitted, on payment of arrears, Warde, for his able conduct in the from the 1st May, 1825, with Chair, and the Meeting broke up. interest of 6 per cent. per annum, be extended to those now desiring

(Signed) G. WARDE, to avail themselves of it.”


INTEREST. Balance on 30th April, 1826. .... 163704 15 5 9822 4 9 Hon'ble Company's Donation of 1825-26 266788 9 10 16007 5 1 Interest on the Monthly Subscriptions of 1825-26...

7582 3 3 454 14 11 Subscriptions received in 1826-27 364260 3 11

0 0 0 Fines received from three Annuitants.... 138251 4 7 0 0 0

940587 5 0

16284 8 9

940587 5 0

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966871 13 9 Deduct Establishment of the Fund

10619 8 0 Value of three Annuities transferred to A ppropriated Funds,

290700 0 0 301319 8 0 Balance, 30th April, 1827.. Sa. Rs. 665552 5 9

APPROPRIATED FUNDS. Balance on 30th April, 1826....

189800 0 0 11388 0 0 Value of three Annuities from Unappropriated Funds,

290709 00 o o o

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480500 0 0

11388 0 0

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491888 0 0 Deduct Amount to be paid by the Hon'ble Court to three Annuitants of the year 1826-27,

28333 5 4 Balance, 30th April, 1827..Sa. Rs. 463554 10 8 Total Balance of the Funds,.. Sa. Rs. 1129107 05

(Signed) G. WARDE, Govt. Gaz. Jan, 7.)


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At a Meeting at the Town Hall, 3rd.—That the Hon. Mr. Bayley held on Tuesday, the 8th of Jan. and Sir C. Metcalfe be requested uary, Colonel McCombe, c. B. with such Stewards and Subscrihaving been unanimously called bers as may desire to attend to wait to the Chair, the following reso- upon His Lordship and Countess lutions were proposed and passed : Amherst, at as early a date as

Ist. Resolved unanimously, possible, in order to express the that in order to express the sonti- sentiments of this Meeting and so. ments on the approaching depar. licit His Lordship and Countess ture of the Governor General and Amberst, to fix a day for the en. his family, a public entertainment tertainment. be given to his Lordship and the That a Book be laid upon the Countess Amherst, at the Town Table at the Town Hall for such Hall, on such day as His Lord. Members of the Society to enter ship shall please to name.

their names in, as may desire to 2nd. - That a Fancy Dress Ball join in this expression of respect and Supper (without masks) if to His Lordship and the Countess approved by His Lordship and the Amherst. Countess Amherst,

appears to

4th.-That the thanks of the this Meeting to be the most suit. Meeting begiven to Col. McCombe, able, and appropriate entertain- for the manner, in which he has ment for the occasion.

discharged the duties of Chairman That the following gentlemen be on this occasion. requested to officiate as Stewards, (Signed) P. SEWELL, and that the arrangements for the

Secy. entertainment be left entirely to John Bull, Jan. 9.] their management : Hon'ble W. B. Bayley,

Hindoo College.-The distribu. Sir C. Metcalfe,

tion of Prizes to the Scholars of Sir E. Ryan,

this interesting Institution, will Major-Genl. Price,

take place this year, at the GovernCol. McCombe,

ment House, on Saturday next, at Mr. Pearson,

10 O'Clock in the forenoon. We Commodore Hayes,

are authorised to state that the Mr. Chester,

Government House will be open Mr. Barnett,

to any European Ladies and GenMr. H. T. Prinsep,

tlemen, and to all Natives of res. Lieut.-Col. Vaughan,

pectability, who may be desirous Mr. G. Gordon,

of being present on this occasion, Dr. Atkinson,

and we doubt not that many will Mr. Wynch,

very gladly avail themselves of Mr. W. Prinsep,

this opportunity of witnessing the Capt. Honnywood,

progress made by a large body of Major Fiddes,

intelligent Bengalee Youth in the Mr. Rattray,

language, literature, and science Mr. C. Trower,

of Great Britain. Mr. Stirling, Dr. Wilson,

The Shahnamah. We are glad Major Powney,

to observe that the King of Oude Mr. McMahon,

has been induced to patronize the Dr. Adam,

printing and publication of the Mr. N. Alexander,

collated edition of the Shahnamah, Mr. Plowden,

under the superintendence of MaMr. C Prinsep,

jor Macan. It is stated in the Mr. Minchin, and

Akhbars, that his Majesty had Capt. Sewell, Secretary. actually paid his liberal and mu

nificent contribution, amounting to residents in Calcutta. The meet. twenty-two thousand ropees. It ing at the Government House, is therefore, to be hoped, that the will have prepared them to form work will be proceeded upon with some estimate of the tendency and out delay, otherwise the French results of this excellent Institu. nation may be the foremost in the tion. field ; for a young Professor, nam- English education, amongst the ed Mohl, has for some time been inhabitants of Bengal, has hither. employed by the French Govern- to bad little more than the mere ment, in examining and collating language for its object ; a suffici. all the manuscripts of the Shabna- ent command of which for conmah accessible in Europe with the ducting the details of official duty, same view. We met Mr. Mohl, comprehended the utmost amtilast summer at the Library of the tion of native students. The SpelIndia House, where he attended ling Book, a few Reading Exercis. daily, zealously pursuing the ob- es, a Grammar, and a Dictionary ject of his mission. He left Eng- formed the whole course of their land soon after, for the purpose of reading, except in a few isolated proceeding immediately to this instances of superior ability and country, to complete more efficient industry; and little more was efly what he had begun. It is high- fected than a qualification as ly gratifying to see the enthusiasm copyist, or accountant. The Hinof the French in every thing rela- doo College is intended to come tive to Oriental Literature. De pass something more; to teach Chezy had constructed a font of Bengalee youth to read, and relish elegantly formed Sanscrit types, English literature : to store their and had printed with them the minds with the facts of history and Hindoo play of Sacontala.

science, and to enable them to exThe Shahnamah, when finished, press just conclusions in a clear is to be printed at Paris, in a and polished style ; founded upon beautiful type, at the public ex- a comprebensive view of the conpense.-Govt. Gaz, Jan. 14. stitution of society, and the pheno

mena of nature. Great difficulties, Anglo-Indian College.-The dis- we admit, oppose the full accoma tribution of the Prizes to the Stu- plishment of these purposes, but dents of the Hindoo, or Anglo- che ceremony of Saturday allows Indian College, on Saturday last, us to think they are in a fair way at the Government House, con- of being surmounted, and that nostituted a ceremony of singular no- thing but time and perseverance velty and interest, and one, of are wanting to fill Calcutta with which few of those who witnessed numbers of elegantly and soundly it for the first time had formed, we instructed Anglo-Indian scholars. imagine, any accurate conception, The presentation of the Prizes or anticipation. Some notice has was held at the

Government been taken, it is true, of preced- House, we understand, in conse-, ing examinations, and a few indi. quence of Lord Amherst having viduals have personally visited expressed a wish to witness their the establishment, but the remote distribution. They were awarded situation of the College, and the previously by the Visitor, H. H. little, we may be permitted to say Wilson, Esq., after a long and too little interest generally felt in particular examination of the proobjects of local importance by gress of the pupils, occupying, we Europeans, even in India, have are informed, a portion of almost confined an acquaintance with the every day for a period of about character of this Seminary to a three weeks. The prpils, amountvery limited portion of the English ing to four hundred, under the charge of the teachers of the res- On a table behind the chair of pective Classes, were ranged on the Governor General lay specibenches along the centre of nearly mens of the Essays of the first two thirds of the State-apartment, classes on the following subjects : usually appropriated as the Ball

1st Class. - The consequences Room. His Lordship, with the Committee of Education, and Man resulting to Europe and Asia by

the discovery of the passage round aging Committee, on

his right, the Cape of Good Hope. and the Countess and Lady Sarah, Mrs. W. B. Bayley, Mrs. Hayes, given to public distinction, or to

2d Class.— The preference to be Mrs. Cowell, Mrs. Chester, and a number of other ladies on his

private happiness.

3d Class. --The condact of Co. left was seated opposite the pu- riolanus. pils. A great concourse of spectators, to admiration of different Grecian

4th Class.—The preferable claim both Native ind European, lined

States. the sid s of the apartment, press- 5th Class.-The consequences to ing rather inconveniently upon the Britons from the human conthose in the centre. The boys in each class, to whom Prizes were

quest. adjudged, were severally called

One of the students of the first up, and the Prizes consisting of class. Casi Prasad Ghose presentbooks and philosophical instru. ed critical comments on the four ments, suited to their age and pro

first chapters of Mill's History of gress were presented to them by British India ; and specimens of the Hon'ble W. B. Bayley, as poetical composition were also furPresident of the General Commit- nished by him, and by a scholar of tee of Public Instruction. The the second class, Harachandra two Senior Classes were called Ghose. Specimens of drawing in up collectively, and his Lordship chalks, and water-colours, were on did them the honor to present their the table, evincing an expertness rewards to them personally. A and facility of handling, with referfew questions were put to them by ence to those who executed them, the Visitor, on Grecian, Roman, quite astonishing. and English history, and Chrono- After the distribution of the relogy, Georgraphy, and Physical wards, a series of Recitations enScience, to which they returned sued, agreeably to the following prompt and accurate replies. Programme : ALEXANDER,

Gopál Lál Thakur,..... Eighth Class. THRACIAN ROBBER,

Durgáprasád Mukherji, Ditto.

OssiaN'S ADDRESS TO THE SUN, Maheschandra Sinh, Fifth Class. NEWCASTLE APOTHECARY, .....

Harihara Mukerji, Fourth Class,

First Scene of Venice preserved. PRUILI,

Sivachandra De, ...... Fourth Class. JAFFIER,

Radhanáth Sikhdár, Dilto.

Senate Scene from Cato. САто,

Amrit Lal Mitra,... Second Class, SEMPRONIUS,

Rasik Krishna Mullik, Ditto. LUCIUS,

Gungácharan Sen,..... Ditio. MARCUS,

Krishna Mohun Banerji, Ditto. Decius, ....,

Harachandra Ghose, Ditto.

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