תמונות בעמוד

Quarterly Register.


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Per Hashmy, from Bombay Per Milford, T J Jackson, from Bom-
-Mrs Lee Miss Lee, Lieut Saurin, bay-Mrs Kinsbury, and 3 children,
Bengal Native Infantry; Lieutenant Mrs Bell, Captain Edward Blair, 3d
Gordon, Bombay Native Infantry. Buffs, Lietenants L B Kingsbury. G
From Madras-Captain Kennedy. Ne. Care, Joseph Hanna, Bell and Rogers;
zam's Service, Revd George James Ensigns H'D Lacy, Robert Turton, H
Laury, Madras Establishment; Mr Benny, and J H Jows; Assistant
Thompson, Country Service.

Surgeons J Patterson, and J Gregor,
Per Bombay, s. Parker, from New Captain Cathre, Country Service, iwo
South Wales-Mrs Gribbell, Nir J Masters Blairs, 306 Rank and File, 36
Owen. From Singapore-W'Montgo. Women, 18 Children, 6 Native Follow
mery, Esq. Assistant Surgeon, W Na.
pin, Esq, C G Rauffman, Esq, and V Per Sultan, T Mitchell, from Bombay
Champion, Esq. Merchants.

-Revd Mr J Stewart.
Per Louisa, J Mackey, from Singa. Per Ann, E Catteld, from Madras-
pore,Mrs Mackey and two children, Edward Powney, Esq Madras Civil
MrC Groves, Merchant.

Per City of Edinburgh, D Mackellar, Per Jane, L W Moncrief, from China
from New South Wales-Mr and Mrs -S Gover, Esq.

Per Brougham, W Andreus, from
Per Madeline, F R Coghlan, from Arracan-Lieutenant Forbes, Native
Bourbon-Miss Sarah Watson, and Mr Infantry, Lieutenant Douglas, and Dr
H Watson; W T Legall and W J Hartt.
Courant, Dierchants.

Per Speke, R Harrison from Rangoon
Per Britannia, A1 Gonsalves, from Mrs Harrison.
Columbo-Mr W Bruce, Veterinary Per Sir Francis Mac Naghten, A
Surgeon ; Mr S W Dias, and M É Patterson, from China-Dr | Tyler,
D'Souza Cornelius. From Coringah – with dispatches for Government; Mas.
Mrs Cornet and three cbildren. Miss ter G A Tytler, and Mr Helmick, As.
Cornet, A B Cornet, Esq, of the French sistant Apothecary. From Singapore-
Government Service; Messrs M A conductor F Hall, Mrs Hall and two
Wright and Gilmore, Mariners. daughters.
Per Fergusson, JS Groves, from

Per Bengal, Robert Atkins, from Li-
Amherst Town-Mrs Sidley, Captains terpool-Frederick Marry weather, Esq.

Clark and Sidley, HM 45th Regt of
Foot; Mr G Hanaford, Country Ser-

Per Mercury, C Oakly, from Sumatra

-Mrs Oakly. vice; 270 Lascars and Followers, be

Per Sir A Campbell, C Robertson, longing to the Tenassarim Flotilla.

Per Maria, J Strong, from Cape of from Boston-F Boasly 'Esq HCCS.
dren, Mr J Donovan, and Mr G G Singapore-Mr Jeffray, Indigo Plan-
Maire, from Mauritius, From Madras -
Mr G N Sutherland, Free Mariner, Madras-Mrs Fraser, and two child-

Per Alexander, R Macdonald, fram and Mr Campbell, H C Service.

Per Ocean, J Searl, from New York- Per Ann, James Sly, from Mauritius
Jobn Burroughs, Esq. From Madras -Mrs Tucket, Lieutenant H Tucket, HI
-Mrs Searle, Miss Searle, Miss Mary M 11th Dragoons; and Master F
Searle, and Master William Searle. Tucket.

Per Maria, Thomas Coelho, from Per Bombay Merchant, D Ovenstene
Point de Galle-Captain Finucane. H from Rangoon-Captain Burney and
M 14th Regiment, and Lieutenant D F Mr John Elias,
Evans, 16th Regiment Native Infan. Per Enterprize, J H Johnstone. from

Akyab — McNaghten, Esq, and Lieut
Per Ospray, A McGill, from Liver. Rogers, Bombay Marine.
pool-Miss Agnes McNair, and John Per Mellish, A Vincent, from Singa
Keir Haldane, Esq.

pore--Mrs Taylor and children, and
Per Cambridge, J Barbar, for Pe. Lieutenant Dormer, H M 1411 Regt.
nang-Mrs Louis and child, Mrs Keat. From Penang -W Blunt, Esq. Col
ing, Mrs Ogilvie; -Lowis, Esq, Civil Poole, Bengal Native Infantry ; Major
Service, Captain Mackworth, ADC Costley; Mallet, Esq. Civil Service,
to H E Commander the Detachment, Major Pattle, Bengal Light (avalry;
Mr Sutherland; 627 Native Troops, Mrs Liddel and Mr Liddel.
Lascars, Gun Boat Mariners, Follow Per Emerald, 4 Heard, from Boston

Mrs Stones and Mrs Allen ; Messrs Per La Edmond-Messrs James Par. Cyrus, Stones and Allen, Missionaries; ty, and James Mackay.

and Miss Cynthia Farrar.



ers, &c.

Per Jehangeer, P Rny, from Bombay

Per Grace, FW Godt, from Batavia -Messrs D Dorabjee and Naswajee

-Mr Evan Campbell. Planter. From Rustomjee.

Singapore-Mr B Heritage, Pilot SerPer Homido, L M Honsz, fram Co- vice; and Mr W D Cameron. From Pe. Zumbo - Messrs T C Ayer and T Toss, nang-Messrs W Milduff, and J Pinto, Assistant Surgeons.

Mariners, Per Francis Warden, W Webster, Per Eliza, G Cuthbertson, from Runfrom Bombay-Mrs ('aur, Mrs Morgan, goon-Air Noyes, Free Merchant. Miss LC Viorgan, Lieutenant Bruce,

Per General Foy, C Vedit, from BorH M 3d Baffs ; Assistant Surgeon deaux-Messrs Vidna, Sheriffe and Smith, 31st Native Infantry, Messrs

Turner. R Crags and George Reid,

Per John, B Freeman, from Mau. Per Hydery, È D O Eales, from ritius-W Wadd, Esq, Messrs JohnPersian Gulph-Mr Wm Robinson, son, J Johoson, A B Johnson, Mariner. From Bombay-J C Cart: Squire, J Joseph, and Lamen Piegnot. wright, Esq. ('ivil Service, and Capt Per Colonel Young, W Quick, from Wilson, Artillery.

China-MrCJ Lackersteen, Merchant, Per Prince of Wales. James Joseph Mr George Munro, Mariner. From Dare, from ingapore-Messrs G'R

Singapore-Charles Thomas, Esq MerBlake and J Tucker, Mariners.

chant; Miss Thomas and Mr Joha Per Asia Felir. G Jellicoe, from Payne. Bombay-Mrs Jellicoe and Miss Jelli.

Per H C Brig Sophia, G Davies, coe, Captain Wallace and Mr Sinclair, from Akyab-Mrs Hunter, Miss Hun. Country Service.

ter, Mr Hunter, Lieutenants Boscowen Per Duke of Lancaster, A Hannay, and James. from Liverpool -- Vrs

Barlow, Mrs Max. Per HC Armed Brig Helen, JJR well, J H'Barlow, Esq, and Captain H Boumar, from Sandouay-Mrs orbyn Maxwell.

and child; Mrs Quin and T Corbyn, Per Rifleman, J Hawkins, from Maus Esq, Surgeon, 68th Regiment. ritius-Capt G Young, Bengal Army. Per Sunbury,

from Penang Per Pacific, John Wootten, from Phi. -Mr J B A Cossem, Engineer, and Indelphia essrs G D Blaikie, and J Mr J W Fish, Country Service. W Rulow, Super Cargo, Mr Casper

Per Merope, G Parkyns, from China Morris, Surgeon. Messrs W S Mitchell, -W Mackey, Esq. G Lamb and H McEbroy. From Madras-Mr Henry Erving.

Per Phenix, E R Arthur, from Sin. Per Marquis of Lansdown, Robert Sapore- Lady Colquhoun, and Sir Rubt Noues, from Batavia-Mr Gordon, Singapore-Captains Stewart and Gea

Colquhoun, Bart, and Capt Pen. From Merchant. From Singapore-Mr A Watt, Merchant. From Penang-Mr ver, of the Country Service. Black, HC Surveyor.

Per Donna ('armelita. C Gray, from Per Nancy. Guezenec, from Bordeaux Singapore-Captain J Dibbs, 1 ountry -Messrs C'Gervain, A Berthend, and Service. and Mr Wm Crane. Merchant. La Morien, Merchants, Walter Du Per Penang Merchant. J Mitchenson, Ciquor.

from Singopore-Mrs McKenzie, and Per McCauly. J Akien, from Madras- child, Major McKenzie, T A Dalzell. Mrs Bell, Miss Bell, and Captain Bell, Esq, Madras Civil Service, and Mr J Royal Regiment.

Dudman, H CS. From MalaccaPer H C Steam Vessel Irrawaddy, H Miss E Lamb. C West, from Rangoon – Mrs McGregor Per HC Ship Rainbow, H J Rous, and 3 Children, Lieutenant McGregor, from Penang-Hon JR Elphinstone, 45th Regiment; Ensign Graham, HM and Lieutenant Miller. 14th.

Per H C Steam Vessel Enterprize, Per Guide, -, from Vizagapa

Johnstone, from Rangoon tam- Lady Nicolls, Miss Nicolls, Ma- - Mrs Molony, Mrs Francis, Mrs jor-General Sir Jasper Nicolls,'K C Jobostone, Miss and Master FranB. Captain Carmichael, Aid de Camp. cis, Major General Sir A Campbell,

Per Schooner. Ann, E Cattle, from GC B; Lieutenant Colonel Kelly, Rangoon- Mr Slater.'

Adjutant General Captain Rose, HM Per Cashmere Merchant, E Paglar, 45th Regiment, Captain Grant, SG from Singpore-C Hogg, Esq and Dept; Dr Mellis, Dr Francis. Dr Child ; and Mr Henry Blumfield. Orr, H M 89th Regiment ; Lieutenant

Per Enterprize, J H Johnstone, from Du Vernet, H M 14th' Regiment; Amherst Town-Mrs. Birmingham, Lieutenants Hopper, Madras European Captains Stewart, Hawes, and Scot. Regiment; Mick, H'M 30th Regiment; land; Messrs Davies and Carberry, of and Woodhouse. Madras Native In, the Nint,

fantry; and Mr Fraser.

Quarterly Register.

(SEPT. Per Bramin, A T Leish, from New Per Roxburgh Castle, for LondonYork-Mr Samuel Grace, Merchant. Mrs Creighton, Mrs Sheddon, Mrs

Per Deidericka, J Hector, from Ba Amiel, Mrs Bishop and Mrs Reynold; tavia-Mr and Mrs Thompson ana fa. Major T C Watson, Captains Hector, mily, Messrs Davidson and Paine, Wilson and Mason, w P R Sheddon, Merchants,

Esq, Lieutenants Douglas, Barthel Per Brougham, W Andrews, from man, Orr, Primrose, Blake and Dale Akyab-R Hunter, Esq Commissioner, rymple ; Misses Creighton and M Captains Gordon and Scotts, 65th Na. Creighton; Masters reighton, Rey. tive Infantry.

polds, Douglas, and Seivwright. Ser Per Bombay, , from Amherst rants-Mrs Allen, Mrs Bull, two Na. Island - Mr John Fergusson, of the Ma- tive female Servants, two Native male rine Pay Office, Serjeant Major Hugh Servants, and Peter Clayton Invalid. Quin, 6 th Native Infantry.

Per Caesar, T A Watt, for London Per Sherburn, from China Mrs Henry 'Shakespear; Mrs Wells; -Mrs White and Child, D Bryce, Esq, Mrs Lindsay; Mrs Ross; Mrs Griffiths Merchant. From Singapore-John Par- and 4 children ; Mrs Goode and child; vis, Esq, Merchant.

Mrs Macleod, to the Cape; Mrs Trawin Per Isabella Robertson, E Oakes, and children, Courtney Smith, EsqC from China- Wirs Hayly, Mrs Santos. S; Lieutenant Colonel Lindsay, BN; From Malacca-Mrs Williamson, Capt Captain Hugh Ross; Capt Griffiths; Williamson, two Masters Williamson, Macleod, Esq

to the Cape ; Lieut Captain Vilye. From Singapore-Miss Miles ; Lieut Fenning ; Doctor Logan Allen, Captains Allen and Hudson. Mr Tytler. Children-Misses Jane and

gues Shakespear; Misses Louisa DEPARTURES.

Jane Hunter, Catherine Margareta Per H C Ship Repulse, Gribble, for Hodgson, Frances Anne Hodson, Mary Singapore--Mr Richard Marnell. For Siddons, and Sophia Bell; Masters Penang-Messrs Charles Trebeck and Hugh Ross, Clay loss and Wm Ross,

harles Montriun. For China-Mrs Robison, Davies, and Beatson. Lowis, J Lowis, Esq, a Civil Servant Per Royal George, William Reynolds, on this Establishment; Misses N Lowis for the Cape-H Russell, Esq and Mrs and Mary Lowis. for Europe - The Russell. For London-Major Bald. Hon'ble J H Harington, Esg, a Civil win; Captains Reynolds and Lucas Servant on this Establishment; Mrs Children: Masters H Russell, CW Harington ; Mrs Frances Henrietta Russell, G Russell, John Reynolds, Taylor, and Mrs Nixon; Ensign J G William Reynolds, John Swinton, Ed. Ellis, 69th Regiment Native Infantry : ward Swinton, and R Holmes; Misses Children : Misses Camilla Harington, F Drew, Bryce, G Lamb. A Lamb, G Emma Charlotte Taylor, and Agnes Williams, Holmes, and C Gibbs Mary Taylor.

Per Dule of Lancaster, A Hannay, Per H C Ship Herefordshire, White for Liverpool - The Lady of Archdeacon man, for Singapore---Mrs Hogg, Mr Corrie, and Misses Corri; Colonel Hogg, and Miss Hogg. For China- and Mrs Bowen, and Misses Bowen ; Mrs Craven and an infant; Mrs Hew. Mr C B Elliott, Civil Service ; Cape ett; the Revd Mr Charles Craven; tain Grant, G6th NI; aptain RidLieutenant Robert Delamain, 66th Re: dell, B N Infantry, and Master Reed. giment Native Infantry; Lieutenant H TC Kerr, 39th Regiment NI; David London-Mrs Major Wrottesley, and

Per Lady Macnaghten, Faith, for Bryce, Esg of the Firm of Cruttenden, Mrs Stainforth ; Visses Fraser, Fran

Per Albion, N McLeod, for Europe ces Stainforth, Émily Stainforth, Julia Mrs Crawford, and Mrs Eglinton; Stainforth, Isabella Fraser, Mary Fra. John Crawford, ksq, a Civil

Servant ser, and Eliza Warlov; Masters R
on this Establishment; Captain Wil- Fraser. A Beadford, and Wrottesley
liam Martin, 57th Regiment N. I.; Miss Eliza Parkinson ; Charles God-
Lieutenants T R Bagely and Collins,
of Artillery, Mr Robert Eglinton dard, Esq, and nine Servants.
Children : Masters Eglinton, Augusta ADMINISTRATIONS TO ESTATES
Vanrenen, and William Pereira; Miss

Mrs M Manuel, Calcutta, deceased-
Per H C Ship Buckinghamshire, Joze Manuel.
Glasspoole, for China-Pbilip York Mr Isaac Jordon Goodlad, Furria
Lindsay, Esq, Civil Service; Mrs Linda pore, Indigo Planter-Eneas Mackie
say ; Captain Cockle, of H M 2d, or tosh, Esq, Calcutta.
Queen's Royals. For England-HT Mr George Henwood, Kedgeree-
Goode, Esq, Merchant,

Mary Ann Henwood,


Charles Blaney, Esq, Caloutta, Mer- Edmond Morris, Esq, Chorleywood, cbant-James Cullen, Esq, Calcutta. in the County of Hertford-Nathaniel

Mr Edward Moran, Calcutta-Mr Alexander, Esq, Calcutta. John Wall and Mr Samuel Potter, Mr William Tomkyns, Calcutta Calcutta.

Mrs Maria Louisa Tomkyns, widow. Joseph Ives, Esq, Calcutta-Registrar of the Supreme Court.

Mr Michael O'Neale, Calcutta-Mrs Pointz Stewart, Howrah, MD,- ter of deceased.

Eleanor Allen, Calcutta, widow, a sis. Anna Margaret Stewart, Widow. Henry Cavel, Esq. Assistant Sur.

Mr Michael Cox Radcliffe, Entally geon-Mrs Jane Cavell, Widow.

-Mrs Sarah Radcliffe, Sealdab, in the Mr Jobp Murray-Mrs Phoebe Mur.

suburbs of Calcutta, widow. ray, ('alcutta, Widow.

Mr George Thomas, Purneah, Indi. W A Edmonstone, Esq, Civil Ser. go Planter—Mr George Murdock, Cal. vice-Registrar of the Supreme Court.

cutta. Lieut W H Bennet-Registrar of the

Captain John Kerr, Honorable ComSupreme Court.

pany's Military Service-Captain Joha Mr Richard Foley, Cawnpore-John Hoggan, same Establishment. Palmer, Esq, Calcutta.

Lieutenant Thomas D Colyear, 7th Charles Eaton. Esq. Coringa-Wm Light Cavalry- Registrar of the Su. Melville, Esq. Calcutia.

preme Court, Antonia Jellah, Calcutta-Mr Thos Lieutenant F Dibdin, Light Cavalry Benson. Calcutta.

Registrar of the Supreme Court, Mr Juao_Antbony De Olivera

Mrs Helen Boyd, Calcutta, widowMrs Maria De Olivera, Calcutta.

James Bryce, D D Calcutta.
John Vincent Briscoe, Esg. Civil
Service - Registrar of the Supreme lie Clark, Esg, Calcutta.

John Stephens, Esq-William Fair. Court,

Mr James Burt, Calcutta, Gentle. Mr Thomas Thomson, Indigo Plan. man-Registrar of the Supreme Court. ter, Modocolly-Mr Peter Turnbull,

Mrs Hosanna Mirza Stephenose Sha. Calcutta. kur, Calcutta-George Phanoose Bag- James Agg, Esq, Hewletts, Gloucesram, and Pbillipus Astwa Chater Ca- ter-William Ainslie, Esq, Calcutia. vorke, Esquires, Calcutta.

Archer Charles Edward Wilson, Esq. Mr James Ferrier, Indigo Planter- Ramcollah-Thomas Bracken, Esq,

Calcutta. John Storm, Esq, Calcutta.

Mrs Elizabeth Hurd. Dinapore, wi. Mr John Lachlan Maclean, Calcut. dow - Francis Hurd. Esq, Allahabad. ta-Mrs Jane Nicholson, Calcutta.

Francis Xavier Kronoeker, Esq, Mr Joseph Measures, SeramporeDelhi-Registrar of the Supreme Court. Mrs Hannah Measures, widow,

G. PRITCHARD, Printer, Calcutta.

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