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to the more learned of whom the subjects of the Plates in Mr. C.'s book are perfectly familiar. One quotation from Mr. C's text, and I have done. At p. 209, vol. II, he observes : “ The fact most worthy of attention, in respect to the images of Buddha is, that they never appear in any of the great central temples as the primary objects of worship, but in the smaller surrounding ones, seeming themselves to represent votaries. They are not found as single images, but always in numbers together,* seeming, in a word, to represent, not Deities themselves, but sages worshipping Siva."

The whole secret of this marvel is, that the temples seen by Mr. C. were not genuine Chaityas, but either composite Chaityas, or structures still less exclusively appropriated to the Dii majores of Buddhism. The genuiue Chaitya is a solid structure exclusively appropriated to the Dhyani Buddhas, whose images are placed in niches round the base of its hemisphere. Manushi Buddhas and Dhyani and Manushi Bhodisatwas and Lokeswaras, with their Saktis, are placed in and around various hollow temples, less sacred than the Chaityas. These Bodhisatwas and Lokeswaras never have the peculiar face of the Buddhas, but, instead thereof, long-braided locks like Siva, often also the sacred thread and other indications apt to be set down as proofs, “ strong as holy writ,” of their being Brahmanical Deities. Such indications, however, are delusive, and the instances of Plates 27 and 28, shew how Mr. C. was misled by them.

By the way, Mr. C. is biassed by his theory to discover. Sivaism, where it did not and could not exist, of which propensity we have an odd instance (unless it be an oversight or misprint) in p. 219: for no one needs be told that Hari is Vishnu, not Sivant and I may add that in adopting as Dii minores, the Gods of the Hindoo Pantheon, the Bauddhas have not, by any means, entirely confined themselves to the Sectarian Deities of the Saivas.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,


September 10, 1828.

AND why not? for Buddha is a mere title: and thongh there are but 5 Dhyani Buddhas, there are hundreds of Mànushis, which latter are constantly placed about temples in vast numbers; always as objects, though not, when só placed, special ones of worship,

+ See also pp. 221-2, for a singular error into which apparently Mr C.'s pursuit of his theory could alone bave led him. Flowers not offered by Hindoos to their Gods, and therefore Buddba was a sage merely, and not a God?!

P. S.-A theistie sect of Bauddhas having been announced, as discovered in Nipal, it is presently inferred that this is a local pe. culiarity. Let us not be in too great haste : Mr. Crawfurd's book, (loco citato) affords a very fine engraving of an image of Akshobhya, the 1st Dhyani, or Celestial Buddha, see Plate 29, and I have remarked generally, that our engravings of Bauddha architecture and sculpture, drawn from the Indian Cave temples, from Java, &c. conform in the minutest particulars, to the existing Saugata monuments of Nipal—which monuments prove here, (as at Java), the Foreign and Indian origin of Nipalese Buddhism, animals, implements, vehicles, dresses being alien to Nipal, and proper to India.



IN giving the following List of Works, published in Calcutta, we have to apologise for the length of the interval that has elapsed since our last notice of local publications. The omission was unintentional, and it is our wish to advert to the appearance of every literary attempt of indigenous origin, not only as a record of its occurrence, but as the least tribute we can offer to the meritorious object of maintaining the literary credit of British India. That we confine ourselves to a bare list, is not our fault, and we should have willingly multiplied the instances of more detailed notice, could we instigate our friends and correspondents to exercise their critical acumen on the various objects offered to it by the Calcutta Press, depending upon their employîng their skill with lenity and discretion :

Poems, by H. L. V. DeRozio, printed for the author, and sold by Messrs. Smith and Co.

Documents illustrative of the Burmese War, with an Introductory Historical Sketch and Appendix, by H. H. Wilson, Esq. 4to. price 24 Rupees-Sold by Messrs. Thacker and Co. and at the Government Gazette Press.

The Theatre of the Hindus, translated from the original Sanscrit Dramas, by H. H. Wilson, 8vo. 3 vols. price 24 Rupees.Sold by Messrs. Thacker and Co. and at the Government Gazette Office.

Abstract of the Judicial Regulations for Bengal, Behar and Orissa, from 1793 to the end of 1824, compiled to 1818, by W. Blunt, and continued by H. Shakespear, 4to. Government Ga. zette Press, price 10 Rupees,

Abstract of the Land Revenue Regulations for Bengal, Behar, and Orissa, from 1793 to 1824, 4to, Government Gazette Press, price 12 Rupees.

History of the Boondelas, by Captain W. Pogson, of the Bengal Army, Baptist Mission Press, 4to. price 28 Rupees,

History of Armenia, translated from the Armenian Language into English, by Johannes Avdall, 8vo. 2 vols. price 32 Rupees.

Mackenzie Collection, a descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Manuscripts, six collected by the late Colonel Mackenzie, with an Introductory Sketch of the Hindu History of the South of India, by H. H. Wilson, 2 vols. 8vo. price 20 Rupees.

A Grammar of the Siamese Language, by Captain Low, 1 vol. 4to. price 10 Rupees.

The Maniac and other Poems, by the late Revd. J. Lawson. --Sold at the Baptist Mission Press, and by Messrs. Thacker and Co. 1 vol. 8vo.

Early Lessons for Indian Children, by a Lady, Baptist Mission Press, and sold by Thacker and Co. price 3 Rupees.

The Punics of Silius Italicus, translated into English Verse, and Miscellaneous Poems, by the late Dr. Tytler, 3 vols. 8vo. price 20 Rupees.

The Asiatic Researches, or Transactions of the Society, for enquiring into the History and Antiquity, the Arts and Sciences, and Literature of Asia, vol. XVI, 4to. boards, price 16 Rupees.

Notes on the Epidemic Cholera, by Richard Hartly Kennedy, M. D. Baptist Mission Press, 8vo. price 8 Rupees.

Kala Sankalita, a series of Essays on the Chronological Systems of the Hindus and Mohammedans.—Sold by Messrs. Thacker and Co. 4to. price 26 Rupees.

Carey's Bengalee Dictionary, abridged, Serampore, 8vo. price 12 Rupees.

Soldier's Manual, English and Hindustani, Serampore, 8vo. price 6 Rupees,


IN 1827.

A collection of Sanscrit Couplets, 12mo. price 8 Annas.
Elements of Natural Philosophy and History, by Yates, 8vo.


Rammohun Roy's Bengalee Grammar.
Breton's Popular Treatise on the Cholera Morbus, gratis,

A Primer, by Mr. Adam, price 1 Anna and 6 Pie.
Arithmetic, by Mr. Adam, price 1 Rupee and 6 Annas.
Grammar, by Mr. Adam, price 10 Annas.
Elements of Geography and History, price 12 Annas.


Yates' Arabic Reader,


Abu Taleb's Travels, by Mr. Macferlane, price 2 Rupees.



SANSCRIT, The Mugdhabodha, a Grammar of the Sanscrit Language, 1 vol, small 8vo. page 260, price 2 Rupees.

The Laghu Kowmudi, a Grammar of the Sanscrit Language, 1 vol. small 8vo. page 228, price 2 Rupees.

Bhasha Parichheda, Elements of Logic, with a Commentary, 1 vol. small 8vo. page 132, price 1 Rupee and 8 Annas.

Batti, a historical Poem, 2 vols, 8vo. page 1376, price 15 Rupees.

HINDI. Rajniti, Tales in Hindi, 1 vol. small 8vo. page 144, price 2 Rupees.

PERSIAN. Mulakhas al Tawarikh, an abridgement of the Modern History of Hindustan, known as the Seir Mutakherim, 1 vol. 4to. page 518, price 10 Rupees.

Translations of Miscellaneous Articles, from English into Persian, I vol. 8vo. page 324, price 3 Rupees and 8 Annas.

Mejmua Shemsi, a short view of the Copernican System of Astronomy, 1 vol. 12mo. page 74, price 8 Annas.

Translation of the Lilavati on Sanscrit Work, or Arithmetio and Geometry, 1 vol. 8vo. page 164, price 2 Rupees.

ARABIC. Fatawa Alemgiri, a collection of Texts of Mohammedan Law, vol. 1st. 4to. page 784.

Moojiz, a Work on Mohammedan Medicine, 1 vol. 4to. page 234, price 4 Rupees.

A Treatise on the Heart and Arteries, translated by J, Tytler, Esq. into Arabic, price 6 Rupees.


Breton's Medical Vocabulary, in English, Arabic, Persian, Hindi and Sanscrit, 4to. price 16 Rupees.

Fleming's Catalogue of Indian Drugs, 8vo. price 5 Rupees.
Gulistan, royal 8vo. price 6 Rupees.
Pund Namah, royal 8vo. price 2 Rupees,
Persian Classics, 4to. 2 vols. price 32 Rupees,
Bostan, 4to. 1 vol. price 20 Rupees,
Hafiz, 8yo, 1 vol. price 7 Rupees.

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