Spirit of the Public Journals, כרך 10

כריכה קדמית
Stephen Jones, Charles Molloy Westmacott
James Ridgway, 1807

מה אומרים אנשים - כתיבת ביקורת

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד 25 - And he fix'd his eye on the darker speck. He felt the cheering power of spring, It made him whistle, it made him sing ; His heart was mirthful to excess, But the Rover's mirth was wickedness. His eye was on the Inchcape float ; Quoth he, ' My men, put out the boat, And row me to the Inchcape Rock, And I'll plague the priest of Aberbrothok.
עמוד 50 - one half of the world does not know how the other half lives.
עמוד 365 - ... Earl Percy's sake.' This vow full well the king performed After at Humbledown ; In one day fifty knights were slain, With lords of high renown : And of the rest, of small account, Did many hundreds die ; Thus endeth the hunting of Chevy-Chase, Made by the Earl Percy. God save the king, and bless this land, With plenty, joy, and peace ; And grant, henceforth, that foul debate 'Twixt noblemen may cease...
עמוד 24 - Had floated that bell on the Inchcape rock ; On the waves of the storm it floated and swung, And louder and louder its warning rung. When the rock was hid by the tempest's swell, The mariners heard the warning bell ; And then they knew the perilous rock.
עמוד 200 - And bear me off unvanquifli'd from the field. If giddy fortune e'er return again, "With all her idle — reftlefs, wanton train, •—Her magic glafs fliou'd falfe ambition hold, Or...
עמוד 318 - Frederick came up to interrogate him ; but he happened to begin upon him by the second question, and asked him, "How long have you been in my service?" "Twenty-one years," answered the soldier. The king, struck with his youth, which plainly indicated that he had not borne a musket so long as that, said to him, much astonished, "How old are you?
עמוד 220 - With the vanishing phantoms of love and delight, Abandon my soul like a dream of the night, And leave but a desert behind.
עמוד 220 - Like a brotherless hermit, the last of its race, All wild in the silence of Nature, it drew, From each wandering sunbeam, a lonely embrace ; For the night-weed and thorn overshadowed the place Where the flower of my forefathers grew.
עמוד 215 - The man offered him a dollar, and desired him to put it to the next year's account. No, he must get the change, and leave the money on the table until he had got it. The man rode to Alexandria, which is nine miles from Mount Vernon ; and then the general settled the account.
עמוד 318 - His figure caused him to be immediately accepted ; but he was totally ignorant of the German dialect; and his captain giving him notice that the king would question him in that tongue the first time he should see...

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