Songs and Verses: Social and Scientific

כריכה קדמית
W. Blackwood, 1868 - 70 עמודים

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עמוד 55 - Mustn't bloom or smell sweetly on Sunday. What though a good precept we strain Till hateful and hurtful we make it ! What though, in thus pulling the rein, We may draw it so tight as to break it ! Abroad we forbid folks to roam, For fear they get social or frisky ; But of course they can sit still at home. And get dismally drunk upon whisky. Then, though we can't certainly tell How mirth may molest us on Monday ; At least, to begin the week well, Let us all be unhappy on Sunday.
עמוד 18 - The belief I entertain that my mind exists when it is not feeling, nor thinking, nor conscious of ' its own existence, resolves itself into the belief of a Permanent Possibility of these states.
עמוד 63 - Being woo'd and married an' a'. A third way of tying the tether, Which sometimes may happen to suit, Is living a good while together, And getting a married repute. But you who are here as a stranger, And don't mean to stay with us long, Are little exposed to that danger ; So here I may finish my song. Woo'd and married an...
עמוד 11 - OIO ! was the signal of pain : Ha ! Ha ! was the symptom of laughter : Pooh ! Pooh ! was the sign of disdain, And Hillo ! came following after. Toroddle, toroddle, toroll. Some, taking a different view, Maintain the old language was fitted To mark out the objects we knew, By mimicking sounds they emitted. Bow, wow was the name for a dog : Quack, quack was the word for a duckling : Hunc, hunc would designate a hog, And wee, wee a pig and a suckling.
עמוד 43 - tis found in wine, Which better pleases me, sir. O blessings, &c. Your toil and pain will all be vain, To try to milk the bull, sir ; If forth you jog to shear the hog, You'll get more cry than wool, sir. 'Twould task your hand to sow the sand, Or shave a chin that's bare, sir ; You cannot strip a Highland hip Of what it does not wear, sir.
עמוד 62 - ... a'; Married and woo'd an' a' : It isn't the mere use of words Makes you woo'd and married an' a. You'd better keep clear of love-letters, Or write them with caution and care ; For, faith, they may fasten your fetters, If wearing a conjugal air. Unless you're a knowing old stager, 'Tis here you'll most likely be lost ; As a certain much-talked-about Major Had very near found to his cost. Woo'd and married an' a'; Married and woo'd an' a': They are perilous things, pen and ink. To get woo'd and...
עמוד 4 - I'm sadly afraid, if we do not take care, A relapse to low life may our prospects impair ; So of beastly propensities let us beware, Which nobody can deny. Their lofty position our children may lose, And, reduced to all-fours, must then narrow their views ; Which would wholly unfit them for filling our shoes, Which nobody can deny. Their vertebrae next might be taken away, When they'd sink to an oyster, or insect, some day, Or the pitiful part of a polypus play, Which nobody can deny.
עמוד 41 - Push about the jorum." In ancient days, tradition says, When knowledge much was stinted — When few could teach and fewer preach, And books were not yet printed — What wise men thought, by prudence taught, They pithily expounded ; And proverbs sage, from age to age, In every mouth abounded. O blessings on the men of yore, Who wisdom thus augmented, And left a store of easy lore For human use invented. Two of a trade, 'twas early said, Do very ill agree, sir ; A beggar hates at rich men's gates...
עמוד 1 - Have you heard of this question the Doctors among, Whether all living things from a Monad have sprung? This has lately been said, and it now shall be sung, Which nobody can deny. Not one or two ages sufficed for the feat, It required a few millions the change to complete ; But now the thing's done, and it looks rather neat, Which nobody can deny.

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