תמונות בעמוד

winter, at they often begin fishing a Ferjfand, Carbiniere_, and Trinity hit

rnonth before the (hips can comt from hours, had as maiiy cannon, with all

Europe. manner of floret, and about too imafl

A great de*t hat been (aid concern- arms for the use of the inhabitants,

ing the belt situation for carrying on Wonelilit tHe'inhabitants trf Great

the NeMfiundiandnlhery, but we net J A Britain, titivjouitJUnJ, withJersey tn&

hot be jeatous of all the cod fifheriei Guernsey, (nting Protestants) fhcniio be

in the world, had we all to the North- permitted to possess any Bin rooms, of

ward of Cape Race in Ne-iusoundland. plantations in the ist*nd of Kru.-fsitsi

The Prtncbj however, have by far the land. The Irijb Rorftisb. Ouhtlici are

greatest part. useful as servants, but very tiasigerout

No one took shore pain* than Mr When ih pow^f.' _ *y" ■

Alderman Jarjsen, to push the fishery g Eveiy thing; (or carryTji^^p this

it Halifax, but to no purpole; the immense trade, i* tbe product us Ertr

fame may be said of Can/a, Sec. &c. linJ, except bi.ef, porkj an J bu^er,

The great staple for fith, is from li'Om Ireland; rum.lii^ar, and roelisse»,

Cape Race, all along the Eastern Coait from the West India and Re-it-bntfanJ i

of Nrwfrund.a'Ul toikz ilreightsof Bil- bread and flour, from Kcw-Torf,- Fbi

lijle, and iiom thence to point Rich, iadtlphia, Boson, Sfr. Salt and olive

{the part inhabited by the F-ngUsb) til, and a mare, trifle of wines from

which begins in F'ucentra bay, and _ Pdrticjalaad J/uunj. oil ^is what the

continues all along sliore to TrapnJJee, fishermen cannot do without to eat

Fermmts, Feriland, and as fat Noah- with salt fish ; seat the oil must Mt tje

waid at Cape Bonavifta. '\ "broUgHt" to'Frjlatid, thoVit leave's but

The French, when in posstiftoh''-of 'the meerest tri'fle at tbe custom house,

Cape Breton, had a fmsM -flfhe't^at yet the double freight, and other ex

Liui/burg, and at several'- tfrlpospe pences, make, ,k <;ome- 75. per «srf*

creeks and coves j but their greatest Q IdVarer fttafi V ."bougnt art first hand,

was from Cape Bsntrvijia to point which should be prevented. s

Riche. There U an illicit trade carried on

Tnit was th* nsiWjr which we la- from Jersey and Gueriijiy, far trench

weni- the loss of to this day 1 the fish brandy, canvas cordaie, and sundry

in those part* being; better & plenties, othe/commoditits, .which should b» •

an.1 the tilhery carried on at hall the prohibited.

evper :e, because the so*s do not go EVery (wo boat! will require of

rb far Nortbwird, as the forementjon- E stores and necessaries from Bnttmnd to'

<d rape. Many times when the (hips the amount of t<>8 /, besides cloathing

have left rue more southerly banks for the persons employed in rhe fistt

«vtth a line loading of rifh, yport open- try; these add'd together Capt J*V

i rig-their hatches fr. dispose of their bams calculates at 405,665/. annually )

Cargoes^ they hare found them all exclusive of the wear and tear of Ihip

tiii-ir.l into ma- ;s; P'"S- This calculation is.founded on

Not a foot ot tne ronntrv from cape a supposition that loefo. boitt ace em»

table, in the bay of Fundy, to cape g pi.ytd in the fiibtry,and % 1,040 hand:.

Race, in N/v.'ouadland, iswotch one He is Convinced that if this Uaye

ill Uirtg to England, otherwise than tlie Was carried on as it ought to he, and

troops kept there, area check upjn proper settlement? made to tbe North

the French and Indians. ward, 40 000 people might be employ

We have now .hi opportunity ofe- ed in it j arta consequeatly, the ex*

stabliihino that moil valnaofe branch ports ahd returns, to and from 4>j

of the filii trade 1 and the! t: is nothing land, would be double,

wanting hut proper encouragement G The yearly returns fir fi(h lad oil,

to make the returns double to what at the calculation made on. this ac-

tlu- ever have b.en. Count, will be, for fisti, 1,03s,000/.

It is theretore proposed, that a go- and for oil, 91.880/.

ve mr for the whole llland (liould re- To this account given by. his friend,

site at 3t John's, which mould be the Capt. Cole adds some observations ot hit

tapiial, as 'he center of trade j that own, and fays, that the lUcwfaundUnd

S Joha's, Fenhid, Carlnnicre, andTW- fishery ir.iy be made of greater can

n'-'y liarbou s, lliould be put on the H sequence ro thin nation, than t«e

f >)iin?, intended 111 1745, mine* of Fern and Mexico are to Spain t

b John's, from 1-45 to 17 no, wa> that no time seems more proper, than

well garritb'ied ans well supplied with thepresent, soracconiplistjingUuf#nsl.

^.1 manner o'(tort-, and dttended By Thati/Ure protection to cux.faW*

-./ 1 ucet of aua.11. tntn


Tbe Philosophical Tranfadiohs/ epitomized. 669

raVn is alone wanting, in order to ob- a-tr. They art never seen to eat, bit lige the French to keep their proper a, they have* long pioboicis, it is pi odistance, and totally to exclude them babie that they luck the dew, 01 the from fishing on any part of the coast faiina ot'flowers, prohibited by treaty, which will ef- The female bat a dart near half sa fectualty prevent their ever being able inch long fixed to the middle ot her so bring up seamen to man theirieets. A body on the underside. This the That at present, (by meant of their (heaths when not in use, and with thw fishery on the North coast of Nttu- she pierces the small twigs of trees and jbuaJlanJ) they carry on a great trade deposits an egg in the hole. The pei■with the F.f(f£amean Indians on the vail foratiou always reaches to the pith, coast ot Labr.i.iort, which is not above that the infant progeny may find, tender 'ten leagues distance.across the streiglrtt fijod j when they are mature they deles fieUltfie, for furs, deer, elk, buffalo ctnd & make their way intotlieground. sleins, 6fr. and that on the coast: they B whtre they have been discovered two have a great whale fishery, and also feet beneath the suiface j here they brills home sreat quantities of mails, pass from a maggot to a hexapede, yards, spars, 4?r> for building (hips of and then come forth and change bate war} and they saw vast quantities Of a fly t At certain periods of about 1+

Slank, from the red Pine, for their or 15 years, they appear in such num.

lip and boat building, being the best bert that people have given them the

b» the world for that purpose: Both £ name os locusts, but they are the food

the North part of Ncwfomndlartd, and of so many animals, and their duration

tbe coast of LabraAire, lays he, abound hy the order of nature is fo Ihort, that

with these materials. they quickly disappear S tbe very

squirrels grow fat upon them, and the

An Epinmi of the Philosophical Trail- Indians pull otf their wings, boil

factions. them, and think them good food.

(Conthutd frtm p. j«<. A a T. XI. An aecount of tlve plague

A*T.X. QOtvlE observations on the D at Constantinople, by ffordaoS Mackenzie

O Cicada of North America, M. D.

collected by Mr Ptttr Collinson. To reconcile the different accounts

There are two species of the Cicada which different author* of reputation

in Htrib America, one small and one have given of the plague, the Doctor

larger, the smaller has a black body oblerves that this disease has different

with golden eyes, and remarkable appearances in different countries,

yellow Veined winwj the larger art E and even in the fame country, in dis"

of a dark brown colour with four fine- ferent years. But he observes, that'

ly veined transparent wings j this fpe. several of rheie authors mention

cies is the ob|ect of Mr Collinses* ob- plagues which kill the tatne day, in a

fcrvations. few hours, and even instantly, which

About the end of April the grubs he thinks impossible: He acconntf.

come near the surface of the ground, howevei, for the mistake, by remaik.

which is known by the hogs rooting im: that all who ar« seised with tbe

after them, and some time after they P pl.iK.ucconce.il it at long at (hey can

creep oat of the ground near the roots lot fear of being abandoned, and at

•f trees, In such numbers, that the last fall down and die in the streets (

earth looks like a honeycomb. then death bein^ thus sudden k has

'This grub is ill duped, and hat fix been imagined that they have died as

tretj and this is the middle ex nymph («on as infected, though they died on.

state of the animal, they cieep up ly »t loon at they were known to he

every thing near tham, at)d fix them Mfe&ati, and long after the noxius et'

selves by their claws to the Ibrubi and G Jlvoia mixed with the blood, as thele

barkt ©street 1 then the (kin on the tfHuvia could not at once produce a

kick bnrstt open, and the fly comet feve'.mucu less such general putrefac

forth, leaving the cas- in the same tiun in the blood and other fluids

ftiape that it was hefoie. At fir* as stops the circulation and kills the

coming out the Cicada are all white, patient,

with red eyes, but the Deal day .,« ft,- Mne/aKiralso observes, that the

Tt"'- I .ji ... r . . r H ,nmion of ^e P^mx"'siting persons

The mnlt calls the female by a fing. ** but once is a mistake, for that he

Ing noise, whlrh he nukri by giving 1.1.. « a Greet who superintended the

• tiemulous motion to two l.Mdn, |,„ p„.d at imirnm that had it twelve

avadei iiit winj(i that air Ailed with tout, and at Uildicd „f 11

[graphic][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][ocr errors][subsumed][ocr errors]

clouds. By Mr Reeve at Greeirmich, prepared at Coimbra in PortmgaJ, t»*4 r.li. 51a. js. apparent time, end not been given with success, though exvisible. At Lord MaecleiJUId'%, Sher. tnsti prepared at Lrjhoi, and «»y Dr burnt Cajiie, 9 h. om. 48 s. end doubt- Sttrft apothecary at Vienna, had been r'ul, hat let down at 11 h. 56 m. 10s. nniecceiisully adminiltered.in various Ky MrHomJhy at Oxford, I h. 59 m. 38s. yv disorder*, for three year*. Dr Mtrrii apparent tune 5 the end n h. 54m. thought an experimental enquiry i»to «ots. By Matttt-w Raper, Esq; at the component pari» 0/ these extract! 1 barley Hall lat. 51 d. 50m. 45s. N. might produce some useful knocking. 38 S. E. of Greenwich, 9 h. 7 m. ledge) he, therefor, made several «• apparent time; ended 1 x h. 1 m. 45s. perimenti, the result of which was a* •r 48 s. By Mungo Murray at Chatham, follow*: The extract of Coimbra is at 9b. 8m. by a watch set by a good not so moist as other extract* | it convertical sun dial at 9. At half an B taint one jth soluble in spirit of wine, hour aster 10, the eclipse wit barely three 4th* of which consist of an oily annular; at 5) minutes pall 11 it essential salt, the remainder being a ended. By the Jesuits at Rome, 9h. "fin 5 it contains a far greater quan49m. 8s. Ended nh. ;t m. 49 s. tity os an elsential oily salt, and resin,

XXI. An account, that, on the i*d than the other extract*.

of November 1763. just before sun rise, Dr Morris conclude* this paper with

the thermometer by Farenheil't scale r> the following queries, ana obferva

was as low As iot, at Cardington vaBed- tion*: A* the oilt, salts, and resin*,

jortijbire. are the most active partt of vegetables,

XXII. Some remarks on the first may not the salutary effects of the pirt of the Abbe Bnrlhelemj'tmemoirs Coimbra extract, be owing to iti re>on the Phtnician letters, relative to a taming these parts in greater quanthrnirian inscription in the J/le of Mai- tity, having been given to the quanta. Byy.S<wi/ttoa. tity of a drachm an.l an half, twice a,

This inscription, with a Phtnician D day. As these active oily salts, and

alphabet deduced from two transcripts resins, are soluble in spirit os wine, we

ot it, is exhibited in a copper plate, have the means of obtaining them,

numbered Tab XII. but referred to from the extract of our own hemlock

rs Tab. XI. The article cannot be in sufficient quantities for use, without

abridged. The inscription which is a fatiguing the stomach with the nau

mixturc of Hebrew and Sjriac, *s nan- (tout inactive part of the extract.

dated by Mi S-wmtcn, is as follows: £ But al experience only can thew whe

"Abdoffor and his brother, AJerim ttier the virtues of hemlock reside in

"Hammar, who (also) tithe Ion of the whole extract, or in the sapona

*• Ajserrm Hammar, the son of Jbdrf. ceous parts soluble in spirit of wine,

•' far, have made a vow to Meiearihus he leave* the question to be detenni

*' (or Hercules') the (tutelaiy) God of ««d by experiment.

"tjftt, the metropolis « in their turn- XXXI11. An essay on the use of

"ings and windings, (or in their the ganglions of the nerves, by Jamet

"crooked navigation) may he bici's F John/son, M. D.

*• (or prosper) them" In this essay Dr Johnston endeavour*

XXIII. (See XXIV. XXV. XXVI. to prove "that ganglions are the in above.] A catalogue of 59 plants from ** ftmments by which the motions of Chelsea garden, pursuant to Sir Hani "the heart and intestines are renderShane'* will. "ed uniformly involuntary 1 that to

XXVII. A table of the place* of'he "answer this purpose is their use, romet of 1764, observed at Paris, _ " which they subserve by * structure This cannot be abridged. "unknown to os, no les* than that of

XXVIII. XXIX, and XXX. Con- *' the brain, though it seems not imtain various astrononvcalobservations "probable, that the first may be anawhich those who wish to see at all, "logout to the last.'"

must, to be satisfied, fee at large. That the determinations of the will

XXXI. See above. are, as it were, intercepted, and pre.

XXXII. Observations and expert- vented from reachm* certain parts of ments on different extract* of hem- ., the body, by the means of ganglions lock by Michael Month, M. D. _ in all nerves, that have a ready torn

Dr Wade, an eminent physician at munication with the soul, either by

""**•, bavinglately communicated to affecting it with perception*,-or cfrey

Tnedical tbeiety at London, many ing its commands; ganglions beistg

in which the extract of bealotlt never found either on (tic olfaeVbrv.

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