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''Ust-ef Oitninals and Vanifkmenu at the late Auto*da*Fe. 605

excellency hat never made it a part of prove of the lira acts of violence which your business to form any judgement of this nave been committed; yet till we are conact ; especially as you have long known vinced that tocomply with whatyourExcelwhat uneasiness the most distant prospect len.-y iccommen^s.will notterid to encourage of it <ave to hi> Majesty's good subjects in such outrages in time to come, and till sinierrn, and of ihia province, of which you some good reason can be assigned, why the are substituted to be the head and father, y^ losset those gentlemen have' sustained Had your Excellency thought it proper to should be made Rood, rather than any dahave soasniiably entered into a disquisition wage which other persona on any different •f the policy of it, you would, we doubt occaliom, might happen to suffer, we ar* nor, have seen that the people's fears woe persuaded we shall not iee our way clear to not without good foundation ; and the love order such a compensation to be made, ■nd concern which you profess to hive for We are greatly at a loss to know who has •item, as well as your duty to hit Majesty, >ny right to require this of us, If we should whose fsitlifui subjects they are, might have _ differ from your Excellency in point rf its been the most powerful motive to youi Ex- " being an act of justice, which concerns the cellency to have expressed your sentiments credit of the government. We cannot of it early enough to those whose influence conceive why it should be called an brou.ht it into being. act of justice, rather than generosity, unless We cannot belp expressing our great un- your Excellency supposes a crime comrr-: t easiness, that after mentioning some v>o- ted by a few individuals, chargeable upon tenecs committed in the town of Bc/lnt, a*whole communiry,

your Excellency Oiould ask this house whe. -, We are very sorry that your Excellency

ther sech proceedings are consistent with should think it needful to Intimate that any

the dutiful, humble, and loyal represents- endeavours have been, and may be efed, to

cions which we propose should be marie. lessen your credit with this house. Your

We are sure your Excellency will not ex- Excellency cannot but be sensible that when)

prefly charge us with encouraging the late the popular pulse beats high for privileges,

disturbances, and yet, to our unspeakable it ia no unusual thing for a clamour to be surprize and astonishment we cannot but , raised against gen Jemen of character and eser, that by fair implication it rmy be ar- rj minence. We can assute you that our

gued from the manner of expression, that judgment of men, especially those in high)

an odium was intended to he thrown on stations, is always sounded upon our txpe

1 he province. We inherit from our antes- rience and observation. While your Ex

tors the highest relish for civil liberty, but oellency ia pleased to make your duty to

we hope never to see the time wlicn it shall onr most gracious sovereign, and a tender

he expedient to countenance any methods regard to the interest of his subjects of this

/or its preservation but such as are legal province, the rule of your administration, and regular. When our sacred rights are g you may rely upon the readiest assistance

infringed, we seel the grievance ; but ws that this house shall be able to afford you.

understand the nature of our happy consti- And you will have our best mslies that

tution too well, and entertain too high an you may have wisdom to strike out such a

opinion of the virtue and justice cs the su- path ot conduct, as, while it secures to you

preme legislature, to encourage any means Che smile* of your royal master, will at th*

of redressing it but what are justifiable by seme time conciliate the love of a /•«.- and

the constitution. We must therefore coo- loyal people, rider it as unkind ia your Excellency to F

cast such a reflection on a province whose as* LIST of lit Perfint, nxhh thtir

unshaken loyalty, and indissoluble attach- Offences aud PmtJbmtnH, tubo tarns

anent to his Majesty's most sacred person cut tftkt Intpnfition in Lisbon, ert tbt

and government, was never before called in latt Auto da fe, on tit x7ti of Oc

tjaestion, and we hope in Cod never will sober, 17/65.

again. We should rather have thought >, *

your Excellency wbuM have expressed your rtrlont 'who died Prtfimtft, bus judetd satisfaction in presiding over so loyal a G tmucent, and ivere broiqbt W in tMf.

people, who m that part of the govern- JOHN Da Cuillia, Frier of t)ie or

rnenr where the violences were committed, J der of barefooted Carmelite*, aip

before there was time for them to be sup- cused of having conceived ill opinions

ptwisd by the arm of civil power, and even of the proceedings of the Hci ofcct.

while the supreme magistrate was absent, JohnPerreira Da Cunba, kiiiatat of

1 by their *w.o motion raised a spirit and dis- fa ortler uf Christ, abused of has ine

fused it through all ranks, successfully to beenguilty ofidolatroui enmea

inttrpola and put a stop to such dangerous sa _, i , ...

proceedings. Pirsom tubo diet not atjurt thtir OfftnM.

Your Excellency is pleased to recommend Francisco Gnnsa! .es Lopez, secular

a compensation to be made to the sufferers priest and confessor, for crediting afld

b» the l»r» diltaihinr.. 1 U/» h'luhlu iKnW. CnrmiA~,a t\\„~.J «-»


606 List of Crimimth and Punijbrnents at iht late Atito-da-Fe

ce«ain.perjnn u.ndrr.b'** religious di- Antonio Francisco, shepherd, for

iec\iuiv /jip\opfrŒon,-rS,uspcnded fjr crimes of supn f.ition.—Banished for

tier, a* a iwifelV.ir ami exorcilt, and two years to Caft>o Marine.

baniihed so* ave yean to Ca/ft Ma- Bernardo Joseph Louieyro, labour

rir.t. ,,. er, for pretending to work rtliraculoua Joaquim Teixeira, postilion, for as- A c^ires by meant ot his great piety.—

ftiining theautlionsy oithe HolyOffice, Whipping, and feve years slavery in

la order to rob a person.—Whipping the gallitf.

and five yeaia slavery in thegallies. John da Costa Dia«, for holdiag

Ernanuel Antonio Armha, alia* bli/pheroous tenets, and scekunr to

Francilco Mprreira Bandeira, a (liar- obtain riches by superstitious practices

per or impultor, for pretending to be Banislied for three yean to -the

•f the brotherho-xt ot the Wy Office, „ bifiiopric of Vivuu.
ami acting as Inch ia behalf us that Joseph Antonio da SiWa Ferfeira,
trinnnal, withou' licence for so doing. notary public, Boavenrura de Sr Jago,
—Wnipp ng, and five year* banish- and Anaftasio Dos Sintos, secuht
ment to Cal/ita, with asavingof right fief, for speaking ill of the proceed-
to the injmed paity to sue for losses >uf,s of the Holy Office.—Banished for
and damages. '6veyears to Angola.

Antonio Joseph CesarioDe Ar.evedo Jacmto Joseph Coelho/ecularprieft, ,
Coutenho, peruke-m .ker, for swear- C an officer of the Holy Office, for speak-
ing hilly againlt a cei tain person.-~ ing ill of the Holy Office, and re»e*Kug
whipping, five years slavery Jn, the. certain proceedings of that tribunal,
gallies, and brumli»gl as a false «vi- —Deprived of his employment in the
dence. K"1) Office, and banislied for levea years

Francisco Lewii T-avares, Frier of a to Angola.

eenain order, and Francisco De Sitvta Bernardino Joseph De Andrade,

Theresa, Frier ol a certain order, for bitchelor of law, tor scandalous :md

giving false evidenceat the tribunal of D heretical opiniens( not paying due

the Holy Office.—Deprived for ever of reverence to the holy sacrament, and

certain privileges, with suspension of for speaking ill of the proceedings of

the functions of their orders for ten the Holy Office.—.Perpetual impnlbn

years, and actual slavery in the galiies ment in thee tils of the H*lr Office.

for.that.space of time, and afterwards Emanuel Ribeiro, alias D'Emanuei

imprisonment during pleasure in the Xavier, alias Sebastian Xavier, a cler

cells of the Ho/r Office. - gyman in minor orders, sentenced at

Antonio Ltitao. Lay brother of a ^Coimbra, at an Act of Faith, on the

certain order, for the fame oftence. »6th of September, 1/45, for baring

—Imprisonroent during pleasure in said Mass, and confessed people wrtb

the cells of the Holy Office, and after- our being qualified s for not complying

wards actual stavsry in the gallies for with the banishment to which he was

Jif«. then condemned, and afterwards for

Doigo Antonio Xavter, Frier of a being guilty of the fame offences.—

certain order, for the fame offence.— F Stripped ofhis religious habit, whip

The fame punislimtnts as th* two pingi and ten years slavery in the gaj

preceding thelalt.raentioned. lie?.

Person, ■who did abjure their ofeneej. . Gabriel Nun*; a.liter by his wit,,

1 ., „ . ,• n /- 1 for crimes of Judaism—Confiscation

Francisco Barhoxs, alias Pascoal of hu effectf> wjth iinprjsonmcnt lr.d Mertmt, a shepherd; Francisco Ltyte. ,he habjt of j-nominv during pleasure,

glover, Miguel Rodrignes C.irtn, fiw\d NUnes,sor the fame offences,

husbandman i John de Oljvetra, tor Q _hU puniulment tlie same.

Teixeira; Joseph Fernandee. a sot- Antonio Francisco Leyte, secular

dier, Vital Perreira MchadO} and priert Md confessor, for at he ism.—

Aitonto Joseph Mirquex. alias Joseph imprisonment and habit of ignominy

Ribeiro, labourer; all for bigamy.— during pleasure, incapacitated fbranr

Alithese sentenced to whipping, and kind o/office(deprived for ever of Ui

five yea« slavery to the galliet. wligioue orders, and banifced to the

Antonio Da Cofla Ramos, tor bi- H cit o{ £^^ M, 0f ^^^ ne j, no|

gamy; and Francetis Antonio Pimen- to-go

tel, or Antonio Joseph, labourer, for Antonio Carlos Monteiro, seeuhu

the fame offence.—These two were ;e(t ^ consessor for Atheism,

. sentenced to whipping, and six years impiusonmenc and habit of ignominy

ntenc.3ni^v«ryinthegaUn«. r 4mria|


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