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'Account of tht: Summer'JTale, a Comedy. c**

▼ery advantageous; because the teeth her with great assiduity: that she hat

placed in this manner, work without a partiality for him, which (he con

kny'twist, and, consequently, have as ceals for the pleasure of plavirte the

little suction, at wheels in the fame coquet) that her father will never

PlaTM: , . . consent to the match, and that (he

Ilus machine has many advanta- . is not sufficiently in love to marrv

ges over other pumps, besides its "■ without his consent; it appears also,

throwing out a greater quantity of that he has never seen Betlasoni tho'

water than any hitherto invented) he has heard there is such a person

particularly its not being liable to ac- lurking about the place; and lella

cident, there being no part of it.which Jon', though he has been long a suitor

by working can be supposed to give now gives his mistress the following acI

way; the axis being of iron, about caunt of himself, for the information

two inches square, and only two feet B o: theaudience, That he is a soldier of

and a half long. It cannot choak (ortune, the needy son of a youneer

with sand, ballast, or,any thing which b.other, his family noble, his profession

prevents the operation of other pumps, arms, & his only patrimony his sword

and an accident from a cannon ball, The conversation between Maria Se

can as easily be repaired in thin, as Bcllasont, by which, the preceding par

any pump whatever, by replacing the ticulars are discovered, is interrupted

part (hot away, for the whole machine by Sir Antony j Maria runs off undifeo

takes to pieces at different joints, C vered, Bel'asmt, after some hesitation

screwed together [ and an entire ma- determines to trust the old gentleman

chine may be fitted up in a quarter of with his sentiments He is treated

a" hour. with so little ceremony upon this oc

ihe inventor has a patent, for canon, that lie endeavours to gain Great Britain and the Plantations, not- some importance, by alledging that he* withstanding which he proposes toob- is the nephew olLotALavuigtan; upon Jige those who have occasion tor such this, Sir Antony tells him that his Lordmachines on the most moderate terms \ v ship is himself an admirer of his one of them will last 40 years, & for a daughter, and has made proposals of eommon merchant (hip will not costjo/. marriage, without having ever seen An Account as the Summer's Tale, the"' ESS "'hvu Ht' f ffT a new Musical Comedy. ,avs th« K.A*, tS^S&l ** TT ha, been observed in "the Maga- c/untesi andVrifS sl,a-" " * 1 zine, upon former occasions, that „ S very iort JK? T' Tn"""" l° dramatic pieces of this kind, should E phew^w h,,,? I , 'L?rdslllP£,ne; be considered chiefly as vehicle, for Eionthat ,h?n ?'T8- '"'iJ"" music , and the author himself has a- «is SXftL? hn P 1V £e u "I1",!1* dopted the fame opi nion with respect Z"f fiSoidJe? ^ fr T" £f°" to the Summer's Tal, for his motto is C eeiment h ,h^oh? I* *"?? Vox et prxterea nibil, Some account of afonf TMe a sohZ *» «5 \l?°W$ P" the ncidents, however is here given, Z&^tol&b&t^^11"*"

Sir Anthony Withers, and Fre- him t^ni ., "c" i

nERtc and Mar.a, his son and ^SSiS £ stM"

BTM- ^TM * TM *■ ss-irjKag Was

Amelia Hartley, disguised at a ^'^dta^lfifbVabout fc farmhouse, under the name of G recfpcion, fll0uld Ldhis nephew W

Henry a countrv vo^th preparations to be mad e for hi, noble

Peaks' aVd° Serrryyanyt0s^- f v^n^T V'* "i* "^T l°be

Scene, the bouse, and garden of Sir T^? ff *cl,me?I» "K 8<TMl«<nan.

Antony and the country adjacent! „ IcS'b^X^SSS: £j

,_, t Cu- k . .. Clara, by which it appears, that (he

IT appears in this act, that Bella- has taken up her abode at father Grei

fintii inamoured of Maria, and has Goose's his tenant, upon pretence Jf

torsome^ time made his addresses to receiving a hurt by a fill from hw d

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Account os the Summer'J Tale, a Comedy. 559

Ftrd.] Lord help you, Mr Sb:sier, you I should have he-n more moderate; but little think what a world of wealth my where my benefactor is concerned, it it nu icr is poffest ,jt. Ha borrow? No.no; but lealonaHle I inould he welt paid. Hone never can want money any moie. Why, nestyisa scarce commodity; and where don't you know he served all the last war, you are to purchase a man's whole fleck, and has got a matter of thirty pounds of it cannot be had for a trifle.

his own proper earnings, and 'tis all in a Bell.] Oh! the rogue! I must flop hit

purse there r A mouth, or he will shame me out cf my

Sbif.] Master Ferdinand, a man will project.—Come, Mr Sbifier, if you will sometimes mistake ; every thing (do you step into this inner room, while 1 am adappiehend mt !) has two handles, a right Justing my dress, we will agre« upon the one and a wrong. price ot your conscience—Ftrdwtnd, follow

TerdA And if joutiave twoears, mas- with the deaths. (£«j.»r.

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your wnl? This affair 1 mult own fm— . - . .... ,, ,, , -,

/^looked a little unpromising; but that *"«. *"<» *M k«P« a" »n darkness

purse ha* a very agreeable sound with it; and confusion, by concealing FrtHt

ihall 1 examine the contents? c "c'i mistake, with reject to Amelia'*

Sell.] The money <h*ll be all thine having married Lord Wealthy.

•without lett or hindrance, every guinea In a meeting of the country people

of it upon certain considerations, my at a harvest home, she appears fantas

iVii.il.!. tically dressed out with flowers, and a

ii«/.] What are they, Captain? what mask j Frederic accosts her; they tell

are they r each other that they have been ena

Bill.] You know my uncle Lord Lo- mouied, and mutually complain of virgin* ?— D their misfortunes >' The curiosity of

&'£/.] Intimately—why I hold his courts. both is excited, especially of Amelia,

Bel!.] And you are well acquainted who obtains a confession from Frederic

•with Sir Ar.timy Witben. that the lady he loved was Amelia

Sbif.] Oh ! lackaday ! Hand and glove, Heartily; and discovers that he thinks

Captain; why 1 am more obliged to S.r her married; she appoints another in

Amtmj fV.tben than to any man living ; his terview, and promises to tell him some

fa'herprentic'dmeouttolawyerWjfcr; ,. ,hat wiboth surpri2e ^J,

■ y, and his present honour has always been E ,eafe him why ft,,. doe8 not nisco.

my friend, wet and dry a, one may fay r herfc,f irnmeaiatel does llot ap.

1 can never do enough lor 5 r rf««»ji; 1 * r

hate to be behind hand in gratitude A good P *■ ^ fowf ^^ ^^ jfc

***] TamTr-ry the cafe in -tuestioa *»V and Maria, he tell, her peoon't exactly tally with that gratitude yo. remptonly, that she fhaH marry Lord profess to Sir Jbtony; for, to tell you the Ltryinglon, and (he emreati him !• plain .ruth, I want you to assist me in _. yam not to faennee her to old age robbing him.- F and ill nature , they aie interrupted Sir/1 Robbing him? by an account of the arrival of Lord Sell.] Ay, robbing him of his daughter. tfomgtt; and soon after, Bellas out is Sbif.] Who—Madam Maritf-0 Lud! introduced by Shifter, in hit LordO Lud ! the wickedness of some folks 1 ship's dress and character, to Sir AuBell.] Come, 1 make worse osihu mat- umy, who aster some conversation, re ter than it defervei. You see those cloaths Q tires and fend* bit daughtei s lo a there.—In this transaction I shall have oc- " conversation between her and the canon to personate my uncle; and all that supposed Lord Ltminglon, tVe declares, | require of you is to introduce me to Srr jnat the disparity in years, manners, jtit.ny rVitben as Lord LnAngiom. amj fortune between them is such at Shf.] I apprehend you, Captain Bella- dftermjBes her inflexibly against hit /«*(; and so long as you keep within the addrefle*. At length, however, fhedifiaw, am willing to serve you upon valu- coven BtiUsomi under hUdisguise, yet

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