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what abated.whenthe last letter, came from <wher person, whatsoever, than sech thaw re.

parj, pieiet.tative. in as)' mbljs, 11 unconstitutional,

A large centrifugal engine of. new con- •nd s"b*"s,*f °f'heir m8sl «'<""* »***te.

rTiuction, invented by Mr E.jkine, was last Resolved, aV.C. D. Thdt the laysng taxes meek (hipped tor Germany, for the use of some un ,he ">h»bit,nts of lh:« province in n;

lalt-work., belor.ging to the Kingof Pmjia. eth" "!*»"«. being naturally sobve. fi« of

To Whom.it May Cokcekn. jroW'C liberty, rroftofnMriTa.yecnsecjatl.ee,

Min or Eugland, The coioNiru, A be ot«rlr denroctiw ot public happ:nes..

Buthjrin, Resolved, iV. C. fl. Tbit tne testing an

Confid-i *tll the reverse of a ZJa«4 medal, •uith?rit'.in *J>e court* of Admiraliy to oe

fttucfc in their tarty trouble.. c,de ,n ,U1" "'«"»« to the ftamp-dutiea, and

"Two earthen va's:., floating in the water.. •?"" "".""? foreign to their proper jtms

Iristription. Frangtmur fi coUxd-.mur. If vn diction, i. highly dangeiou. to the Ubertie.

chih tut sink °* n" •"■J*"." » American iiib'tcts, contrary

Scheme, ior making navigable canal, be- toMagra Cbarta, the great charter and foun

tween Hull and Livtrfoole, and between mi- JJ t*ln °* E'g"fi I'berty, and destruaive os one

Jinstrry arid Ftrdjbam-tridge in Cbrjbire, are of their "oB darling and acknowledged reghte,

in agitation, and, it i. hoped, wili be put in that of Trial Bt Jor its.

execution j at that of the Duke of Bridge- ." Resolved, N. C. D. That it i. the bpi

•eoartr'i uW. them to be practicable. Other n,on °* <his house, that the restraint, ia

lciitmeiof the like kind are much talked of. P°sed by several late act. os parliament oa

the trade os this province.at a time v. heo the

jtn Account of tie Proceedings ofthe late AJsim- people labour under an enormou. I. id or

Hi at Philadelphia, vib'ub met on Sept. ar. C debt, must of necessity be attended with the

THE house taking into consideration, that m0* f*tal consequence., not only to this pro

an act of parliament has lately passed vince, but to the trade of our mother country.

in England, for imposing certain stamp outies "Resolved, iV. C. D. That thi. hoese

and other dutic. on hia majesty's sebject. in thi«k » their duty thui firmly to assert, with

America, whereby they conceive some of their modesty and decency, thrir inherent right.,

most essential and valuable rignt., as Britijb 'bat their posterity may learn and know, that

subjects, to be deeply affected, think it a duty it was' not with their consent and accuies

they oweto themse.ve. and their pofteiity, to Jjcence, that any taxe. should be levied oa

come to the following resolution., vix. them by any person, but their own repre

"Resolved, iV. C. D. That the assemblies: sentative.; and are desirous that these their of thi. province have, lion time to time, resolves should remain on their .minutes, aa whenever requisitions have been made by hi. a testimony of the' aeal, and ardent desire of majesty, for carrying oa military operation. the present house of assembly to preserve for the defence of America, most chearsully their inestimable right., which, aa Englijband liberally contributed their full proportion aw«, they have pussessed ever since thi. proof men and money for those services. p vince was settled, and to transmit them to

•• Resolved, A'. C. D. That whenever hi. & their latest posterity."

majesty's service (ball, for the future, require »•*.» rn..- r .1 v ._c

•v 1 .l L L". .. -r .i.- List of Bltn m. For tbe Tear 1705.

tne aid. ot the inhabitant, of this province, J J •> '3

and they thai! be called upon for that purpose, Of!. I Ady of the Hon. Tho. Towntnend,

in a constitutional way, it will b. their ir.dis- 19. \ j jun. E:q;—of a daughter.

sensible duty most chearsully and liberally to 31. Lady of Lord Grey,—of a son & heir.

grant to his majesty their proportion of men Nov. 4. Lady of the late Lord Midaleton,

and money, tor the d.feuce. security, and —of a son.

o,her public serviic. os the Britijb Jmtncan F !*• Lady of John Upton, Esqj member for

column. Westmoreland,—of a son and heir.

•' Resolved, N.t.D. That the inhabi- I;. ,„ .

rants of thi. piovioce are intitled to all the L'f ** MARRIA6IS fir 1765.

right, an J privileges of his majesty's subject. OB. 14. TSaac Hol'.ier. Esqj at Peterborough,

in Great Britain, or else where; and that the 1 —toMilsGodfrey of Northampton.

lonslilulion ot governn.erit in this province Lord tffin&riam Howare,—to Mis. Kitty

is founded on the na't.ra! right) of manKind, Proctor ot 1 horp, near Leeds. 10,coo/,

and the noblr principle, ot Enghjb liberty, Q Osborn Fuller of Catlton. Suffolk, E'q;—

and theretore is, or ought to be perfectly nee. to the relict of the Rev. Sir Ralph B'.o<s, Be.

"Resolved, N.C.D. Tut it is the inhe- Gregor Drummond of St James's-street,

rent birth-right, (nd indubitable privilege, of Esq;—to M.i's Arundel of Dutlley.

every Britijb lubject, to be taxes only by hi. 21. "Wm Maniott of (Joodm.n'i-fieldi,

own content, or that of bis legit reoretenta- Eiq;—to Mrs Blagdcn of Hackney,

tives, in conjunction with hi* majelt), 01 hi. at. Sir Wm Halcon, Bart.—to Mis. Car

fubtfitutes. , ner of Ringripton, Hnntingtonfliise.

'• Relolv«, IS. C. b. That the only legal j. 24. John Knight of Wolveiley, Worcefier

rfpieTentativts of he inhabitants of this pro- "shire, Esqj—10 Mis. Cunyngham of Stone

vince, arc the persons they annually elect to house, ShropOiiie.

serve as members or all'emuly. 27. Edw. juxton of Sulton ball, West

"Resolved, therefote, A'. C. D. That the mcrelar.d, Esq: —to Mils Sophia hvtTUBCads

Saa loii 0/ the PcouK ot this tioviuce by any ot Caa.bei we'll,


list */ Deaths and Prmittens.

Wm Alder of Homdiff, oeir Berwick.Esq). to Mis; Graham of Glonorum, in Northurnberland.

Mi'-i Stnp'-'on of Drax-hall, Yorkshire, Esq;—to M'i'i Dunn.

Capt. Pcrkini of ihe Marines, atChathacn, —to Miss Mandy of Bromp'on.

Capt. Bellingham Christian of the 16th R. of foot,—to Mn Kearney of Brook-Green.


Ca!eh Pick of the Custom-house, Esq;—to Misi Gibbison of Hemlock-court.

Rev. Mr Wingfield, R. of Lophatn, Norf. —to Mri Tavleur of Meeson, Shropshire.

16. Tho. Cave, Esq; eldest son of Sir Tho. Cave, Bart, and member for Leicestershire,— to Mis* Edwards of Highgate.

Richard Pennant, Esq; nephew to the late Sir Samuel Pennant, Lord-Mayor of London, —to Miss Sukey Warburton, a neicc to the Dutchefa of Argyle.

William Q^arril, Esq;—to Mist Jonet of Whiteebapel.

Joseph Pickford of Royton, near Manchester, Esq;—to MisaSundcrland of C.-ovdon.

'16. Charles Slonor of Stonor, Oxfordshire, Esq; —to Misi Mir; Eugenia Blouat of M;pledurham.

*4- Capt. Cane of the 43d Reg.—to Misi Erskine, only daughter os Adm. Erikine.

Mr Timp'pn of Leicester/hire,—to Misi Robinson, daughter of MrPaulHen.Robinson, List 0/Diatksjv <A« Vear 17s;.

THo.Brentley.Esq; clerkin the commons house of assembly at Charlet-Town. 03.21. Rich. Dorkin, Esq; secretary lo the garrison at Gibraltar. Capt.Hooper of the grenadiers, at Si Vincent Rev, Mr Baker, minister of Hungerford. Sq. Meredith Moreton, Elq; at Claytonhall, Surry.

X Jjfper Dickson, a shepherd near Godalmin Surry, aged 103 ; -his wife is still living, and is in her tooth year.

31 Hon. Sewallis Shirley, Esq; comptroller of her majesty's houfhold.

Relist of the late Admiral Martin.

D.G.ich.Es.i; at Bolderton.Nottinghamsh.

JsR. flaeke-tt at BreaflonnearDerby.agdioj,.

-wJanesabbot at Oeey near Malmfbury, 10c.

- JohnBrickdale.Esq; at Knowle.nearBristol.

Niv.z. T. Pomfret, Esq; in NewNorth-ft.

3. Rev. Dr Whalley at Epsom, aged 79.
Geo. Lynch, M. D. at Canterbury.

Rev. Mr Rand, R. of Hickling, Nottinghamshire.

4. Col. Cossley, Lieut Gov. of Chelseahospital.

7. The Baron de Gross, ambassador from the Empress of Russia.

Mrs ivla y Finch near Pease hill, Cambridgshire, very rich.

8. Lady Elix. Egerton, at Bruton-abbey, Somersetshire.

His Royal Highness William Augustus, D. of Cumberland, Marquis of Betkhamstead in Hertrordihir-, Earl of Kennington in Surry, Viscount of Tremanton in Cornwall, Baron os the Isle of Alderney, first and principal cgnpuion ef the most noble order of the


Garter, Fellow of the Royal Society, Raoger and Keeper of Windsor Great Park, and Chancellor of the universities of Dublin and St Andrew's, in tbe 45th year of his agft. —His Royal Highness was at court in the morpimr, din-d with Lord Albemarle in the afternoon, and drank tea with the Princess of Brunswick at St James's; from- whence he came to hia own house in the evening, to be present at a council to be held on affairs of state. As soon as he came in, he complained of a pain in his shoulder, with a cold and shivering fit, and desired to be laid on the couih, which was done ; and Sir Charles Wintringham, the king's physician, was sent for; who being come, it ia said, advised bleeding: but ill about zo minutes his Royal Highness expired, without the least struggle.

10. MnPricr. daueh. of the late DrHaltey. n. WeymanLee,Esq; of the Inner Temple Chr. Winstanley, Esq; in New Norfolk-*.'

13. PrterStainbank, Esq; atC'helsea,agd 74. Evan Price of Radnorshire, Esq.

The Princess Sophia Dorothea, sister to the Ring of Prussia, and consort to the Margrave of Brandenburg S.hwedt.

14. Tho Bramslon of Screens, Essex, Esq Rt Hon. Lord Torphihcheon in Scotland ;' le. Demi! Onflow, Esq; one of the coin- .

missioners of the salt-office.

Tho. Peers, Esq; brother to alderm. Peere,„

16. Capt. Pruft, one os tbe elder brethren' os the Trinity house.

17. Capt.Wall ford of the horse-grenadiers, . Mri Knight, at Godmerlham in Kent.

Jane Thompson near Sudbury, Sussolk, a- %a* ged 108; her husband died about seven years* ago, aged 100. ,

10. Tho. le-Blanc, Esq; at Mitrham.Surrv.

21. C. Edw.Pilkington, Esq; in theStrand.

la. Isaac Town'end. Esq; admiral of the. White, Gov. qf Gr-cnwich-holpiral, member for Rochester, an truer brother of the Trinity House, and F.R.S.

Robert Baker Ho'chesori.Esq; in M/ay fair.

RobertAvrry, Esq; at Hampton, Middlssit.

Richard A she ton, Esq; at Bent, Lancashire.'

9.4. Mrs Southy in Ab!ngton-building)), gardener t" the Abbey, aged 10*. J(

John Hammet, Esq; at Hammersmith, orur of the oldest bencheis of Lincoin's-inn.

*•»' ef PaoMOTiows/or ibiTtar 1765. (From ti: London-Garattc.J

Whitehall, "T"»HE king has been pleased to

fr'-m. ;. ( grant unto Lord Monson the

office ot WarJen, and Chief-Justice in Eyre

of tbe forests Sjuth of Trent, in room of the;

Rt Hoo. John'Earl of Brtadalbane, appointed keeper'if the privy seal of Scotland, in room of Lord Fred. Campbell. 'Sir Cha. Kn win, Bt—rear admiral of the navies and feai of G'eat B'itain, In room of

SirEdw. Hawke, Kt of the Bah,—viceadmiral, In room of Hrnry Osborne, Esq;

No-v. aj. Robert Gunning, Esq;—resident at the court of Denmark.

Wm Gordon, Esq;—minister at Brussels.

Fulk Greville, Esq;—envoy extraordinary to the Elector of Bavaria, and minister to the Diet of Rati&oQ. *


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Mr Cockayne,—St Mary Rotherbithe, R.
Tho. Hutcheson,—Elmstone, R. Kent.
Wm Lucas,—minister of Pelerftow, He-
Ph Rosenhagen, —Monntnesfmj, L Essex.
S.Tiwer*,—Withrin|bam,V. Devonshire.
Mr Tisdale,—chaplain to ihe 37th Reg.

Dispensation to bold tvm Livingi.
Ben. Burroughs, 7 Moreton, R. 1 Derby-

M. A. JMatlock, R. J shift.

Ralph, Heathcote, 7 Silby, V. 7 Cambridg

D. D. jBarkby, Rj flrre.

R. Wardall, 7 Bramoton, V, 7 Cumberland.
M.A. 5 Corbridge, V. J Northumberl,


W. Woods of Swefing->-alley,Cornh ill, hosier
Ann Bedoof theMinories, victualler.
Harry Houseman of Sraining-lane, merchant-
Rob. Ayrayof Knaresborough, innholdcr.
Too M earth of Little-Hampton, ship-builder.
Tho. French of King-street, r.nnen-draper.
Gabriel de Vebre of London, merchant.
Ben. Blower us Worcester, butcher.
W. Killingsworthof Wapping-flr. sail-maker
Geo. Dightoo of Ludgate-hill, vintner.
John Hov. son of St Bride's, London, jeweller.
Wrench of Camomile-fir. coach-maker,
n. Bayronof Barley,Hertfordtn.iinea-dr*
[ohn Jonrs of Coventry, bookseller.

homasEwing of Southampton, si.op-keeper.
John Stiles of London, merchant.
Cha. Blyde of Long-acre, cosseeraan.
Sam. Edwards of Bristol, linen-draper.
Mycr Solomon of Sevenditch-court, necklace

Pat. Larken of Copthall-court, merchant.
Wm Watkinsof Cambcrwell, plaifierer.
Tho. Poultney of Barbican, linen-draper.
Joseph Plant us Coventry, scrivener.
Philip Foot of Ashbur.on, serge-maker.
Tho. Shelton of Hammersmith, brewer.
Rich. Crossing of Ashburton, serge-maker.

John Garman of Tottenham, coach-maker,
n Robertson ofSt Paul's Ch.-yard,chinaman.
John Bentley of St Clement's-Danes, wool-
Richard Waide of Bedale, Yorkshire, grocer.
John Jones, fen. of Coventry, shop-keeper.
Chr. Johnson of Pulham St Mary, Norfolk,

James Edwardsof Bristol, woollen-draper.

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London Gatette



Old London Spv


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Whi.<-lr.il i».


Public Advert.

London Chron.

Lloyd's Evening Monday, Wtdncsii.ty. Frits ay.

Public Ledger

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Coventry %
York » paperi
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[graphic][merged small]

For DECEMBER 1765.


JRore in Qmintirj anO greater Barter; tban cto Ifoah os tl;r fcinft ant prier.

I. Outline! of the life of the late D. of Cumbt'land.

II. Narrative of the horrid murder of the captain, (Se. of the E. of Sandwhb, a rich (hip.

III. Circumstances that led to the discovery of the murderers.

IV. Chief causet of the great mortality of infant!, with the remedy.

V. Remarba on some passage! in Henry the IVth'i letter!, (Si.

VI. Additional article! from I'Jlain'i OiHionaue PlnJoJophiqiie.

VII. Character ot Henry V. of England, from VWantt.

VIII. Mr Jitnfm't account of Sbat'sptare'i playi concluded.

IX. Erjkinct new-invented centrifugal engine described.

X. Story of the Surrr.tr'i 1 jit, with remark*.

XI. Grievanciei of the Simtriran colonies.

XII. List of Ptfijb seminaries abroad, main tained


ri'h Englijb money. . _. Pbilofotbicai Trjnsa&ioru epitomised. XIV. Distresses of the poor manufacturers in the cloathing towns in the North.

XV. The leg slativc power of the ccjlenies considered.

XVI. The importance of the coloniei to Grttit-P.ritain demonstrated.

XVII. The right of taring thecolonies main tained.

XVJH. That claim of right contested.'

XIX. Anecdote of Sir R. Walftlt.

XX. Poit«t. The Happy Mao. A Nrw England Ballad. A celebrated Prorogue. Hymn to Cbrijhnas, &c.

XXI. L:jl of tail -with Rtmarki.—Critical review ot the new administration.—The new administration vindicated. — Necessity of repealing the Atntrkan sta-np-act.—The Scourge.—The Festoon.— M.jor iS<>»»'j's account of Ntrtb America, <$Sc.

XXU. Proceedings in North Amnifa on account of the Stampr>ct.

XXIII. Historical Cb-onitU. A local earthquake 1 Remarkable trial, the King's speech; a bai baron! murder gVc.

XXIV. List of births, marriages, deaths, promotions, &c. with the price of stocks, course of exchange, &c.

With four additional Pages of Letter-Press, giving an ample Account of the American Controversy , Al o, a very accurate Description of the newinvcn:esd Centri-futaJ Engine of Mr Erjfine, for extracting Water from Ships al Sea, Cafe, with a Diaught of the fame elegantly engraven on a Copper-Plate.


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