תמונות בעמוד

•j. Johnson Atkinson, Esq;--to Mid Bussfield, with 40,000/.

Dr Nicolson,—to Misi Tyrrell of Hctsord, Berki.

M. Rev Mr Cotombine, R, of Taurllon, —to Mist Bruer of Lodon.

Lift of Dsatki for thi Year 1765.

Ileutenanta Ormiby, Lysaght, and Farj quherson, of the 3 <;th R. in W. Florida.

Cardinal Doria Pamphile, at Rome.

Chr. Harrit, Esq; maov yeari cl»rk of the North road in the Post-office, which he resigned about five years ago.

Gol. Forrester, lateGow. ofBelleisleinFrance.

30. Fra. Bedwell, Esq; the king's locksmith, and one of the justices for Middlesex.

Capt. Cascoigne, late of the Dublin man es war.

John Newnharo, Esq; at Maretsi 'Id, Sussex.

Geo. Hanbury, Esq; near Abergavenny.

David Winter of Marlkorouch, Esq;

Col. Dtigil Campbell in Scotland.

-1. Mr Wagner, hatter to the late king,

fort Walcotat Ludlow, aged 93.

Rev Mr Powell, V. of Ampney.GIocflsli. i Mra Moore, atEnnelkellen.Scotld. agd 120. / Mr* Carter at Dublin, aged IC4.

JohnChaloner, Efq;at Stoke-park,Shropih.

aS. Rt Hon. Henry Earl of Shannon, Vise. Brandon, and Baron osCastlcmartyr, and one of the Lords Justices in Ireland, aged 32.

The celebrated Bilhop Puntoppedan, at Copenhagen.

Rev. Mr Palairet, preacher at the Dutch chapel.

Major Lovell, late commander of TilburyFort.

Lady Anne Wolfe, aunt to the late general,

Cha. Whitfield, Esq; in Charter house-sq.

Jn Haldane ns Isinrick, Scotld. Esq;agd 38.

Jm. 2 Sir Tho. Harrison, Knt. chamberlain of the city or London, and receiver-general of the land-tax, in the 65th year of his age, at Bath—He was chosen Chamberlain -4 Yean ago, and from that time devoted himself wholly to the discharge of that office; bil application was unwearied, and hit attendance on every public occasion constant and punctual. In the nice and important province of deciding the differences between master and 'prentice his sagacity and benevolence were equally conspicuous. He heard with patience, he determined with impartiality, and he spared no pains to remove grievances, to suppress resentments, and effect a lading reconciliation. When he was compelled rn punish, he still endeavoured, as much as possible, to obviate the comroou mischief of imprisonment, and to F"vent '«* extinguistnnf fhime, and rendering vice obdurate.

In theadmission os freemen he administered the accustomed oath with proper solemni'y, a duty too frequently neglected ; and he behaved on that, and every occasion, with the most engaging courtesy. Whenever it became his duty to present any person of distinction with the honorary freedom of the city, his manner was so respectful and proper, and his address so well adapted to the person and the oc'^n, a* gave the highest satisfaction :n the itizen, and equally reflected hun.i.r 00 'and the corporation.

As Receiver-General, he fullfilled hii trust and transacted his business with such honour and integrity; with such accuracy and clearness ; and with such order and dispatch,at gained him the highest approbation of his superiors.

At to kii political conduct, though he enjoyed fe considerable a post under the government, yet he constantly preserved a generous independency, and wai equally averse to aa abject servility, and a factious opposition.

In all the social and domestic relations of life, his behaviour wai most exemplary and engaging. Whoever entered his house as a guest, found so hearty a welcome, and so unaffected an hospitality, and was entertained with such a flow of native, good humour, and inoffensive chearfulness, that it was impossible to quit it without regret. Bur his Benevolence wai not consined to the circle of hit friends and acquaintance; it extended itself to the stranger, the farherless, and the widow; and scarce a day was undistinguished by seane act of beneficence and companion. He was particularly industrious to discover the wanti os those who were backward to make them known, and to do them effectual service without offending the ingenuous delicacy of their mir's. In stunt, hit bounty wai directed without ostentation, to lessen the misery, and promote the happiness of his fellow-creatures.

But a fense of duty to his Creator was the

firevailing principle of his life. * He hsd fe ivrly and deep a fense of the many blessing! which Providence had heaped upon him, that he rejoiced to express on every proper occasion bis warm and unfeigned acknowledgments, and was fearful, after all, that his heart wat too cold in i's thankfulness to the father of merries. He constantly employed some part of every day in private devotion, and never suffered the night to pass without assembling the family to join with him in prayer and thanksgiving. His attendance on the public service of the church was punctual and constant. In short, he was exemplary in the discharge of the several offices of christian piety, which fat so easy upon him, and was constantly productive of such a benevolent chearfulnesi as diffused delight among all about him. and reflected honour on the religion be professed.

|t 3. Relict of Tho. Byrdof Claybroke, Leicestershire, Elq;

John Emerson, Esq; surveyor at the Custom House.

Rev.Mr Moss, V. of Awer, Gloucestershire

5. Joseph Harwood, Esq; nc*r St Alban'a.

--. Lady Langdale in Golden-square.

Oliver Peard, Elq; at Tiverton; he wai one of the greatest serge makers in the king* dom, and died worth 120,000/.

Ceo. Gardiner, Esq; comptroller of tb« stores at the Cuftim House in Dublin.

Lady of Gen. Amherst, near Tunbridge.

%. Rt Hon. Ridgeway Pitt, Earl of Londonderry, at fCnigh'soridge

Hon. Miss Booth, daughter of Ld Delamcr.

Lady of Cha. Bnone, 1 sq, .1: Bath.

10 Rev. Dr Newcome, Dean of Rochester, mas er of St John's College, Cambridge, and lady Margaret's protestor of divinity.

J ijii oj Promoliens and Deaths.

Mr Beatcrasr, one of the p.icntrei of Covent-garden theatre.

Mr Anderson, suddenly, at the S. S. House, to which place he had belonged for 40 year*.

Relict 01 the laic Sir Rob. Ajiams, Ban.

Mr John Bowles, one ot the oldest clerks at the Bank

12. Saunderi Seymour, Esq; ac E. Greenwich, aged 85.

Sir Wat Pynsent of B iron, Somersetshire, Bart, hating no issue the title ii extinct, and he has bequeathed a considerable part ot his large fortune co the Rt Hun Mr Pitt.

14. Rev. DrDowdell at Dorking, burry. Tho. Mills, Eft;; receiver-general of the

land-tax for the counties of Essex, Norfolk, Hertford, and Huncington.

15. Richard Appleion, Esq; at Wimbleton. ConyersBcaton,Esq; late a capt, in the navy

16. Countess of Harcourt, suddenly, on a visit at tea, at the Hon. Col. Houghtoa'i.

Peter Brooke, Elq; in Cheshire.

Rob.Moffit atCaille-Eden, Durham,agd 104

IS. Rob. Mitchell, Elq; inHatlon-Garden

Wm Fisher, Esq; at Twickenham.

Harry Simpson, Elq; of the Devizes,

John Hall, Esq; at Marybone.

21. Rt Hon. Lord Willoughby of Parham, president of the society of antiquarians,&F.R.S.

Capt. Wai Masters, at Shadwell, aged gi.

John Folliot, Esq; governor of Kinsaie in Ireland, and member for that place.

18. Sir Tho. Slinglby at Moremonkton, Yorkshire.

19. John Page, Esq; at Kindford, Sussex.
Xt. John Hafl, Elq; at Marybone.
Abraham Giffard,Elq; of Gtosvenor-ftreet.
a*. R'lgerBurton.Esq; merchant,atRatcl it'.
Wm Wakeman.Elq; at Betkford,Gloucstlh.
Wm Snell of Chichester, Esq;

Lft of Pxomotion s for the Tiar 1765.
Fran the London Gazette.

Whitehall,'"* HE king has been pleased to

'Jar.. 1. J[ appoint Robert Kirke, Esq; consul-general at Algiers.

— Wm Norton, Esq; —minister to the Swiss Cantons. ■

Jaw. 5. — M, appoint Rich. Bagot, Esq; one of the commillionertof excise, in room of Jamct Bindley, Esq; —commissioner of the stamp-office, in room of

Robert Thump-Ion, Esq; surveyor of the customs in the out-port ut England and Wales. {Dummer, dec.)

»6. Charles Simpson, Esq; serjeant at arms in ordinary.

Trtm other Pa fere.
Ight Hon. Geo. Grcnville, — recorder
T Harwich, in room of the D. of Dc-
vonuire, Esq;

Ja. Buckcridge, Esq;—an inspector of the customs.

Fr. GildarW— Capt, of an independant tampany ac Tilbury-fort.

Henry Hopkins,—cornet in the royal regisMOt of horse -guards.

Ld Cockrane,—cornet in 3d R. of dragoons

Potneroy OUbeit7)d R.—Capt, in the72d

Hon. Capt. Harcourt from half-pay, —Lt,

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colonies. eneTthe taxes imposed on them consi-'eret. 21 Wilkie.

Mew amusements of the German Spa; from the French 2 vo's, 61 D/roit 3c R'imert

Eleven fetters froti the Use Rev. 1st Hervey. to th« Rev. Mr Jinn Wesley; containing an answer to that gentleman's remarks on Theran and Al'pasio. y Kivinrtn.

The life of Ordinal Pole. Part II. By T. PbiHpt., 71 id Jackson. 'Oratin anniverfaria in theatre collegii regalia medicorum, Londinenftum, ex Hervieiinftifnto habita die ig Octobrii, 17*4 j by Dr Cxdogan. IVbittcn.

Thoughts on civil liberty, licentiousness, and faction ; by Dr Brown. 11 M D tvii and Reymtrt. *■

The history ot England from Jamaa I. to the Brunswick line; by Catharine Macauley. Vol. II. 'Nutrfe.

Anauthentic narrative of the robbery committed in Lord Harrington's bouse (Set p. 16) 6<

Some particulars relative to the discovers of the longitude. ■ r Burner.

The private life of the Romans, from the Fr.enoh of M. D'Atnay. y Durham.

Art account.of the diseases which were imlrr frequent in the British military hospitals in Germany j by Dr Donald Monro. $s. MrHar.

Orthography new modelled ; or Dixwell's new method of spelling. 11 Dixwell. Political.

Considerations on the legality of general warrants. 11 Nicol. (See p. 25.)

A letter to the public,containing some important hints relating to the revenue. BloJtn.

Remarks op the Budget. (Set last Sufp. p.

634: 6</ mmt.

An -essay on the constitution of England. ir 6 A Btckit.

An address CO both parties, (<A ffillie.
Poitiv and Eutistainnmt.

An elegy on the death' of the Guardian outluittjd. 11 Nicol.

An elegy to the memory of Ld Bath.Nicol.

Churchill defended; addressed to the Minority. U Flexney.

The temple of tragedy, l< Burner.

The Wig, a burlesque poem, Is dd Flexnry

An ode on the queen's birth-day. 6d Da1 ii and Rtymtn.

The Race, a poem. (Sup. 40.) Flexuey.

The constituent!, a poem. Is Flexney.

The Platonic Wife, 1 comedy, by a lady; now acting et Drurylane. nod Johnston, —The author of this piece is said to be Mrs Griffith, who published some time ago the epistolary correspondent of Henry and Frances: The dramatic act"0 is founded on a tale of Mermontel's called the happy divorce, to which an under plot is added for the fake of multiplying incidents, which the simplicity of the principal event rendered absolutely necessary. The author's view is to ridicule a fanciful delicacy and refinement which expecting more than is consistent with the condition os life, does not enjoy the felicity 'H life can give.

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The Gentleman's Magazine:

London Gacette
Old London Spy
Cen. Evening
Whitch.il Et.
Public Adfrt.
London Carer.
Lloyd'i Evening

M**uj. It*j

mtsJjy, Friday.
Public Ledger
Univ Cfcion.
North Baton

Coventry 1
York a paper i
Dublin j
E lingbutgh
Bristol a

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For K EBRUARY 1765.

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XV. Delcrip-of tbeeeolonv by apinitkin

XVI The Mail cf ibt Mil!, a oew ballad opera, reviewed.

XVII A genuine conversation

held cairn

P/d.auaauM' onhii first coining toEmgft-,1, with the sentiment! of the people at tbjt tmt concerning him.

XVIII. Extracts from Dr ■—*l Ibwjbtt o* civil littrtj—Marki ot licentiousness and faction.

XIX. Defence of the bishops defective.

XX. Arguments in savour os the poor.

XXI. Improvement! in agriculture.
XXtI. Cause of the dearnesa os provisions.

XXIII. Direction! for pruning peach trees.

XXIV. Experiments to alccitain thccxpertcc ot burning chamber-lamps or tallow candle*

XXV. Narrative of the proceeding* relative
'o rhe determining the longitude.

XXVI. Un'ris.n'i final proposals
XXVII Scheme for regulating weighs, f;.

'■^XXVIII Reeip- for making beer without malt

XXIX. PoxTer The Lamentation ol f/rial over /ft/cyi'i; On the death ot a Lady; To *,r Cto. Smith the landslip painter; the' Boy and Nettle, <aY

XXX. Hift. Cbrtm. Lifts, (St. as usual.

VI. Aa account of the %d vol. of Lian/rui'i Sj/lrpi* A'<ss«r.r, enlarged and improved by the author.

VII. Aa account of the Olnim talma Cbrifti, otCjJl.r Oil, a most efficacious cathartic in bilious cases

VJH. Aa aecoontcrf a wnrlc laterv- pnblislied, entitled, a Revifjl c/* Sbattfpear't Text.

IX. Remarks rn BtHfintfl account of-a Hisordcr in the ear, with the writer's own cafe.

X. Eiceptiont to Milton 'j and G'frer't machinery in their adnrnrrd epic perms.

XI. Table ofEnglijb geld coin f-om J066 to 1764 with explanatory notes, a most curious article.

XII. Rema/kv on two antirnt grave stones lately dur up in Mi.wmv,it]hi't.

XIII Some account of the ctiy of Oxjlrd, the

foundation of its university, and in antient

government. XIV. Proclamation tor the settlement as

Wtfi FUnda.

Illustrated witn a most exact delineation of the Palma Ch> ten, ar, Castor Planta from whole Fruit the Castor Oil so famous in Medicine is extracted j also, with an exact Representation os twu G ■ A Vx-ston I s, lately dug up in Mommntbftiin.


__JL_^ is Ij -■*

L O ti D O Hi Printed by D. Hrnxt, at St Jo

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DR. B—'i thoughts on civil liberty reviewejKV |\ 51 —His principles tending to strengthen good habits 5* -t-An appeal to reason what 53 —Superiority of the Christian religion in Britain 54 —The est.Volisliment of a prescribed code or" education recommended 55 Middlesex Hospital, its institution ib Story of the open of Pbarnacts ib Effects of a new medicine for the (tone 56 An account of an enlarged edition of Vol. II. of LlNNÆBS's Syfiema Natura 57 •"-Different arrangement of plants by ■ different writers ib —View of the sexual system 58 —Specific character* of phnts 59 —Improvements in-fhis edition ib An account of the castor oil, with a description of the tree that produces it 61 —■Method of extracting the oil from the fruit . 6x »-Its virtues in removing the dry belly ach ib —Itvlow nervous fe*«rs' I / 63 1—In bilious disorders, and calcalous complaints 64 —In gonorrhæas, the gorft, &e. ■ 65 An account of a work, intitled, A Re<vifal of Shake spear'/ Text ib —Specimens of emendations 66 Remarks on M. Bertrand's account of a disorder in the ear 67 »-Thc doctrine of equivocal generation refuted ib —The writers account of his own cafe 48 Mi/fon't and Gefner's reasoning by analogy in their sacred poems censured


Table of the comparative value of

.£>?/j/2> gold coin, from 1066 to 1764,

70 •—Explanatory notes on the above table 71 Remarks on two antient grave-stone? lately discovered in ftjtmmoutbjtirt ib ^The inscription translated ib Sojrie account of the city of Oxford, itl foundation, situation, & antient names 75 —Eltablifhraent of its university ib —Antient privileges, government, 74 ■—Description of its churches ib —Its hospitals, religious house*,&t.-y$ Gov. Jtbx/I&u'* prps'irmtion for the establishment ot H'njt riorida ib —His-account of the foil, produce, Sc eommeicrs) advant'en or that settlement 7(

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—Dissere,rU account of this Hew dew lony, by a private hand 7y

An account of The Maid of tbt Mill, a new balladopera. ,-1

A genuine ac< ount of a conversation held wit* Pfak-tmia-ar, on his sii It appearance in England j with the sentiments of peiple of rank, at tbas time concerning him »',

—His account Of many peculiaritic in his own pretended eountry 79

—His person aud character g$

Extracts from Dr Srotwnt new work, entitled, Tbcu%htt on Ch/ii Liberty 8i

—Rules tor djftitig-urfhing Liberty from Licentiousness ,b

—Maiks of licentiousness and factioi'


Remarks on the defence of the Bi shops g<

— An unalterable All of I'arUammt noi easily comprehensible • ;',

Observations on the present methoi of maintaining the poor, with hint for amendment

Improvements in sericulture, ©V. ib

—Causes of the dearness of provision

—Directions for 1 oiling light lands 81

—Directions for pruning-peach-trees7'

—Experiments for ascertaining thi evpence of tallow-candles ic cham ber-oll ... 87

Narrative of the proceedings relative to the discovery of the longitude by Harrison'* time keeper, with the resolutions of the commissioners for determining the reward gy

—Mr Harrisons proposals for making* 'time-pieces 80

Scheme for regulating weights ana measures it

Receipt to make beer without malt ib

Poktry. The lamentation of VeHus over Adorns—On the death of a lady


—Verfea to Mr Gto. Sntitb landlkippainter— The power of Fate in thi destruction of Troy—Anacreontic 9!

—The boy and nettle—Second Epodt of Horace, translated—rinwr envious —Recipe to soften hard-hearted ladies 9a

Miscellaneous articles from the London pipers and foreign prints aj

Historical LbronicU. Robberies, notifi cations, (3c. 9

Acts pafTed, -petitions, frauds, con victions, &e. '9

Indian talks, pillories, proclamation! sheriffs, iSc. • . * 9

Lifts of births, marrwges 9

of death;, promotions, tSG 5 -—- of hooks, with icmarks '9 Plain direction* for brewing,^, ic

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