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Short Notes from the Papers. 41

MtMoi/iBti Cvciraattiicxs. ken up ; and were then iust going to draw

Very finoJnii! relation hu lately lots woo should dit next for a farther supply. _ been given 10 the governor of Ssatb- The lit:le town of Garm in Mecklenburg

».'** Si a triendly Indian, who had been was unfortunately burnt to asli-s by the caresent out aga nil the enemy In:'--.-, and wa> le finest of a poor woman, who, having a taken prisoner by them. He fays, that the stove under her, a* the coflom it in that counnight before he Wai to be commuted so the j^ try, which the hastily quitted, and left it near flimtv, he made' hii escape; ihat while he a quantity |mh that she had been employed trSitn captivity he saw a great F'tncb wa'rior in picking, the sparks rrom it set fire to the

conic among the enemy, sent tot and assem- flax; the lax to the house ; and the house to

bled many different ni iont of Indian, and the whole town.

distributed among them gum, powder, flin's. Two young women, one of whom courted

kstvt", and tomahawks, which he delired the other, and af;er some time was married

they might use against the Englijb and their to her, were lately sent to prison in Frame. lilies, encouraging them, at the lame time, to » The impoftor who personated the nan hat

make suie work with the enemy, and to spire fine* been tried at Ljtnt, and sentenced to be

lionc os them that sell in their power. He! whipt, branded, and transported, her male

addt, '.'.I- tote officer was to go down the ri- habit to be previous:/ torn from her back by.

•er to other Mis settlement?, it >i supposed, the common executioner. This marriage, it

upon •:.' fame errand. seems, has sobsored three yean, the feu of

TbtDifiKtimi'rptihsifUaiirfaritli/, a book ridirnle having .perented the deluded girl

which hat been publicly burnt in France, and from expot-ng the treacher/.— O her account

condemned in other countries, having been' lay, that the impoftor was an Hermapkroditte perrevally attributed 10 M dt I'Juin, that Q and thai her CohselTot adrisej her to assume

gentleman has thought fit lo make the f..|- the mate character, at that of a woman wool*,

towing declaration: not sot her fe well.

1 Being advertised that for seme years i ut Tne plaeje it again beolce out ia DaJmatia

* the so-eign bookselleri htve printed under on the conrioea of the Firntiav territorica to'my name writings when 1 knew nothing the no so-all ttrror of that mercantile state.

* of,* nor ever read, I am obliged to declare, A Turk'-Jb merchant having bought a girl ■ !n t I htve no correspondence wi'h any of 15 years of her inhuman parents at V-.er.m, 'beok'eltcr in Etrnpe; that whoever makes for the sum os 100 ducat (for which both) •■ Use of my name it guilty us forgery ; and I " tjie father and mother are committed to pri'refer it to (he magistrate to repress so scan- so-} was overtaken on the road to Belgrodt

* datout a practic-.' with his precious merchandize, which he wae Casts/ bf Ft'iirr, .-. j. rr forced 10 rerlore, to his great mortification, as

Dtc *j. 1654. (S't"TM) votTAiai. he rxpT.ct!d roh„e made a fine bargain, byi

Gen Un. nn ef the btd'cbimbc to rbt king, disposing of her 10 some sertglio. The girl i*

The late overflowing cf the Tyher, and the said to be a most exquisite beauty.
Slnpetssfrty of the current, hat washed a-fhnre A child, about nine yean old, having taken

a great nomber of ancient curiosities, which E some powders of an apothecary at ibiptem

prirbabty had be-n deposited ia the bottom of Mallet, sot a violent gnawing pain in the bcl-ai/ _~

the river many ages. Among them are two ly, voided an animsl like an ever, about three'

braten statues in miniature, of exquisite work- inches long, with four legs, and seemingly two

manfaip, one representing Cleopatra, mistress headt, one at each end: J. lived about three

of Mart Axtny, and Queen of Egypt, and dayt, and it preserved in spirit! for the inspec

the other the heathen god Æfculjpiui. titan of the cerioua. ■ • •

A gold coast negroe h-.j made a discovery, Jt it now certain that the Spaniards are ia.

which, if founded on truth, may prove tdvan- p possession of Nno-Orttam, which it mention

tagcoo*.—He say*, that several ycart ago he ed in a letter from the King of Frame to the

was taken prisoner to a great battle bttwren governor of the above place. It waa ceded

a neighbouring nation and hit own, And soon to Spain in the year 176a. In.consequence

aster, finding an opportunity to escape, he fled of which, notice had been given to (he inba-.

a long way' to the South-West; in which bitanu that those of them who were inclined

course he eressed a forest within view of the to remain under a Spanistj government, were

sea, where be affirms there lay elephants teeth at liberty to stay j and any who had a mind to

in quantities sufficient to load an hundred „ remove, vessels should be got ready to carry

snips. The negroe was naturally induced to them off.

speak on thit subject, by having been employ- The governor of New Orleans hat issued a

ed to unload a vessel which had a Quantity of proclamation, by order of hit mailer the

ivory on board. French king, notifying that the island and

The crew of the Eagle, Capt. Iluim, be- city of New Orleans, &c. are ceded to hit

irate io the most deplorable condition, was ta- most catholic Majesty. Sothatnow we may

ketn up at sea by a fchoones from Nertb Care- congratulate the true friendt of their country,

tins to St Kith. The Eagle overset, and the on the expulsion ot the Finch from all Nertb crew fir in number) remained »i hours on Es America.

the snip's b •torn before the boat came up A very learned venerable Jew Rabbi it

from Under water, in which boat they conti- lately arrived here from Palestine, to make a

nued nitre da/t before they discovered any vef- collection among the ^rtw tor rebuild)*'

set. The-crpenter died the 3dd»y> and on veral fynagoguea, which were dedtoy

him they subsisted till the its they were te- eauhqliake a few yean suave, ia


In the iflrnd of Cjp'ui belonging to (he yards and the ships in ordinary; in conse

7urkt, an insurrection has lately happened, quence of which strictorders have benn given

which has cr ft the governor his life. Heavy to let no stranger enter ether the yards or the

comolain-s having ben made to the Potte a- Ihips, and a Frtmb vessel hai been seiied at

comst this governor, a commissary was at the latter port j but though (he was sttictly

length sentto examine into the truth of them; « searched, nothing to give light into this in

but the governor, instead of obeying the cita- famous design has been yet found,

tion of the commissary, summoned him to Mr Simon ifurrtt of JJlervntb, hai receiv

appear before him ; this brought a great con- ed a premium of tool, from the society of

course of people together, and while theDivan arts for discovering a method of dying cotton,

was fitting, the hall gave way, and many yarn, tec. of a durable Turkey red.

people were buried in the ruins. The gover- A very genteel woman, who for seme years

nor himself escaped unhurt, but the people ta- pad his lived by her wits, lately applied to t

king it for granted that thia was a stratagem farmer at }laJleigb in Hampjbire, as a person

of the governor's to destroy the commissary, B in some diflreis; the farmer believing her

the revolt ensued. The mob immediately story, treated her with tenderness and took

forced their.way into the seraglio, massacred her into his house; where in every respect

the governor, ravished the women, set fire to she behaved with decency, and seemingly

their apartments, and committed the most la- wiih undissembled thankfulness; and when

vage brutalities wherever they met with op- the time came teat she was to take her leave,

position. The Forte has lent a proper force ihe just let fall some distant hint that (he was

to terminate these disorders, and anew go- akin to a considerable estate, which Ihe should

vernor has been appointed, one day inheiit, and when that time came,

By a formal proclamation lately issued tiPr- *- (lie should not fail to testify her gratitude, terflwg, the Czarina has restored to favour the The farmer pressed her to flay longer, to regiment of Smollenfii infantrv, of which the which after much intreating she consented; famous Meroviiz was an officer j a wretch, ' and the matter wa» then so managed that a fays her imperial majesty, who being upon match *<i brought about between the farduty with part of a detachment from that rr.er's l> n, a I'd of 18, and the fair stranger, corps in the rastle of Stblujjulburgi, rendered who w.s now reported to be heiress to a himself culpable by the blackest treaion !•, fortune of 90,000! Money, however, for the gainst his sovereign and his country. Never- |") present must be raised to make a figure ; the theses'), as the crime of one man ought not to new-married couple must appear at court, and be imputed tu a multitude who had no part in the laJy by mens of her interest there it, we desire to manifest our imperial justice is to procu'e her hulband a commission in to rhe whole world by raking unocr oiir pro- the army. The farmer who pleased himself section a regi'nent who has distinguished it- with golden dreams, raised what money he self upon all occasions, win bavery and er. could upon a little estate, which, by a life of act military duty ; we therefore strictly for- industry he had formerly purchased, and in bid -all our subject* of what quality soever u- every respect complied with the directions of thev may be to reproach or upbraid, the re- 'his new daughter in law; who, as soon as girnent of Smttitnjkl under pain of incur- things were read) fit out for London, and took ring our royal indignation, and of drawing on up bar residence with her hustaaad, at the themselves the effect* of our just resentment. 1 Bter Inn in ihe Borougb, from whence she

A Cermtn has lately wiitten a treatise every day went out in a carriage to pay her

on the incredible increase of a single barley- court to her gteat friends, and every night

corn; which, whether true or false, can no. returned with chearlulness and gay hopes;

otherwise be determined here but by repeat- not many weeks however passed, befote she

ed experiments. A grain of barley, fays he, ' perceivedthat flock began to run low; ans),

was planted last spring was twelvemonth in a then tatting an opportunity aa usual, to pay

girden well dunged; it quickly shot forth a her |complimenta abroad, Ike very decently

toft composed os several stalks, which the withdrew, leaving her disconsolate husband

gardener separated from the main root, and the dupe of his own credulity,

transplanted singly. Eath of these branches. On a false report being spread of an act being

formed a new tuft as at first, which were passed in the diet of Poland, prohibiting the

separated and planted as before; and these Jnet from marrying under thirty years of age,

plants ihq.s transplanted produced new shoots, G all the yetvi were in such a hurry to marry

which betj g multiplied in this manner sue- their childien before the breaking up of the

erssively for sixteen or eighteen months, one diet, that even the children at the breast were

si.igse grain was found to produce above sis- not permitted to be undisposed of.

tern thousand ears. The French at their islands are entering

His excelkney Lori Give having lost hi* larcely into the manufactory of distilling mopaT.ige to India by (cuing out too la'e, and lasses, the better to enable them to carry on being obliged to put into the Brajili, will oc- the African trade; by which means they can cation the men of war and land forces, deflin- j-j be supplied with their slaves at a much cheaped f ir the company's settlements, to set out er rate than they can be imported into any much sooner than was intended; as also the of the Er.glijb islands. This undertaking appointment of some more Ceneral Officers carried into execution, must soon open the lo embark on the government's account. eyes ef the Er.glijb planters in the rr'cji Indies,

'n alarm, has v~>mc time prevailed at fieri/- and w ill very sensibly injure the trade of I ■ •

and flymauib, of the French formwig a xerpttle.

*T. L


immediately, in part of the 670,000/. on^account of uc Froth prisoners; and the remainder at 40,000/ a quarter.

The work intitled Littra ttritet dt la Mnttgnt, far J. J. Rimjsm, har been condemned it the Ihgui, ai containing impious and scandalous expressions, and licentious remarks. The slates of Holland and Weil Friistand hare condemned it to be tarn and burnt bj the common executioner.

The province of Mindt has ofFrred 1 reward of a thousand crowns for killing the ferocious animal of which so much has been &id. (&» Vol. xxxiv. f S97.) But no person has yet been able to find in opportunity of attacking it.

There is now growing in a wood, call* the Afitf-JfW, is the parish of Ckoddrjiey' Cerlm an oak tree in full leaf, and as gieeit and fresh at in the micst of summer; what is very remarkable, it, that the leaves have sprung out since the list autumn.

A society hat lately been formed at iVrtv Tori, on toe plan of the society of atta ia London, by the name of the society for promoting of arts, agriculture, and ceconomy in the province of /Wen Tori, in Kcrit Amtrica; and they have entreated all lovers of their country, whose situation furnisher ihem with an opportunity to devote some part of their time in making useful experiments, and communicating their 6bservationa

Historical Chronicle, "Jan. 1765.

Satusdav, D . t;.

SINCE the first of this month, all the slaughter houses in Paris, have been removed to the IJtti des Cignes, below the capital. From time immemorial to that day, the butchers used to flay and prepare their meat on the Sfusy dit Ge/vret, one of the most populous quarters of the city, and the regulation now affected, has been near a century in agitation.

The Rb'rnt in passing through the Dutchy of Clovts, rose eight feet perpendicular height in »4 hours, and laid the village of Htrteen and < soieral others half under water to the un

apeaakble terror of the inhabitants. About the tame time the Tyitr overflowed Its banks, and did incredible damage in the ecclesiastical stkta

Tuesday Is.

The transports with the French troops on board arrived at Bufiia, the chief feapurt in Corsica j and hostilities have already commenced between the malecontents and them, notwithstanding their pacific declarations. F»iday 11.

A large pike was caught in the river Oust, which weighed upwards of 18 pounds, and was sold to a gentleman in the neighbourhood of LiiJrtsni for a guinea; as the cook maid was gutting the si so, she found a watch with a black ribbon and two steel seals in the body of the pike; makers name to the watch Tbt. Oanefietd, Bvrnbam, Norfilk. Upon enquiry it appears, that the watch was sold to a gentleman's servant, who was unfortunately drowned about fix weeks ago, in his way to Cambridge.

Tuesday 15.

About eight in the morning, the bed of tile River Ayrt in Scotland was perceived to be quite dry for more than half a mile; and several gentlemen out of curiosity walked in u,, and the boyl caught the little filhes that And not made their escape; on the return of the tide, the waters rose to the usual height and the river has ever since continued to stow without any remarkable alteration. Sunday 30.

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intended to supply the place of a very an'icnt structure in Ejhda'efidt near Wtitby. This chapel is bnilt in the old Gothic form of architecture at the expence of Roicrt Bov/er, Esq; Mrs Bower, and Mrs Burdttt; and is every where within ornamented and finished in so superb a manner, especially in the altar part, reading delk, and pulpit, that it la thought to be equal, if net superior, to any thing of the kind in this kinrdem.

The following letter was placed under tbe door of Mr Mafgravt't room, at Oriel collrgt.

"Sir Theie ire to enforme yoo that yoo are a grete bisk for teakin awa the parkasitrs of poor folks and thof you aie stcroob rmif yourself not to give powr en<iustriou> tradesmen there dut you ar a damd rafleal fur manm other genelmen at grete blaks, as yoursr.lv who alwas befor this eer gave Kristmet boxes these therefor ar too ackwain you that if you done doe as others doe and give powr pepnl their rits that you will some dark nite be knock'd dawn and stripped kwit naked ami wh'per throw all the streets till you are near ded so no moor at present r\om yowr himble servmt." Mr Mujgroiie has offered a reward of ten guineas for the discovery of the offender.

Tuesday Jan. t.

Being new-years day, the ode writren bv H'. U'cittbiad Esq; poet 'surest, 'See p. 10 ) was performed before their m'jetty's and the royal family at the chapel royai at St Jamn'l.

The Bp of Sodcr ac Man. and the society fur promoting Chrillian Knowledge, have received large subscriptions for cur promuleation of the gospel in the IJlt of Mm; and tor distributing books of devot'.on amen; rtie inhabitants in their own laoanage, there being, as it is computed, more t nan 23.coo men women and children, very few ot >» />...understand English.

An express was sent to Plymxib with sailing orders for the Edgar, the crew of when, by lying 15 weeks in the soun:, vii exceeding sickly. The Edgar j, t0 soil jgj cumpany with the Star.non and Houni to r> crait of Guinea, si it ii said, to demolilha

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ScrwjsiY, 6. "The assistance your humble petiiienert The beadle, of Hampjlrad osserringa sturdy pray far, is. (hat you would this fafsten of fallow in the church-yard with * chain abeot parliament, pant I geneial piohibition of kit lag, took occasion to ask some eueftions; foieign wroug'm-nlks. upon which the man made no more to do, "And your petitioners stall ever pray." but drew an iron bar from under his coat arid Faiwt, j i, made a blow at hit held, whirh he preriden- A Both housri of convocation met ia the tillly evaded; and calling sortie people to his "Jerusalem chamber, H'ljlmir.sttr Akbeo, and assistance, seized the man, and carted him further adjourned to Friday t;.e i jihoi Man b. before a magistrate, where he confessed that Satu«day »». be had just broke out of Bithlem. and that "'he Hon. House of Commons waited the iron bar waa the bar os i window which upon hii n ajesly at St Jem.s'i with their Mrhe had wrenched out in order to escape dresa of thanks sot his nijft gracious speech

An insurrection on board an outward from the thione.

hound Indiaman among the new recruits for n Monday 14.

the company's service, oil happily quelled Two butchers rn Liadenball market, eon.

by a captain's command of marines from victed before the Lord Mayor for selling me«I

Chatham, who secured the liog-lcaderf, and v.ith false ballaoces were sentenced to faifct*

conducted them safe to Maidflone go-1. but imprisonment in Newgate, one of them two

not without some lives lust le much bluod-.Tied, months, and ihe mfter one month,

TflSBAT 8. • T»tSD*Y 15. •

Being twelfth day was observed at court as Came on at Guildba/I, toe election of a a high festival, and their majesties proceeded 0 chamb-rlaiti in the room ot the late S'r 7«V>hv the heralds, went to the chapel royal, and ^* "•■" Htrrijtm. The candiaatea wen, Mr after divine service, mad-the customary nf- -alderman Jarjstn Mr alderman Turner, Mt faring of gold, frankincense, and rmrrh, Bonui, Mr dci 1 - E lit, Mr Freeman, Mr deAta meeting of the clergy a' Sisn CcJlete put" Long ano Mr 7.7/; and upon holdirg jt waa unanimously aereed to form themselves up of hands the sti.-rifr's declared the mnjca> into a society for the relief of widows and rity to be in favour of Alderman 'Janffete. 1 orphans of deceased clergymen within the This day the Albion an outward bound bills of mortelity, and the conn - y of Middle- Indiaman, was loft on the sjnds of the North fix; and a committee*, consisting of 21, was D "' Foreland, and not one man lost. All the appointed lo carry the fame into execution. silver on board Bar since been iccovcred except'

A Dutch strip from Ali.ant, v, ith raw silk one chest. Numbers ol boata are employed

on board, was run down in the river Tbamei, about the wreck j and a good deal of plunder

by an outward bounds'.,/; Miamen, and lunlt. ha« been sold to Jnvt, and other peddling

The owners have since been allowed damages dealers at very row prices. The boat me*

lo the amount of jooo pounds. employed by the sufferers are said to work in

Wsdnesrav 9. the day for their mailers, and in the night

Were executed a> Tyburn, "fkn Wejbet, for for themselves j much, by this means, may

robbing the house of the carl ot Harrington ; E probably be saved; but more mutt uaavoid

Jobn Mortton and Ttxenai Some, for stealing ably be buried in the sea. The Albion suf.

6co pounds of indigo; William Wbimn, for fared shipwreck by her construction; On was

Dealing wearing apparel ; Gesrgt Mitchell, for longer considerably in the keel than any ship

stealing a mare; and Job* Watkin for house- in the service, and narrower in the waist, by

breaking. They all behaved penitently. which means, when she tailed in vceninr,

Wejket was genteelly dressed in bloc, with a her length strained her, and (he could never

white cockade in hia hat, (Sets,. 16, J a^ain recover her way.

Thv»sj>ay 10. p FaiDAY 1?. •

This day hia Majesty went in state to the Being observed as her Majesty's birth-day,

House of Peers, and opened the fe ssions with there was a most splendid appearance of no*

a most gracious speech- so er p. ;i J bility, foreign ministers, (se. to pay their

Some thousands of weavers went in a body compliments to their M •jestiee at St 'Jamti%,

and presented the following petition to both The bail at night was very brilliant and nu

houses of parliament < mcrous. It waa opened by his R H. the

"Lordi and Gentlemen, Duke of Tori, and Princess Caroline Matilda

The humble r^tition of the j-urneymen silk- Satu«i>ay 19.

• cavers, on behali of ih- mfelvi;, tni G A most villanous attempt was rmde to set

great numbers of poor people of the fame site to the stip-yaid of Mr Htubtr ul IF*f~

trade. P":?.< Dv which, bad it luvieeued, a who,*)

"Shrueti, nci,.hb nrhouo must inevitably have Been

"That through the badness of trade, destroyed; some tnings having been lost out

many hundreds of your humble petitioners ot the yard the night before, and the dog

are actually without work j others dread barking violently at ir the ih el waa teturnco.

stirtly to undergo the fame fate 1 Our wives, alarmed the family, who upon searching tfofj

ions, and daughters, are mostly without em- {-] yard, discovered a tub of combustibles, with •

ploy, and consequently many of us are in the link cut in pieces, and lighted, bid among

utmost poverty and want! It is these thoughts some shavings and dean just rsady to bi ca al

H throw us almost into despair, and indure out in a flame It appears to have been done

"throw • urlcl ves at your feat, humhlyf by a malieicua ntigi.bt-ur, who having had

Sff mar astiffanr* lathiiiMp l*Nu-,a>L l7,mr tallinu out. i,,,>Li thia dreadful metaVorf


TnisJ.iv the sessions ended at the Oln ttai- For AM. Ja-fin ,, ,g | For lVp £/,';, -i9 (9, when seven felons received lenience of Aid. 7VMr izox 1 Mi Tu:mti iS> dej.h, Ri.Ljrd Dealt for horse Healing.; 7;*i Mt 77// 250 | >fW lor robbery ; ^fcia Sullivan for private- Whereupon Mr Alderman Janjse* »M dels steilinf two goiaua io a dwelling house, dared duly elected.

rear Berkley Sauan; Maibnu Jama Ut for- Mr alderman Janjsen made a very genteel" gety, (he wet dressed in a suit 01" blue and A speech to the Livery, returning them thanka gold, and «rai the session, before tried fur the tor the great honour conferred on him. like .llc.ee,) Edvijrd William for tubbing A vuyeurioul process for rendering sea.(be house os e*rl Vtrnr), of fiUar plate; water trtlh, m enhibitea at Sailer's Hall, by JU* Rtwftn for bieglary; and Job* Robirtfcm Mrsl'. Dm* and D:!!y: There waa a large alter a crime of the like kind. semby present, among whom were several Tvtc&AY zi. persons of distinction, many eminent mrrWhile the court of Kings Bench wat sit- chants, physicians, &c. and some capital dis. tin* at Guildhall, on 'he trial os a difleming tillera, that attended the-whole experiment, mintjrcr, charged with an attempt ot a detest- p Every person present acknowledged the water able nature, the floor ga»e way, but wai pre- to be very fresh, and extremely soft and pleavented from falling entirely down by fume sant.

gooda which wcie flowed in the cellar under- At the general court of the Stmrb S/s neath it, end happily no person received any Company, a dividend of one three fourthi waa •ther hurt than being greatly frightened In declared for the I.It half year. the confusion in ge ting out of thehall, many At a court of alrcrmen at Guildhall, a peloit their hata and wigs. The court adjourn- tilion having been drawn up and agreed to ed to the hulling* in the Common Hall, to be picseuted to the honourable House os fjuilh the bufinel) of the day. On the above C Common:, on occasion os the hardship! the trial, which lasted eight hours, uie jury p .or Lbour under from the present dearnesa brought in their verdict, not guilty. ot bread, and the likelihood of it: beingmuch Widnxsday 23. deercr, if the exportation of corn should conBeing the first day of term, Mr Ktarfiy, and tinue, the sheriffi of this city went from Mr WiUicmi were brought to the court of Guildhall about twelve o'clock, and presented Kiiu J Bench to receive sentence; the for- the said petition to that honourable house. ■ærfor publishing the Nwth Brittle, No 45, Saturdax26. in sheets, and the laser lor re-publifliing the D A quarrel happened at the Star ami Carte' fame in volumes, when, after several learned tavern in Pall nail, between Lord B-r-n and de;.c« on the rr.er.ta of their affidavits, L. Mr Cba-wirtb 1 f Ntttiugham/hire, which terC. J UeaujUU, in icply to Mr Ktarjly't, ad- minated in a duel, in which the latter loft miuc* that part strongly in Mr KtarJUy't fa- his life. The coroner's inquest fat upon the vour which mentions the Right Hoo. Lords body and brought in their verdict manslaughHUi/eeMUui£[rtmmtifte>nu£ctoixim, "that fj ,„, Mr chamtrtb was feasible to the last, if he would give op the author he mould not made his will, and wrote a letter to his moke proseeeted j" tiom this and many other ,her in the country, insoim 0g herof the tin^ favourable circumstances, Lord MamfitU, to fortunate accident. He was of a most amittit bis lordship's own words, declared, that ,fc)e character, about 40 years of ate and a be thought it the most >"* ">d honourable bachelor, method to acquaint bit Majesty with the Monday »8. promise of hit seereUiiet of Data; and re- Hii Majestv attended by the Right Hon. commended the Mtorney general, thro toe the Earl ot ZJer^A, and Lord C*Jr.«», went secretaries of slate, to by Mr K**rfitj s cafe r |B stj?e f0 ^ House rf p ^a before hi. Majesty, end submit to nu Royal „,,,, a|&nt t0 lBC bjl| (n ,ha ^pgfafa o( pleasure. In pursuance ot which, hit Ma- fop provisions.

jest, was pleated to order him to be diseharg- rhe ^ wheat setf th(. n.ntillt ;„

ed 00 hu own recogniearice. Mark-lant, (torn 461. to 441. the quarter.

Mr Justice mbmi then proceeded to past' Toksday 20

sentence on Mr mUiam:, which was as tok Th!s d Mr Mictmin *J~ wu fworn

lows. To para fineof 10c/. six montba im- ,„.„ tne offiof cr,amb„|iin*an<. „ sc_

pnionment in the King t Bench, to stand turilv fa ,he sum of 6 oo/# |Q thc ^

•nee .n the pillory in Old Palaa-Tard, and M and CTUrt of Aldermeng give security in the sum of 1000/. for his O

good behaviour for seven years. Lift /births for tbt Ttar I765.

The aiiomey general moved the court of «■ A(J of ,nt E of £>„„.»], d,n|r,ter.

King's Bench, for ■ writ of atuchment »- I _„f sir ,„ sincIairinScotland,-* son.

tniuft Mr ytTmo*. the publislier of the pam- ^M Countess of Darrmouth,-of a son.

phJe t on juries, UsMfc 25. Lady of Sir Tyril, Bt-a daughter.

A large mob assembled at Bramtni, on ac- ,..,,, . , ^

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« הקודםהמשך »